tagMatureRudy's Romps Ch. 06

Rudy's Romps Ch. 06


A Happy Ending, Or Not?

Inevitably, Sandy and Jeremy began to argue and fight. They fought over Jeremy's lack of attention for Sandy, over his long hours at work, and his general blasé attitude toward life. They fought over how Sandy had been unable to find work, and how Jeremy was footing all the bills by himself, and over the amount of time and space Sandy reserved for her favorite hobby. They fought over dirty clothes that hadn't been tossed in the hamper, over what they were having for dinner, and over many of the other stupid and meaningless things that couples decide to fight over when they're not getting along.

Sandy couldn't even turn to Rudy for comfort, as he'd found a job, finally, as a security guard at a ritzy hotel. His hours were such that Sandy would be asleep when Rudy was on patrol and Rudy would be sleeping when Sandy was out and about. It was a frustrating situation for both of them, as they'd both grown attached to one another, although it remained unspoken as to just how profound their feelings really were.

For two months now, they'd been seeing each other, both in this dimension and in the other one. Their bond and understanding of each other was such that one would have thought they'd been best friends for years. Their greatest ambitions and dreams, their best successes and their worst failures, their brightest moments and their darkest secrets, were all revealed to one another.

Early one morning, Sandy sighed and rolled over on the bed to gaze at the dresser. Jeremy had woken her up as he got ready for work, she sighed. He was now standing before the mirror while adjusting his tie. Even though her boyfriend had seen through the mirror that she'd woken up, he was deliberately ignoring her.

It wasn't even seven in the morning, she noted, and already things were bad.

Jeremy strode across the bedroom like a man on a mission, briefcase and coat in hand.

"I might be home late tonight." He said.

A moment later he was gone, and Sandy was left to herself once again.

Glancing at the clock a second time, she wondered if Rudy had gotten home yet. She went ahead and sent him a text.

Sandy: Hi.

A few minutes later, Rudy replied: Hi, what are you doing up?

Sandy: I can't get back to sleep. How 'bout you?

Rudy: Same problem. I think I drank enough coffee to kill a horse last night. I had to patrol outdoors, and it was cold out! What are you doing today?

Sandy: It's depressing here. I have to go somewhere today.

Rudy: How about upstairs, to my place?

Sandy: I wish! No, I think I'm going to drive out to my old neighborhood. My old scrappin' club meets on Thursday mornings. I haven't seen my gals since I moved.

Rudy: A bunch of grannies?

Sandy: LOL. Most of them are older women. A couple are my age or younger. There's even one man in our group.

Rudy: Is he gay?

Sandy: No, but he is a big mama's boy. Do you want to tag along?

Rudy: Do you have to ask? I'll hang with you until I start falling asleep.

Sandy: Good. Let me take a quick shower. I'll call you when I'm in my car.

About forty-five minutes later, Sandy was on the road and talking with Rudy over her headset. She'd already gotten him excited, after she'd told him that she'd set her phone in the little nook of her bra, right between both of her sizable breasts.

"If I was in the car with you, you'd be pulling onto the shoulder right now." Rudy teased.

"Oh? And why is that?"

"Because I'd be taking that phone out from between your tits, and putting something else in there. Guess what that is?"

"Your cock." Sandy giggled.

Instead of hearing one of Rudy's usual snappy answers, the receiver stayed silent this time.

"Rudy?" She asked, as their connection sometimes cut off while she was driving. "Are you still there?"


"Why'd you get quiet like that?"

Sandy heard his sigh come through.

"If you weren't with Jeremy, I'd be thinking very seriously about you right now."

"Oh, no." Sandy tried to avoid the implications of what Rudy was getting at. "I'm not going to be one of those girls you always talk about in your stories."

"You wouldn't be." Rudy answered. "Ever since that first day in your roomie's bedroom, I've never thought about you that way. Sandy, I know I probably shouldn't say this, but I'm going to say it anyway..."

"Don't say it!" Sandy tried to stop him.

"I love you."

This was something that Sandy had already suspected, but actually hearing Rudy voice it was a whole new ballgame. For the last few weeks, she'd wanted to hear him say those words. At the same time she'd been dreading them. It made her life so much more complicated than what it already was. She already knew that Jeremy wasn't her Mr. Right.

"Did you faint?" Rudy asked.

