tagRomanceRoxanne's Foreign Exchange

Roxanne's Foreign Exchange


"Alright, cover on high heat for thirty minutes." Roxanne placed the lid over a large metal pot and turned up the burner. Stepping away from her dinner, she turned to the sink, washed her hands of raw meat, and began chopping vegetables for a salad. She was making more food than normal, readying leftovers for tomorrow's lunch. There was someone new coming into her home in the morning.

All her adult life, Roxanne had lived alone in the same house. After college, she'd moved back to her hometown and taken a job as a high school literature teacher, a position which she still maintained. How young she was back then, a 23-year-old looking to challenge the school board and bring exciting new curriculum to her students. Now, she was a few months past her 35th birthday. Luckily, the aging process had been kind to her. Her lengthy walnut hair still shone just like it did when she was a teenager, without a single strand of gray. The fair skin on her attractive face displayed only a few small wrinkles that were easily covered with light makeup. Over the years, her breasts had grown as they matured, but remained supple. They were the kind of tits men would leer at, though fortunately Roxanne was taller than average, which made it difficult for most guys to sneak glances down her shirt.

But despite her looks, Roxanne lived a secretive lifestyle. There were several reasons for her solitude, though only one that really mattered. Sure, she was introverted and bookish... but there are plenty of people into that. The real reason Roxanne was single was the sizable male package hanging from her nether region. Sure, she had a vagina too... and she knew that there were hundreds of other women worldwide with the same extra equipment. Still, their kind was exceedingly rare, and not accepted by society in general. Some women opted for surgery to fit in... Roxanne preferred to simply keep her endowment a secret. Only a few close family members knew... no one else. Not even her closest friends.

Despite her timid nature, Roxanne often found herself feeling lonesome. She often considered her penis an affliction, something that prevented her from living her life to the fullest. At every turn, she had to refuse social events, activities, even the occasional request for a date. Lately, however, she found her need for companionship too much to endure. At first, she didn't know what to do. But a few weeks prior, as she left work after a long evening of preparing lessons, a new advertisement tacked to the notice board had caught Roxanne's eye. It was from the local state college, seeking responsible teachers who were interested in hosting foreign exchange students. The homestay program even offered moderate compensation for the trouble. But for Roxanne, it was a perfect fit. Welcoming a quiet and studious exchange student into her home would provide respite from her day-to-day solitude, without the worry of revealing her secret. She had thought for a day, then called the number to add her name to the list of potential hosts.

It hadn't taken long; tomorrow morning, her houseguest would be arriving at 9:00 AM. The college hadn't given Roxanne much detail. Her name was Hintata, she was 18 years old, from Osaka, Japan, and studying chemical engineering. There was no picture attached to the email she had received. Roxanne pictured her as a stereotypical quiet overachiever, short and thin, and probably even less socially adept than herself. She smiled at the thought, and checked the timer that she'd set next to the stovetop.


Roxanne jumped and yelped, almost singeing herself on the burner. Was that a knock at her front door? At 7:30 in the evening?


Slowing her breathing, Roxanne hurried from the kitchen to the foyer, where she saw two figures through the frosted glass of her entryway. As she came to a stop, she heard a muffled male voice.

"The lights are on... I'm pretty sure she's home. I hope so anyway."

Then came a new voice, soft and feminine, with a hint of a Japanese accent.

"Well... I am a day early. Maybe she's gone out?"

Before they could continue, Roxanne straightened her apron and unlocked the door, swinging it wide.

"Kon'nichiwa! You must be... uhhh..." Before her stood a beautiful teenager, with a trim body, big almond eyes, and shimmering waterfall of black hair that fell past her shoulders. She was small, but she looked like a fashion model... not at all what Roxanne was expecting. It took a moment for her to realize that she was staring rudely.

"Ahem, excuse me... you must be Hintata. Am I pronouncing that correctly?"

"Yes ma'am!" replied the young girl in a youthful voice.

"Oh! Please... call me Roxy."

The man stepped forward, clearing his throat.

"There was a mistake with her arrival, it seems her flight was earlier than our records indicated. The college was hoping to could take her in tonight, if that's not a problem." His voice, like his face, seemed tired. It was clear that he was not enthusiastic about spending his night as a chauffeur for some foreign kid.

"Yes, yes, that's fine! I'm all ready for her!"

The sound of a timer blaring echoed from the corridor behind Roxanne.

