tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRumours Ch. 03

Rumours Ch. 03


My stories tend toward the nonconsent/taboo side, but I want to be clear that I'm in no way suggesting that the acts in my stories are okay. Forced sex is a fantasy I enjoy and I write for other similarly minded people. Real rape is ugly and sad, and if it's something you're considering acting out you should seek help.


Okay, here's chapter three. Thank you to everyone who sent feedback on the first two chapters, and my apologies for the ridiculously long amount of time it took to get this up.

Warning: This story contains some extremely racist language. If that upsets you, please don't read it.

All characters are 18+


'Colin, mate, you know we've gotta do more shit with her. It's too good an opportunity to pass up! All the shit she wouldn't do before, we can make her do it now,' Davey said, keeping his voice low so that no one in the crowded school corridor could overhear.

Part of Colin rebelled at Davey thinking he had any control over what was done with Mariana. But Colin quelled any visible reaction and instead just asked curiously, 'What kind of shit wouldn't she do before?'

They reached Davey's locker and Davey spun the combination lock. 'Wouldn't let me fuck her up the arse, wouldn't let me tie her up-'

'Really?' Colin asked incredulously. 'Those seem pretty tame compared to some of the shit she was doing.'

Davey shrugged just as a guy passing by shouted, 'Hey, Davey Jones is at his locker!'

'Ha, ha! Yeah, that just gets funnier the three-thousandth time I hear it, mate! Fuck off.' Davey turned back to Colin, 'The arse thing, said she just didn't like it. Hurt too much, or some shit. Bein' tied up, it was something about giving up control. She's got a real power complex, your sister.'

Colin's lips quirked - she had no control with him. On an instinctive level, he knew that turned her on as much as it scared her.

'Well, I'm definitely getting inside her arse.' Colin frowned thoughtfully. 'You can go first, though, and stretch her out for me.'

Davey's eyes narrowed. 'You're not that big, bitch.'

'My cock's definitely bigger than that little baby carrot you've got in your trousers.'

'Fuck you.'

Colin just grinned and wrapped an arm around Davey, hauling him up bodily into a semi-hug. 'You'll have to settle for fucking Mariana.'

Davey shook his head, giving Colin an amused look.

'What?' Colin asked.

'It's just funny - not that long ago you were beating the fuck out of anyone who said he shagged your sister, and now all of a sudden you're pimping her out.'

Colin's face darkened at the reminder. 'Yeah, well, I was an idiot. I let that bitch make a complete fucking fool of me. I can't believe...fuck, I don't even wanna talk about it.'

A calculating expression came over Davey's face. 'You know, mate, I can think of a great way you could pay her back.'


Colin found Mariana after school at netball practise. A few other people were watching the practise from a stage that jutted onto the gymnasium floor. He hopped up on the ledge and sat with them, enjoying the view of teenage girls in skimpy shorts and T-shirts. His attention soon zeroed in solely on Mariana, though.

It was a sick, twisted obsession he had with his sister, and since fucking her, it actually seemed to be growing worse. His eyes roved over her body hungrily.

Mariana spotted him and their eyes locked, just as the ball came flying at her. She reacted too late, and was hit full force in the solar plexus. The wind was knocked from her and she dropped to her knees, chest heaving, trying to catch her breath.

Colin grinned.

A whistle blew.

'Mariana! Are you okay?' Ms. Lemieux shouted as she came trotting up.

Mariana nodded through gasps. Her breath started to come back and she stood up, turning to give Colin a quick glare before returning her attention to her netball coach.

'I'm fine,' she said, waving off her friend Navpreet, who was rubbing her back.

'Better pay attention out there, girl,' Navpreet teased before jogging off.

'Everyone, start again! Mariana, come with me,' Ms. Lemieux said, leading the way to the corridor.

When the heavy door shut behind Mariana, Ms. Lemieux gave her a probing look. 'Mariana, I notice you seem very distracted lately. Is there anything going on that you want to talk about?'

Mariana shook her head, biting the inside of her cheek.

Ms. Lemieux's voice softened. 'You sure? You can talk to me, you know. If you have boyfriend troubles, or if there's something going on at home...' she trailed off meaningfully.

Mariana could feel her cheeks heating, and she willfully tried to tamp down her reaction. 'No, Ms. Lemieux. Nothing like that.'

The older woman, who in reality was only a few years older than Mariana, looked at her intently but kept speaking in a disconcertingly gentle voice. 'Mariana, it's been brought to my attention that, during changeout, some of the girls have noticed you have bruises. If someone's hurting you, you need to tell someone.'

