tagMatureRudy's Romps Ch. 03

Rudy's Romps Ch. 03


Taking The Next Step

A couple of days after that first unexpected and sensual encounter, we come to a pensive Sandy sitting once again on the living room couch. Contrary to the impressions other people may have had of her, Sandy had not always been the type of woman who simply allowed life to buffet her around whenever and whichever way it pleased. Sandy did admit that she was a very mellow person, but she could be proactive and resolute when the mood suited her. This just happened to be one of those times.

Attentively, Sandy kept the cordless phone close to her ear. She had to force herself not to count how many times it rang on the other end.

Finally, her boyfriend picked up. "Hello?"

"Jeremy, it's me." Sandy said. "I know you don't like when I call you at work, but you're just so hard to talk to when you're here! There are some things between us that I want to clear up."

"Sandy..." Jeremy started, his tone giving the blonde the distinct impression that he was rolling his eyes.

Was he about to brush her off again? Oh, no! Not this time!

She cut him off. "I want to talk about this apartment. I want to talk about how you've been treating me ever since I moved in here, and I want to talk about my feelings."

The receiver stayed silent for the next few moments, before she heard Jeremy blowing out a long breath. "I'm no good at that kind of stuff. Why don't you call Aaron and talk to him about it?"

Sandy could not believe that Jeremy was trying to pass her off to one of his buddies! Had she been a more violent person, she would have smashed the phone into bits right there on the coffee table. Being of a much milder temper, she simply clicked the off button and set the phone back into its cradle. Sandy wasn't too worried about Jeremy calling her back, either.

He never did.

After taking one quick look around the living room, Sandy considered how she'd feel if she had to spend the entire day moping around Jeremy's bedroom yet again. She knew she had to get out of the apartment for a while. Well, she did have some errands to run. Sandy had some things to pick up at the local Galmart, and she wanted to stop by the scrapbook store after that.

The problem was that Sandy hated going out by herself. Thanks to her recent change of address, all of her girlfriends were now forty-five minutes away.

Frowning, Sandy went into His Bedroom, to change out of her PJs and into a tee shirt and jeans. Halfway through her outer transformation she began wishing she had a guy-friend she could confide her troubles to. That's when she recalled that she had quietly added Rudy's phone number to her cell phone.

Without another thought, Sandy stopped changing and went over to grab her phone. Because she felt like it, she went ahead and called the man up. Unlike Jeremy, Rudy picked up on the second ring, she noted.

The voice on the other end announced, "Henry's Pizza Heaven. An extra large Meat Lover's will get you half off on a second extra large pizza. What can I get for you today?"

"Rudy, is that you?"

"Yes it is."

"Are you at work?"

"Oh, no. I don't have a job right now. I just answer the phone like that to keep people in suspense, and to remind myself that I once had a job."

"You can be so weird sometimes. What are you doing?"

"Oh, just hanging out and reading up on Eastern philosophies. Some of this is getting kind of boring. Hey, you wanna come up? I'm dying to return the favor for that blowjob you gave me the other day. I have some new techniques I want to try on a willing female."

"That's not such a good idea." Sandy blushed, although she was a little shocked at how brazen this guy was, and more than a little titillated by his offer. "I'd rather not risk anybody seeing me heading up that way, and besides..." Her face reddened even more. "I might end up spending the rest of the day up there with you."

The fact that she'd refused his advance threw Rudy off not at all. "Well, there are ways around that, you know."

"Like what?"

"Like for example, what are you wearing right now?"

Barely, Sandy stifled back a gasp. Not even five minutes into the conversation, and already Rudy was starting to get her all squishy. She grew even more aroused as she considered what she was about to reveal next, and to a near-complete stranger. "I'm wearing only my bra and panties, and they're both pink."

"You weren't planning on getting started without me, were you?" Rudy teased. "Guess what? I've only got my boxers on, and oops! They're down around my ankles now. I'm kicking them to one side. I'm standing here totally, completely, entirely naked for you."

As Sandy visualized the scene, she started biting her bottom lip and bouncing giddily on her toes.

Rudy's voice shifted into a sexy growl. "Tell me what you want me to do next."

"I want you to pretend that I'm in your apartment with you." Sandy said. "And I want you to tell me what you'd to do with me if I was there. I want you to be very specific."

