tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRumours Ch. 02

Rumours Ch. 02


My stories tend toward the nonconsent/taboo side, but I want to be clear that I'm in no way suggesting that the acts in my stories are okay. Forced sex is a fantasy I enjoy and I write for other similarly minded people. Real rape is ugly and sad, and if it's something you're considering acting out you should seek help.


To the people who hated the first chapter because it was rape, you're not gonna like this one any better so I'd recommend against wasting your time reading it.

Thanks to CopyCarver for the editing on the original, and to BlackShanglan for the review and suggestions. Thanks to everyone who sent feedback.

All characters are 18+


Mariana snapped awake, breaking through the fog of sleep at the feeling of a hand over her mouth. Her heart went from steady resting beat to terrified thumping in less than a second. She looked up to meet her brother's eyes as he slid a hand inside her tank top, testing the weight of her breast gently for all of two seconds before he started kneading it hard enough to leave bruises.

Was he crazy? Their parents were in the next room! She shook her head wildly and tried to sit up and yank his hand out of her shirt, but he just rolled on top of her, pinning her with his considerable bulk. He was hard already, and he pressed his stiffness against her mound.

'You gonna be quiet?' he whispered.

Mariana nodded automatically, knowing that despite the drilling of the refrain, 'Rape is never the victim's fault' into her head, she wouldn't scream for her parents; she was ashamed. Scared that somehow that they'd know that she hadn't been completely repulsed when Colin had forced himself on her.

Colin removed his hand from her mouth and tugged her tank top upward. She obligingly sat up so he could pull it over her head, watching him warily. When she moved to lie back down, he stopped her. He moved close, pressing his erection flush against her, and slipped his legs over hers.

His eyes darkened as they came to rest on the light pink nipples which capped her tiny breasts. He brought his hands up to cup them, thumbs and forefingers rolling her nipples to hardness.

'I love your tits,' he muttered.

Her breathing was rapid and shallow as she tried not to inhale so much as to press her breasts into Colin's hands. She felt cold; the edgy, prickling cold of the fight or flight coursing through her body. But neither fight or flight was an option.

He toyed with her nipples for a moment longer before releasing them to slide his hands down to her thighs, which he pried apart even further. One hand slipped between his body and hers, massaging her through the shorts she slept in. While she couldn't claim to be totally unaffected, Mariana was thankful she wasn't wet. The least she could do was not enjoy it when Colin did this.

She'd stupidly thought that he wouldn't continue this once their parents returned from Paignton. Clearly, Colin didn't particularly care.

He moved back from between her legs, and tugged her shorts down over her legs, which she closed unresistingly, even lifted her hips accommodatingly, to help him get her shorts down. Then he was nudging her thighs apart once more, settling himself between them and lining his cock up with her much smaller entrance. Despite their difference in size, each time he'd fucked her, her pussy had soaked itself thoroughly for him, welcoming him inside and clasping him tightly. This time when he pushed, he encountered almost dry flesh which caught on his cock and refused him entrance.

Mariana smiled grimly in satisfaction as he rubbed her clit to no avail. She was finally so stressed out that she couldn't even get wet.

Bastard probably wouldn't care anyway, but at least her non-compliance would be a little more clear.


Colin tried pulling out and plowing forward, but his sister's body wasn't prepared and if he simply kept shoving himself forward until he was inside, he was going to hurt her quite a bit. And probably tear her quite a bit as well. Not to mention she was so dry it would be like fucking a bag of sand. He exhaled through his nose sharply in irritation. What the hell was wrong? Last time she'd gotten wet easily enough.

She wanted it, too; she had to. She'd moaned and come around his cock all weekend, her pussy seeming to get soaked at just a look from Colin. He had the irrational thought that maybe she was doing this on purpose, just to get back at him for making her want him.

He didn't even have any lube, damnit.

He glared down at her, realising what he'd have to do. 'Don't get used to this,' he told her sharply before sliding down until his face was between her legs.

While not wet, her pussy seemed to be at least a little affected and was giving off a light odour of pussy juice. It teased his nostrils from so close up, beckoning him. But he hesitated. This couldn't be all that difficult, could it? While he'd never done it himself, he'd seen it done a million times in pornos, and once at a party when a couple of girls had a bit much to drink and started going at it right there in the den.