Sandy laughed, but it was a quiet, reflective laugh. "No, Rudy. I knew you were going to say that to me, sooner or later. I already know that's how you feel about me."

"You don't have to say it back to me." Rudy told her. "I just want you to know that I really appreciate your friendship and everything else about you. And the sex, well, that is just out of this world. Seriously, it's multi-dimensional."

This time, Sandy did laugh out loud.

"I've never met anyone like you." Rudy said.

This sobered her up. She'd never met anyone like him, either. They just clicked together in a way she'd never clicked with anyone else, ever. Like Rudy sometimes said, they were two peas in a pod.

"Why can't things ever be easy?" She asked.

"What would be the fun in that?" Rudy countered. "If it wasn't for all the peaks and valleys in life, everything would be boring."

Sandy thought this over for a couple of minutes. "We should just run away together."

"Where would we go?"

"England. I've always wanted to go there."

"Isn't it always cold over there, and foggy?"

"So, we'll wear warmer clothes and we'll stay inside." Sandy contemplated. "We'll find a little village somewhere, with old fisherman that have little hats and big beards. Where they go out fishing in their little boats all day. We'll find a house that faces the ocean, and we'll drink coffee and watch them head out every morning. And you don't have to worry about getting cold, because I'll be there to keep you warm."

"That sounds great, except I hate eating fish."

They were both joking and still talking about this, as Sandy pulled into the lot of her old scrapbook supply place. "Okay, I'm here now. Do you want to go, or do you want me to start messaging you?"

"I don't mind if you message me. It's almost nine now and I'm still not tired."

"Well, good. Give me a couple of minutes to get into the store, okay?"

Sandy retrieved the box of items she'd wanted to work on from the trunk of her car, before she went inside. Her scrappin' buddies were all overjoyed to see her back, at least for a visit. They all welcomed her to her usual seat among them. The small group chatted for a few minutes, before Sandy got her things set up on her table. Once things settled down, she put her laptop out in front of her and turned her chat program on.

Sandy: Okay. Sorry I took so long, but everybody was happy to see me. You still there?

Rudy: I'm still here, just took a moment to grab some cereal. What are you wearing?

Sandy: Pink top and jeans, the usual.

Rudy: Good. That'll make it easier to visualize you, in case you want to have some fun later.

Sandy: You mean right here, in the middle of my scrappin' group? With everybody here?

Rudy: Why not? It's worked in some unlikely places already. All you have to do is want it.

Sandy: Stop. You're making me blush. My buddy sitting next to me is going to ask me why I'm blushing.

Rudy: I dare you to make a funny face at her.

Sandy: LOL

Rudy: I dare you to stand up and flash your boobs at her.

Sandy: LOL You're crazy! Ha! She wants to know why I'm laughing!

Rudy: I dare you to ask her if she wants to be in a threesome.

For the next hour or so, the conversation took on more mundane courses. Rudy, being Rudy, eventually went back into seduction mode.

Rudy: Yawn.

Sandy: Are you tired now? Do you want to go to sleep?

Rudy: Yeah, unless you can visualize something first, something that will keep me awake.

Sandy: What?

Rudy: My cock, and your mouth, wide open.

Sandy: ...blushing...

Rudy: What are you going to do, if I'm suddenly standing there next to you?

Sandy: I'm going to suck your cock, and then you're going back home and going to sleep.

Sandy felt the slight shift, as the real world slipped into the Dream State. She looked around her in wonder. Sure enough, everything that was inanimate was still around, but the people were all gone. Rudy must have made it happen all on his own.

Sandy felt his chin sliding over her shoulder, and his cheek nuzzling against her hair.

"You're here." She said, more a statement than a query.

In reply, Rudy moved her hair aside and began nibbling at her earlobe.

"I love when you do that." Sandy said, dreamily. She lifted her chin and closed her eyes. "I always love when you do that."

"More than when I suck your toes?"

Sandy squealed slightly.

"I guess so." Rudy chuckled. "Am I making your squishy again?"

"Yes." She admitted, as his tongue left a wet trail around her ear. "But I don't want you to. Not right now. I have to work on this project I'm doing, and I'm way behind."

"How about this? I do what I came here to do, and you keep working on your project. Do you think you can do that?"

"I'll try." She said, her breaths hot and steamy.

Rudy stood her up and leaned her over the table. Sandy continued to trim the large, yellow letters she'd been focused on when he'd arrived. Rudy's hips were pressed tight against her butt, and he ran his hands over the length of her back a few times.

