tagErotic CouplingsRumors Just Might Be True

Rumors Just Might Be True


Becton University required students to live on campus in the dorms for the first two years of school but I didn't mind. I was somewhat lucky in that my roommate flunked out halfway through first semester of my sophomore year leaving me with a room to myself at least until the end of the semester. It was great having a room to myself, not having to share or worry about privacy, which fed into my other lucky break, Vanessa.

Vanessa Michels was not the type of girl that usually hung around me or my friends. She was a typical sorority girl, easy on the eyes, hung out with the jocks and frat boys, partied, and acted dumb. I say acted because Vanessa wasn't as dumb as she appeared, she just liked to get others to do stuff for her and if she acted dumb people bought it and loved to help out the hot girl. She was definitely in the hot department at about 5 and a half feet tall with long slender legs that topped out at a surprisingly round ass. Her hips narrowed to her waist and flat stomach only to accentuate her seemingly large breasts for such a svelte girl. I would have guessed her at a large B or even into the C cup territory but they always appeared bigger given her small frame. Vanessa's round face was framed with her long dark brown hair that hung past her shoulders tapering nearly to the middle of her back. Her large circular eyes were a odd shade of blue, nearly violet and almost fake looking they stood out so much against her dark complexion.

So why did this college hottie hang around me? Simple luck of location I guess. We grew up in the same town, actually on the same block, although she went to the private all girls school and I went to the regular public school. Vanessa never really saw me as the non-jock, non-party animal, regular dude I was in high school. I was just the guy who lived nearby, said hello, and occasionally stopped by her house when she had a party. She was always nice enough to invite me since it wasn't like she had a bunch of guys from school to invite and I didn't make an ass of myself. It wasn't to say she didn't have boyfriends or anything, I was just sort of around.

We ended up going to the same college and living in the same dorm although the girls lived on the floor above and below mine. Vanessa also didn't have a car since her parents had spent most of their extra money on her private school so she always caught rides home with me for holidays or the occasional weekend. This lead to us hanging out quite a bit in the dorms, she loved to relax in my room since it was quiet compared to the girls floor, her roommate, or the crazy sorority house. It wasn't like I minded having her over, I even gave her a key so she could just come hang out if I wasn't there.

It was exciting to come home from class and find her laying on my floor with in her tiny shorts, legs spread, reading or sometimes curled up sleeping. Vanessa treated it like her own bedroom and often came in wearing just what passed for her pajamas or lounge wear. Usually a pair of short, I mean really short, cut off sweats or running shorts, and a tight fitting tank top or t shirt, bras were optional, especially late at night. I gotta admit, when she went sans bra, she was hard to look her in the eye or pretend to study if she was sitting on my futon reading that way. It was almost like she didn't care or didn't know how much it teased me. Once when I drove her home for a weekend she wore a micro mini skirt that barely covered her ass. She was hung over and shortly after we got in the car for the 2 hour drive home she fell asleep legs apart and slumping down so the skirt rode up giving me a fantastic shot of thin panties covering her crotch. I fought the battle the whole way home of checking her out, fantasizing about her, and avoiding veering off the road or ramming another car.

I came home from class one Tuesday night about 9:30 to find Vanessa laying on my floor reading a book. Her red painted toes flat on the floor and long legs were bent at the knee offering me a nice view of her inner thigh and her flexing groin muscle as she rocked her legs apart like a butterfly. I could follow that muscular tendon of her slim legs all the way up her shorts to the edge of her panties. She held the book over her head, looking up at the paperback she was reading. I noticed the lacy white bra laying on the floor next to her at the same time as I peeked at her slightly hard nipples standing on her breasts flattened against her chest. As soon as she sat up on her elbows, their firm shape returned, supported by the tight white fabric with Becton written across them.

"Hey, glad your back, " her cheery voice greeted me. "I need your help with my computer again."

As I said, Vanessa, wasn't dumb but she did like to get others to help her or work for her and I had fixed her computer a few times. She had a boyfriend but he was some basketball player and wasn't around a whole lot, nor was he all the good at school according to Vanessa.

"Sure, what seems to be the problem with it?" I asked, sitting down at my desk where her laptop was already sitting.

