tagMatureRudy's Romps Ch. 04

Rudy's Romps Ch. 04


A Cup Of Coffee... And Then Some!

A few mornings later, we find Sandy sitting in a quiet corner of her favorite coffee shop. This was her favorite only because it was part of the same national chain as her previous favorite. Since she was still fairly new to the area, she didn't know any of the locals.

Sandy reminisced over her lovely date with Rudy, contrasting her hunky upstairs neighbor with her no-nonsense boyfriend. She would have kept on reminiscing, too, except another patron caught her attention.

Strangely enough, this man was folding and stuffing letters into what looked like a couple of hundred envelopes. He had a box full of form letters sitting next to a box of envelopes. In a state of absorbed fascination, Sandy watched as the man pulled out letter after letter, signed and carefully folded each one, before setting each into its own little envelope. The curvy blonde had almost worked up the courage to walk over and inquire about the content of those letters, when her phone announced an incoming text.

The message was from Rudy, and simply, it read call me. After another sip of coffee, the strange man with his strange envelopes were set aside. Sandy pushed the reply button on her phone.

"Good morning, sunshine." She greeted.

"Hi, sweetie. So where are you and what are you doing? I don't see your car parked in its usual spot."

"I'm at a coffee shop, just a few blocks away from you."

She heard Rudy groan quietly in disappointment.

"Well, you can always come and join me." Sandy suggested, as she'd never run into anybody from the apartments there before.

"I'd like to, but I can't." Rudy replied. "I think I just figured out the missing piece of the puzzle. I'm trying to think up a way to test my new theory."

"You mean about your out of body thingy?" She asked. "You're never going to convince me that stuff like that is even possible."

"How do you explain me ending up in your apartment the other day?"

"I don't know. I think you snuck in somehow. I think you wanted me to find you."

"It's not the first time I've done something like that, and you're definitely somebody whose bedroom I'd love to sneak into, but it didn't happen that way. I swear to you, this time it was a real, honest to goodness supernatural occurrence." Rudy deliberated for several moments. "Okay, look. I'll prove it to you. I will go to your coffee shop."

"I'll be waiting..."

"It's not that simple, babe. You've got to help me out. You have to describe everything you see around you, in as much detail as you can. I have to be able to see that coffee shop through your eyes."

"Oh, Rudy. It's going to be a waste of time."

"Just humor me. If it doesn't work, I won't bother you about this any more. I will even suck your toes for an hour, for having wasted your time."

Sandy huffed.

"What? You don't like having your toes sucked?"

"It's not that I don't like it. I've been trying to get Jeremy to do things like that ever since we started dating. You're on, mister. I am holding you to that deal, and then some!"

Sandy went on to elaborate on her surroundings in a fairly detailed fashion. When she was finished, she asked, "Okay, so now what?"

"Now, I have to get you aroused." Rudy replied.

"Are you serious?" She laughed, loud enough to cause a couple of people to turn around in their seats. She felt her face begin to redden.

"If it'll help, I can tell you one of my stories. But we have to do it a very specific way."


"All right. This is a true story, and it happened maybe in '04 or '05. I was working as a cage cashier at a casino. This was in a small town where going to the casino was a pretty big deal for the folks that lived there. Oh, and I worked the graveyard shift, because the tips were so much better.

"Anyway, there were way more women than men in my department, and we were pretty friendly with each other. Since graveyard hours can make for very boring shifts, I would flirt with the ladies and nudge their elbows and massage their shoulders, that sort of thing. I would also play some very naughty guessing games with them."

"This was while you were married?"


"You are so bad. What kind of guessing games are you talking about?"

"Well, in one of them I had to guess whether or not a woman was clean shaven, had a landing strip, or was not shaven at all. In another one, I had to guess the color of a woman's bra. If I got it right, the woman would walk me over to a corner of the cashier cage, pop a couple of buttons on her blouse, and as the prize she'd show me her bra. In another one..."

"I get the picture, Rudy. Go on."