"You're sure your phone is off this time?" He asked playfully. "I don't want you to go through the same hassle you did that last time."

Sandy giggled. "I made sure I turned it off!"

Rudy's hands went around her waist and reached up to cup her breasts. He gripped them, softly and slowly, just the way she liked. She was having trouble keeping her scissors straight, when he guided his hands under her shirt and started squeezing her bra.

Oh, fuck this, Sandy thought, as she set both her scissors and her now crooked lettering on the table. She reached under her shirt and yanked her bra up far enough to release her breasts, so Rudy's hands could roam free on them. He wasted no time there, fluttering his fingers over her skin, cupping as much flesh as his hands could hold. Tenderly, he rolled her nipples between his fingertips.

Rudy's hands went to her waist. Sandy straightened up to allow him to undo the front of her pants. He did. He slipped her pants down to her thighs, pressing his newly freed cock against her butt as his strong arms went around her waist. Sandy turned her head to one side, as Rudy's lips ventured forward and discovered hers. Their mouths were locked together, his hands again fondling her tits and his cock hot against her panties. Not for long, as Rudy slid her panties down to the top of her thighs, and rubbed his warm length against the bare flesh of her butt.

Sandy squealed, right before she felt Rudy's hands leaning her forward. Her arms stretched out over the table, bracing her body in position, as Rudy moved in behind her. He found her wet and eager as he entered her fully, and erupted little ripples of pleasure all across her body.

"Rudy." Sandy moaned, as he settled into her perfect spot.

Her lover's response was to pull his length nearly all the way out, as she'd always asked him to, before he pressed into her again. The sensation of his cock repeatedly pushing through her wetness, coupled with the way they felt about each other, was enough to envelop them both in a state of profound bliss. This was a sweet rapture of ecstasy where the heavens seemed to open up and pour even more love down onto them.

Rudy withdrew, and quietly, caringly, he finished undressing his lover. After they'd pushed aside some of her scrapbooking material on the table, he helped to set Sandy on her back. Her legs he curled and pressed against his chest, as he leaned into her and entered her once again. His hips rolled in a wide circle, causing his cock to rub against her at different angles. His soft attention was rewarded by even more of Sandy's delicious squeals.

Sandy's hands squeezed Rudy's wrists. This caused him to feel how her body reacted to his stimulation. The reactions also came from her mouth, in short gasps and intense shudders, right before Sandy's climax overtook her. Rudy had learned enough about her that when he realized she was coming, he would increase his rocking just enough to prolong her orgasm. This served to push him over the edge, right along with her. They climaxed together, just as they had several times before.

It was a perfect act of love for both of them. When it was complete, Rudy brought Sandy up to her feet, and they simply marveled at what they saw in each other's eyes. After, they began showering each other with passionate kisses and embraces blossoming with affection.

Rudy opened his mouth to speak.

"Don't." Sandy stopped him, this time. "Don't say it. I'm not ready to hear that yet."

She turned her head away from him as she'd said this, but now, her eyes were again looking into his and her mouth was smiling.

"We both need a shower, don't we?" Sandy asked.

"Yeah, I guess we do." Rudy replied.

"You'd better go now." She said. "I have to think about things."

"Like what?"

"Like me and Jeremy." She answered, making sure their eyes were locked. "And me and you."

Each of them got dressed in silence. They meant to give each other quick kisses goodbye, but this got out of hand and matured into another long bout of lips and tongues mating. Finally, they broke their sensual union, but their hands were still clenched together.

"I have a lot of things to think about." Sandy admitted.

"So take your time." Rudy winked. "You know where to find me."

"Yes, I do." Sandy rose up on her toes and gave him one final kiss. "I'll talk to you later."

Rudy stepped back, still holding her hand. A second step and their fingers were slipping apart. A moment later, he was gone.

Sandy sighed, wondering why they couldn't stay in their little Dream State forever. After this, she turned and tidied up her things to where they'd been right before Rudy had arrived. The last step was for her to take her seat and close her eyes. She willed herself back into Reality.

"Sandy, are you well?" The woman beside her poked her arm with a bony elbow.

Abruptly, Sandy opened her eyes. "Why do you ask? Does it look like something's wrong?"

