My experience with Roz started some years ago. I was working as an estate agent in a small firm selling very up market area. Apart from the fact that the commissions were good I had the added bonus of a lot of very bored housewives coming to get evaluations of their houses. These had led to some very interesting experiences. The best of these was my experience with Roz.

It was late on a Tuesday afternoon, things had been really slow, and the front door opened and in walked a petit redhead wearing a tiny blue skirt and a white tank top. The first thing that caught my eye was that although she had very normal sized breasts, she had very long nipples. It was a warm summer's day and yet they were straining against the fabric of her top. Very obviously no bra!

"Can I help you?" I asked, finding it hard to look at her pretty face with these two hard nipples pointing at me.

"I hope you can," she answered. She had a deep, no-nonsense voice. "My husband has recently left me and I need to have my house evaluated for the divorce."

"Sure" I answered, "why don't you take a seat and give me some details." She sat down in front of me and crossed her tanned legs. My eyes dropped even lower to see if she was going to show me more than her nipples. She was looking straight at me with a hint of a smile on her face. She slowly uncrossed her legs and with the faintest pause crossed them again, allowing me a quick glimpse of her lacy panties. The dark smudge of her pussy was clearly visible. I was pretty much at a loss for words.

"What do you need to know?" she said quietly. This brought me back from my erotic thoughts.

"Well" I said trying to get my mind back on the task at hand, "lets start with your name and address."

Roz gave me her personal details along with some details of her house.

"When would it suit you for me to come and see the house" I asked.

"Can I call you this evening once I know my movements, I would like to get this over with as soon as possible?" she said.

"That's no problem, let me give you my mobile number and you can call me this evening." "Till later then" she said and once again uncrossed her legs, "I won't take up any more of your time." With the view she was giving me of her sexy panties she could take up as much time as she needed.

By the time I got home from work I found a note on the fridge door, "Gone to a movie, be back much later, Love Cindy." I walked upstairs and changed into shorts and a T-shirt. As I was putting my clothes into the laundry basket I noticed that Cindy's skin colored panties were lying on top. I picked the up and brought them to my nose. The unique scent of Cindy's pussy was still fresh and her panties were still damp. I slipped them into my pocket and went back downstairs to my study. I switched on my computer and started checking my mail. My Hotmail address showed me I have 2 new messages. The first one was just junk mail, telling me how I was going to make my first million by sending them a mere $ 15,00. Damn junk mail! The second message looked more interesting, the sender was listed as Lee-Anne. I waited a few minutes for the mail to open.

Hi, my name is Lee-Anne; I saw your post on the Panty Mailboard and felt I needed to send you a mail in response to your post. I was very interested to find that you enjoy licking and sucking used panties. When I was at college I used to steal my roommates panties and do the same. I have been too embarrassed to tell anyone about it until I read your mail. I have never had an experience with another woman and am not sure if I want to but to me the smell of a woman's panties really turns me on. I have spent hours masturbating when I can get my hands on other women's panties. We seem to always have guests so I have pretty much a constant supply.

I was wondering whether you would be interested in chatting with me on IRC and lets see if we can get together and swap some of the panties you mentioned in your post. I really enjoy sexy, lacy panties and always feel much sexier when I'm wearing them.

My IRC nick is Lacy, could you let me know whether you would like to give it a try?


PS: My panties are really wet from typing this mail.

By the time I had finished reading her mail I was rock hard, this was just the type of person I was looking for. I quickly logged onto Newnet and did a Notify on her nick. There she was in the 30+room. I entered the room and said hi to all the people. I sent her a private message and waited for her response.

Sorry, I don't like private chats she responded.

Not even for Lucien? I asked.

My god, its you, I've been hoping that you would pick up your mail and come in here.

well here I am, your mail really turned me on.

I was very nervous about sending it; I wasn't sure whether you would think I was a nut.

Nope not a nut, just a very sexy lady. Right now I am sitting here with a fresh pair of panties to my nose.

I envy you, my supply has been very slow and my husband is away. I will have to just make do with my own!

looks like just you and me then, my family is out. I just find it quite hard to sniff panties, rub myself and type here.

