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Ruby's Gift


Journey into Submission: The Piercing

"Oh god, oh god, oh god," Ruby chanted breathlessly.

'Music,' AJ thought. As always, her moans and whimpers filled him with a fierce delight, a deep satisfaction that she made this loving music when they fucked: a music to which AJ had rapidly become addicted.

Ruby lay under him, bound face down on a carpeted bench with her luscious ass high and open and ripe. His. Her face, flushed with arousal and heat, was turned partially away and screened by a fall of blonde hair. She moaned long and low in her throat.

Sometimes just the thought of her moans, the mere remembrance of her breathy 'oh god, oh god' was enough to make him hard. AJ groaned as he sheathed his cock again and again into the heated clasp of her soft flesh.

He leaned forward, pushing himself deeper as he bent to sweep aside her hair to nibble on the back of her neck: kneeling behind her, he savored the feeling of being sheathed in the sizzling embrace of her.

"I am home," he said.

"Ohhh," Ruby whimpered.

"You belong to me," AJ told her, entranced by the way her body clenched around him. "Feel how you cling to me," he whispered, stroking a loving hand over the curve of her ass. "Exquisite."

"Hot burning," Ruby panted.

"Mmmm," AJ agreed, biting the back of her neck, harder this time. "Feel how perfectly we fit."

His body wrapped closely around hers, skin-to-skin, his cock deep in her ass.

"You were made for this."

Ruby delighted him further by lifting her hips and pressing into him, as though trying to pull more of him in. AJ chuckled and flexed himself inside her.

"I dream of taking you like this," he said, thrusting...a long slow retreat and return. "Until you are liquid with heat, until you moan with need, until you beg me never to leave your body."

Ruby shuddered beneath him and gasped as his speed increased.

"Mine," he said with each thrust, "Mine. Mine. Mine."

He had already driven her to climax several times this evening and he knew by the spread of goosebumps up her back that she was close to coming again.

"Please," she whimpered, "oh Master, please."

AJ reveled in the gathering heat and power in his lower body as his own climax approached. Energy coiled tighter as he thrust, coiled hotter as his balls tightened.

"You may cum, baby."

He had barely uttered the words and she came with her loudest moan yet. Her body vibrated, locked around him vise-like. He loved it; loved the contractions that rippled outward from her pussy and ass, loved her pulse that raced and thundered there where they were joined. A few more deep thrusts and his cum steamed up from his balls, pulsed hotly along his cock and jetted from him in waves of intense pleasure as his body bucked and shuddered.

It was as though the energy had gathered and intensified as they fucked, waiting for its chance; waiting to make the leap, to complete the connection between male and female; waiting to claim this woman. It left AJ feeling spent, gloriously emptied and lighter than air.

An hour or so later, AJ glanced over the edge of his book and watched without seeming to as Ruby crossed the living room to kneel at his feet. Fresh from the shower, the short cobalt silk kimono clung faithfully to her damp skin.

She stumbled a little as she halted before him, still uncertain on the black high heels. He pretended not to see the stumble or the mortified look she threw him as she knelt. Such imperfections, AJ had learned in their months together, endeared her all the more to him.

He reasoned that it was all very well to demand perfection from his submissive; but to expect perfection when he himself was imperfect could only be hubris.

He put the book aside and gave Ruby all of his attention. The kimono shimmered with each shiver that racked her lush form, betraying her emotion. She knelt back on her heels in silence, her eyes downcast and her hands palm-down on her thighs. Though she had dried her hair, damp tendrils curled against her neck and temple.

His heart thumped once, painfully, at the vulnerable picture of his submissive. She had submitted, given her body and her mind into his care and direction. It was a heavy, enthralling responsibility. AJ curved his hand under her chin and tilted her face. When her lashes lifted he confirmed what he had suspected; her smoky eyes were filled with tears.

"I'm sorry for the stumble, Sir."

Ruby delighted him as no other submissive, completely - innocently - open in her reactions to him and his domination. She held nothing back and such honesty was in itself an enticement, a seduction. Tenderly, he stroked his thumb along her cheek.

"Ruby, love. There is no need for tears. You please me."

Her chin wobbled in his hand as her tears spilled over and she caught back a sob. She fought to bring herself under control and meet his gaze and he loved the valiant struggle as well as her refusal to hide it from him.

