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I wouldn't have believed it, but I actually did my husband in the ass and loved it! He'd been after me for awhile to dominate him with a strap on, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Something about him being helpless, I don't know. I need him to be the strong one in our relationship, and the thought of him being the recipient of a good dildo fucking just didn't work for me.

But I should have known he'd find a way. There's nothing he's asked me for that I haven't ended up doing *sigh*. Here's how it happened: We started making out with him kissing me forcefully. I love it when he gets on top of me and kisses me hard, then pushes my lips apart with his tongue. I can hear his heavy breathing, and it arouses me. Then he kisses my neck, my shoulders and everywhere he can reach. This night he kissed me for at least 10 minutes, it seemed like an hour but it also seemed to be over too soon when he told me to close my eyes and wait. I hate it when he leaves me, not knowing what's coming next, but I also go crazy anticipating what might be. He came back from the closet with several of his old ties, and tied my wrists to our iron headboard. I love the feeling when my arms are way out above my head, tied in place and stretching my upper body. My breasts ride up high and my nipples get so taut. Seeing my hard nipples, he dived in and tortured me with his tongue and teeth for a good long time. About the time it really hurt (good!) he'd back off and lick or gently kiss my tender breasts until I calmed down a little.

Then he left again for a minute, and returned with a purple Feeldoe dildo that he'd used on me before. He took the pony end and forced it into my wet pussy as I gasped in pleasure. He licked all around my sweet snatch while the dildo stuck out lewdly, all the while telling me how hot I was, sporting a big purple dick. Then he lubed up the horse end and stroked it several times. I guess I should have known what was coming, but it still took me by surprise when he climbed on top of me and reached behind himself. While his eyes were locked on mine, he grasped the Feeldoe firmly and guided it toward his asshole. I was helpless to stop him, since he'd tied me so tightly, and after a minute I didn't want him to stop.

There was a weird fascination, watching my masculine man push the head of my purple dick into his lubed ass. He started to breathe heavier and his eyes kind of glazed over, then I felt him back his ass up right on 'my' cock. He let out a groan, and let the dildo slide out again. Over and over, he stroked his ass up and down on the dildo, and I could feel every push inside me. He fiercely rubbed his own cock until it was hard again.

"I'm so close to coming!" he breathed, as I rotated my hips to match his thrusts. I was really getting into it, despite my initial reluctance.

Afraid to come too soon, he finally lifted himself off my cock, and went down on me. I couldn't believe how hot I was, and begged him to put his dick in my mouth. We 69ed for a frantic few minutes, and he probed my pussy and ass with his hands as he ground his hot dick WAY down my throat.

"Put that dildo back in me" I begged, and he pressed the full length of the horse end deep inside my wet pussy, stroking me until I came, screaming, at least as much as I can scream with a mouth full of hot dick!!!

I couldn't believe his stamina, as he had still not come. After I recovered a little, I sat up and began stroking his cock. I lubed him up really good and ran my hands up and down his slick, hard shaft.

"Please," he asked, "put that dildo in my ass again."

"No," I replied, and he begged me again.

Finally, I put the pony end of the Feeldoe into his tight asshole so that the long horse end was sticking out. Kneeling between his legs, I began to stroke the dildo while he rubbed his own hard dick. As I rubbed it, I pressed the dildo up against my pussy and to my surprise felt a rush come over me.

"I'm.....gonna come.....AGAIN!" I groaned as a blinding light flashed through my head and I collapsed on top of him. At the same time, his hot white come erupted over both of us, splashing on my hands and face and all over him. As our screams subsided, we fell into a relieved laughter.

Just when we think it can't get any better, we find out differently. I never wanted to fuck his ass, but when he started it, I couldn't help grinding my hips into his. And as I stroked the part of the dildo that protruded so lewdly from his ass, I couldn't stop coming. Wow! He was just beside himself with pleasure! And although I still prefer him to be the dominant one in our bed, I have to admit I got a lot of pleasure from this encounter, and look forward to our next Feeldoe experience!

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