tagErotic CouplingsRoxy's Bar and Grill

Roxy's Bar and Grill


The snow was coming down in gusting sheets blowing across the road so hard that it was amazing I could even see to drive. Even with the wipers on the high speed setting, the windshield seemed to add more and more snow as I pressed onward and upward towards McKenna's Pass. Mountain roads at night are bad enough to drive on, but with the heavy snow and the hidden patches of ice, I needed my head examined for taking such a risk, but it was a risk I was more than willing to take. As it was, I had been on the road all night trying to reach the tiny hospital--or what passed for a hospital in this backwoods area--and my dying sister.

By this time I was ready to find some strong, black coffee and a couple of eggs for a quick midnight snack. What I really needed was some rest before tackling the last fifty miles or so to the small town of Dunbarton Bridge and the Dunbarton Community Hospital. My eye lids were getting more than a bit heavy. I had planned on using the interstate to within a couple of miles of Dunbarton Bridge, but this early snow storm had closed the interstate nearly two hundred miles from my destination. If I had been smart, I would have found a room for the night and waited for this snow storm to blow over. I wasn't very smart.

The sun, if it could have been seen through the falling snow, would have set about four or five hours ago. The only difference I could see was that the road, if I were still on the road, was a bit harder to see than a couple of hours ago. Still, I craved some black coffee to prop up my eyelids for that last fifty miles or so.

Rounding a curve I thought I had seen some colored lights up ahead. With all the white around me it was hard to tell. As I drew closer, I saw that it was a roadside restaurant all lit up like a Christmas tree. It was the first sign of human habitation that I had seen in over an hour of horrible driving and a very welcome sight to my tired eyes.

The big sign out front of the restaurant said "Roxy's Bar and Grill" and thanking my good luck, I pulled in beside a green Chevy that had to have been a classic. Taking another look at the nearly half dozen cars in the parking lot, I realized despite the heavy covering of snow that each one of them was a classic. There was another old Chevy, a Nash Rambler, an Oldsmobile, a Ford pickup truck and, of all things, a Studebaker sitting in that lot. I felt that I had died and gone to a classic car lover's heaven. I loved the old things. In fact, I restored classic cars as both a hobby and a business. I bought them, restored them, and sold them for ten times the price I paid. But these cars all appeared to be in mint condition.

Shutting the engine off, I noticed that I had almost no gas left in the tank. Then I debated for a few moments on how to best get from my car to the restaurant's front door. I was wearing nothing more than a pair of loafers and light summer clothing. So fast was my getaway from home yesterday after the phone call that I didn't even have a summer jacket to put on. I hadn't given a single thought to what the weather might become in the late fall in the mountains, but this storm defied the predictions of every weatherman in the area.

I decided that a mad dash for the front door would be my best bet and put action to my thought before I could change my mind. By the time I reached the front door--a distance of only twenty yards or so--I was totally covered in snow and looked like a rather thin scarecrow. The door opened into a vestibule and I stood there a moment to catch my breath and let some of the snow melt off my clothing. As I was standing there, I noticed a calendar and some posters on the wall. The calendar was from 1962 and the posters appeared to have come from the same era. I didn't really give them much more than a passing thought since I had been in many restaurants that catered to the nostalgia of "the good old days."

As I entered the inner door to the vestibule, I found myself face-to-face with people dressed as they would have more than forty years ago. I thought that the nostalgia angle was getting to be a bit much if even the customers dressed to the period. I really felt like I was out-of-place with my "next generation" clothing.

Maybe I should, at this point, describe myself. My name is Dan Turner and I am in my mid-thirties, five foot nine inches tall and about one hundred ninety pounds of hard, decent looking body with blue eyes and sandy brown hair. While I admit that I am not the most perfect male specimen, I feel that I can hold my own on a soccer field, basketball court, or a hockey rink. I love competitive sports and they tend to help to keep me in shape for the things I enjoy. I have never smoked and only drink occasionally to be sociable.

There was one odd thing about this restaurant and that was that if, while not overly crowded, the people generated a lot of loud noise just to be heard over the volume of the jukebox which was blaring out Beatle tunes from the early-1960s mixed in with some vintage Elvis and Manfred Mann.

