tagLoving WivesRuined Relationship - Jeff & Vicky

Ruined Relationship - Jeff & Vicky


It was about 2:00 in the afternoon when my boss called me into his office and asked me if I would be able to catch a flight to Dallas, TX later that afternoon. He was hoping I could be at our client's offices first thing in the morning. He said there was a 5:00 o'clock flight out of O'Hare so I didn't see a problem in being able to make it. I told him that "Sure, I can run home and pack and easily be at the airport in time. Do you have anything I need to take with me or am I set to go?"

He said, "Just take your normal travel case and you will have everything you need. They will have access to anything else that comes up."

My name is Jeff Washburn and I am a 30 year old software engineer specializing in software for the financial industry. I am married to Vicky the love of my life. We have been married for five years but I have known her quite a bit longer than that. If you ask me (and you must have because I am going to tell you) we are soul mates and had plans for everything in our lives. Vicky isn't what I would call a hottie but she is attractive and to me she is beautiful. I think most people would agree with me that she is attractive and has a wonderful personality.

We just recently decided that we would start our family immediately so we were pretty excited about it and in fact had been very active in the process if you know what I mean. If we had kept up the pace we were on I was going to be dead so I begged off until just before she was going to be ovulating. That was about two weeks ago.

Anyway, I turned into my driveway and Vicky's car and another car were there side by side. My immediate thought was what is the matter? Why is she home this time of day? You know the drill. Eventually I began to wonder just what the hell was going on and slipped quietly into the house. By now I think I already knew what was going on but as anyone would I had to know for sure.

As I slipped down the hallway I could hear Vicky urging the guy on to, "Fuck me good, fill up my pussy, give me your seed, I want your baby."

He chuckled at that and said, "What will Jeffy say if you have my kid?"

Vicky laughed right along with him and replied, "He will never know. He is so dense I could have a black baby and he would think it was his."

By this time I was steaming. The hurt and anger were boiling my brain and every other part of my body was totally surging with hatred and adrenaline. I backtracked to my den and got my Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum out of the bottom drawer of my desk. I was seething so badly I could barely get the 8 rounds into the cylinder chambers. I honestly sat there and debated on just leaving and divorcing the bitch but I was so caught up in the hurt and anger that I just said, "Fuck it, my life is over anyway, why not make the bitch and her cock toy pay."

I walked into my bedroom and pulled the hammer back. Now if you know anything about the Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum you know the hammer makes an awesome sound when pulled back through safety mode and into fully cocked mode and believe me they noticed it. My gun was in fully cocked mode and so was he was fucking her in the missionary position with her legs up over his shoulders so he just turned his head to see what was happening and at the moment his eyes met mine I smiled and shot him in the ass.

He screamed, she screamed and I laughed. "What, not so much fun fucking my wife now you piece of shit?" He was able to roll off of Vicky and she scrambled to get out from under him. Both of them were stammering, blubbering and begging for me to not hurt them anymore. Yeah, the bullet went through him and gave the bitch a little tickle too. I continued, "You know I never would have expected this from you Vicky, I actually thought we were soul mates and in love, stupid me. But you know what? I am not going to let you have this slime ball's baby. No, he won't be fathering any more children."

I hate to admit it, but at that point the look on his face gave me tremendous satisfaction. One more shot right in the middle of his forehead put the bastard down for good.

By this time Vicky dear was hysterical and was blubbering even more. "So tell me Vicky, can you explain why you would do such a thing to me and to our marriage? Can you tell me how long you have been cheating on me? Did I ever really know you Vicky?"

"Jeff," she said, "It didn't mean anything to me, I don't love him, I really didn't want him to get me pregnant, I only love you, please don't hurt me anymore."

You might think I am a cold hearted bastard and I guess I am, but at this time the only thing I was thinking was "finish this". A perfect shot to the middle of her forehead too and it was over for both of them. I finally sat down on the edge of the bed and dialed 911.

The operator asked, "What is your emergency?"

"I shot my wife and her lover. I am sitting in my bedroom and the gun is on the floor."

She said, "Stay right where you are and put your hands behind your head when the police arrive and stay on the line."

I said, "Ok."

I sat there shaking my head from side to side and the tears were just rolling down my cheeks. My heart was also just hammering in my chest.

All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my side and I heard Vicky say, "Wake up Jeff, you are having a bad dream."

When I was awake I laid there shaking my head from side to side and the tears were just rolling down my cheeks. My heart was also just hammering in my chest.

"Wow Vicky that was an awful dream." When I had recovered somewhat I noticed it was starting to get light out and asked, "What time is it?"

She said, "It is 5:00 a.m. Jeff. Are you alright?"

I said, "I am a bit tense at the moment, but yeah I will be okay shortly. You go make some coffee while I shower and I will be down to make you some breakfast and tell you all about the dream."

Vicky smiled her special smile for me and asked, "Maybe we should make love first big guy."

