tagMatureRudy's Romps Ch. 01

Rudy's Romps Ch. 01


*** This series has a neat twist to it. The world revolves around main character Rudy, to begin with. For whatever mysterious, enigmatic reason, Rudy has the unusual knack of getting into compromising positions with people he runs across during his daily routine.

Here is where the twist comes in: the people he ends up cavorting with are real people, who have graciously collaborated with the author or who have in some way inspired the author to create erotic stories featuring them.

In this first installment, we feature Marie. After reading a previous Literotica story, titled Cynthia's Many Lovers (Lovers From Beyond Ch. 4), Marie sent the author a private message telling him how much she enjoyed reading it. Well, the author asked, would you like me to create a new story with you as the star? This has resulted in the Rudy's Romps series, where a lot of what you will read are true personal details, thoughts and fetishes from both the author and his new playmate.

Hint: You never know where things might end up, if you, dear reader, were to send the author a private message. ***

Part 1

Home Alone

(Written from Marie's point of view.)

I cannot believe this! I have to go all the way downstairs to answer the fucking door, when I was so... busy! Who could be out there, anyway? Now that my husband is gone, I've always got the whole morning to myself to do whatever I want. I was doing just that, when I heard the doorbell!

Wait. Maybe it's the UPS guy, delivering a parcel, or a... package. A nice, big package. Yum. I'd love a nice, big package right now, when I'm home all alone and especially considering what I was just doing upstairs. A white package, a brown package, a black package, oh, what's a girl to do? I'll just have to see what Mr. Doorbell looks like first. At least, I hope it's a Mr. What if it's a Mrs.? I'll just have to think about that one a little more, won't I?

Okay, I'm at the foyer, and I'm taking a good look into the mirror hanging there to make sure I'm presentable. Hair's a little messy, but not horrible. I pull it back just a little, to show off my cute face. What about the rest of me? Nice, C cup tits, held snug by my tee shirt, no bra underneath, check. A quick half-turn, and I'm looking at my backside. Nice, big butt curving out my semi-tight sweats, nooooo underwear underneath. Check on that one, too. I'm so hot, I'm starting to turn myself on. I want to touch myself all over, just like I was doing a couple of minutes ago.

There's the doorbell again.

One last check in the mirror. I look like a nice girl. At least, I think I do. You know, the kind you want to take home to meet your parents and all that good stuff. And, I remind myself, I've got to remember not to be too aggressive, because the poor guy waiting outside won't know what's about to hit him. Once I make a move on him he'll probably end up running for his life. Not just any man can handle this piece of ass!

Undo the lock, crack open the door.

Ugh. It's the guy from next door. The married guy.

"Yes?" I ask.

"Hi." He says. "I can hear you from my yard."


"I can hear what you're doing, all the way into my backyard." He repeats. "I can hear you playing with yourself. Even with the music you've got on, I can still hear you."

I hadn't realized I'd been getting so loud. "Well, I'll just go upstairs and shut the window next time. Thanks for the news flash!"

Wouldn't want to upset the neighbors, now, would I? Geez, when did people start butting into everybody else's business?

I start shutting the door, only to find something is in the way. I look down, and there's this guy's old white sneaker. Pretty bold of the bastard to do that, don't you think? I look back into his face. "Was there anything else?"

"Yeah, I wanted to ask you something." He says, sliding his foot away from the doorway, as if he somehow knows I won't slam it shut on his face.

He just stands there, all cool and collected. I'm thinking, this guy has some pretty big balls, to walk over like that and tell me he's been listening to me Jilling off.

I decided to give him the once-over. He's stocky, Hispanic. I know he works out a lot, because I can hear his weights clanging around every other day. While he isn't shredded like some guys, I can see that he has some definition in his arms and shoulders, and especially in his chest. And he's an older guy. I love older guys.

I remember seeing him and his little family when they first moved in next door. He looked intimidating back then, with his shaved head and his little goatee, walking around in a white wife-beater and long shorts. He looked like a hoodlum. But now, he's got his hair neat and tidy, and he's wearing a tee shirt and sweats like I am. He's presentable, I think. No, more than that. He's... he's hot, okay!

So I decide, let's just see what this guy has to say. "I'm listening."