"I want to please you always, Sir, and all ways."

"I have no problem with that," he smiled.

However, she did not relax and the tension in her puzzled him.

"You know that I do not like pain, Sir."

It occurred to him then that she had nerved herself up to tell him something important and her entire body strained with the effort. AJ recalled a conversation they'd had near the beginning of their relationship during which Ruby had declared defiantly that she was not a pain slut. Pain had been an early-established limit for her.

"Yes," he answered quietly, "I know."

"If it pleases you, Sir, I would like to have my nipples pierced."

He saw a trust there as he intently searched her face, and fear, and a faith that he would see into her heart; that he would understand she pushed her own limits as a measure of her devotion to him, that she offered piercing as a gift. And because it was a gift unsought, because he understood the depths of her fear of pain and therefore the depths of her need to submit to him, tenderness surged through him.

"Come here, baby."

He helped her up onto his lap and cradled her in his arms. Possessively, AJ slid his hand inside the kimono and up Ruby's belly until he cupped her breast in his big hand.

"Piercing is a personal choice, Ruby."

"But you like it, Sir."

"Regardless, it must be your decision. I would never command body modification of my submissive. Tell me why you have changed your mind about it."

He took pride and delight in her growth as his submissive. That pride washed through him as he watched her strive to put into words how she had come to view nipple piercing - once a hard limit - as something she now wanted done.

"I want to...give you..." she spoke slowly, hesitantly, as she puzzled it out in her own mind, "to show you the depths of my...need...my desire...to please you, Sir. To show you the measure of my submission."

He caught her nipple in his fingers, tugged it sharply and adored her gasp of pleasure.

"Are you absolutely sure you want to have these pretty nipples pierced, lover?"

"Yes, Sir," she answered fervently, "but it...scares me."

"Of course it does." He cupped her pussy and chuckled in her ear, "It excites you, too, doesn't it? The thought of having pierced nipples...has made you wet."

She nodded and pressed her face into his neck. He knew by the heat that she was blushing. She lifted her eyes to his and whispered tremulously, "Will you come with me, Master?"

"Baby, this is a wonderful loving gift you have offered me," his voice low, intent, all amusement gone. "Thank you. In return, I promise to hold you in my arms while the piercing is done."

She smiled mistily, "Thank you, Master! I can do anything if you are with me."

He hugged her again, "You have grown, baby. I am proud of you."

"It may be growth, my Master," she whispered as though she could not trust her own voice, "but it is also love that has brought me here...to this request."

AJ's heart jerked in his chest as hot satisfaction crashed through him. He kissed her.

A week later, after he had asked for and received Ruby's pledge that she had not changed her mind, they stood together in the foyer of a small office. A discreet sign outside called the business "Body Art."

Ruby completed the paperwork swiftly then stood close to AJ, shivering. With a smile, he placed his hand against her lower back and pulled her closer.

"Where are you, lover?"

Her eyes flicked to his face, away, and then back for a longer, considering look. He treasured that look, that window into her psyche. Almost, he could hear her thinking; 'why has Master asked me this when the answer is so obvious?' and 'what am I missing?' The moment she found the answer, her face smoothed, relaxed.

"I am at my Master's side, Sir."

Nervous tension flowed out of her and as she spoke she quieted beneath his hand. AJ smiled and kissed her on the forehead: a benediction, a reward.

"Good girl."

"Are you ready?" a new voice, female, spoke behind them.

AJ turned and grinned, leaving Ruby's side to cross the room and envelop the newcomer in a hug.


"Put me down, you great oaf!" her laughter belied her words.

He laughed and twirled her once before setting her back on her feet. A tiny woman - barely five feet tall - with short curly black hair and snapping dark eyes, she stood glaring at him in mock anger.

"It's great to see you, too, Lisle-love." AJ chuckled.

"How are you, AJ?" she relented and grinned up at him. "I haven't seen you since I heard about you and Amy splitting...I was sorry to hear that."

"I'm fine and it was an amicable split, Lisle. I wish Amy all the best."

"So..." Lisle's gaze slid to Ruby, standing nervously in the middle of the room.

"So, I want you to meet Ruby. Ruby, this is Lisle. You will refer to her as 'ma'am.'"

