tagMatureRudy's Romps Ch. 02

Rudy's Romps Ch. 02


*** Dedicated to Natalie (codename Sandy), a gregarious woman whom I had the pleasure of meeting through Craigslist. ***

Otter Body Experience

(Lyrics borrowed from the song My Name Is Luca by Suzanne Vega.)

Sandy Newman deeply, deeply concentrated on the photograph she held in her hand. It was a simple picture really, consisting of her young niece performing at a dance recital. The pretty girl was wearing a sparkling tiara and an extravagant white dress. The girl's little face beamed with a pure and blissful joy that Sandy had not felt in her own being in quite some time.

Where had all the years gone, Sandy wondered to herself. She remembered being young and bouncy, vibrant and full of energy, just like her little niece was in that picture. Well, Sandy could still be bouncy and vibrant at times, until her knees got to aching about it, anyway.

Alas, she was forty-four now, and it seemed a daily struggle just to maintain the trim figure she'd had in her youth. She still had her blonde hair, as wavy and sunny as it had always been. Her bountiful double D cups could still command a man's attention. Even though she chose not to wear too much make-up, she still had her pleasingly cute countenance. Sandy was sitting on the floor of her bedroom, with her five-foot-two frame draped in her usual, comfortable and snuggy, powder blue pajamas.

The bedroom, Sandy thought, that was part of the dilemma. She'd been forced to move into her boyfriend's apartment not too long ago. This was after she'd had so much trouble searching and failing to find work, until she'd finally run out of funds and couldn't afford her own place.

And Jeremy could be so uncompromising in wanting to keep the neutral look to his room intact, enough that Sandy had ended up placing nearly all of her belongings in storage. His bedroom was so drab and empty of emotion that the mood inside of it was nearly depressing.

At least he'd allowed her to keep some of her scrapbooking supplies, Sandy sighed. That was how Sandy kept herself busy when she had no job to go to. Even now, she had an array of her niece's recital pictures set down on the carpet before her. She was absorbed in giving them all a sequence number, for the order she was hoping to set them in a future scrapbook.

It would be nice, she thought, if Jeremy didn't have to work so far away, and if he didn't have to work such long hours, and if he didn't come home so tired all the time. What Sandy was really craving was a little excitement in her life.

A handful of minutes might have passed, when Sandy's absorbed train of thought was jolted by a loud thump from one of the other bedrooms. Jeremy shared the large apartment with two roommates, one male and one female. As far as Sandy knew, his roommates were both out. When she heard a long and loud stream of profanity a few seconds later, she knew somebody else was inside with her.

Intent on getting to the bottom of things, Sandy marched right out of the bedroom. Nothing looked out of place in the spacious living room, so she turned her attention toward the other two shut bedroom doors. She knew her roomies wouldn't like it if she was prying around in their rooms, but what if somebody was in there stealing something? For a brief second, Sandy considered arming herself. But no, she was a true pacifist. She wouldn't know what to do with a weapon even if she had one.

Sandy threw open the first door, but only saw Bill's unorganized and fairly cluttered room and bed. She'd half-convinced herself that she'd imagined the whole thing, when she cracked open Dee Dee's door and looked in.

The busty blonde shrieked, when she discovered a man standing there, on the far side of the bed and looking up at the ceiling.

"Who are you?" Sandy blurted out. "What are you doing in here?"

Right after she'd exclaimed those words, Sandy realized that she was looking at the neighbor from one of the upstairs apartments. It was that husky Hispanic guy who always had weird people knocking on Sandy's door and asking for his apartment. What was worse, in Sandy's opinion, was that quite a few of those people were young and female.

The man's scowl softened up considerably as he took in Sandy's voluptuous frame, and her powder blue pajamas. He grinned as he replied, "My name is Luca, and I live on the second floor. Yes, I think you've seen me before."

This guy was brazen enough to be checking her out and flirting with her, Sandy thought. And this right after she'd caught him in her roomie's bedroom! Well, she decided, two can play at that game, and she ogled him right back.

The man was dressed in a simple gray athletic tee and dark blue cotton shorts, and he was barefoot. He was stocky, and while he certainly was no bodybuilder, it was clear that he spent a lot of time working out. His shoulders were nicely rounded, his biceps and forearms were thick, and even his thighs and calves were well toned.

"You're name is not Luca." Sandy reprimanded him. "You're name is Rudy. I know this because of all those girls that come knocking on my door asking for you. Now, tell me what you're doing in here!"

Rudy was still smiling at her. "I'm a building inspector, and I was just checking the ceiling for termites."

"Stop it! I will call the police if I have to."

"Okay, okay." Rudy threw his hands up defensively. "I'll tell you, but you're not going to believe me anyway. I was having an Otter Body Experience."

Impatiently, Sandy set her hands on her wide hips. "Otter body? Really?"

"That's what my buddies used to call it, back in the day." Rudy explained. "I knew a couple of guys who used to do mushrooms and peyote and all kinds of other shit. They both claimed they'd experienced some very unusual trips while they were stoned. When one of my buddies came back from a wild trip, he mistakenly called it Otter Body instead of Outer Body. We joked him about it so much that the joke stuck. The difference here is that I'm trying to reproduce the same effect while using only my natural mind."