For a split second, Mariana considered telling her. But the same thought stopped her as it always did: rape 'victims' who came all over their rapists' cocks would be laughed out of court.

She forced a laugh. 'No, Ms. Lemieux. Those were just hickies! From my boyfriend.'

Ms. Lemieux arched an eyebrow. She stared at her for a long moment.

Mariana steeled herself and forced herself to meet her teacher's eyes unflinchingly.

Finally, Ms. Lemieux sighed. 'All right, Mariana. If you ever want to talk, though, I'm here.'

Mariana gave a half smile. 'Yeah, thanks, Ms. Lemieux.'

They walked back into the gym together, and Mariana struggled to get through the rest of practice while all the while feeling Colin's eyes burning through her. She managed relatively well for the mostpart, but at one point she caught him ogling her arse and got nailed with the ball again.

By the end of practise, she was well and truly fed up with Colin. For God's sake, did he want EVERYONE to know?

When she entered the locker room, she glared at the other girls and went to change in a stall. Nosy bitches, telling the teacher about HER bloody body. As if they even cared what happened to her.

She changed quickly and slammed her gym clothes into her bag. She'd worked herself into a fine snit by the time she exited the stall, ignoring the girls who spoke to her.

She strode past Colin without even glancing at him on her way out the gym. She'd just made it into the corridor when Colin caught up with her.

'You seem miffed. Something wrong?' he asked.

She walked faster and ignored him.

He matched her pace easily. Bloody tall bastard.

'What's your problem?' he asked, a little annoyed now.

'What's MY problem?' she hissed. 'What the hell is YOUR problem? Sitting there and fucking me with your damn eyes!'


'The way you were watching me the whole practise in front of everyone!'

'No one's gonna notice me looking at you,' he said, but a little doubt edged his voice now.

'Colin, I'm lucky my clothes didn't catch fire! And we'll be lucky if everyone didn't notice, you were that obvious!'

His brow furrowed. 'You're overreacting. Just chill out, Mare.'

She jerked to a halt and shoved him in the chest. 'I don't need to chill out; you need to smarten up. Or maybe you just don't care if everyone knows what a sick little git you are! Is that it? You don't care? Okay, let's go tell everyone that you're a bloody pervert who likes to fuck his sister!'

Colin's eyes narrowed to slits. She was caught by surprise when he shoved her, and, instead of hitting a solid wall, she stumbled backward through the door to the boys' loo.

Colin reached behind himself to lock the deadbolt on the door. Her heart pounded with its ominous sound.

'You gonna hit me again, Colin?' she asked bravely, but countered that by backing up until her back hit the tiled wall.

He said nothing, just grabbed a handful of her hair and tilted her head back. Intensity poured off him as he leaned down to kiss her. As with everything else he did, he kissed hard. His lips moved hers, and his tongue slipped in to dominate hers.

His body pressed against hers, and he let her feel that he was already hard. He ripped his mouth from hers. They were both breathing heavily.

'I always thought if I fucked you, it would get better, maybe even go away. But it hasn't,' he murmured, almost to himself.

She said nothing, just stared at him with wide eyes.

'I think it's actually gotten worse. I wake up in the middle of the night and want to fuck you again, even if I've already done you twice before bed.' His hand creeped down, reaching beneath her skirt to rub along her knicker-covered slit.

His eyes held hers, hypnotic, like the eyes of a cobra.

'Do you feel the same way, Mare? Or is it just me?' he murmured the question, pressing a fingertip against her little button.

Her breathing grew shallow. She felt oddly paralyzed; she could see and hear and feel everything, but she couldn't make her mouth or limbs do what she wanted. Her fingers had come up to grip his arms at some point, and they tightened involuntarily.

'Hmmm?' he rumbled, dipping his head down to the dip between her neck and shoulder. 'You don't want me, Mare? You don't like my cock? You don't like how I fuck you?'

Her eyes slid shut. His voice and his breath tickling over her skin brought her body to a thrumming state of awareness. She wasn't herself; there was no right or wrong, no conscious thought. There was only the feel of him against her and the low rumbling of his voice.

His finger slid inside her knickers and found her wetness. He murmured his approval against her neck.

He circled her hole teasingly, spreading the hot dew up and down each full, pouting lip, and around her swollen clit. He teased her until her head was lolling back against the wall before he finally, finally pushed his finger inside.

She was in an alternate realm, hyperaware of every sensation. She felt the rough pad of his finger rubbing along over the protrusion of her G-spot, so intense because she was so lost in the feeling. She felt him slip in a second finger, stretching her tunnel which wrapped itself around him. She felt her hot, sticky juices flowing, running down his palm and the back of his hand.