"Yes, Sir." she answered softly and smiled hesitantly at the smaller woman. "Pleased to meet you, Lisle-ma'am."

"Hmmm." Lisle strode to the desk, picked up the clipboard with Ruby's completed forms and scanned them quickly. After a moment, she glanced up and demanded, "Why do you want your nipples pierced?"

Ruby threw a panicked look at AJ but when he merely raised a brow, she stuttered into speech, "B..because I love nipple play, ma'am, and this will allow my Master more...more..." she broke off, rattled.

AJ shifted his weight, drawing another glance from his submissive. This time, he caught her gaze and smiled at her. With warm approval, he watched as she visibly steadied, tilted her chin and finished coolly:

"Piercing my nipples will allow us more variety in our play, ma'am."

"Has your Master requested this piercing?"

"No ma'am. I requested it and Master gave his permission."

"Do you understand the risks that piercing and possible subsequent infections might pose?"

"Yes ma'am. The risks do not change my decision. I wish to be pierced in both nipples."

For the first time, Lisle smiled at Ruby and both relaxed a bit. "Do you have the nipple jewelry you want inserted?"

"Master has them, ma'am."

AJ reached into his pocket and retrieved two fine gold loops. Lisle took them, looked them over closely and nodded.

"Let's get started then. Follow me."

She turned and disappeared through another door. Ruby followed and halted so abruptly just inside the next room that AJ bumped into her. She stood frozen, staring at the table and the instruments near it. The room smelled of disinfectant, ink, and other -harsher- chemicals.

When AJ put his hands on her hips and urged her forward, she caught his left hand in hers and gripped it tightly.

"Disrobe completely above the waist and have a seat here," Lisle said, indicating an armchair, her attention on her instruments. Ruby did not move.

"You please me well, my own." AJ murmured.

She swallowed hard and reluctantly let go of his hand to grasp the bottom of her peach top and draw it off over her head. After a short pause and a deep breath, she then removed her white lace bra and stood in the center of the room, shivering.

Affection shot through AJ as he watched Ruby struggle with her fear of pain and her embarrassment at being exposed half-naked to a stranger. This was a conflict she chose in order to display her submission to him. He closed the distance between them, caught her hand in his and led her to the chair.

"Good girl." He said warmly, leaning down to plant a kiss on each of her hardening nipples.

Then he sat in the chair and drew her down onto his lap, her back to his front. With an affectionate nuzzle against her neck, he soothed and calmed her. Lisle slid over on a wheeled stool and swabbed disinfectant on Ruby's skin. The cold bite of the liquid served to draw her nipples up tight and hard.

"Lovely breasts," Lisle commented as she fiddled with something sharp, "36 C?"

Ruby nodded and AJ felt shivers of apprehension surge through her. "Oh, but..." she said and then halted when Lisle looked up.


"I...I thought you would use a punch...like those for ear piercing."

Lisle displayed the long thin needle in her hand and shook her head:

"A needle like this is actually much sharper and less painful, little one. Think of it as a razor blade in needle form. A round blade, in fact."

AJ tracked another shudder through Ruby's body and urged her to relax against him.

"Lean back, baby and give me a kiss," he whispered in her ear.

She flattened herself against him almost frantically before turning to offer her mouth. AJ kissed her ardently and long, until he felt her tension ease.

"You do not have to do this, lover," he said against her lips.

"I know I don't, Sir. I want to."

"I'm so proud of you, sweetheart." AJ said and kissed her again, capturing both of her wrists in one hand as he did so.

With a sure swift touch, Lisle used the needle to pierce Ruby's left nipple, deftly inserting the gold hoop before moving over and repeating the procedure on the right nipple.

Ruby's entire body froze at the first thrust of the needle but she did not move her mouth from AJ's. Her pulse fluttered and sped beneath his fingers and a kick of fear jolted through him at the display of her fragility, at the first whisper of what it might mean to be without this woman. He lifted his head and released her wrists to affectionately stroke the hair from her face.

"Thank you for this gift, Ruby-mine. I love you,"

Tears welled...trembled on the edge of her lashes then overflowed in a slow spill of deep emotion. Her body shook in his arms.

"I am yours!" she averred, "Yours always and all ways."

Lisle handed AJ printed after-care instructions while Ruby dressed. She started to recite them aloud then broke off and grinned at him.