NP, just read, I can type with one hand

OK NP then

OK I am sitting here with a long T-Shirt on and a pair of Navy Blue Lace and silk panties on. The crotch is very wet from my wet, hot pussy. My clit is so hard I can see it pushing through the fabric. I have very small breasts but my nipples are very sensitive. My hand is slowly rubbing up and down my shaved slit. I always shave to keep it easier to see

the task at hand {weg}. Each stroke feels like an electric shock through my pussy. I'm not sure how much more I can take. It may soon be time for my plastic friend to cum to the rescue.

By now my hand was caressing my foreskin over my hard

cock. Cindy's sexy panties and Lacys erotic writing

were getting me very close to the edge. I let my

tongue run up and down the cotton fabric that had

earlier held my wife's hot pussy. The pre-cum was

oozing from my smooth tip. I wasn't sure how much more

I could take either.

Push that plastic cock into your hot pussy and tell me how it feels.

It's already on the way in. I like to savor the feel as it stretches my hot cunt. Ok it's all the way in; let me switch it on…oh boy that feels good. I have my palm over the end pushing it deep into me while my thumb is pressing hard on my clit…I'm cumming.

As she was typing this I could feel the cum rising from deep inside my balls, I started taking long strokes up and down my hard cock until with a squirt my cock started to twitch. My cum spurted up and onto my desk, my left hand gently massaging my balls until every drop was expended. I slumped back in my chair, my brain not quite ready for anything else but absorbing the overwhelming pleasure.

After a short pause Lacy started typing again

I just had the most mind-blowing orgasm

as did I, could you do me a favor?

after that just name it!!!!!!!

once you have taken out your plastic friend please push your panties into your wet crack. Then when we meet bring them with you.

you mean you are keen to meet?

if it is OK with you

OK…its better than OK, its great. Just thinking of it while I rub my panties into my crack is nearly getting me off again.

She gave me her mobile number and arranged that we could meet at Lacys house in 2 days time before her husband got back, she had a bridge game arranged the next day so to my disappointment I would have to wait until then. As we were saying our farewells my mobile rang, it was Roz.

"Hi, is that Lucien,"

"Yes" I answered.

"Sorry to call so late but I have a friend from out of town here and we got kind of carried away talking, would tomorrow at nine suit you,"

"No problem" I said, "Ill be there."

"I'm looking forward to it," she breathed.

Boy was I missing something here?

Part 2

The next morning I found my way to the address that Roz had given me. One of the very up market streets. As I approached her house I noticed Roz standing in the driveway waving to a man in a Blue car. I slowed down to let him get passed before I turned into the driveway; I didn't need jealous husbands! As I pulled into her driveway she turned. Her small figure enhanced by the short ivory colored gown she was wearing. She smiled.

"Hi" she said, "I'm running a little late. Come in" by now the bulge in my pants was starting to grow, any more and it would become very obvious. I followed her into the huge house, my eyes riveted to her shapely body. "If you don't mind let's sit in the kitchen, I'm getting a picnic lunch together for the girls, they are home on vacation and going out for a hike today."

"No Problem" I answered, "take your time, I made sure that my morning was free." She turned and smiled

"We had better put it to good use then" she said, as she started to take make coffee. Was this a case of wishful thinking on my part, or was she flirting?

A few minutes later two of the most beautiful girls came bursting into the kitchen, both redheads like their mother. "Girls, meet Lucien, he is here to give me an evaluation of the house, Lucien, these are my twin daughters Karen and Wendy" Roz said.

"Hi" they both said in unison as they grabbed their picnic basket and disappeared out of the kitchen.

"They are always in a hurry" she said, "now, let's have our coffee in peace"

Roz sat down opposite me. This time she made no effort to cross her legs, but instead kept her knees enticingly apart. Her panties open to my gaze. They looked like the same pair she had worn the day before in my office.