"Right. So this casino would change the schedule around a lot, and I would end up working with different women all the time. The ones that were already familiar with me would strike up some very personal and intimate conversations with me, or they would flirt with me in very explicit ways. The women that were not familiar with me would ask themselves; who the hell is this guy that can talk to so many different women like that? The new women would be curious enough to join the conversation, they would find me entertaining enough, and pretty soon I had droves of women flirting with me at this casino."

"Droves of women?"

"It was quite the phenomenon." Rudy replied. "Don't get me wrong. I've always tried to be nice to women. I don't discriminate against them because they're too big or too thin, or because they're not as pretty as other women. I try to build them back up when they're feeling down because of their boyfriends or husbands or whatever. I also go out of my way to make them laugh, and to give them the respect that nearly every human being deserves. I don't want you to think that I'm like every other guy who's just after sex.

"On occasion, I'll have a woman develop a crush on me, or even fall in love with me. This is what took place with a girl named Lucy. She was a big girl and she hadn't had too many lovers or boyfriends in her life. Well, Lucy had convinced herself that she was a better match for me than any of the other girls in the casino. Better even than my wife. Lucy became obsessed with trying to win me over. She started changing her days around, thanks in part to her buddy, who was the supervisor who wrote our schedules. Lucy would frequently end up working in the same area I was in. If she couldn't do that, Lucy would try to take her breaks and lunches whenever I did. She even started telling some of the other girls that we were dating, and that they shouldn't be flirting with me at all. Poor Lucy was getting out of hand, and she wasn't picking up the hint that she couldn't be anything more to me than a friend."

"This is all very interesting, Rudy," Sandy interrupted. "But I don't think you're going to get me aroused by telling me any of this."

"I'm getting to that part." Rudy went on. "A lot of this is to transition your mind away from the physical awareness into the dream state. Trust me, the story's about to get juicy."

"Okay, I'm all ears then."

"Late one night, I'm about to go on my lunch break. Lucy keeps calling my area so she can leave at the same time I do. I tell her I'm going to lunch right then, but that I'm not going to spend it with her because of the way she's been acting. So Lucy asks me if I'll be eating with someone else, and out of frustration I lie and say yes. Then, I hang up and leave the cashier cage. I'm thinking; I do not want to spend my entire lunch hour telling Lucy that I don't want anything to do with her. I reach the hallway leading into the back of the casino at the same time another employee does, and this was a young lady by the name of Patty.

"So let me tell you about Patty. She was a nineteen year-old redhead with freckles. Patty was a little on the chubby side. I remember telling her about some Japanese game show where the female contestants had to weigh their breasts. As a result, Patty went out and weighed hers. They were eight pounds each, if you're wondering. Maybe later I'll even tell you about the night when Patty and her roommate tried to rape a security guard with a strap-on. Long story short, Patty was more of an acquaintance than a buddy. Because she was such a narrow-focused, sex-driven beast, I tended to gravitate away from her.

"As I bumped into her there in the hallway, however, I started to wonder if maybe Patty wasn't exactly the right person to bump into. I stopped Patty right there. I looked at her, and I asked her; Patty, you've heard about how Lucy keeps telling everyone that I'm her boyfriend? Of course she had, because there are no secrets in small town casinos such as that one. I tell her that Lucy is only a minute or two behind me, and that I did not want to eat lunch with her. I said I'd gone and lied and told her I was having lunch with someone else. Would you mind very much, Patty, I asked, to pretend to be my date for the next hour?

"She had that look on her face that said; Oh yeah, I'll do it. Together, we walked back to the employee break-room. We went all the way outside to the smoking area. This is a fairly large, open space with half a dozen tables and a canopy covering the whole of it. Maybe ten or twelve people were already out there when we showed up. They were blackjack dealers, bartenders, slot attendants, and a couple of supervisors. We took a seat by ourselves, in a spot where Lucy would be sure to see us if she poked her head outside.

"So what do you want me to do? Patty asked me, as she lit up a cigarette. Since this was all spur of the moment, I hadn't planned that far ahead. I shrugged and told her to pretend that she liked me, and to sit close to me. I told her I'd owe her big time if she did this. So, Patty drags her chair next to mine, leans her head and elbow onto my chest and shoulder, and swings her leg onto my lap. She was still in this same pose some five minutes later, when Lucy poked her head out. Lucy grimaced at the two of us and went back inside. That's the end of Lucy for now, but it's not the end of the story."