"Ack! That's my chili! Please, come inside Hintata. And thank you for dropping her off, sir!"

The man nodded as her withdrew and gave a relieved expression, glad he could finally return home to his family.

Bustling back into her home to rescue dinner, Roxanne couldn't help but notice that she was hot in the loins... her apron thankfully covering the bulge that was upsetting her jeans. The discomfort of her growing erection made her face flood with color, and her steps quickened. Looking back over her shoulder, she got another glimpse of Hintata, and marveled at the beautiful tanned tone of her flawless skin. When the girl noticed her gawping, Roxanne smiled and forced a laugh, trying to cover up her ogling. She could feel her shaft pushing its way free of her panties... maybe hosting an exchange student wasn't for her after all? Willing herself to keep calm, she turned off the beeping timer and removed the food from the stovetop. As she lifted, she bumped a spoon, which fell from the counter and landed with a metallic clatter at her feet, spraying sauce over the floor. Hintata entered the kitchen behind her.

"Oh! Miss Roxy, are you ok??"

"Yes... yes I'm just a little clumsy..."

"Are you sure it's ok that I'm here early? I could get a hotel if you want."

"No, of course not! Please, sit down and get comfortable! Are you hungry? Just give me a minute clean up this mess and then we'll eat."

Roxanne set the large pot down next to the sink to let it cool, and turned around to begin wiping up the spilled food. But Hintata was already on her knees, scrubbing the tile with a cloth.

"Aw, sweetheart, you don't need to do that!"

"It's fine... you can finish preparing the meal."

Face turned from Roxanne as she washed the floor, Hintata rested on her knees. Her back arched as she worked, pushing her skirt-covered ass into the air and causing it to sway subtly. For a moment, Roxanne froze, her dick once again making itself known. The pleated garment was far from modest, and in this position it rode up, revealing nearly all of Hintata's smooth, caramel-colored legs. For a moment, she hoped that the skirt would bounce up even higher... just a little more...

Roxanne snapped out of it, realizing that she was again creepily eyeing her guest.

"T-Thank you Hintata, I'll get this ready... how much would you like?"

"Oh, not too much... it looks hearty. Hmm, but I am rather hungry..."

With a smile, Roxanne fetched a two bowls, an small one for herself and a larger one for Hintata. She had a feeling that this girl could eat.

Once dinner was served, and the two women chatted cordially, discussing their shared interests and Hintata's housing arrangements. Roxanne offered a tour of her house, but Hintata politely declined, suggesting that she'd rather get some much needed rest. After the bowls were cleaned and the table cleared, Roxanne showed the exhausted and stuffed Hintata up the stairs to her room. As she'd expected, her guest had plowed through at least three servings. Where did she even find room for all that chili?

"Your bedroom is here," said Roxanne, gesturing to a nearby door, "and your bathroom is that way down the hall. I have two bathrooms here, so you'll have your privacy."

Hintata yawned, covering her mouth cutely. "Thank you Miss Roxy... I'll see you in the morning. Wrestling her suitcase inside, Hintata made for the bed and flopped down on the soft sheets like a rag. Roxanne giggled and gently closed the door before rushing to her restroom, badly in need of a cold shower.

- - -

A half hour later, Hintata awoke, realizing that her bladder was feeling full. She was so tired that she'd fallen asleep without relieving herself, or even taking off her clothes. Groggy, she pushed herself up from the bed, made her way to the closed door, and stumbled into the hall. Where had Miss Roxy said her bathroom was?

Hintata wandered down the corridor, with eyes blurry and hair askew. She remembered that her restroom was at the end of the hallway, so she walked until she reached the last door in the passage. In intense need of the toilet, she put her hand on the knob and turned it, dancing in place as she pushed the door open.

Warm, moist air washed over her, carrying the smell of lavender soap with it. Soft yellow light and a cloud of steam rushed out into the cool of the hallway. The whirr of a ventilation fan struck her ears. Hintata froze, hand glued to the handle. This wasn't her bathroom at all... it was Miss Roxy's, and it was occupied. Normally, Hintata would have simply shut the door and walked to the other end of the house, but her eyes had fallen on a shocking sight.

Through the clear glass of the shower surround, Hintata had an unobscured view of Roxanne's nude body. She held back a gasp by covering her mouth, and turned bright red in the face. It wasn't because she was surprised by the naked body of a woman... Hintata had been in plenty of changing rooms. It was what Miss Roxy was doing that shocked her.