"Well, for the last couple of minutes, you've been sitting there with this dreamy look on your face." The older woman explained. "I was sure you'd fallen asleep."

"Oh, I must have started daydreaming." Sandy joked. "I am a blonde, you know!"

The older woman laughed.

Sandy looked around at the other women in her little group, and at the lone mama's boy. Everybody else seemed completely oblivious to the thrashing Rudy had given her on the table, only a few minutes before. Everyone had their full attention focused on their little projects, and Sandy thought she'd better get moving as well.

Well, she got moving after she'd gone over to the restroom and freshened up, anyway.

Several days passed with minimal contact between the two lovers, and these contacts were barely more than a quick Hi and Bye due to their conflicting schedules.

Then came the morning when Rudy received an urgent text from Sandy. He pulled out his phone and checked it.

Sandy: Where are you?

Rudy: Still at work. I don't get off until eight today.

Sandy: I have to talk to you. Can I call?

Rudy: Give me three minutes. I have to find a place to hide first, so nobody will see me on the phone while I'm on the clock.

Rudy answered after the first ring. "What's up?"

"Rudy!" Sandy exclaimed. "Jeremy got a call early this morning. His company wants to promote him!"

"Well, that's a good thing, I guess."

"No, no, no!" Sandy replied. "They want to move him to another office. He's going to have to move to New York!"

Rudy took a long pause. "Do you think he'll go?"

"Well, of course he'll go!" Sandy cried out. "You know he loves his job more than he loves me!"

Again, Rudy took a long time to answer.

"I don't know what to do!" Sandy said, sounding on the verge of tears.

Quietly, Rudy said, "I told you this might happen."

Sandy rummaged through their past conversations. Rudy had told her a thousand things, things she could barely grasp, such as that the universe was a living, intelligent thing, and that there was no such thing as coincidence. She'd had enough trouble convincing herself that the Dream State was a real place, and not just her wishful imagination. Even after the incident where she was nude at the parking lot, and the other times, she simply wasn't ready to comprehend anything more.

She tried to relax a little. "What did you tell me, exactly?"

"That the universe might put you into a place where you would have to make a choice." He replied. "That's all we really have, is our free will. Everything else is a false perception."

"And I have to choose between you and Jeremy?"

"Unless you choose neither one of us, yes. You can't choose us both, because that binds the three of us in the same spot. I guess our paths are leading us in three different directions."

"But I can't choose!" Sandy replied, frustrated.

Rudy sighed. "You know how I feel about you, and you know how Jeremy feels about you. When does Jeremy have to make his choice about this promotion?"

"I don't know." Sandy replied. "Today, maybe tomorrow. Jeremy has to decide right away, because they'll give the job to someone else. They're offering him a lot of money."

"Just take your time and think things over." Rudy advised, before he chuckled a bit. "You know which way I'd like you to go, but I can't make you choose me. This has to be something you do by yourself."

"I don't have a lot of time, Rudy." Sandy lamented.

"Sure you do. You have the rest of your life. Just make sure that in your heart you feel it's the right choice. Okay?"

"I have to go." Sandy said. "Jeremy's in the shower right now. He'll be out any second."

A few minutes later, Jeremy walked into the bedroom. He was beaming over this new job offer, and it was the first time in months that Sandy had seen him so happy.

Several days passed, before Sandy sent Rudy a new text.

Sandy: Jeremy is going to New York today.

Rudy: What are you going to do?

Sandy: I have to stay here and get everything packed up.

Rudy: Have you decided anything yet?

Sandy: No.

The next text came two days after.

Sandy: Jeremy's things are gone now. My stuff is boxed up. It's all sitting on the floor in my bedroom.

Rudy: So you're leaving?

Sandy: I don't know.

Rudy: Well, do you have a plane ticket?

Sandy: Yes. I want to see you.

Rudy: I'm not good with goodbyes, not like this. When does your flight leave?

Sandy: Two days from now. At five pm.

Rudy: Tell you what. Let's not make this more difficult than it already is. Two days from now, at five pm, I'll be at that coffee shop you always go to. If you want to see me, I'll be waiting for you there.

Rudy knew that there were three different ways that Sandy could have communicated with him. She had his phone number, she knew his email, and he always kept his little chat program open in case she sent him a message. She could have simply walked up to his apartment and knocked on his door, too. Although he was against seeing her in person, he would have been hard-pressed not to answer if she had come over.

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