He glanced up to find Mariana looking at him quizzically. His neck heated with a flush, and he tried to look as if he knew what he was doing.

'Lay the fuck down!'

She winced at his harsh tone, but continued to meet his gaze. 'What exactly are you doing, Colin?'

His only answer was to suck her clit into his mouth, teeth grazing her, stinging pain mixed with startling pleasure. He swirled his tongue over it, enjoying the feel of it throbbing in his mouth. She quickly began to swell, nub and labia plumping up with desire. The walls of her cunt started weeping juices, readying her for his cock.

With his nose buried in her mound, Colin couldn't help but smell the earthy scent of her juices as they began to trickle out of her. Curious and horny as hell, he dipped down to run his tongue along her slit. The taste was so different, incomparable to anything he'd ever tasted before. But he definitely liked it. Soon he was thrusting his tongue in and out of her spasming hole, greedily lapping up juices faster than she could gush them.

'Jesus, Colin...that feels so good...' Mariana moaned as she lifted her hips to grind her pussy in his face.

Colin was surprised by how much he was enjoying this. He'd always thought eating pussy would be disgusting, but he couldn't be more turned on. If he'd thought his cock was hard before, it was near ready to explode now with his sister trying to stuff his tongue as far as it could go into her cunt, bucking her hips and moaning wildly. Suddenly it occurred to him that their parents were in the next room.

'Shit,' he hissed, coming up to cover her body.

'What are you doing? Keep going,' Mariana said breathlessly, her eyes glazed.

'You need to quiet the fuck down, before you wake Mum and Dad up,' he said without rancor, already distracted by the feel of her slick pussy wrapping around his cock as he worked his way inside.

He felt some resistance as he pushed into the far back of her channel, even more so than the rest of her, which fit him like a glove a size too small. He pulled back then drove in hard, bottoming out and causing her to let out a mewl of surprise. He clapped a hand over her mouth.

'What the fuck is wrong with you?' he whispered, bringing his mouth down to her ear. He began slow but forceful strokes. 'You want Mum and Dad to come in here and find us? Or maybe you would like that...you want to fuck Dad too, Mare? Huh? Have him paint your insides with the sperm that made you?' He slapped his hips against hers hard. 'Or maybe you'd like a taste of the pussy you came from?'

Colin felt feverish, almost delirious as he pounded into his sister. It was so fucking nasty. Her mouth worked against his hand, but he only gripped her cheeks harder. He pushed himself up on his other hand to gain more leverage to his thrusts. The small noises emanating from her throat and the look of surrender in her eyes undid him. He nearly shouted as white-hot jets of cum shot through his urethra into her shuddering cunt.

He shivered as he came down from the high, back to reality where he was in danger of being found by his parents naked and on top of his sister. His cock rapidly withered, but he didn't want to pull it from the warm sheath surrounding it. He rested on top of Mariana for a moment before gathering his willpower and pulling out with an obscene gush of mixed fluids.

'Best get up, sis. Hurry and I'll drive you to school.'

He left a dazed-looking Mariana staring at her ceiling as he closed the door behind himself.


'Wake up, Mariana! If you can't snap out of it long enough to do something with the ball when it comes to you, maybe you should go home!' Ms. Lemieux shouted at her from across the court.

Mariana shrugged and headed for the change room. Better to leave than stand around looking stupid when someone lobbed a ball at her. However, while she definitely needed to go somewhere, it wasn't home. She showered quickly and changed back into her jeans and tank top, then headed out the back doors of the school. She emerged from the school, taking a moment to allow her eyes to adjust to the sun.

'Where you goin', Mare?'

She wanted to keep walking, but she knew he'd get her to answer one way or another so she slowly turned to face him. 'I'm going to Alisha's house.'

'Ah.' He said nothing further, just returned to morosely watching the Dragons practicing on the pitch behind the school.

Mariana struggled not to ask, but the question just seemed to pop out of her mouth: 'What are you doing out here?'

He didn't even look at her as he replied in a factual tone of voice, 'Watching the team I can't play for because I was stupid enough to defend my slut of a sister.'