I normally wouldn't turn down such an offer but I was really upset by my dream and answered, "Baby, I am pretty shook up by the dream right now so I think I will wait and have some really good sex tonight when I am not so shook up if that works for you. Just go make the coffee and I will be down in a little while."

She said, "Ok Jeff."

When I got down to the kitchen I quickly made some toast, bacon and eggs and Vicky and I just sat and ate. When we were finished I told her everything I could remember about my dream. How I had caught her cheating on me, the things I heard the two of them saying, the anger and hurt, picking up the gun and deciding my life was over anyway so why not end them. I told her every little detail I could think of and as I was telling she appeared more and more upset.

After I had finished telling her the dream I looked her square in the eyes and said, "When you decided to cheat on me why didn't you just pack up a bunch of your things and leave? Why did you make me kill you?"

The look on her face had gotten worse and worse all along but with that statement it looked like all the blood had drained out of her face. I got up from my chair and put my dishes in the dish washer, picked up my briefcase and headed toward the door. As I was almost out the door I turned and said, "By the way Vicky, if you talk to Jerry today tell him that I will be over to see him soon. It has been too long since he and I got together. Goodbye Vicky."

I walked out the door.

When I got home that night (there was no trip to Dallas it was just in my dream) Vicky's car was not there. A couple of suitcases were missing and most of her things were gone. It looked like she packed in a hurry and only took what she felt she needed keeping it light for easy travel.

On my pillow was a note. It said, "I'm sorry Jeff. I really do love you and just got caught up with the flirting Jerry always did. I don't want to die so I am leaving. Don't worry; I am not with Jerry since I never did love him. Goodbye my love."

You might think I would shed a tear or two over that but I didn't. I had known about Vicky and Jerry for a couple of weeks and that is when I cut her off. She had said his name during one of our hot love making sessions and I started doing the typical research and didn't like what I found out. I was prepared to divorce her and then ironically I had the dream and it just seemed a custom made way to end this farce of a marriage.

Around 8:00 p.m. I called Donna, Jerry's wife and asked, "Is he gone?"

"Yes he is Jeff, when I got home from work his car was gone and most of his stuff including his hunting and fishing stuff. I don't think he will be back. Jeff, he left me a note."

"Yeah, Vicky left one for me too. What did he say?"

"He said, 'Donna, I never really loved you and have fucked a bunch of women so don't feel bad about me leaving. You are better off without me anyway. Tell that asshole Jeff if he ever tries to find me it will be him who gets shot."

I laughed about that. Jerry had been one of my best friends and that was just like him.

I wouldn't try to find him or Vicky. I wanted nothing to do with either one of them anymore.

"You know Donna, I told Vicky I was going to wait and have some really good sex tonight when I am not so shook up. I am not shook up anymore so what do you say?"

"I think we both deserve to have a measure of revenge for what those two did to us Jeff, come on over."

We did get together that one time but to be honest we just didn't hit it off. She was no Vicky and I was no Jerry. We both had loved our spouses even if their idea of love wasn't the same. We parted company later that night as great friends and with the full knowledge that we would always be there for each other.

One year later we both filed for divorce on the grounds of abandonment and after the normal legal hassles our divorces were final. I had introduced Donna to a really nice guy and they were planning to get married as soon as her divorce was final.

I chose to not get involved with anyone until I was totally free of Vicky. Once the divorce went through I started dating but taking it very slowly. I didn't want to rush into anything having been burned once. I met a few women who were wonderful but not quite what I was looking for. Then one day Ms. Right came into my life.

Three years after Vicky walked out of my life Karen walked in. We are perfect for each other without being perfect. We talk a lot, we hug and kiss, we make love, and we argue and fight once in a while. Making up always happens and is always very loving and lots of sex. We are best of friends and we love and adore each other. It is perfect. And, oh yes, we now have two lovely children Karlee age 5 and Sammy age 3.

Would I have killed Vicky and Jerry if they hadn't left? Hell no! Violent crimes with guns are abhorrent in any way, shape or form. But, I know I really sold them the idea that I would kill them and that is all that counted. Had they not left we would still have divorced but it wouldn't have been so easy as it ended up.

She's "gone baby gone". A no muss no fuss divorce and no property settlement.

Did I ever hear a word from Vicky? No, in the nine years since she has been gone not a word though I do know where she is living. It is about 200 miles away from us and I have no desire to ever see her or talk to her again. I just don't care.

Donna never heard from Jerry again and she doesn't care either. She is happily married with one child, a cute little girl named Cindy.

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Short but sweet.

Very clever flash story. *****

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Slimepop think again

S&W performance center model 327 is a 8 shot .357

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by Simepop09/03/17

Bad dream.

I was going to chastise you for the 8 shot cylinder for a S.&W .357, as there is no such animal, but then he explained it was just a really bad dream. I like you work, simply put, your male protagonistsmore...

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