tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRumours Ch. 01

Rumours Ch. 01


My stories tend toward the nonconsent/taboo side, but I want to be clear that I'm in no way suggesting that the acts in my stories are okay. Forced sex is a fantasy I enjoy and I write for other similarly minded people. Real rape is ugly and sad, and if it's something you're considering acting out you should seek help.


Alrighty, I've moved this story to nonconsent because it seems to be a little heavy for the incest folk. This story probably sits somewhere around medium nonconsent, as it's not quite hardcore but it does have a bit of violence, so if that bothers you, please move on.

This story also contains racist language. If that kills your porn experience, please move on.

Any feedback is, of course, appreciated. Love it, hate it, whatever, let me know, just tell me why.

All characters are 18+


'I'm tellin' you, mate, she swallowed my fuckin' cock whole!' Nathan Palmer, the Dragons' eight-man crowed from atop the bench in the change room where he was holding court.

'Yeah? I heard she was good in the sack. Sometimes I think I'm the only one who hasn't fucked her,' Steven Jones replied offhandedly as he dug through his locker for his cleats.

'I swear to God, man, it was the hottest fuckin' thing. I had to think about Church and me mum to keep from cummin' after thirty seconds!'

'I thought your mum was what you thought about when you wanted to cum!' came a voice from the small crowd of rugby players.

'Fuck you, man!' Nathan shouted back, enjoying being the center of attention. 'Seriously, I told her I heard about her fucking both Davey and Germayne at once, and I asked her if she enjoyed it, and guess what she said!' he paused dramatically, 'She says to me, "Why? Would you be into something like that?" With a big fuckin' smile on her face, too!' Nathan's voice rose in volume as he really got into it, oblivious to Colin having entered the change room.

A couple of his teammates noticed Colin, and quickly turned back to their lockers to get changed. One tried to signal Nathan to shut up, but there was no shutting Nathan up once he got started.

'So I says to her, "Well, if I were, would you do it?" and she goes, "As long as the friend you bring is hot." So seriously, who wants to come fuck Colin's sister with me this weekend? We could make it a team th-AGH!' Nathan choked off into a yelp as Colin yanked him off the bench.

Colin slammed him up against the lockers.

'Colin, man, I thought you were skippin' practice today!'

'My knee felt better, so I decided to come. Surprise, fucker!' Colin grabbed him by the collar and started punching him, over and over, unable to stop.

'Colin! Stop it!' shouted Landon, their team captain, as he tried to pull him off of Nathan.

Nathan's nose was streaming blood, and he'd given up trying to fight back, just covered up, trying to protect his face from more blows. All around the change room there was commotion; guys cheering for Colin, guys cheering for Nathan, guys shouting for them to stop.

Suddenly the door was flung open. 'Okay, what the fuck is goin' on here?' Coach Thompson shouted as he marched into the change room. He quickly hauled Colin off Nathan and dragged him outside into the hallway.

'Let's go to my office, shall we? Get your shit and let's go.' He didn't wait for a reply, simply turned and strode toward his tiny, shabby office.

Colin grabbed his gym bag, and with a final look at a copiously bleeding Nathan, turned and followed after the coach. He sat himself across from Coach Thompson, aching to slam his fist into something.

'This is the third fuckin' time, Colin. What the fuck is the matter with you? I've given you enough bloody special treatment, taken shit for it as a matter of fact, because I think you're an exceptional rugby player, but you keep fuckin' up! Now what the fuck was that shit all about?'

Colin stared moodily at the desk, refusing to answer.

Coach Thompson sighed. 'All right then, Colin. I'm gonna have to suspend you from the team until further notice, and I'll be talkin' to the principal tomorrow morning. You can go now.'

Colin slammed the door on his way out. He glared at the few students who were still clearing out from school as he passed them. He even glared at the custodian.

My own fuckin' friends talkin' shit like that about my sister! he thought angrily. Good thing he was pretty sure he'd broken Nathan's nose.

He threw his bag into his car, and hopped into the driver's seat. When he turned his key in the ignition, the engine coughed, sputtered, and died.


He reached into his bag, fishing around for his mobile phone. Then he remembered: he'd left it at home on the charger.

'FUCK!' he shouted.