"You seem to be finding it hard to concentrate" she said. I looked up and found her smiling broadly. I blushed and took a sip of my coffee to hide my embarrassment. As I put my cup down and looked up I looked straight into her panty-clad pussy, her hands holding her robe open. I could see a dark, wet patch where her legs met. "Why don't you come upstairs and lets look at the main feature of this house while I take a shower." She whispered. I stood up, my pants showing my pleasure, by now my cock was starting to ooze and a small wet spot had started to form on my trousers. She turned and started to walk towards the stairway, her silky robe flowing behind her. As I followed her up the stair I couldn't help but look up at her perfectly curved ass. The thong from the g-string tightly wedged between the cheeks. It took all my willpower not to reach out and slip my hand between her legs. As we got to the top of the stair she turned towards the main bedroom her tits gently bouncing as she walked. As I walked into the room she had turned to face me, her legs slightly apart and her hands on her hips keeping her robe open.

"Why don't you get comfortable here while I take a shower?" she said.

"NO" I said, almost shouted. She stopped and turned around,

"I don't think you understand, I had another man here last night."

"I understand, I saw him leave," I said breathlessly. I was not going to let the chance of fulfilling another of my many fantasies slip away. "I don't mind, in fact it's a bit of a turn on," I whispered, not sure how she would take this. She crinkled up her nose and thought for a moment,

"Ok" she said, "if that's what you want lets try it."

She let the robe slip off her shoulders and settle quietly to the floor. She stepped towards me and cupped my throbbing cock in her hands; her fingers danced up my hardness until she reached my belt. With one movement she released my belt and opened my trousers, she let them drop to the floor. Her fingers ran up my shirt deftly undoing each button as she went. Her hand snaked down my chest, her fingers teasing each nipple. "I love a man with a strong chest" she whispered. I reached out and cupped her warm, firm breasts in my hands; I let my fingers move around her globes until they came to rest on her large, hard nipples. She shuddered as I gently caressed them. "Get you shoes off lets get more comfortable" she said, her voice had become deep and sexy. I slipped off my shoes and stepped out of my trousers, my cock pointing upwards towards her sexy body. She fell back on the bed, "come and get me" she groaned. I lay down next to her and took her in my arms. The faint smell of her perfume mixed with the smell of sex drifting from her sexy body. I nuzzled her neck as I slipped my knee between her legs. My thigh coming to rest against her hot wet pussy. I kissed her hard on the lips and immediately felt her hot tongue push deep into my mouth. I sucked her tongue deeper as my knee pressed against her pussy. I could feel her hips gently gyrating against my touch. I broke the kiss and rolled her over onto her back, started kissing her neck and chest, slowly moving down until I found her hard nipples; I sucked them into my wet mouth and let my tongue dance around the tips. As I let each one slip from between my lips I gently blew on them, she moaned and pulled me against her. I carried on my downward course towards her treasure; the anticipation of tasting the hot pussy I had seen was driving me wild.

As I kissed her below her navel the aroma of her pussy started to get stronger.

"Take my panties off" she said, "I only put them back on so I didn't leak all over in front of the girls."

"And spoil the best part" I whispered. I slipped my tongue out and let it run down her panty-clad slit until it came into contact with the wet spot over her pussy. I started sucking gently and the mixture of her lovers cum and her pussy juice started seeping through. I could wait no longer. I slipped my fingers into the waistband of her panties and slipped them down her shapely legs. Her red pussy hairs matted and wet. I immediately slipped my tongue between her swollen lips, my nose pressing hard against her clit. She had her hands behind my head and pulled me deeper into her wet cunt. The taste of another mans cum nearly drove me wild, this was a fantasy I had long dreamed about. To eat another mans cum from a freshly fucked pussy. The taste was fantastic, her pussy juices flowing steadily. I sucked and licked the juices deep from within her. Her juices were dribbling down my chin and mingling with my sweat as I lay between her legs. Roz started to buck wildly, her cries echoing around the room. My face pressed deeper and harder into her hot, juicy cunt.

"Yes" she cried "Lick my pussy clean, fuck me with your tongue."