"I can't get it to shut down, or start up, with out waiting forever and it pisses me off."

"Yeah, I'll take a look at it here in a minute." I confirmed dropping my bag on the floor.

"Thanks, Jackson, I gotta run back downstairs and meet Stacy for a few minutes, she has the notes from English class that I slept through on Monday."

She jumped up and zipped on a hooded sweatshirt and bound out the door barefoot leaving her things behind. I laughed thinking about her trusting her ditzy friend Stacy for notes.

I turned on her computer and waited while the blank screen stared at me, listening to the hard drive spin up. After a few minutes of boredom, I glanced over at her bra again and thought about her perky tits. Leaning down I picked it up, examining the lacy edging and satiny interior. The small tag near the hooks showed a faded 32C for a size. I imagined the firm flesh that filled the cups and thought about her nipples caressed by the soft fabric. I knew from her various thin shirts she wore around the room that she had dark small nipples that seemed to be half aroused at all times.

The computer's screen came to life and I dropped the undergarment back on the floor and focused on the screen. Her menu bar was hidden so I brought that back up and noticed a program was running, I clicked the bar but nothing happened. The program that was running still hadn't shown up on the screen, leaving me staring a picture of her dog screen saver. I checked around her computer and found a large file in her Start Menu that looked like it loaded every time her computer booted up. I moved it to her C drive and associated it with the media player and instantly the screen changed. I found myself looking at a movie of a guy getting a blow job while he held the camera filming the top of the girl's bobbing head. Smiling to myself at the thought of Vanessa watching porn on her computer I let the video play. The girl was really working his dick and he guided her head with his free hand, pushing her to take him deeper into her throat. As she finally backed off of him and looked up, I bolted up in my chair. Vanessa's face was clearly shown, smiling at the camera as she gulped a little air before resuming her dick sucking. I was stunned, but mesmerized by the scene. She eventually stood up, showing her naked body briefly before bending down on all fours for him to enter her from behind. The brief flash of perfect firm tits made me want to rewind the footage but I wanted to see her get fucked. A small wave of apprehension hit my stomach, I also didn't want to see the image of her boyfriend making her moan and cum. I don't know why I should be jealous, she wasn't my girlfriend but with all the time she spent in my room teasing me it sometimes felt like she was. Looking back at the camera she seemed so wide eyed and innocent as she reached one hand behind her to briefly rub her pussy as he teased her slit with the tip of his cock. She bit her bottom lip just as she started pushing her pussy back on his hard cock letting it slowly slide inside.

"BAM." The computer slammed shut.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Screamed Vanessa, her hand still on the shut laptop. Before I could answer she hissed, "Why are you snooping around on my computer watching my private stuff?"

Embarrassed, I stammered, "I wasn't. I was just fixing it like you asked."

"That didn't look like fixing it. It looked more like you watching a video that you shouldn't be seeing."

"I didn't mean too," I protested. "It was caught up in the Start Menu. That was why your computer was so slow to boot up. I just moved it over and it started playing." I figured no reason to tell her I made it play after moving it over.

"Well it wasn't meant for prying eyes." She pulled the laptop up to her chest. "I gotta go." Turning away she was at the door in about 3 quick steps. Surprisingly, she gave a quick thanks for fixing it over her shoulder as she left.

I didn't see or hear from Vanessa for almost a week after the laptop incident. I couldn't believe I had screwed up a friendship with a girl like that but the image of her sucking dick and then just about to get fucked filled my dreams at night. I had heard rumors about Vanessa, sucking various guys off at parties, or even a story of her getting drunk and stripping at a frat party but I had never seen any of her rumored wild side until now. The stories never really seemed true to me, as if her angelic demeanor didn't have a sexy side or that her slutty little outfits were just an act. Finally, the following Monday I came home from class and found Vanessa sitting on the futon in my room. She wore black tights over her crossed legs and a white spaghetti strap top as she sat reading the book on her lap.

"Hi," I greeted her sheepishly, not sure of her disposition.

"Hey Jackson," she half smiled as she looked up. "I forgot somethings here last time and wanted to pick them up. I think there is a bra and maybe a pair of sandals?"

"Yeah," I acknowledged, "I put them in my closet so they weren't just laying around. I mean I figured you didn't want your underwear just laying on my floor all week."