Anger knotted her stomach, overriding her fear of him. 'You want me to feel sorry, Colin? 'Cause I can't quite do it after all you've done!' She spun on her heel to leave, but he caught her wrist and yanked her backward. He gripped her wrist until she cried out, oblivious to the curious stares of some of his former teammates who'd noticed them up by the brick wall.

He dragged her all the way to the parking lot, his vise-like grip wrenching her along. When they reached the car, he yanked open the passenger door and practically threw her inside. He got in and returned her petrified stare with an expressionless mask, then locked the doors and put the car in motion.

Colin felt strangely detached from the situation, almost as if he were watching some psychopath terrorising his sister on a movie screen. There was a cold fury inside him, though, brought on by watching his team go on practising without him, leaving him behind. He'd been standing there and wallowing in bitterness, and trying to tamp down the worry of what he'd do for college if they didn't let him back on the rugby team. He pushed it away and focused instead on Mariana.

Mariana sat there breathing shallowly until the sound of a belt being unbuckled broke the silence. She looked over and her eyes widened as he pulled his semi-stiff cock into view.

'Colin, someone could see! At least wait until we get home!'

'Mariana,' he said, his tone menacing in its absolute calmness, 'Get down and get the fuck to work. Now.'

She looked around with wide eyes. The road wasn't packed, but they certainly weren't the only ones on it. Colin hit the brakes and turned to look at her, unspeakingly promising violence if she didn't obey. She leaned over and wrapped her trembling lips around his cock, trying to keep her body as low as possible so no one could see her.

After only a moment of her sliding her mouth up and down his slick pole, he was groaning and pushing on her head.

'Take off your jumper,' he commanded, still pushing her head up and down.

She managed to wiggle out of her jumper while continuing to bob on him, sucking and licking. His hand slid from her head down to the skin of her back which wasn't covered by her small tank top. His warm fingers raised goosebumps all along her back and neck, and she tried not to think about her body's response to him as she sunk down completely on his pole and swallowed, clasping him with the back of her throat.

The car rolled to a stop and she was yanked upward viciously by the hair. Once up, she looked around to find they were in the industrial area where he'd threatened her a week before.

'Come here.' He didn't wait for compliance, just dragged her over to the driver's side.

'Colin, anyone could come along!' She shrieked as he yanked down her bra straps; she futilely tried to haul them back up. Her breasts spilled free as he tugged the whole bra down.

A hand at her back pushed her up until a nipple was enveloped by his mouth. The air blowing through the vents of the car was cool, chilling her, and - try as she might to deny it to herself - his warm mouth felt good. His hands were warm too, and she shivered as his rough fingers ran up and down her sides and back, sliding up to cup and knead her breasts.

One hand left her for a moment, and she was dimly aware of the sound of the engine being shut off. Then he was back to kneading both breasts again, pushing them together so he only had to turn his head to suckle one nipple, then the other.

The hot mouth drawing on her sensitive nipples soon became too much and had her head lolling back while moans of pleasure emanated from her. Her hips jerked when she felt his hand sliding up her thigh underneath her skirt, coming up to palm her now damp knickers. One thick finger traced along her slit, stopping to circle the damp spot under her hole.

Every time the thought of the immorality of this tried to tamp down her physical response, the image of Colin that morning with his head buried between her legs flashed through her mind. The memory of his tongue stroking her had her clenching her thighs together all day, gritting her teeth and trying to erase the feelings from her brain. Her conscience lost the battle with her desire when Colin pulled her knickers to the side and slipped two inside her greedy cunt.

His thick fingers filled her as well as some guys' cocks had, rough skin sliding deliciously along every nerve ending. He released her nipple, grazing her with his teeth as he came off it, then rested his forehead against her chest.

'You liked that, this morning, didn't you?' He asked, his voice a low rumble.

She turned her head away.

'Did you?' Colin looked up at her with an intense expression.

'Yes!' Mariana cried breathlessly as he started pushing a third finger in.

'I could feel your pussy grippin' me.' He shoved the third finger in to the knuckle.

Mariana choked on a moan at his words and the stretching of her cunt. It hurt, but, much like everything Colin did to her body and to her, it mixed pleasure with pain.