I sat down at the counter and the waitress came up to me to take my order.

"What'll have, mister?" She almost screamed at me.

"A black coffee and some of that pie over there" was my response in a moderately loud voice.

"What was that? I couldn't hear you."

"A cup of black coffee and some of that pie over there" came out of my mouth at a little louder a level than my drill sergeant used on me way back in my army basic training days.

"Well, ya don't have to whisper."

"Why don't you turn the music down?" I yelled at her.

"Can't--the volume thingy is broken" came her equally loud reply. She left and got me a cup and a plate with a slice of apple pie on it. After she placed them on the table, she poured black coffee into the cup and set the pot back on the burner.

I realized that I was very hungry and finished my pie in record time. The coffee followed. Then I realized I was getting very drowsy and asked for another cup of coffee. I fell asleep before the cup was refilled.


When I awoke, the first thing I noticed was a mouth covering my cock and trying to suck my cum right out of my balls. The second thing was that there was no loud music blaring. The third thing was when I glanced down and saw the red-head from behind the counter bobbing her head up and down along the length of my cock and found there was another woman making fucking motions behind her. That woman smiled when she saw I was awake.

"You sleep well?" she asked as she continued her fucking motions. Her light blonde hair was twisting in time to her fucking motions. "That's Roxy sucking your monster cock and I'm Maxine. I swing both ways. I like to eat pussy and fuck pussy, but I sure like my pussy getting sucked and fucked from time to time. Roxy's the same way I am. You might say we are AC-DC type of gals."

"My name's Dan. Pleased to meet you."

"The pleasure's all ours, Dan."

Roxy lifted her head and smiled and then went back to sucking my cock and my balls with a skill second to none that I had ever enjoyed before. Maxine was plunging her rubber strap-on cock into Roxy with a force that was being transmitted through Roxy's mouth and onto my cock. Roxy started moaning around my cock and caused it to swell even larger than it already was swollen.

"I'm going to cum, Roxy." I moaned as I grabbed her hair and held her face down on my erupting cock. Six or seven strong ropes of white creamy sperm made their way into Roxy's sucking mouth and to her credit, she didn't miss a drop. Just as I finished spurting, she lifted her head and howled her way through her own orgasm. Her spasming body fell on mine and I tasted my own sperm as we kissed. Maxine smiled at me before plopping down next to our two spent bodies.

"Well. lover boy, are you going to be able to get that handsome piece of meat hard enough to fuck me?"

"Maybe. Just give me a couple of minutes." Maxine dropped her hand onto my cock and slowly brought it back to life.

"Hey, ladies, what time is it?"

"Guess it's 'bout two in the morning. Why?"

"Yeah, why? You planning on running out 'fore you take care of Maxine?"

"Not really, but I have to get to the hospital in Dunbarton Bridge. My sister's dying. How long did I sleep?"

"Only a couple of hours. You passed out 'bout the time Roxy was filling' your coffee cup and we got a couple of the guys to drag you in here and toss you on the bed."

"Maxine, can I get a rain check on that fuck?"

"Yeah, well I can understand a dying sister. I guess if you come back this way I can talk Roxy into giving me first dibs on that fuck stick of yours."

"What's the weather like?"

"Still snowing' a bit."

"Tell you what...I'll go ahead and get that fuck in before I leave. It can't hurt to wait until there's some daylight."

Maxine's hand started really pumping while Roxy went back to work on sucking my balls. Suddenly, I felt Roxy push a finger into my rosebud and open up my anus. My prostate was getting one hell of a rub from first one and then two fingers up my ass.

"What are you doing, Roxy?"

"Jus' loosenin' the boy's ass up a might is all, Maxine. I want to fuck his ass while he pumps you full of cock."

"Sounds like a plan. OK with you, lover boy?"

"I don't know. I've never had anything up my ass before Roxy's fingers."

"You'll love it, won't he Maxine?"

"Yep. Be love at first fuck."

Roxy pulled out the dildo and strapped it on her waist. Her smallish tits almost made her look like a boy when the fake cock was in place. Maxine's larger tits were dangling in my face and my lips were working overtime trying to suckle them both. By the time I had sucked on both of them, my cock was back in working order and ready to penetrate any hot pussy around--and Maxine's was hotter than a two dollar pistol if my fingers were any judge of how hot and wet her cunt was.