"Thanks." This time she smiled as I handed her things to her. "I'm sorry I yelled at you last week."

"No I should apologize, I'm the one who violated your privacy. I should have stopped the video as soon as I figured out what it was."

"Yes. You should have." She scolded as she stood up and punched me in the arm. "Why didn't you?"

I wasn't sure how to respond. "Well I don't know. I didn't know it was you at first. I just thought you were watching random porn on your computer. Then when I figured out it was you I just sort of let it keep going. I guess I was surprised it was you."

"Well, I can't believe I did it. Russ had been bugging me for weeks to film us having sex. He wanted to have one of his friends do it but I said no way. Then he wanted Stacy to do it but I think he just wants to have a three way with her and I, so I told him he could do it if he held the camera. I kinda ended up wanting to do it just to see what it was like you know? Like how it would feel to be in a porno or something but not really."

"I guess I get it. I mean you have talent." I teased, hoping she wouldn't get pissed. I was surprised that Russ wanted a sex tape to exist. From what I knew of the guy he and his rich dad wanted him to be lawyer or politician or something.

"Really? You don't think I looked stupid?" She probed.

"No, not at all. How could you think that?"

"I don't know. Those girls in the videos are usually all made up or have these amazing bodies and perfect skills in bed." She lamented, as if her body wasn't sexy enough.

"Believe me, you looked amazing." I couldn't believe we were just standing there talking about her sex video like it was the school play or something.

"So you think it was as good as those professional ones or the paid stars?"

"Sure." I laughed, "Do you want me to rent it from you or something, 'cause I will."

Vanessa laughed, "No. It's just that Stacy and I were talking about it and she said you probably jerked off to it everyday since then."

Now I laughed nervously without really responding, which of course was a dead give away.

"Oh my God Jackson! You did, didn't you!"

I didn't really have a response yet. It wasn't easy to fess up to jerking off to images of girl to her face.

"C'mon, just admit it if you did. It's not like you haven't seen me sucking dick on video."

Finally, I shrugged, "Yeah, I thought about it. What do you want me to say?"

"It's O.K. I guess. It kinda turns me on to think a guy would jerk off watching me on video. Do you think about me a lot when you jerk off?"

"I don't know." I lied. "I don't want to talk about this. Can't we just both move on and go back to just studying or watching movies?"

"I've got an idea." She said reaching for her backpack pulling out a USB thumb drive. "How about we make a deal?"

"What kind of deal?" I asked suspiciously.

"The kind to make things a little more even between us," she stated. "How about I put this drive in your computer and you watch the video, the whole video, tell me what you think about it and you know, jerk off for me."

My mouth hung open. The idea of seeing the whole video was tempting but whipping out my cock and just masturbating in front of Vanessa? I was nervous and excited thinking about it. I didn't have a lot of experience with girls. I wasn't a virgin or anything but I hadn't been laid in about 9 months since my girlfriend and I broke off our long distance relationship.

"O.K. I'll do it." I was nervous as hell and my heart was racing but I knew getting hard wouldn't be a problem.

Vanessa already had my computer on and was getting the file loaded from her drive. "I knew I could count on you. And seriously tell me if the video sucks, because I'll be able to tell watching you right?"

I sat on the edge of the bottom bunk across from Vanessa who plopped on the futon with the computer on my desk nearest her. The video started just like before, showing her bobbing head on her boyfriend's dick. I pulled my jeans down and stepped one leg out of them. I snuck a peek at Vanessa who was watching me and not really paying any attention to the video. My cock was already tent poling my boxers as I turned back to her on the screen licking his shaft and sucking on his balls. Vanessa leaned back on the futon, intently following me as I slid the boxers down revealing my own lengthening appendage. I didn't really know what to say so I remained silent, letting my bare dick just sort of stand there as I pulled a pillow behind me. Slowly I began stroking the semi rigid meat until it was fully hard, just touching my belly button. I tried to go as slow as possible to keep from cumming as I was so turned on. My breath was shallow and my face flushed as I worked the slippery pre cum up and down, careful not to set off the explosion touching my head would cause.