"Okay. Give me a second."

Sandy heard the sound of bed springs squeaking.

"I'm lying on the bed naked." Rudy's voice came back. "You're standing in the doorway to my bedroom, staring at me like you did the other day. My bed is right next to the window. It has a green fuzzy blanket on it, with the design of an Aztec warrior centered on it. The warrior is standing and looking proud, while his chick is sitting on the ground in front of him. My pillows and my sheets are tan. Can you visualize all that?"


"You're walking into my bedroom, and you're giving me that lusty look again as you come over to the side of the bed. You're staring into my eyes, as you reach behind your back and unclasp your bra. Are you doing that now?"

"Yes." She replied, as she tilted her head to one side to pin the phone on her shoulder. Her hands went around to undo her undergarment.

"You simply let the bra fall to the floor. I'm staring at your gorgeous melons..."

"Not melons, not water balloons, and not hooters. Nothing fancy. Just call them what they are; breasts or tits."

"Okay. I'm staring at your tits. You can already see how hard I am for you."

"Are you leaking already? While you're thinking about me?"

"Yes, I am."

Sandy moaned lightly. She loved giving her men a reaction like that, even before she put her hands on them. She loved getting a man all excited just by having him think about her.

"Are you going to play with your tits for me?" Rudy asked.

"No. That's your job."

Smoothly, Rudy went with the flow. He said, "I can work with that. Do you want to get rid of your panties for me?"

"Yes." Sandy replied, as she shucked them off. "They're gone now."

"Good. You look so sexy, standing naked and right next to the edge of my bed. I'm scooting over, so you can lie down beside me. Tell me when you're there."

One floor below him, Sandy lay down on her own bed. She closed her eyes so she could better visualize the scene. "I'm there, lying right next to you. What are you going to do next?"

"Where would you like me to start?"

"I want you to do something Jeremy would never do for me." Sandy decided. "I want you to masturbate for me. I want to hear you doing it."

"Hmm. I've never done that before."

"I knew it! You're just like any other guy. You're only trying to please yourself and ready to leave a girl hanging when she wants to try something new."

"Hold on there, babe. I didn't say I wouldn't do it. Let me think of a good scenario first." There was a pause on the other end, before Rudy said, "Okay, I'm going to wing it, but you're going to have to jump in if you see me heading off in the wrong direction. Deal?"

Sandy couldn't believe her ears. He was actually going to do it! She was so stunned she almost forgot to mouth her reply. "Yes, deal!"

Rudy went on. "We're lying on the bed together. You've been giving me those same long kisses you were giving me last time. We could keep kissing like that forever, except we know we don't have all day to mess around. We're going to have to hurry if we want to..."

"No hurry." Sandy halted him. "We either take our time and do things the right way, or we won't do it at all. I get enough of that shit from Jeremy. I want a man to really make love to me, and not to get it over too fast just so he can get back to watching his stupid football game."

Without replying directly to her, Rudy started talking again, right where he'd left off before. "We've taken a pause from kissing, because there is so much more to making love than just a typical bump and grind. We're gazing into each other's eyes, absorbing each other, speaking to each other with only our looks. We're not saying any words to break the silence."

"I like that." Sandy said.

"I reach out with one hand. With my fingers, I trace a straight line down the center of your breasts, to your abdomen and all the way around to your lower back. I'm barely touching you, like a feather skimming over your skin. Do you like when I do this?"

"Yes, I love it."

"I slide my finger all the way down to your inner thigh. Then I'm using all of my fingers the same way, circling down to your knee, up to the cleft between your leg and abdomen. My eyes are on yours, as I glide my fingers over your cunt..."

"Pussy. Call it a pussy."

"Okay, over your pussy. I can feel how warm and moist it is already. I'm wondering if you want me to play with it first, or if you're ready to slide your leg over me, and lay on top of me."

"I'm ready. For the second part."

"Your leg is sliding over me now, and your body is positioned above mine. I'm holding myself steady as you lower yourself onto me. Can you feel me pushing into you?"


"You settle down on me with your full weight. How wet are you right now?"

"I'm very wet. I'm taking your entire cock in right now. Oh, it feels so good."

"I can see this in your face. My hands are grasping your thighs and holding you in place."