Well, no way he was going back into the fucking school. His parents could come for the car later. He jumped out, bag slung over his shoulder and began his journey home. England being England, and fate being the cruel bitch it is, the skies opened up on him on the way home. Even at a jog, he ended up running for twenty-five minutes in the pouring rain. It was long enough to nurse his anger.

No one knew Mariana, but they all talked shit about her. Girls hated her because she was prettier than them, and guys just liked to brag that they'd boned her. He wasn't particularly close with his sister, but he loved her and he knew she'd never do the shit these assholes kept saying she did.

He'd asked her before, but she'd assured him that the rumours were all lies. She'd said she didn't know which of her exes had started the talk, but that somehow it had just become the fashion to claim to have fucked her. He'd been a little suspicious still, but then she'd cried. After that, he'd started fucking up any guy he caught talking about her.

His temper had definitely not improved by the time he got to the front door. He wondered who the owner of the familiar-looking car in the driveway was. He shook his wet hair off then flung the door open, setting his bag down with a wet slap. He kicked his shoes off and was about to head up to his room when he noticed another pair of shoes beside Mariana's.

'Mariana!' he shouted, striding into the living room. He stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of his sister frantically pulling on her jeans, while the guy beside her was trying to button his own. Colin glanced behind them to his dad's leather recliner in shock. She'd been getting fucked in their dad's chair!

The worst of it was that the guy was Colin's mate, and he had a girlfriend. He'd been dating the same girl for three years; no way did Mariana not know about it. Colin was absolutely stunned. The temper for which he was famous suddenly deserted him as he realised that all the rumours were quite probably true: his sister was a slut.

Could there be some explanation for this? He stood there dazedly, trying to process it. His mind had been so firmly entrenched in denial for so long that he couldn't quite believe what he was seeing.

'Colin, do you wanna get the fuck out, please?' Mariana snapped.

Colin just gaped. Not only was she fucking guys in their father's chair, but she didn't even feel bad about it? She didn't seem shocked, or scared, or ashamed, or any of the things she should be!

Colin's temper found its spark, and it was instantly ablaze. He strode over and caught Davey up by the shirt, hauling him toward the door.

'Colin, man, I-' Davey began.

Colin reached the door and gave him a quick shot to the head then shoved him out, tossing his shoes after him.

He turned on his sister, who'd finally realised just how angry he was.

'Colin, what's your problem?' she asked nervously, the obnoxious tone gone now.

His only answer was the stinging slap of his hand across her face, the sound ringing through the living room. Mariana looked stunned as tears welled in her eyes and a red hand print appeared on her cheek.

'How many guys have you fucked?' he demanded.

She looked scared and confused as he kept walking toward her, backing her up. 'You hit me!' she said tremulously, her back bumping against the wall.

'And I'll fuckin' do it again if you don't answer my goddamned question! How many guys?' he shouted in her face.

Tears pooled in her eyes. 'I don't know. Why are you so angry?'

'What the fuck do you mean you don't fuckin' know!' he exclaimed. 'How many fuckin' guys?'

Mariana grew terrified in the face of her brother's temper. 'I'm not sure,' she whispered. 'Maybe twenty-five...thirty?'

Colin's jaw dropped. He was unable to process neither the fact that she was well into the double-digits, nor the fact that she didn't even know the exact number.

He felt light-headed as he thought of the fights he'd gotten into over her reputation, the good friends he'd punched out over them calling her a slut. The fact that he was suspended from the team because of her...he couldn't even feel anger anymore. It was just completely unbelievable to him. Like the men in old tales who dueled and killed countless other men for daring to look at their wives, only to find out the bitches were cuckolding them. She'd made a fucking fool out of him.

'You lied to me...' he said incredulously. 'All those times I asked you why people were saying shit, you told me it wasn't true.'

'Colin...' she trailed off, not knowing what to say.

'"They're just rumours, Colin,"' he mimicked, his face twisted in disgust. 'And I believed you. Beat the shit out of my own friends for you...' He stared at her like she was some sort of insect, small and repugnant.

'I'm sorry! But I knew you wouldn't like it and-'

He turned away and walked upstairs silently, leaving Mariana to stare after him.


An hour later, Colin still lay looking at his bedroom ceiling in confusion.

He felt like such an idiot.

