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You return to the car with your purchases. I've been good, listening to your previous orders not to relieve any of my built-up stress.

"Drive to my office." You command.

I check for on coming traffic and pull out into the lane. You immediately pull up your short skirt once again, part your legs and start to masturbate. You pinch your nipples as you continue to finger your clit. By the time I've reached your office, you have climaxed three times.

Straightening out your skirt, you command me, "Grab my parcels and follow me." I dare not look in the bags, but gather everything and follow you into your office. We enter the room where I find your massage table.

"Put those things there." Pointing to a spot on the floor. "Stand here and wait." Pointing to a different spot. You leave the room.

A few minutes later, you return dressed in your white massage outfit. Very short, barely covering the tops of your thighs, it exposes your white stockings and garters. The front is held closed by a single button at the waist allowing me to see you aren't wearing a bra underneath. You stand inches away from me towering above due to the 5-inch red stilettos you wear.

"Take off your clothes." I obey as you move to sit on the couch and watch me. You spread your long legs and show me you are not wearing any panties underneath. Only your tunic hides your nudity. You start to rub between your cunt lips, spreading your moisture over them.

I start to take off my clothes. Shirt, shoes, socks. Then my pants, I stand there naked. You do not allow me to wear underwear. I am rock hard. My balls are blue, begging to relief.

"Lay on the bed, face down." You point to the table. I climb on top. Putting my face on the donut at the top which keeps my back perfectly aligned. Alert to only sound, I can only hear you reach into the bag of shopping. I hear a "pop" of a plastic bottle opening and the "squirt" of liquid squeezed out. I hear you rub your hands together just before I feel them on my back. Now standing on my left side, I feel your strong hands knead my lower back hunches, moving up towards my ribs then reaching my right lower shoulder muscles and finally my right shoulder, before working your way back down. You move around my head to my right side, sliding your hand along my skin, never letting your hand leave my body.

In position, you move my right hand to the edge of the table. I hear you move your uniform slightly and then feel you press your pussy against the knuckle of my middle finger. Your wetness coats my hand.

Suddenly I feel the wet of cold lubricant pour over my ass cheeks. Your hand working the oils deep into both sided. You push your hips forward into my hand with each of your hand presses. Your thumbs increasingly slip between my cheeks, entering deeper and deeper until they graze the outer entry of my anus.

Moving towards my feet, I feel your hands pressure my legs apart as you climb onto the table. You slide your hands up my calves, over my knees, over my thigh muscles reaching my hamstrings. Your thumbs push high against my inner thighs. Harder and harder, you push apart my cheeks.

Crawling over my back, I feel you reverse your position, now facing my feet, my body between your legs. You move your ass over my head and sit on it. I can feel the wet of your cunt on the back of my head as you grind your hips downward.

More lubricant pours in between my ass cheeks. I can feel it soak my ass hole and drip down over my sperm sack. One of your fingers presses hard between the cheeks, presses hard on my hole, but does not enter, then continuing to my balls. You press down on them forcing my hips forward, with my hard cock underneath me, you make me dry hump the table. I am getting closer and closer to coming, but I know you will not allow me to.

Suddenly you stop. I feel you reach beside me then under the table. A strap, across my arms and back holding my body firmly face-down on the table. I could not get up even if I wanted to. You dismount. Another strap just below my knees restricts my leg movement.

More shopping bag rustling, more oil between my ass cheeks. More fingering, this time it enters, deep enough to massage my prostrate. Your other hand between my sack and ass hole massages the spot from the outside. I need sexual relief so much. I try to make myself come by thrusting my hips and fucking the table. You immediately stop and remove your hands.

"Whack!" as you slap my ass hard. "No!" is all you say.

More rustling. My hole is invaded once again, but this time by a hard object about the same thickness as your finger but shorter and cold as you push all of it inside me. It stays there. You loosen the straps slightly. "Turn over." I obey, then you tighten the straps again. Ankle straps keeps my legs parted as you release the straps around my knees. I can still feel the hard item up my rectum. You have removed your smock and stand there only in your stocking and garters.

Now I can watch you slightly as you again retrieve something from your purchased items. Your finger dangles something as you look directly into my eyes. At first I could not understand what it was for. It looks like a small loop attached by a strip to a slightly bigger loop and some sort of wire hanging off of it. The whole thing was only a couple of inches long.

Face to face you mount me again. Your pussy lips rub on my hard shaft, already lubed by the oil, you add your juices to it before stopping your thrusts. You take the small loop and slide it around my stiff stick, you grab my balls and force them through the larger loop. I understand now. "But it's a special cock ring." You say.

Out of the bag you pull some sort of box. It has some knobs and switches on it. I feel you pull on a wire connected to the cylinder inside me and plug it into the box, then the same with the wire on the cock ring.

"Ready?" You flip a switch. I feel a small tingle in my ass. Another switch, a different tingle, this time along my shaft. I moan. You start rubbing your sex hole against my dick again. "Mmmm. Feels nice doesn't it?" you ask. "Almost as good as my vibrator. It gets better." you say as you turn a couple of knobs on the box. It increases the vibration.

You raise your hips over me and place the tip of my cock head against your clit. You're using it like your personal vibrator, which of course, I am. You increase the vibes on the box. "Fuck it feels good!" you shout as you flip your head back. Finally you sit on me, fully inserting my thick pole deep inside you bareback.

"I am fertile right now. Do not come inside me." You warn me. You hump up and down as you continue to turn up the controls to max. The vibrations shake through you. Your whole body convulses in a gigantic orgasm, your hips slam down as your cunt tries to suck more of me inside you. I need to come, but obey your command knowing the punishment that would await if I failed to heed your order.

Finally you extract my aching cock from your hole. My glistening cock is still vibrating as you again rub the underside of my shaft against your cunt lips.

"You may come now!"

At the word "now", I groan a huge "UGGH" and feel the surge of release. The first shot arcs high and splashes on my face and in my open mouth as you continue to hump against my cock. The second, third and fourth sprays my chest and stomach. I am forced to swallow my own white fluid to prevent myself from choking. The fifth and remaining ejaculations dribble out and drip onto the base of my cock. My whole body is in spasm until you turn down the vibrations then turning it off. Ever few seconds my panting body twitches as it tries to recover from the massive climax.

With my body now slightly calmed down, you lie atop of me and rub the front your body on mine using my come as a lubricant.

Still restrained, "Did you like that?" you ask. I can only nod. You lick up the sperm that didn't land in my mouth off my face before you kiss me deep and force me to gulp whatever you lapped.

Only after you are sure I had completely consumed my own juice, do you dismount. "Look at the mess you made of me." Your body is covered with my white jizz. "I'm taking a shower." You turn the box back on before you leave.

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