"I don't believe in any of that stuff." Sandy shook her head.

"Well, let me tell you a story, babe." Rudy went on. "I remember one time, back when I was sixteen or seventeen. I was meditating and trying to send my soul out of my body, you know, just to see if I could do it. Just to see what was out there."

"You're weird, Rudy."

"I know." He chuckled. "Anyway, I'd been lying down on the bed for I don't know, maybe twenty to thirty minutes, with my eyes closed and my mind blank. Then, suddenly, I opened my eyes. I can see myself floating in the air, face down and facing the roof of my house from maybe fifteen or twenty feet above it. I remember shivering from the breeze. I got scared, and the next thing I know I'm falling down and crashing into my bed. My whole body is freezing cold as if I'd really been outside. I swear to you that this is a true story."

Sandy stared at him suspiciously.

"Well, how would you explain me ending up down here," He pointed back at the ceiling. "When I started off up there somewhere?"

"How should I know that?"

"Look, I lay down on the floor next to my bed to meditate, maybe fifteen minutes ago. I was hoping for an out of body deal, but instead I somehow went right through the fucking floor and bounced off this bed before I landed on my ass." A second later he looked stricken. "Geez, I just thought of something. Did you ever hear of the Philadelphia Experiment?"

"No. Should I have?"

Rudy shook his head. "Forget it, you don't want to know. Anyway, if you don't believe me, I can take you up to my place. I can show you the spot next to my bed where I lay down, and I can show you the book I was reading describing how to do the exercise..."

"Are you seriously asking me to follow you upstairs and into your bedroom?"

Rudy glanced over at her incredulous face, before a devious grin formed on his face. He motioned at the large piece of furniture between them. "Babe, if that's what I wanted, there's a bed sitting right here."

"Oh, and you think I'm that kind of girl?"

"Do you want to find out?" Rudy asked, as he strolled around the tidy bed and stepped right up to her.

He got close to Sandy. Really close, so that the fabric of their upper garments touched whenever either of them took a breath. And by this time, Sandy was taking in some very deep breaths, as she was both intimidated and captivated by the boldness of her hunky neighbor.

Every time Sandy inhaled, her breasts swelled up and grazed against Rudy's strong frame. She never wore a bra while she was lounging around the apartment, so in no time at all her big nipples were starting to tingle and itch with desire.

Rudy stood there watching her, smirking as if he well knew how her body was reacting to him. There was a touch of bad-boy in his eyes, Sandy felt, but this was overshadowed by his charm and playfulness. Plus, he was arousing her in a way that Jeremy hadn't done in months.

Rudy leaned forward, his warm breaths blowing over and bringing pleasant chills to Sandy's ear. "All you have to do is say Yes."

"You're bad." Sandy whispered back.

Upon hearing this, Rudy straightened up and cocked his head at her uncertainly. He wasn't ogling her anymore, but instead studying her eyes as if trying to figure her out. Rudy was in a quandary, it seemed.

Sandy thought he looked much cuter in that pose, as it was quite unlike the brash impression he'd been giving her so far. The thought that there might be a soft and tender side under all that macho swagger further titillated her, since that was the type of guy she really liked. Unfortunately, Rudy took a short step back.

"Look," He said. "I didn't mean to barge into your apartment. I don't want to cause a big hassle here. If you want to check my pockets, go for it, but you can see I don't have anything in them."

"I'm not going to check your pockets." Sandy absently replied. She was trying to figure out exactly what she'd said or done to turn Rudy off, when she herself was feeling pretty frisky now.

"Well, all right." Rudy turned and abruptly started for the bedroom door. "I'll let you get back to whatever it is you were doing."

Rudy wasn't really going to turn his back on her and walk away like that, was he? Not after he'd gone and gotten her all worked up!

Quickly, Sandy followed him out of Dee Dee's bedroom. Rudy's steady, brisk strides were already carrying him well across the living room. He paused and turned back to face her, however, just as he reached the front door.

"You don't mind if I use your phone, do you?" Rudy asked. "I have to call the landlord so I can get back into my apartment. I guess I accidentally locked myself out."

Automatically, Sandy started toward the phone, when she had a quick thought. Rudy had probably categorized her as some sort of ultra-conservative, who wouldn't know excitement if it crawled up and bit her on the butt. Right after that, Sandy realized that yes, she hadn't done anything even remotely wild and crazy in years. And here she was, alone with a beefy Hispanic guy in her apartment, and she was going to just let him waltz right out the front door without giving him so much as a come-hither.

Sandy was staring down at the black cordless phone and cradle, when she mumbled, "Oh, I don't think so." Her gaze swung around, and her eyes locked in on his. "Rudy?"


"I'm right here."

He looked to be stuck in that mild stupor of indecision again, but that was okay. She could be brazen, too. She could go to him.