"Well, I was about to start working out, when I heard what you were doing." He paused. I don't know if this guy doesn't know what to say, or whether he's holding something back. "Let me ask you something else first. How old are you?"

"I'm twenty-two." When I say this, some kind of expression crosses his face, but I can't tell what it is. He must be a good poker player. "Is that a problem?"

"Well, it's just that I was hoping you'd be a little bit older." He replied. "I have a daughter that's twenty-two."

I think back. "I don't remember seeing her around."

"Oh, that's because she moved out with her boyfriend, right after she graduated from high school. She moved out of state."

What is this guy up to, I wonder. Asking me about my age, bringing up what he heard me doing upstairs. "I've got some things I need to take care of. You said you were going to ask me something, right?"

Again, he gives me that long look. His eyes, they're intense, as if they could see my body right through my clothes. Even when he looks like a normal guy and not like an outright thug, this guy's demeanor can be intimidating.

He smiles, and it's a cute smile, with dimples on both sides. "I downloaded a book on the internet. It's a guide on how to pleasure a woman. I've been reading the first chapter on how to perform oral sex. According to the book, the techniques are supposed to drive a woman wild. And... I was about to go looking for somebody that I could practice with after my workout, when I heard you making noises from your window."

Oh, what a son of a bitch! He's teasing me! I know he is!

"Would you be interested in being my guinea pig?"

Yes! I don't say it loud, but I can feel myself starting to feel warm all over, especially down there! The only thing stopping me from grabbing this guy by the collar and yanking him inside is that little, small matter about his spouse. "Why aren't you home practicing with your wife?"

"Oh," He smiles again, and this time it's a big, happy smile. "Haven't you noticed that the neighborhood has been a whole lot quieter the last couple of weeks? That's because my wife and I aren't fighting anymore. She moved out last week. I'm next door, all alone, just like you are."

He winks, and I don't know, there's something about his vibe that I'm really starting to like.

That's it; I'm sold! I slide the door open all the way and he quietly steps in. I am so getting ready to jump this guy's bones right now, as I'm shutting the door behind him.

He holds his hand out. "I'm sure you've heard my name before, since my wife and I used to get in some pretty loud arguments all the time. But since we've never been properly introduced, I'm Rudy."

He has a nice, firm handshake, I notice. "Marie."

"Have you ever read anything by Sandra Brown?" He asks. "Or Linda Jackson?"

"They write romance novels, right?"

"Yeah." He nods. "Lots of bestsellers. Some things I've been wanting to try out, about how women like to be approached. Do you know what tap-out rules are? Like in MMA fighting?"


He reaches out and taps me lightly on the shoulder. "You do this, if you want me to stop. Okay?"

"Stop what?" I barely get the question out of my mouth, when this guy comes at me like a freight train.

My hunky neighbor damn near slams me against the front door, hard enough to jar the mirror on the wall. I'm gasping because Rudy scared me, and he's got me pinned. He's holding my arms out with his, and pressing his chest hard against mine.

Rudy pauses a moment, keeping his body against me, but not holding my arms as strong. Maybe he's giving me the chance to tap-out, like he said. The side of his face is only an inch or two from the side of mine. While part of me feels the adrenalin rush from what he just did, the other part of me, the sexual side, starts to stir up in a way that usually doesn't happen this fast. I haven't taken any of my clothes off yet, and here I was already wet for my neighbor!

Rudy's head starts to move. His mouth is all over my neck and cheek. His tongue is lashing around near my ear, and then it's swirling around inside of it. Rudy's mouth is moving my ear back and forth, and I close my eyes to absorb the tingling he's started there. Then his teeth are nibbling at my earlobe, sometimes gentle, sometimes biting hard enough to make me wonder if he's some kind of hot vampire.

My nipples are trying to burn holes through my shirt, trying to get to his chest. I'm so wet downstairs that I can feel it coming out. As Rudy's face starts to swing closer to mine, I open my mouth to kiss him. Like a hot bastard, he ignores me. He just keeps going until his head is on the opposite side of mine, where he starts planting the same kisses on my neck and cheeks as he did before.

When Rudy starts nibbling on my other ear, his thigh slips in between my legs and presses firmly on my mound. His knee starts squirming on my pussy so that it almost feels as if I'm rubbing myself with my own hand. Between his knee and the fabric of my sweats stimulating me downstairs, and his tongue and teeth working feverishly at my ear, I feel like I'm being overloaded. When a handful of minutes later he hasn't let up a bit, he hits the jackpot. I start moaning out loud and drenching both my sweats and his with hot, steamy cum.