Suddenly the fingers were yanked free, and she slid down and found herself straddling the ridge of his cock. Her hips rocked unconsciously, sliding her turgid clit along his hardness. He gripped her hips and pulled her up, quickly positioning his cock, and then pulled her back down onto it.

The thick head split her wet folds as she sank down, dropping her head on his shoulder as she took all of him in. There was so much of him...too much, really. The way he filled her made her feel both overwhelmed and delirious, like the rush one gets from doing anything on the verge of what can't be handled.

She started to move on him slowly, her legs already beginning to shake.

Slowly apparently wasn't good enough for him, because his fingers dug into her hips and he started hauling her up and down on him, lifting his hips to get deeper inside her. Wetness poured from her and her body started to shake, but before she could climb to her peak, he was groaning and yanking her down by the hips at the same time as he surged upward. His cock swelled to a painful size inside her. He moved his hands to her shoulders, gripping them from the back and pulling her down by them as he shot streams of seed inside her.

Mariana spasmed around him, trying to follow to her own orgasm. His head dropped forward then turned to rest on her shoulder.

'Fuck,' Colin whispered sharply.

'What?' Mariana snapped up, turning to see what he was looking at.


But it was too late. Mariana felt faint as her gaze locked with Davey Jones, who stared back at her incredulously from his car.


This was not going to be a good day. Colin wiped his hand down his face as he lay on his back, trying to forestall having to get up and deal with the nightmare that his life had become.

He briefly wondered if he deserved it for having started all this.

He'd hoped to bargain with Davey, to plead or to threaten him into not telling, but Davey had driven off as soon as they'd spotted him, then Mariana had gone into hysterics, screaming and trying to hit him and taking all his focus while Davey got away. Davey hadn't been there by the time Colin had screeched to a halt in front of his house. The numb feeling of dread had tightened into a knot when Davey's mum had finally confirmed that she'd heard from Davey and he was at Sara's; it had only grown overnight. He felt nauseous, but unable to vomit.

He wasn't particularly surprised when his mother told him Mariana wasn't feeling well and was staying home from school. She looked extremely worried, which Colin figured meant she knew that Mariana's problems were more mental than physical. He'd eaten little - something that hadn't happened since he'd had mono - then proceeded on to school.

He tried to formulate a game plan. School was always rife with rumours and bullshit - as long as he denied it vehemently without fail, people would eventually forget. He would fuck every chick at school if that's what it took. He'd tell everyone he'd fucked Davey's girlfriend and Davey'd overheard her telling him he was much better in bed than Davey. He'd beat the shit out of every guy in school; whatever it took.

He parked his car and braced himself. He needed to act casual. Shrugging off his worries, he got out and struggled to stride casually toward the school.

No dead silence followed by hushed whispers occurred. No giggles behind hands or disgusted sneers. A couple of people glanced at him strangely, but after the initial panic, he realised that could have been just because he was staring at them intently, watching for any change of expression. A couple of people called out casual hellos.

...Maybe Davey'd decided to think better of the ass-beating he knew Colin would give him if he told. Colin's heart started to slow down to a normal rhythm as he entered the school.

'Oy! Colin!'

Colin froze at the voice. He turned slowly to face Davey. They stared at each other for a long minute, each seeming to try and guess what the other was thinking.

'I gotta talk to you, mate.'

Colin just stared back at him.

'Follow me.' Davey led the way to the bathroom.

Colin's teeth ground at the commanding tone Davey had assumed. The little bastard probably thought Colin was his bitch now. He made a concerted display of unaffectedness when they came face to face in the bathroom after Davey had checked the stalls.

When Colin arched an eyebrow, Davey grinned and broke the silence.

'So, how long has it been going on?'

Colin's eyebrows flattened. 'What the fuck do you want?'

Instead of answering, Davey pulled out his phone and started pressing buttons. He held it up as a video started playing. Colin instantly recognized it as the moment where he had begun to cum, hauling Mariana down on him and thrusting savagely up into her. There was no mistaking either of their faces.

'I also got a couple of pictures. Video didn't occur to me right away.'

Colin looked at Davey, then back at the phone.

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