tagGay MaleRubbed The Right Way Ch. 02

Rubbed The Right Way Ch. 02


Yeah, me again. It had been a few weeks after my first experience with another guy -- in this case a massage, that I was able to really face the fact that not only had I had the experience, but that I liked it. I wasn't in a relationship at the time and although I knew I could only relate to women in the romantic sense, there was something about man-to-man sex that I found compelling. Of course, I hadn't fucked or been fucked -- that was to come -- but I found that getting nude and having a laid back, relaxing yet totally exciting experience had been more sexually fulfilling for me then any encounter I had with any woman up to that point in my life. Was I gay? No, I told myself, just enjoyed the sex -- I wasn't looking for a long-term relationship with any guy. Or girl at the time for that matter.

I just couldn't get over the fact that when I shot my first load with Gord, I was hooked. Like gay sex was some kind of illicit drug, and I was determined at this point that I was going to explore more and see what I liked and didn't like. But at this point, all I wanted to do was get back with Gord and have more fun jerking his massive cock off. The weird thing was, I was still kinda hesitant, maybe I was afraid I'd like it too much. Maybe I'd be found out. Maybe the second time wouldn't be near as enjoyable. Of all those options, I have to admit that the last one scared me the most. I realized now that I wanted this, wanted it to be better every time, wanted gay fucking sex all the time, as much as possible.

Of course, it didn't hurt that the first guy I got horny with was gifted with a 10" hose that was the epitome of male sexuality. I swear his basket had gravity to it, and it captured me in its vortex. After a while, all my fantasies were gay, especially about huge cocks like Gord's. Again, another boring Saturday afternoon was turning into an evening, and I was wondering whether he'd remember me, so I dialed.

"Evening, Gord's"

"Hi, this is Dave . . uh, from a couple of weeks ago -?"

Gord's tone immediately warmed up. "Hi there, how you doing?

"Great. I was wondering whether you had any time available this evening."

"Sure do, wide open. Why don't you come down right now?

"Cool. See you in about 30 minutes."

That did it. My cock was steel and leaking precum at an alarming rate. I was more fucking horny than I had ever been before. I got to my car and got to Gord's in record time. Walking up to his house, it would have been evident to anyone watching me that I was having a tough time walking, but I made it up to the door, and rang the door bell.

Gord opened the door in the same manner he did before, wearing nothing but his jockeys and a wide grin on his face.

"Hi there. Welcome back -- ", he seemed rather happy to see me.

I looked at him up and down and said thanks, and followed him through the anteroom into his massage room. The lights were low, it was warm but not overly hot and the massage table had fresh linen on it. I started removing my clothes and Gord turned his back to me to start getting the oil ready. As he did so he started to talk:

"I'm happy to see you back. I was wondering how you liked our last session." After finishing with the oil, he turned to face me, and first pulled off his shorts, revealing again a tiny g-string just big enough to hold his package in. Then, he peeled that off, revealing his absolutely beautiful cock and balls. He noticed that I was in the thrall of his sex and had an evil, horny look on his face.

I was just getting down to pulling my shorts off with my semi-turgid cock hanging between my legs. My mouth was dry but I summoned up the guts to reply.

"I liked it a lot. And . . . I couldn't stop thinking about it for the past couple of weeks."

Gord chuckled under his breath at that as I climbed on to the table face down. My legs were parted just enough for Gord to see the precum stain I was making on the sheet. He took a large amount of oil in his hands and started rubbing my lower back. Lower, then lower still until he was kneading my ass cheeks, a totally awesome relaxing feeling. Gord picked up the dialogue:

"So you really enjoyed it that much? I'm really glad. I was hoping to hear from you again. I get a lot of guys through here but you're the hottest in a long time."

Flattery will get you everywhere. "Thanks. I think you know that last time I was a rookie, right?"

Gord was now playing with my asshole, getting a knuckle in and out and making it feel real good.

"Yeah, that was pretty easy to figure out. I know I'm middle aged, but I always like younger guys like you who like my cock -- ooohm!!"