Rudy doesn't even stop there, as he clasps his hands into mine and lifts my arms up high against the door. While he's stopped with the kissing, his knee is still trying to drive itself into my pussy. I cum a second time, breathing hard against Rudy's face. I keep wishing his cock was deep inside of me, while wondering how he'd gotten me to cum so fast without even taking off my clothes, without even touching my breasts or my lips. He made me cum by rubbing my pussy with his fucking knee! If he could do so much with so little, I had to ask myself just how far this guy could really go.

Rudy took half a step back, glancing down at the wet spot on the leg of his sweats and at the bigger wet spot on mine. He brought up his sexy black eyes until they met mine. Like a boyfriend would in public, he pecked me lightly on the lips.

"Let's move over to the couch." Rudy said, and as if we were two lovers out on a stroll somewhere.

He kept his hand in mine as he led me away from the door.


Part 2

Teasing, And More Teasing

Rudy stops me a few feet from the couch.

"You ever heard of Mr. Spock?" He asks.

Who cares, I think. I just want him to get on with the show! I make a face, to let him know that it's okay, you're on third base now and you can go all the way home! He's just standing there and taking it in like he's got all the time in the world. Finally, I give in. "No, I do not know who Mr. Spock is."

"Well, he's this character from the old Star Trek TV show." Rudy answers. "He's always analyzing things and looking at them from different angles. Think of me like the Mr. Spock..." He drops his voice. "Of pretty young women that are left home all alone."

I don't know how he's doing it, but every time he drops his voice, I keep getting images of hot, wet sex. Is this guy hypnotizing me or something? No, that's not the right word. What is it? Mesmerizing?

Snakes do that, don't they? They mesmerize their prey. They make their prey hold completely still right before they devour them. And that's exactly what I want Rudy to do to me, to devour my pussy like he said he would!

"Close your eyes." Rudy says. "I want to try something."

Although certain parts of me are screaming for attention, like my titties for instance, I take a deep breath and I do as he says. Slowly, I start calming myself down, but it isn't easy when I'm revved up like this.

And I'm standing there waiting, like forever.

"You still there, Rudy?" I ask, ready to open my eyes.

But I don't, just in case Rudy has another surprise for me, like fucking me with his knee a few minutes ago. I decide I wanted to tease him a little.

"Or did you go back home, knowing you won't be able to handle me?"

"I'm still here." He answers, from a whole different direction than I expected him to.

He's like five feet away from me, over on my left. I can sense him coming closer to me.

"Who knows, maybe I can't handle you." Rudy says. His breath comes in close to my ear and his voice comes out in a whisper. "Maybe you are too much for me. Because you're so ssssexy."

The way he draws out the 's,' it's like listening to a piece of paper slowly being torn in half. Like nails on a chalkboard, slowly. It makes me shiver with goose bumps.

Rudy hovers over near my other ear. "What do you see in your mind, when I say the word 'fuck'?"

He gives that last word an extra emphasis and it really does conjure up naughty images in my head. I see me, riding him for all he's worth. I see me grinding my ass onto his hips, and screaming so loud that the neighbors across the street can hear me.

"I see you limping your way back home." I say, finally. "And not being able to get off your bed for a week."

"Really?" He says

Rudy is standing behind me now. His chest is touching my back. His waist is so close to my butt that I can feel his erection poking into it. His mouth is breathing heavily onto the back of my neck and making all the little hairs stand up.

"Tell me which way you're going to fuck me." He says.

In my mind, I see it. "You're on the floor and I'm on top. I'm facing the ceiling with my arms and legs spread out on the carpet. I am working you like a wild animal, and I'm not letting you up until I'm completely satisfied."

I can feel Rudy walking around to stand before me. His chest is pressed so close to mine, almost as close as when we were against the front door. His crotch feels so warm against my sweats.

"Now imagine yourself facing me, and still on top." He says. "Can you see your breasts bouncing in the air?"


"Can you see me touching them?"


"Like this?" The palms of his hands push up on my breasts, and pull back suddenly so my breasts bounce. He does it again. Just as I'm starting to like it, Rudy's hands each grasp one of my oversized peaches. He gives them a good squeeze.