"Okay, so what are you getting at?" Sandy asked.

"I now have you at a neutral state of mind, where all of your daily pressures and worries are gone, and all that you're concentrating on are my words." Rudy explained. "I will now attempt to get you aroused. When you reach this state, I want you to capture it. I want you to put a mental bookmark there, and to tell yourself that you'll be able to return to this state whenever you want to. I want you to be very specific in remembering this, because that's the only way I can tap into the energies that I need to tap into."

"I'll try." Sandy nodded, taking a quick glance around the coffee shop, and finding herself wondering if Rudy really could make something happen. He certainly sounded serious.

Rudy said, "Visualize the scene. I'm sitting on a white folding chair, it's cool outside, and it's the middle of the night."

Sandy shivered, but she passed this off as minor delusion.

"Before me," Rudy continued. "Is a fold-out table that blocks the view from about my waist down. There are several other fold-out tables around. The nearest other workers are about twelve feet away, and they're all either smoking, joking around, or complaining about the job. Patty's been draped onto my side for like ten minutes now, pretending that she likes me, and I guess she's getting into some kind of mood, because she puts her mouth close to my ear, and she says:

"Rudy, I dare you to do something to me. If you don't, I'm telling everybody in the casino that you're gay."

Sandy giggled. "She really said that? What did you do?"

"Bear in mind, that I already had a reputation as a guy that flirted with half the women in the casino. So, I wasn't really worried about Patty telling everybody that I chickened out when I had the chance to do something with her. It wouldn't have made any difference to any of my female friends. What I was thinking, was that if I did put my hands on her, I would be doing it in the presence of maybe a dozen people. If any of these people noticed, I would be risking the story spreading like wildfire all over the place. I don't know, something about that kind of a voyeur scenario, with me at what, thirty-four or thirty-five years old, and manhandling a nineteen year-old chick in public. It got my blood going. I asked Patty to dare me again."

Sandy felt herself getting aroused. "Did she?"

"Oh, yeah, she did. She was looking me straight in the eye when she said it. Since she was sitting so close to me already, it didn't take much for me to slide my hand down the front of her pants."

"What did she do?"

"She leaned back on her chair, and opened her legs wider. Why don't you do that now, Sandy? Close your eyes and pretend you're Patty."

Sandy glanced at the people around her, but nobody was paying attention to her. She leaned back in her seat. For good measure, she covered her eyes with her sunglasses.

Sandy spread her legs, just a little. "If you want me to play with myself, I don't think I can do that here with all these people around."

"Keep visualizing the scene." Rudy reminded her. "Imagine me rubbing the front of Patty's cunt..."

"Pussy. I don't like the way the word cunt sounds."

"Right. I'm rubbing Patty's pussy through her pants. Patty's watching the crowd and I'm watching the crowd. She's lifting her hips slightly, to give me a better angle at her. I'm rubbing at her pretty good. Patty's starting to moan a little, but not enough to attract attention. She's got her hand on my wrist, lightly, and she's feeling each and every movement my hand makes. You know what Patty does next?"


"Patty pops the button on her black pants and she takes a second to undo her zipper. She wants me to do more than just rub her from the outside. What are you doing next, Sandy?"

Sandy took a look around her, wondering if anybody would notice what she was thinking of doing. She decided to take a chance. She popped the button on her jeans, but she was too nervous to do more than this. She relayed the information over the phone.

"That's all right." Rudy reassured her. "Keep visualizing the scene. I think I grinned at Patty, when she started pulling my hand up toward her open zipper. I put my hand down her panties, Sandy. I started rubbing her pussy in front of all those people."

Sandy squealed, slightly. "Then what happened?"

"I put my finger inside of her."

"Ooohhh." Sandy purred.