His mind kept replaying the image of Davey Jones frantically doing up his pants. So Davey really had been fucking her...fucked her with that nigger Germayne too, by all accounts. Unbidden, he imagined Davey stuffing his pale Welsh cock into Mariana's mouth while Germayne rammed a huge black cock into her from behind.

He groaned, feeling the familiar guilt even as his cock started to harden.

"What the fuck am I feeling guilty about?" he asked himself. "She's a slut!"

All the times he'd felt guilty for having thoughts of touching his seemingly innocent sister, and she was a fucking whore.

It wasn't that he'd expected her to be a virgin - although that hadn't seemed such a distant possibility what with the fact that she'd never really had any serious boyfriends - but he certainly hadn't expected this. She seemed so nice. So normal. But normal girls didn't get fucked by a guy at each end, did they?

He'd never really known how to communicate with her because she'd always been one of those girly girls and he'd always been a foul-mouthed rugby player, but they'd always been nice to each other. They never really fought, and she was always considerate of him; making him extra when she cooked, asking before she took the car - shit like that.

She was a sweet sister, and that was why he'd felt so incredibly guilty for thinking such filthy thoughts about her. That was why he flipped out on anyone who talked bad about her.

Not anymore. He pushed aside the guilt that had sunk its claws into him so long ago, and began stroking his cock.

How big of a slut was she? he wondered. How much did she care who the cock she fucked was attached to?

Fuck, she was so small. Not short, at five foot six, but just tiny. He could probably span her waist with one hand. Those tiny tits of hers would disappear in his big paws. He squeezed his cock absently, then began stroking it leisurely as he imagined how those blue eyes of hers would widen if he touched her the way he'd been wanting to since his first erection.

Those tiny hips of hers...he imagined slamming against them, no longer wracked with guilt over fucking his slender sister so roughly. She could take Germayne's big Jamaican cock, she could take his big white one.

And fuck, would he give it to her.

He became increasingly lost in the fantasy as he grew nearer to orgasm. How would he initiate things? Blackmail briefly crossed his mind, but that only worked in bullshit letters to men's mags. Walk in on her in the shower...no, start wrestling with her and...what the fuck, why was everything turning into a friggin' dirty mag submission?

His problem was that he liked his fantasies to be realistic. He could cum to simple imagery, but it was always a better cum to have a whole fantasy mapped out. He'd actually had times where he couldn't cum because he'd started a fantasy that he hadn't been able to envision a realistic resolution to. He wasn't an overly complex person, but that was one idiosyncrasy he did have.

Sighing, he gave up and returned to images of her getting fucked by Davey and Germayne. Who else had he heard about her getting fucked by? The team's other prop, Marc. That had been a good fight when he'd taken Marc on, Colin grinned to himself. Two props beating the hell out of each other in the tiny change room; a lot of collateral damage had occurred.

Colin wondered at Marc's size with Mariana's tininess. Had Marc hurt her? Or did she just take it like a professional slut? His cock lurched at the idea. He barely even registered the sound of the door opening.

'Colin, we need to...' Mariana trailed off as she caught sight of his large cock being viciously jerked by his monstrous hand.

Colin's hand froze on his twitching cock, and a million thoughts went through his mind, jumbling together and rendering him motionless. Should he cover up? Did she like his cock? Hadn't she ever heard of knocking? Would she know he was thinking about her? The one that surprised him the most was the thought sent straight to his brain courtesy of his cock: what would she do if he didn't cover up and stutter apologies?

'Oh God! I'm so sorry!' Mariana slapped a hand over her eyes, and turned to go out the door.

Without thinking, he muttered, 'Well, it's not like you never saw one before.'

Mariana's hand dropped from her eyes, and she turned to glare at him incredulously. The obvious effort it was taking for her to keep her eyes trained north of his neck only amusing him.

'Pardon me?' she asked in a prissy tone.

Colin felt his anger grow at that tone. Trying to act the outraged virgin now, was she? 'I said, "It's not like you never saw one before." From what I've heard, you've seen quite a few, some of them two at a time.'

She gaped at him. Never before had he said anything like that to her.

Colin smirked at her, but became aware of his cock rapidly withering in his hand. Part of him was relieved: it made it look like he wasn't turned on by her, which of course, he was. But the other part of him didn't feel that a limp wick was nearly so intimidating as a cock at full mast. He started stroking again, making a concerted effort to keep from trailing his eyes all over her body.