I'm liking this very much, I think, but it's so one-sided. He's doing everything, and I'm just standing here getting tormented. I want to participate, damn it!

"When is it going to be my turn, Rudy?" I ask him.

"Soon." Rudy answers, as his hands drift away. A moment later, his body does the same, creating a divide between us. "Or maybe... tomorrow, or the next day. Maybe never."

"No." I say. "I don't think so. More like in five seconds."

He gives me a slap on the ass hard enough to make me jump. I open my eyes and whirl around, wondering how he got behind me so fast. Rudy is standing there with a devilish smile on his face.

"It's time for you to take off your clothes." He says. "I'd like you to kneel down in front of the couch. I want you to stick your ass up in the air for me."

Finally, we're getting somewhere. I give Rudy my best bedroom eyes, right before I pull my shirt over my head, ball it up and throw it in his face. Take that, you tease! I can see that he didn't like it, but maybe that'll get him out of his little game, and mad enough to give me the wild fucking I need.

I decide I want to challenge him. "If you want my sweats off, you're just going to have to do it yourself."

He's caught off guard, for just a moment, before he decides to step in my direction.

"How about we take each other's sweats off? At the same time?" He says, as he comes in close and wraps his arms around my waist.

His hands slide down to my sweatpants, feeling the swell of my ass, gripping it. I can feel him going past the fabric. His fingers are on my bare flesh, and it feels so good that he's finally touching me where I want him to. I return the favor, sticking my own hands into his sweats, finding that his ass is meaty and tight. Just to let him know that I'm not going to let him boss me around anymore, I dig my nails into his butt. Not harshly, but just hard enough to draw his attention.

Rudy doesn't seem as taken aback as I hoped he'd be. Well, he does seem a little surprised that I've wrestled some of his precious control away from him.

I ask, "You still think you can handle me?"

"Are you kidding?" He's smiling again.

I want to start kissing those cute dimples of his, and I will in a second.

Rudy says, "Here I was, thinking that you're one of those girls who has to be led around a little bit, but now I'm finding out I was wrong."

Deciding to turn the tables on him, I lean in close to his ear. "Grrrrr. I'm more of a tiger than you are."

He answers by pulling on my sweats. They fall down to my ankles. I counter by pulling down on his, and even better, I've got his cock in my hand now. It's an average length, but it's thick like a fat piece of sausage, as thick as my wrist. It will do very nicely for what I have in mind. I have to do a double take, though, as I notice he's shaved all of his pubic hair off.

As if he's reading my mind, he shrugs and says. "The porn stars do it, so I thought, why not?"

I stroke it a little, relishing how smooth it looks, and how velvety soft it feels. I can already feel it going inside of me.

"What would you like to do next?" He asks.

"I want that licking you promised me when you came to the door." I say. "But I want to do some licking of my own, too."

"Okay." He agrees. "But I'm feeling kind of thirsty. You got anything to drink?"

"Are you serious?"

Rudy nods, but he's grinning like he's up to something.

"I've got some iced tea in the fridge."

"Extra sweet?"

"Yeah, I guess." I say.

If that's all that's keeping me from sixty-nining this guy, then I'm going to go and get him some fucking iced tea. I almost drop the damn pitcher as I take it out of the fridge, but I fill a glass all the way to the top so he won't be sending me back for seconds. I go back and hand him the glass, but he doesn't drink it right away. I notice that his shirt is off now, and I'm liking his muscles.

"Who's going to be on the bottom?" He asks.

"You are. Now hurry up and have your drink, and get down on the carpet."

Rudy takes a sip. I'm looking right at him as he tips the glass over on his chest, and lets the tea run down his skin toward his lower abdomen. Then he lowers the glass and puts his cock in it until it's good and doused. When he pulls it out he's got iced tea dripping off its end and onto the carpet.

Rudy walks over to set the glass on an end table. Casually, he lies down on the emptiest part of the carpet.

"What the hell did you just do?"

"A variation on the whipped cream scenario." He explains.

For a quick second I imagine my husband coming home early, opening the door to find the next-door neighbor and me eating each other out. The thought doesn't scare me a bit. To be perfectly honest it does quite the opposite. It thrills me to think about getting caught by him.

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