"I made Patty moan. She was trying as hard as she could not to let anybody hear her." Rudy revealed. "People in that break area started glancing at us, wondering what the fuck we were doing. The two supervisors there, they knew who we were, but they didn't say anything to us. People started putting out their cigarettes and pushing their chairs back. They were stepping back inside the building in a hurry. We almost cleared that little section out, except for a couple of people who were pretending that they didn't know what was going on. But they knew, all right. Those were the true voyeurs, the ones who stayed out there and listened the whole time I was finger-fucking Patty. They were the ones who heard Patty's stifled groans. Out of the corner of their eyes, they were watching us."

Sandy felt increasing warmth between her legs, as if what she'd been imagining was taking on a life of its own. She really thought she felt a man's hand rubbing across the front of her pants, but that was impossible, wasn't it?

"I'm right next to you, Sandy." Rudy's voice purred through the phone. "Visualize me being right next to you."

She felt a man's fingers sliding down the front of her pants, forcing her zipper apart. She felt them playing along the front of her panties, before they slipped under the fabric and traveled further south. The fingers reached her pussy.

Sandy opened her eyes, only to find a blurry reality before her. Everything was so vague, the table she was sitting next to, the coffee shop's bar with all of its colorful merchandise, the people sitting at the other tables.

Sandy stood up in a panic and shrieked, dropping her phone to the floor.

Before her eyes, everything reverted back to normal.

The man with all the envelopes, who was sitting only a couple of tables away, was watching her closely. Everybody else seemed to be minding their own business.

"Everything okay?" The man asked.

"What?" Sandy gave him a dazed reply, before she nervously chuckled at him. "Oh, yeah. I'm fine. I think I just dozed off and had a nightmare. But I'm fine now. Everything's okay."

The man made some joke about her needing to get some rest, before he said, "Uh, I don't know how to say this, but your fly is open."

Sandy glanced down at her pants. Sure enough, her zipper was open wide enough for a truck to drive through, and her soft stomach was clearly on display to the entire world. Quickly, she zipped herself back up.

"Oh, thanks." Sandy kidded. "I'm such a scatter-brain sometimes. I am a blonde, you know."

This enticed a good chuckle from the envelope guy, and gave Sandy enough time to gather up her coffee and the paper she'd been reading. She'd dropped her phone, she remembered, and after snatching it up off the ground, she purposefully began a walk outside and toward her car.

"Rudy, are you still there?"

"Yes, I am."

"What just happened in there?" Sandy asked. "I was sitting in the coffee shop, and then I was sitting somewhere else at the same time."

"We reached the Dream State." Rudy revealed. "For a moment, anyway. We reached the place where people go when they have out of body experiences."

"What is that? Is that like when people die and come back?"

"No, that's something else. That's a Near Death Experience. The Dream State is where people go when they expand their consciousness and try to talk to higher beings. Most people try to take short cuts by using mind-altering drugs. While people can use drugs to help them get to the Dream State, if they use too much of any certain drug, they become reliant on it and won't be able to do this naturally. What I'm doing different is that I'm doing it with a partner, that's you, and my method involves using the energy from the various Chakras and the sexual and sensual energy they possess."

"I don't understand any of that. Come again?"

"Okay, to state it briefly," Rudy explained. "If you're aroused and I'm aroused, and we're both focused on the same idea, it creates an energy. This isn't just my energy and it isn't just you're energy, but a new energy from both of us combined. This energy becomes power, and I direct the power to wherever I want to go. In theory, anyway, since this last experiment didn't last so long. Did you get scared?"

Sandy thought this over. "No, not really scared. I was just really surprised for a moment. You should have told me that was going to happen."

"Well, I didn't really know." Rudy admitted. "I was trying to get my body to go over to your coffee shop. I didn't know you were going to be sucked into the Dream State, too. This is a whole different thing than what I was practicing in my room."

Sandy reached her car. She tossed her paper in, but she wasn't ready to start driving yet. She just stood there pensively. "Did we really go somewhere else?"

"I guess that depends on your definition of time and space." Rudy answered. "Did you know that there are some cultures that believe that the Dream State is reality, and that the reality that you and I are living in right now is the dream?"

"You're losing me again." Sandy told him. "I'm just not used to thinking about things like that."

"Well, my answer is that maybe we did go somewhere and maybe we didn't. It just happened too fast for me to give you a more definite reply."

"You are, like, one of the weirdest guys I've ever met."

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