I felt the walls of her pussy tighten as the waves of her orgasm overtook her. I slipped my lips over her clit and sucked her hard love button, her juices flowing down her crack and over the bud of her ass. She pulled me up and into her arms. Her lips hesitantly met mine, as she tasted her juices mixed with her lovers cum,

"Hmmm" she whispered, "now I know why you wanted to do that" as she licked her juices from my wet lips. By now the head of my cock was slipping between her lips and her hips were beginning to respond. I slipped my cock from her pussy and rolled over onto my back. Roz needed no further prompting as she turned around and lowered her dripping cunt onto my waiting mouth. I gently ran my tongue up and down her wet swollen crack. I felt sudden warmth spreading over the head of my cock as she slowly sucked me into her hot mouth. The feeling just kept spreading downwards, the anticipation of how much of my cock she could take into her mouth had me throbbing. The roughness of her tongue was rubbing over my sensitive head. I could feel her hot breath against my heavy balls. I could take it no longer; I started pumping my cock up and down into her waiting mouth. I could feel pressure against my ass and without warning she slipped her finger deep into my ass. I was a little apprehensive, as I had never included any anal sex into my fantasies. The moment she started to move her finger around inside me all doubts disappeared. I could feel my balls tighten and the head of my cock twitch as I pumped my cum into her waiting mouth. Her tongue dancing over my sensitive head. As I lay back in total satisfaction she turned around and kissed me on my lips, as my tongue slipped into her mouth, she pushed my own cum into my mouth. I drank every drop she offered.

We lay back quietly, both contemplating the wild oral experience we had just enjoyed. Roz broke the silence;

"Would you like something to drink," she breathed.

"Yes please" I answered, " anything cold would be great. She slipped on her robe and left the room. I remembered her wet panties; my cock started to respond as I reached down next to the bed and brought them to my nose, they had an indescribable sexy aroma. The thought of these panties covering her pussy for the last 24 hours had my cock hard. As I lay there breathing in her scent I heard the clink of glasses as she walked into the room. I lifted my face out from the crotch of her panties to see her reaction.

"A quick recovery I see" she said. She put the glasses down and I noticed for the first time she was carrying a bottle of French Champagne. I sat up and took the bottle from her as she dropped her robe to the carpet and sat down in front of me, her pussy lips swollen and red. I poured us each a glass and handed her one,

"To an excellent evaluation" I said.

"It's far from over" she replied. As we sipped our Champagne I slipped my hand between her lips and caressed her clit.

"Yes" she said "but I thing right now I need the real thing" taking my glass from my hand and putting it with her glass on the bedside table.

Roz pushed me firmly back until I was lying spread before her, my cock pointing skyward. She straddled my hips and very gently lowered her hot cunt over my waiting cock. The hot feeling spread quickly down my shaft has she dropped her weight onto me. I could feel her pussy contracting as I started to pump in and out of her hot cunt.

"Fuck me" she cried, "I need your cock deep inside me." I slipped my hands around her ass and pulled her hard against me while I rotated my hips, grinding her sensitive clit against my pelvic bone. My fingers gently spread her ass cheeks and my fingers continued their quest until they reached her tight bud. I slowly inserted my thick finger into her waiting hole. By now she was bucking wildly, her screams were getting more urgent. I could feel the walls of her pussy contacting against my sensitive cock. Our climaxes getting closer. With each push of my finger in her ass she trust her cunt harder and harder into me.

"Oh my god" she cried as her body was racked by her fist orgasm. "Don't stop," she panted, "the next is close." I wasn't sure if I would last the next as I could feel my hot seed welling up. "Ahhhh" she cried as her second orgasm shook her body. This was just the encouragement I needed and let my body go. I could feel my cum pumping deep into her hot cunt. Roz collapsed on top of me and held me tight. We both slowly drifted into a contented sleep, out sweaty bodies pressed closely together.

I awoke slowly, my eyes drifting around the room, trying to place where I was. All the memories of the morning came flooding back. The pleasures experienced printed in my brain, the beautiful aroma of sex heavy in the air. I sat up quietly and looked at the sleeping body next to me. Roz was lying on her back with her arm across her chest. I looked down at her beautiful pussy, my cum oozing between her lips. I lay my head gently on her stomach my nose inhaling the aroma drifting up from her pussy. Roz started to wake, her hands running through my hair.

"What time is it?" she said.

"1230" I answered.

"I need to get going" she said, I have to meet a friend for lunch in the city. You are welcome to finish the evaluation and just lock the door when you leave, I will be back this evening after I have fetched the girls"

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