In the misty solitude of her shower, Roxanne was rapidly jerking off her fully engorged penis. Droplets of water flew from its shining surface as she beat herself with one hand, her knees bent slightly, her buttocks contracting rhythmically. The woman's eyes were closed in concentration, and her neck drooped down. Free hand placed against the glass as a support, Hintata's host bit her lip and moaned softly as she beat on the 9-inch shaft projecting from her legs.

Transfixed, Hintata watched the spectacle with wide eyes and a gaping expression. Roxanne's stroking was getting faster and more desperate, her soft belly jiggling as her fist impacted the base of her cock repeatedly. One tasteful vein appeared running across the side of her shaft as it swelled slightly, and her swaying testicles contracted, becoming taught and smooth. A long sigh came from her parted lips. Her urethra bulged.

Turning away quickly, Hintata shut the door, careful not to make any sound. As she rushed to her own bathroom, she tried to control the rush of thoughts cascading through her head. She had heard of women like Miss Roxy... in Japan, they were called futanari. But she had never seen one, or really given their existence much thought. Now though, she couldn't get the image of her host's twitching cock out of her mind. She understood Roxanne's suffering, her shyness at the front door. It was wrong to have spied, and Hintata knew that if she didn't do something, all she would feel would be guilt. Grinning mischievously, she made the decision to help this poor, frustrated, middle-aged woman feel appreciated. Hintata ran her tongue over her lips. She wanted Miss Roxy's dick.

- - -

Roxanne stood outside Hintata's room in her newly-purchased silk robe. The pair had gone out shopping earlier, and the teenager had picked out a few things for Roxanne that she thought would be improvements to her wardrobe. With a slight hesitation, she raised her hand and knocked twice on the heavy oak door.

"Hintata? Are you asleep?"

There was a rusting of bedsheets, then a response.

"No Miss Roxy! What is it?" came the student's sweet voice.

"I... wanted to talk with you for a minute."

A second later, and Hintata drew open the door. She rested her shoulder on the frame, looking up at Roxanne with her dark, playful eyes.

"Oh.. I... uhhm..." stammered Roxanne.

She was momentarily distracted by the getup that her houseguest was wearing. The slip was thin pale blue silk, so thin that Roxanne thought she could see the outline of Hintata's nipples. It clung to her lithe body, shivering as she breathed. And it barely covered any of the girl below her waist. If Hintata jumped, the nightwear would easily lift up and reveal her panties... if she was even wearing them.

"What is it, Miss Roxy?" asked Hintata, blinking slowly.

"Ah! I... I just wanted to say that it has been two weeks now since you arrived, and I couldn't be happier. It's so lovely having you around the house."

Blushing, Hintata looked down at her bare feet and then off to the side.

"Thank you, Miss Roxy... those are kind words. I enjoy spending time with you as well."

Though neither of them admitted it, the air between them was thick with awkwardness and intense attraction. Each of them could sense that something about the moment was different than any time prior. Even though Hintata had been subtly flirting with Roxanne since the first night, and Roxanne had masturbated thinking of her guest more than a few times, there hadn't been anything between the two that felt this powerful. It was difficult to make eye contact at all.

"Well, goodnight then... see you in the morning," finished Roxanne, her voice sounding distracted.

Hintata nodded. "In the morning, yes. Goodnight Miss." She shut the door softly as she retreated into her chamber.

"My goodness, that girl," whispered Roxanne to herself before she hurried back to her own room and closed the door behind herself, standing near her bed. She felt so hot all of the sudden. Looking down, she realized why.

"Oh dear!!"

In a quick and dramatic motion, Roxanne threw off her bathrobe. Her aching boner burst forward, flinging a few drops of precum onto the carpet below. Tentatively, she gave it a quick touch. The feeling of it made her thighs feel weak. Unable to ignore the response, she wrapped her hand over the girthy hilt of her needy tool. The next moments went by incredibly quickly.

There was a soft noise behind her.

"Miss Roxy, I forgot to mention... my... schedule..."

Roxanne spun around, aghast, hand still locked on her cock.

The door to her room was open. Hintata was standing there, in her skimpy outfit, a look of surprise plastered over her face.

Both of the women stared silently, unable to react.