"Are you masturbating for me, Rudy? Are you masturbating right now?"

"Yes, I am. I'm taking long, slow strokes, because that's what you would be doing to me, if you were in my bed right now. You're rocking up and down on me, nearly taking me out of your body each time, before you slide your way back down."

Sandy purred in ecstasy.

"Over and over, you do this."


"And now, it's your turn, Sandy. Are you playing with yourself right now?"

"Yes. I started a couple of minutes ago."

"What are you feeling, as you're rocking up and down on me?"

"I'm feeling you go all the way inside of me. I'm tightening my pussy to squeeze you harder. I love the way you feel when you're in me. I want to hold you like this forever."

Sandy shivered, before a quick squeal escaped her, while on the other end of the phone, Rudy's breath quickened. The action was very subtle, but she recognized it right away. It was exactly the same sound as when he'd reacted the first time she'd messed around with him. She imagined that he would be getting closer and closer to his climax, and she increased her own pace to match his. Her own breathing quickened. If Rudy was anywhere as sharp as she was, Sandy was sure he would catch the sounds of her own approaching climax as well.

Low groans ebbed from the phone. That darned Rudy, he just wasn't as loud as any of the other men she'd ever slept with!

"Tell me when you're about to cum." Sandy said. "I want to cum at the same time you do."

Rudy didn't answer, but his intensifying groans informed her that he'd gone past another level of impending orgasm. His breathing was growing rapid. On Sandy's end, her own frenzy was building up.

"Tell me when." She insisted.

"I'm getting close." He said.

Clearly, she could imagine Rudy's hand stroking his cock. He was doing it for her, jerking off for her, she knew. This further propelled her to move her own fingers faster on her body. More low squeals emitted from her mouth.

"I'm almost there." Rudy said.

"Do it faster, Rudy! I want to hear you."

Through the phone, she could hear the motion from the apartment on the floor above her. It made her so hot, just to think that Rudy was doing the same thing she was doing, and that they were thinking of each other while they were doing it.

Rudy's breath caught, and she could feel the tension in his throat, in his abdomen, over the phone.

"Did you come?" Sandy asked, although she already knew the answer.


Sandy had been very close to her own orgasm, and it took only a slight increase in pressure for her to find it. She mewled in a low voice, much like Rudy had groaned in a low voice. Her breaths had also been stifled in the same way, even as the waves of pleasure swept across her body. She squealed, even as Rudy imagined he was still within her, still stroking himself.

Together, their exhalations melded together, as on separate levels of that apartment building, two people simultaneously culminated the erotic and intense act.

For the next few minutes, Sandy stared up at the small crags that made up the irregular surface of the ceiling, while she allowed her pleased and satiated body to return to normal.

"That was nice, Rudy." She admitted, turning onto her side to gaze dreamily at her cell phone. "My boyfriend would have never done anything like that with me. Maybe I should have gone up to your apartment after all."

"Only if you're comfortable with doing that." Rudy answered. "The last thing I need is another scandal."

Another scandal, she wondered, as she cast a quick look at her alarm clock. If she wanted to get anything done, she would have to do it fairly soon.

"I have to go out and do some shopping." She declared. "And you're coming with me. I don't mean physically, because it wouldn't look right if the two of us are seen together. What I mean is that I can call you, and you can keep me company while I'm out."

She was fully expecting him to fling some typical guy excuse at her, like Jeremy would have done.

Instead, Rudy replied with, "I dare you not to wear any panties while you're out."

Sandy bit at her bottom lip. "I have to go freshen up. I'll call you in fifteen."

Soon enough, Sandy found herself behind the wheel of her red Beemer convertible, with the top down and motoring across the highway. Since she was a safe driver, Sandy had hooked an earpiece onto her phone. To Rudy's delight, she'd set the phone into the little nook in the center of her bra, because it was the most logical place for her to put it. So in that sense, yeah, Rudy was as horny as any other guy.

Still, the more Sandy talked to him, the more interesting she found him. Rudy was trying to improve his mental visualization skills, he said. Often he would ask her to describe what she was looking at, or the general scene around her.

Sandy also learned a few more things about him. Rudy was separated from his wife, with a divorce in the works. He'd had his own house up until recently, but he'd sold it after it was uncovered that he'd been having an affair with a much younger next-door neighbor.