'What the fuck are you doing!' Mariana exclaimed, covering her eyes again. 'I know you're not tossin' yourself while your sister is in the room!'

'I'm doing what I was doing in the privacy of my own room before you barged in without knocking! Or is this what you were hoping to see, Sis? You've tried every other kink, why not go after your brother's cock too, eh?' He smiled maliciously at her, squeezing the top of his shaft.

'You're a fuckin' pervert!' she screamed as she stormed from the room, slamming the door behind her.

Colin relaxed against his pillows, tried to get his cock back to the level of excitement he'd been at before Mariana had come in. He stroked. He fantasised. He squeezed his sac. Nope. Wasn't happening.

He heaved a sigh and got up to search for some briefs.

Well, at least he knew he hadn't been wasting time with a faulty fantasy: one glance at his cock had definitely not brought her to her knees.


Mariana slammed the door to her bedroom. She was literally vibrating with rage. And something else. But she didn't want to explore the something else. No, much better to leave the something else unexplored.

Unbidden, an image of Colin's cock popped into her mind. Jesus. She'd imagined him being well-endowed, but imagining and actually seeing were two very different things, weren't they?

She collapsed onto her bed and hugged a throw pillow to herself.

How could he do that in front of her? She shivered. In revulsion. At least, she tried to tell herself it was revulsion.

Her pussy throbbed, and wetness dribbled down her slit into her crack. Okay, so it wasn't revulsion.

She reached down a hand to stroke herself through her jeans. Her hand froze. What was she doing? It was a big leap to go from harmless fantasies once in a while about her big brother, to fingering herself with a clear picture in her mind of his cock. Wasn't it?

She groaned and thrashed her head back against the pillows. Was it any different really? Her pussy throbbed in answer, as if trying to express its opinion that this fantasy was also harmless and she should indulge in a finger-fucking as soon as possible.

Her clit was aching, and her cunt desperate to have something fill it, and Mariana caved. She quickly undid her jeans, rolling them down her legs. Her fingers quickly found her clit and started rubbing frantically. The fingers of her other hand teased her slit, hinting at - but not achieving - penetration.

God. What would he have done if she'd just walked over and grabbed his cock? Said something slutty like, "I'll take care of that for you". She grinned at the cheesy line. It was cheesy, but that wouldn't matter to a guy.

Over the years, Mariana had come to know one thing with absolute certainty: men were dogs. Rub their tummies and their leg twitches. She could walk up to any guy and take out his cock and overcome all his half-hearted objections about having a girlfriend or a wife or being a priest. But incest was pretty big. Would her brother have pushed her away? she wondered.

She gave up teasing herself and plunged a pair of fingers inside her cunt, still sore from her earlier fucking. In her dad's chair. That had been hot; she loved to do nasty shit like that. She'd fucked on both her parents and her brother's bed.

Davey wasn't big, but he was a very naughty boy. He knew lots of different positions, loved cheating on his girlfriend, and had more than a couple of friends into threesomes. Mariana's first threesome had been with Davey and some Yankee girl. Then her second had been with him and another Welsh guy. After that, Mariana had been bold enough to make threesomes happen for herself, but she always loved fucking Davey. And he always loved bringing new people to come play.

She moaned as she pinched her clit with her other hand. Her cunt was gushing, her thrusting fingers were now completely soaked with juices rolling down her hand. She teased and rolled her clit, stimulating it without giving it quite the pressure it was demanding.

Colin's face came to her unbidden. Instantly, her fantasy switched to that enormous cock of his. His body wasn't bad either. He was, in reality, every woman's wet dream. Large, hot, and a little bit savage. He would be rough in bed, she instinctively knew. Her brother had always been one of those rough and tumble boys into every violent sport, fighting all the time, accidentally hurting the girls he liked when he teased them. He was just incapable of gentleness, which was fine by Mariana; that was how she liked it. Roughness to her equated to a male's inability to control his desire for her, and was therefore extremely hot.

It still really pissed her off - and hurt her feelings, too, if she were inclined to be honest - that he'd slapped her though, and that anger intruded on her fantasy, quickly melding and becoming part of it. She would tie him up, lick him all over, suckle those lovely male bits of his, then leave him to cool off 'til morning. She smiled at the thought. Then, after he'd had time to think about the error of his ways, she'd fuck him.

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