On the video I saw Vanessa getting pounded from behind as the camera focused on the shaft gliding into her pussy. She turned to look back at the camera letting out an obvious fake moan. After a few moments they changed around, her boyfriend was laying on his back holding the camera up. Vanessa straddled him giving me a clear view of her grapefruit sized boobs and dark, quarter sized nipples. She worked her hips down until he was entering her. I noticed the thin dark brown strip of hair covering her pussy as she rose up and down on his dick. Her tits bounced slowly, then faster she picked up the pace. One of Russ's hands reached up and roughly squeezed her left breast while she grabbed the other and attempted to lick her nipple, playing for the camera. Leaning back all the way she gave the camera a great shot of his cock inside her and her pointed tits sliding on her rib cage as she ground herself onto him. He must have cum inside her as the camera jerked and a white liquid leaked out of her and down onto his dark pubic hair.

I had stopped jerking and was just focused on the computer screen for the finale. I finally noticed Vanessa staring right at me, not saying anything just her eyes boring into my hard cock. I thought briefly that my cock was definitely bigger than her boyfriend's. I dropped my hand and just leaned back a bit letting my hard cock just stand up and fall back against my stomach.

"Why'd you stop?" She asked.

"I just wanted to rest a bit. If I kept going I'd blow it in a second. I haven't cum in a long time. Well, I mean with someone in the room that is."

"Whatever. You probably got some secret girl coming around every weekend to suck your dick or what not. I know how all you guys are."

"Hardly, I've never even had a blow job. Amy thought they were gross."

We sat in silence for what seemed like 10 minutes but was likely just a minute, an image of her still riding a cock leaning back thrusting her hips toward the camera on the computer, and me shirtless, hard cock against my stomach, pants around one ankle just staring at her. I knew her comments probably rang true for her. I wasn't naive, I knew she and some of her friends hooked up with guys and had sex on one night stands and they probably thought all guys had it that way.

Finally she broke the silence, "You can keep a secret right? I mean you haven't said anything about this video."

"Of course."

"So you really have never had a blow job?"

"No, Amy just wouldn't go for it. I tried to get her to, I offered her anything but she wouldn't do it."

"What the hell," she exhaled. "I've probably teased you enough and I can't believe you've never had a BJ." She slid off the futon towards me. "Would you like me to give you a blow job? I like the idea of being your first. I don't know that I've ever been anyone's first."

I just nodded, unable to speak.

"Just promise not to say anything to anyone and remember this is a one time thing all right. It's just a blow job but I don't want people to know about it and honestly watching that video made me so horny again." She smiled wickedly as she moved between my legs, "And you've got one of the biggest cocks I've ever seen."

I was barely listening as she closed her hand around the base of my cock. She slowly stroked it up and down licking my inner thigh as he looked up at me. I kept my hands at my sides on the bed and let her work. Air sucked in between my teeth as she licked up the underside of my dick, once, twice and then after the third time swirled around the bulbous head before taking me in her mouth. She only took about half my length inside while pumping the other half with her fist. Her head bobbed up and down, slurping and sucking as her saliva mixed with my initial secretions.

She pulled her hair aside with her free hand, exposing the strap of her left shoulder sliding off letting the triangular fabric covering her boob slip down. I saw just the edge of her areola peeking out and reached down to cup and squeeze a handful of her breast. She pulled off and looked up at me still pumping the entire length now with her hand sliding in the creamy covering.

"I was wondering if you were ever going to touch me," she whispered, "It's O.K. you can touch my tits." Her hand never stopped stroking me, making a point of brushing over the head of my cock and running her palm all the way down to my balls. I reflexively flexed my cock, making it throb in her hand as she played with me. "Oh my God, I love stroking you! I can't even close my hand all the way around it, let alone swallow it all."

I felt the hard nipple in the palm of my hand through the fabric top still partially covering her. God how many times had I stared at her barely covered tits in this very room and now I was not only touching her she was sucking my cock. I brushed the hair away from her face with my other hand as she licked her way up me again before deep throating nearly my entire cock. As soon as she pulled back and pumped with her fist I lost it. A jet of white shot out and hit her cheek, another her chin as she reflexively moved back. A third and fourth found her chest, running down into the partially exposed valley between her tits.

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