"AACKK! Don't look!" screamed Roxanne, trying to tuck her penis between her legs and cover it with her hands. But she was too stiff, so she simply caused it to bounce around wildly.

Hintata gasped, getting a good look at Miss Roxy's phallus before covering her eyes and acting shocked. But she parted her fingers imperceptibly, watching with one eye as the exposed woman bent down, grabbed up her robe, and covered herself.

"Ok... I'm clothed..."

There was still a very visible outline of a hard-on under the bathrobe, bulging the fabric at Roxanne's crotch.

"I... I'm really sorry! I should have knocked. I didn't know you would be..." Hintata stopped, hanging her head.

"No, don't be sorry Hintata... it's all my fault. I should have locked the door, but I... I was complacent."

"Should... should I go?"

Roxanne straightened herself and discretely adjusted her organ so that it was no longer blatantly discernible.

"Wait a moment," said the older lady, her voice still nervous. "Hintata, what you just saw... I've kept it a secret all my life. I'm sorry to put this burden on you, but I need you to keep what you've seen to yourself."

"I... of course, Miss Roxy," agreed Hintata in a soft voice.

But Roxanne continued. "If anyone finds out... I would lose my job, maybe worse! My kind... we aren't allowed to hold positions at public schools in this state, you know."

"I didn't know..."

"Yes! I would be arrested... put on a list of registered sex offenders..." There were tears welling in Roxanne's olive eyes.

"That's... awful!"

"Hintata! I'm so sorry you saw... sniff... I was just getting to be close with you, and now you'll leave... how could you stay, after this." Her tears flowed more freely.

Hintata couldn't stand to see the woman cry. So, she steadied herself and made a bold choice.

"Miss Roxy? Look at me."

Roxanne looked up, observing Hintata's calm face.

"You are beautiful."

Roxanne did a double take. "W-what?"

With a sly grin, Hintata brushed a sleeve from her shoulder and let her thin nightgown fall to the floor. Frozen, her host blinked once, unable to process as the attractive young woman revealed herself.

"H-Hin... ta... ta...?"

"It's ok to look, Miss Roxy. I want you to. And I want you to do even more."

The warm light of the room cast long shadows over Hintata's form, highlighting her muscles and curves. Slip gone, each and every tan line that crisscrossed her body was revealed, contouring her figure like a gorgeous map. Small tits draw Roxanne's attention, their perky nipples and dark brown areolae perfectly balancing the upper half of her body with the sleekness of her torso. There was a hint of abs, no doubt kept fit by Hintata's morning yoga. Her crotch was bare, tight lips revealing only a hint of pink.

"Um... I... I..." Roxanne clasped her hands together, unable to stop staring. "I r-really like your tan lines!" she blurted.

"You actually like these?"

"Oh, I'm sorry... I don't know why I said that." Roxanne shook her head.

"It's ok to like them. Why don't you come here and take a closer look."

"I... I'm not sure that's such a good idea... maybe we should just..."

Though her voice was hesitant, Roxanne's cock was not; it struggled against her robe, looking for a way to slip free. Hintata noticed, and she wasn't going to let Roxanne off easily.

"It's alright Miss Roxy. Here, let me convince you."

Deftly, the undressed college girl crossed the room until she stood silently before Roxanne. She looked the woman in her dark green eyes and gave a brief flirty smile, then dropped to her knees and forcibly parted Roxanne's hardly-closed robe. Nine inches of smooth ladydick leapt forwards towards her entranced face. Hintata reached out and gripped it around the base with a single hand.

"You don't have to hide this from me anymore."

Filled with overwhelming passion and curiosity, Hintata leaned forwards and engulfed her host's cock in the warmth of her oral entrance. She wasn't capable of waiting, or teasing. Hintata had been patient enough, and now it was time to show Roxanne just how appreciated she was by her new houseguest.

"AAH! Hintataaaaahhhh! Mmmnn!"

Using her practiced mouth to slurp down Roxanne's pole, Hintata applied her tongue, wiggling over the underside of the shaft where she knew it would be tender. It wasn't the biggest cock she'd ever seen. She was sure that she could take the whole thing between her lips if there was enough spit coating it.

"W-Wait! What's gotten into you?!" panted Roxanne.

Slowly, the student performed a theatrical retreat, sucking in to make sure that her mouth made a loud pop when she finally released the dick's crown from her grasp. She gazed up smugly as she held Miss Roxy's phallus like a vice.

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