She pressed him for the details on that scandal. Although Rudy was hesitant at first, she felt that eventually he did tell her everything. He was afraid he would be scaring her away if he told her the truth, he said. And boy, Sandy was shocked at first from what she'd heard, but in the end it only added to the man's growing mystique.

"Well, I'm not going to dress up like any schoolgirl." Sandy staunchly refused. "And I'm not going to pretend to be somebody I'm not. Now, what's with all these girls that keep coming around looking for you? Are you screwing all of them?"

"Babe, it's not even like that." Rudy chuckled. "Although I have to admit, some of those women I found very alluring. Some of them were Buddhists, some were Hindu, some were even yoga practitioners. And they weren't all women, either. Heck, one time I even had a swami in my apartment. A real fucking swami! A snake charmer! These people have been teaching me all kinds of spiritual things!"

"I told you, I don't believe in any of that."

"I know, but I feel like I'm close to a breakthrough here." Rudy replied. "I just need to find that one missing factor. Then I'll be able to use my mind to travel anywhere. Maybe even into your bedroom."

"That sounds like fun." Sandy replied. "I should have jumped on you that first day you were in my apartment. I am so regretting not having done that."

"I might give you another chance." Rudy flirted.

Sandy considered the largely lackluster relationship she was in. "Rudy, I don't want this to be only about sex. Can you take me out and talk to me, and treat me the way a girl is supposed to be treated? I haven't had that in a long time with the guy I'm with."

She could sense Rudy's smile on the other end of the phone.

"Honey, I haven't been on a real date like that in a long time, either. I would love to take you out sometime. There is the small, but pressing matter of your boyfriend, however."

Sandy did not relish the idea of cheating on Jeremy. "You know, I'm just going to tell him. I'm going to tell him right to his face. If he tells me that it's not a good idea, then we'll just call it off. Is that okay with you?"

"That's fine with me."

"Well, good. I will call you later and tell you what he said. I have to get going; otherwise I'll never get this shopping done. Bye."

That night, Sandy patiently waited for her boyfriend in the living room. With her roomie, she watched a cooking show at seven, a crime show at eight, and they were halfway through a corny reality show that started at nine, when Jeremy finally made his grand appearance.

By this time, Sandy's usually bountiful patience was wearing thin. With a huff, she left the couch and followed him into their bedroom. To her dismay, Jeremy began setting up his laptop on his desk, even before he'd taken off any of his work clothes. Sandy stood there and watched, as her boyfriend positioned his chair so that she'd be left looking at his back.

"I'm going to be really busy tonight." Jeremy explained. "This project I'm working on has to be done by tomorrow morning."

At this point, Sandy found herself thinking that Jeremy was very lucky that she was not a violent person. She said, "I just wanted to tell you that I'm tired of being cooped in here, and that I wanted to go out tomorrow."

Jeremy was so engrossed with whatever he was doing, that he didn't even bother to turn around. "Go ahead. Get yourself some fresh air. You need it."

"I might be gone all day."

As if to dismiss her, he waved over his shoulder. "Have fun."

"I'm going out with another man."

Jeremy turned his chair around to face her.

Finally, she thought, she was going to provoke a reaction from him. Finally, he was going to acknowledge her and make things all right between the two of them.

Instead, Jeremy gave her an annoyed look. "I'm really, really busy right now."

"Okay." She said. "I'm sorry I bothered you. I'll let you get on with your work."

Before she left the bedroom, she snatched up her phone. Before she had even taken a seat back on the living room couch, she was texting Rudy with her plans for the next day.

As it turns out, the next day was a very pleasant day. Sandy took a commuter train, Rudy drove his car, and they met at a well-known public beach that lay thirty minutes away from their apartment complex.

From the beginning, Rudy was very attentive to Sandy. He talked to her, he held her hand and he hugged her plenty. They took in some of the local sights for a couple of hours, and had a nice little lunch together.

There was a short debate, regarding where their first kiss should take place. Once that was settled, things got considerably steamier. Like a pair of randy teenagers, they made out at a local tourist attraction, right there in its parking lot. Later, they did the same thing at a second parking lot while they waited for Sandy's train to come by and take her back home.

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