"Alright, you've been through it before. You know the drill. Go. Go on! I can see you are dying to get her home and pamper her as she deserves."

AJ smiled and dipped his head. "I hear and obey, Mistress." Then chuckled when she flung a ribald curse and a sponge at him.

He took his obedient, sexy submissive home and pampered her so well that he was rewarded with her own particular music.

Journey Into Submission: The Offering

After dinner at the Laguna Spa bistro, while they relaxed over coffee and dessert, AJ said, "I want us to step outside our roles for the moment and simply be AJ and Ruby."

Ruby paled so drastically that AJ actually thought she might faint. He added hastily, "You have done nothing wrong, sweetheart."

Her eyes locked onto his face. Liquid smoke, he thought, and treasured the glimpse into her thoughts and emotions. Catching up her hands from their shredding of her napkin, he threaded the fingers of one hand through hers.

"I want to have a discussion with you while we are outside our roles. I don't want there to be any dominance or submission to overlay your response. Please, just listen and answer honestly, ok?"

She nodded and tightened her grip on him as though nerving herself to hear bad news. With his free hand, AJ caught up the fine silver chain he wore around his neck, removed it and lay it on the table between them. A tiny gold key was the only ornament.

"This," he said, "is the key to my heart."

Ruby blinked at him, color flooding her face as she looked from him to the key. The play of emotion across her face was exquisite: shock, joy, excitement, and uncertainty.

"It is also," he continued, "the key to a collar I've had made. Before you say anything, let me explain about collars." He waited until she gave a sharp nod before he went on, "Old guard BDSMers will tell you that there are 3 kinds of collars: consideration, training, and formal.

"Typically, a consideration collar may be given at the beginning of a D/s relationship when a Dom/me and sub agree to explore D/s together, to see if they "fit" with one another. While it is called a "collar" in reality a bracelet or anklet may represent it. A collar of consideration is blue, to distinguish it from the others. The intent is to demonstrate that both the Dom/me and sub view their relationship as more than casual.

"As the relationship ripens, a consideration collar may be replaced with a training collar. In other words, there is a step up in the level of commitment. Usually red or black leather, the training collar lets others know that the Dom/me and submissive are serious, that they are entering what they hope to be a life long commitment, that they are deeply connected to one another. In offering a training collar, and in accepting it, both the Dom/me and submissive agree to seek a deeper relationship that will involve strong emotion, commitment, and responsibilities. In BDSM, this collar has the weight of an engagement ring.

"With me so far?"

Ruby nodded, "It's fascinating, AJ. I had no idea."

He smiled and continued, "The formal collar is a recognition of devotion, respect, and commitment between a Dom/me and submissive; acknowledgement that they share ideals, interests outside of D/s, and the desire to be together. In offering such a collar, the Dom/me avows a deep bond and commitment to the submissive. In receiving a formal collar the submissive demonstrates a voluntary offering of complete submission to the Dom/me from that day forward. It is black, of leather or metal, with brass or silver accents. In the BDSM community, a formal collar has the weight of a wedding ring.

"Ruby, with this key I offer you a formal collar."

Ruby drew a ragged breath as she stared at him and her fingers spasmed in his. AJ watched her brain tick over as thought and emotion tumbled upon each other - his affection for her swelled within him.

She reached out with her free hand to stroke a careful finger over the key between them. When her gaze flickered uncertainly to his face, AJ smiled.

"Ask," he said.

"Does this...is this because of Amy?"

"No. Amy and I knew it was not going to work long before you came into my life. Even though I have released her, it was a mutual decision and she promises to return to town now and then to play with us."

He sat quietly while she searched his face, weighing his words.

"If I r..refuse the collar, is it over between us?"

"No, love." AJ stroked his thumb over her pulse as he searched for the words he needed, "I will continue to be your Dominant unless you ask to be released." Hoping that his emotion, his apprehension, had not leaked through he added, "I crave you, Ruby. Dominating you is a delight, a completion, as easy as breathing and as satisfying as hot sex."

Slowly, almost as though she expected him to take it back at the last minute, Ruby extended her free hand and picked up the key then clutched it hard to her breast.

"Mine," she said, "I accept."

AJ exhaled slowly. A tingling shivering wave of intense emotion that he could not describe rushed through him, setting his heart racing and stretching his mouth into a wide grin.

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