Gord had switched his manual attention from my ass to my nuts, stroking and tickling giving me a grade A powerful hard-on, and started kissing and tonguing my ass cheeks. I was moaning noticeably.

"You like that, don't you?" Gord was turning out to be quite a tease, he sure knew how to set the mood. I looked back to answer him and came face to face with his salami -- it was HUGE!! And pointing to the ceiling. And leaking precum like me.

"I think you like it too, don't you?"

"God, yeah. I was about your age the first time I did it with another guy, and I've been totally obsessed ever since. I shot my load the first time and have been hooked ever since." He was rubbing my dick totally hard, and I was getting feelings like I wanted to kiss him, suck, him. Fuck him. And not with protection, I wanted to be totally exposed to him -- bare fucking sex. Little did I know that my wish was about to be fulfilled. I answered him.

"Oh man, this is by far the hottest sex ever."

"Yeah man, just go with the flow and you'll have the most incredible experience, I guarantee it."

His face was down near mine, and I rose up to meet him and we kissed. The hungriest, raunchiest, sloppiest kiss, our tongues exploring all of each other's mouths. I flipped over, the massage part of our encounter over, both of our cocks harder then ever before, I was totally lost in lust. We broke our kiss and Gord had that evil horny grin on his face again as he positioned his cock in front of my face. I grabbed it for a few strokes, then moved the foreskin back and kissed his piss-hole. Gord leaned back in ecstasy as I went to work on his cock, sucking and slurping. I found I quite enjoyed the whole experience, sucking, tasting, tickling his tight nuts right under his cock ring. Fuckin' A, this was horniness personified.

He reached behind me and went back to fingering my ass, two then three fingers in me and deep. It hurt to begin with but I was so fucked up on mansex at the time that everything we did felt incredible. Gord started fucking my face, going "Oh yeah, baby, suck my juice out of my fuck stick . . .ARRRGGGHHH!!"

He came LOUDLY in my mouth, not really wanting to shot so fast but having no choice, that vortex of our sex had bonded us together in hot man lust and for the rest of the night we lost in it. His cum shot hot and sweet in my mouth, six huge ropes, all of which I couldn't swallow and ran down my face to drop on the floor. I was wondering whether the neighbors heard this, but I would have loved to do this in front of an audience. Gord was beside himself.

"Oh shit, oh fuck fuck fuck ooooooommmm. Wow, I haven't had a blowjob like that ever -- and this is your first?" He again bent over to kiss me and tasted his hot juices in our mouths together, tongues dancing and fencing for what seemed like hours, yet strangely not long enough. I reached down and began rubbing his huge dick again. It stayed semi-hard for the longest time as suddenly the attention was turned to my throbbing hard cock. Gord moved his mouth slowly down from my mouth to my nipples down my stomach to my nuts and put a thick layer of saliva all over them. I was aching to be in his mouth and feel the ecstasy I had discovered the previous time I was here. I didn't have to wait long. His warm wet mouth engulfed my dong in one gulp and he started deep-throating me -- my cock running up against the sides of his throat and causing me to skip along the edge of unconscious nirvana. My nuts were so tight and I had waited for the payoff for so long. Gord rubbed and tickled my balls and started rubbing right in behind them and, BLAMMMMMOOOO!!! Fireworks went off in my brain as my gonads shot my seed up through my rock hard lovestick. Cummmmmmmmm, cummmmmmmm, cummmmmmm. Huge amounts of sperm. I raised my head and chest up and rested against my elbows practically screaming "OH SHIT FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!" When Gord saw me sit up he came at me with my juice in his mouth again for a long wet, sensuous oral encounter. The kiss lasted at least as long as before, and we ended up with him leaning up against the table and us making out and rubbing each other for another good twenty minutes. Finally, he stood up and looked at me.

"That's what I'm talking about. I bet you've never had explosive sex like that with a woman before."

I agreed, although I wasn't necessarily giving up hope for that either. Gord continued: "I still like to do it with a woman every once in a while, but for pure sex rush, gay sex is by far and away the best. There's still a lot of fun things we can do."

"How much time do you have?"

"For you -- all night long."

Check the next installment for the continuation of my education in total sex.

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