"On your knees and get between my legs. Get your cock good and wet and slip it to me. Once you're in, Roxy will grease you up good and stick her rubber play cock up your hole."

"Well, just take it easy, OK?"

"Yep. I'll take it really slow and easy. You'll love it once I get going. You'll never be the same again after you get to be the fuckee instead of the fucker."

I slipped my cock into Maxine's slippery, hot cunt in a single push. Finding myself balls deep, I was surprised when she grabbed my hips holding me at full penetration. I was even more surprised when Roxy's rubber cock pecked at my back door. My sphincter resisted at first until I relaxed and allowed the head to slide into my bowels. I was even more surprised when I didn't really feel all that much discomfort, just a fullness that I had never experienced before. Roxy knew the right angle to get maximum contact with my prostate and started a slow even penetration making my cock harder than it had ever been before.

Once Roxy started moving, I got into her rhythm and was soon fucking Maxine slippery cunt in time to Roxy's thrusts. I didn't think it possible, but my prick got even harder the longer Roxy fucked my ass with the big rubber cock massaging my prostate and both Maxine and I began to moan louder and louder. Both women had started using the most vulgar language I had ever heard outside an army barracks.

"Fucking hell, Roxy! His cock is harder than a lead pipe. You should feel how stiff that fucker is inside me. I think his cock's gonna come out my mouth if you keep that up."

"Oh, Danny boy! How do you like getting your ass fucked? Cum big inside Maxine's cunt. Fuck her till she drops. She wants a baby really bad and I bet you can give her one tonight."

We literally plowed our way towards our climaxes. Maxine's cunt began to tremble as her orgasm washed over her entire body. That, of course, set my cock and balls to spewing my life giving seed deep inside Maxine's cunt. Maxine fell forward and my cock left her cunt with an audible pop as I fell beside her on the bed dragging the rubber cock out of my ass in the process.

The next round had me plowing my cock into Roxy's cunt while she ate my cum out of Maxine's cunt. A quick glance at my watch showed it to be almost three in the morning when we collapsed once again.

After we all had cum once again, I don't know what came over me, but I fell into a stupor waking up in my car parked alongside the road next to the crumbling ruins of a building. The snow had stopped falling and everything was like a winter wonderland sparkling in the morning sun. As I got back on the road, I noticed that the gas tank was still almost empty.

A few miles further down the road and I stopped at a gas station to fill the tank. I wondered about last night. Was it all a dream? If it was, it was a very vivid and real dream. I went into the gas station to pay for my gasoline and grab a good hot cup of coffee along with a couple of doughnuts.

"You drove through the snow last night?" The clerk asked in wonder eyeing my summer clothing.

"No, I stopped at a bar and grill up the road a ways. I guess it was about ten miles or so back. Had some coffee and pie and I guess I went back out on the road and fell asleep again beside some old ruins."

"Mister, there ain't nothing back the way you come all the way to Lancaster and that's near eighty miles, give or take."

"All I know was that there was this big sign in front of a building that said 'Roxy's Bar and Grill.'"

"Mister, Roxy's burned to the ground ten years ago last night. Near about three in the morning if I remember right. Roxy and her lesbian girlfriend Maxine died in that fire. The boys from the volunteer fire department over in Mountain Side found their bodies in bed...along with some poor fellow's body between them. His cock was still stuck in Roxy's cunt. Never figured that one out. If they were lesbians, what were they doing with some guy in the sack with them?"

My face must have shown my shock because the next thing the clerk said was. "Coffee's on the house. From the way you're looking you're going to need it...and you only owe me a buck for the doughnuts and thirty-five dollars for the gas. Hell, I'll just let you have the doughnuts, too. Thirty-five bucks will do it."

I laid my money on the counter and went back out to the car without saying another word. My sister was still dying in Dunbarton Bridge and I still had to get there, but the memories of the previous night were still with me. I reached in my pocket to get my keys out and dragged out a skimpy pair of light blue panties like you'd find at Victoria's Secret shop at the local mall.

What the devil? Was last night real--or was it a dream? All I knew is that I had a pair of skimpy blue panties that definitely weren't mine and a very, very sore ass.

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