Sandy broke eye contact long enough to toss her long hair back a little and fluff it up a bit, before she gave Rudy her most alluring bedroom eyes. She started walking toward him. Sandy could feel her cheeks begin to blossom with every step she took. She kept on walking until she stood chest to chest with Mr. Cavalier who had decided to drop in right out of the blue, and into her own private little sanctum.

With her head poised upward, and his looking down at her, their eyes were only separated by a scant few inches. It was more than just a test of wills, as their unwavering gazes sank deep into each other's depths. It was a revelation of wonders, as they both discovered the vast, profound dimensions that made up their inner beings.

"You are a very interesting woman." Rudy said, his tone low and nearly guttural, like a manly purr.

Sandy shuddered, enthralled in her own expectations. She found her body further provoked as she realized that Rudy had turned on that same blatantly sexual vibe he'd been swaggering in earlier. He seemed to be able to switch it on and off whenever he wanted to.

How far was she willing to take things with him? She asked herself this as she leaned forward, but only slightly. She felt her large breasts spreading further across Rudy's chest.

Sandy opened her mouth to speak, but on this first attempt, only a dry croak exited. She felt her face redden even more, partly from embarrassment and partly from her growing desire. Her mischievous smirk surfaced as she turned her head to briefly clear her throat. Her gaze captured his once more.

"Ask me..." Sandy started lustily. "Ask me what my mouth is good for."

She pressed against him tighter, mashing her breasts against him. Now she felt his erection pressing against her abdomen, straining to get loose to come after her. With her eyes, she defied him for a reply.

Rudy's voice did not waver. "What is your mouth good for?"

"For sucking cock."

Just mouthing the words to a man she barely knew was enough to raise Sandy's sensual frenzy by a dozen notches.

Rudy's fingers snaked around her wrist, bringing her hand between their bodies and directly over the confined tower rising from his shorts. Enlacing his fingers with hers, he began caressing himself with her hand. A tiny, little squeal of emotion burst out from Sandy's throat. After listening to it, Rudy's body trembled. Sandy felt his free hand tugging down on his shorts. Bare moments later her captured hand was being manipulated to stroke the length of Rudy's bare cock.

Sandy squealed again, as her fingers rounded something almost as large as two of Jeremy's cocks put together. She couldn't even remember the last time she'd been so hot, as she slowly and boldly sank down on her knees to get a close-up of it. Her mouth quivered with desire, as she pulled back on the foreskin and revealed its thick, rounded head.

Before she could change her mind, her lips had drawn over that delicious length of flesh. She embraced it with the moist cavern of her mouth, and lathered it on all sides with her needy tongue. With both hands, Sandy held the thing steady, while her mouth lavished the end with tender attention. She wanted Rudy to see what she was doing, wanted him to know that it was her and not any other woman. Sandy made sure her eyes traveled up to capture his gaze.

Rudy watched her as she gently pulled back and took him in again. Sandy was doing this slowly and sensuously, in steady mouth-strokes. Her tongue moved as slowly as her lips. It slid over only a short length of that velvety shaft and concentrated mainly on the head, because she knew this was where his cock would be the most sensitive.

Sandy took in the look on Rudy's face, listening closely to the pitch of his breathing, catching the subtle changes that she knew other women would miss. Sandy knew exactly when her actions pushed Rudy closer to the edge, memorizing the shift in tone within her mind, yet not altering her pace one bit. She was never in a rush when it came to making love.

Rudy shuddered, as the warm glove that was her mouth kept up its constant movement. She felt his abdomen squeeze tight. Rudy's hands gripped her shoulders. He groaned like a tiger would growl, when she felt him start to burst into his mouth. Rudy convulsed within her mouth, spilling his juice between her lips, before overflowing out and across her cheeks and chin. He leaked even more of himself onto her neck and pajama top. Sweet and slimy nectar ran all over Sandy's tongue, titillating her with its savory flavor.

"I love the taste of pineapple." She said lustily, as she continued to stroke Rudy's cock and at the same time rose to her feet. When she stood before him, she said, "You don't make much noise, do you? We're going to have to change that."

Sandy swept her cheek across his, wiping Rudy's cum against his face, before she kissed him and introduced him to his own essence with her lips. Her kisses were as slow and tempered as her previous actions, as if she had all the time in the world to enjoy herself. She could feel Rudy trying hard to lower his gears to match her speed.

The phone started ringing.

Sandy pulled away and glanced over at the offending item. "Oh, shit. I bet that's my boyfriend. I have to get this call."

She stepped over to grab a tissue from a nearby box, to wipe her face off. It was all over, she thought. Her little fling was finished and she was ready to resume her normal life again. That's when she became irritated at how boring her life had become lately.

"You know, I'll just tell Jeremy I'll have to call him back later." Sandy decided. "I'll let you call the landlord first."

In a few moments, she discovered that it was indeed her boyfriend on the other end. Boldly, she dispatched him quickly and handed the phone over to Rudy.

A couple of minutes after that, her neighbor politely excused himself and stepped out, and she was left alone to wonder just how mundane her sex life with Jeremy had become.

Rudy seemed to be the perfect guy to change all that.

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