The sound of his belt unbuckling and trousers being unzipped barely registered, and then her knickers were viciously yanked to the side. His finger withdrew and the silky knob of his cock was there, probing her. He lifted her easily, hooking his elbows under her knees and reaching around to pull her panties to the side again, then pulled her down onto his prick, surging into her with hard, aggressive bucks.

Her hands found his shoulders and she clawed him wildly, trying to force him in deeper. She leaned in and, without thinking, bit him on the neck. She lapped at the bite mark, the odd urge to pierce his skin coursing through her.

Colin's body pulsed as his sister licked and nipped at his neck. He fucked into her harder, into the cunt that wrapped around his cock as if made just for him. So tight around him...

He hooked his arms under her knees and drove into her, slamming her back against the wall viciously. If he'd been capable of rational thought, he'd have worried he might be hurting her.

He needn't have worried anyway; Mariana wrapped herself around him and mewled into the crook of his neck. Her nails dug in harder, raising welts through his shirt.

Mariana felt herself begin to milk his cock as the electric pulses of orgasm shot through her. She worked herself on him, gripping him hard with her pussy as she tried to make him cum with her.

He didn't have far to go; the cum pounded through his balls, demanding release. He slammed into her, and then the feeling of her shuddering cunt and her juices sliding over his balls set him off. A roar escaped him as his cum shot through his cock, firing into her over and over.

He kept pounding into her, riding on the wave of a seemingly endless orgasm, and she was swept right along with him. Her neck couldn't seem to hold up her head as she came around him again, felt his cock pulse and shoot ropes of cum inside her.

They gripped each other bruisingly, each working their hips furiously until they were drained. Their hips finally slowed and eventually came to a stop. Colin let her legs slide down before he withdrew from her.

He held her knees pried open with his as he watched their combined juices slide down her leg.

A corner of his mouth kicked up in a smirk as her already flushed face reddened even further. 'Now tell me you don't want me.'


That night, Mariana sat at her computer, staring in shock at the millions of results her search of 'incest' had turned up.

'Holy shit,' she murmured.

She hadn't expected anywhere near this volume of results. Nor had she expected quite such a diversity in results. She'd been expecting incestuous abuse help sites and kiddy porn. She hadn't been prepared for all the sites extolling adult incest and its many virtues.

The number of online articles debating whether adult incest should be legal was surprising. The amount of porn claiming to be brother/sister, sister/sister, father/daughter, and mother/son was simply staggering.

She'd meant to look for help dealing with what was going on. Thought maybe if she read enough sites about what a victim she was, she would be able to do something. But, for some reason, she found herself clicking on a website that claimed to be filled with people's true tales of incest. Almost all of the stories seemed absurd, but a couple seemed possible, if not probable, and one even bore a startling resemblance to her own story. Forceful brother, guilt-ridden sister who grew more and more addicted to him.

She started guiltily when she realised she was damp between her legs.

'Jesus. I'm getting as bad as Colin,' she muttered.


The next day, Mariana returned home to find Colin and Davey sitting in the living room. They looked up when she came in, and something in the smiles they gave her immediately put her on edge.

'What are you doing here?' she asked Davey bluntly.

'Poor manners, Mariana.' His grin didn't fade. 'I'm just sitting, having a chat with my good friend Colin.'

'Go grab us a beer, Mare,' Colin ordered.

She gritted her teeth. This was another development of late; Colin had taken to commanding her to fetch things for him, cook for him, and to perform various other little tasks. Apparently her servitude didn't stop at the bedroom door. She felt like she was losing her identity, losing the old Mariana and becoming this new Mariana who was simply a plaything and servant for Colin.

She returned to the room and handed them each their beers, then turned to leave.

'Come have a seat, Mare,' Colin said, patting his leg.

'That's okay, I'm going upstairs-'

'Come have a seat,' Colin repeated, the slight flaring of his eyes as well as his tone informing Mariana that it hadn't been a suggestion.

Her face tightened but she went and sat on his leg.

'Good girl,' Colin murmured, pulling her closer. His hand slid up her skirt, running along her thigh.

Davey grinned at her. 'You don't even know how fuckin' hot it is to watch you two. So rude! So nasty!'

Mariana couldn't help but shake her head in awe at Davey. 'You're such a freak.'

Colin's fingers traced along the edge of her knickers, burrowing underneath the elastic edge.

Her body tensed as his finger traced down one labia, then the other.

'We're going to have some fun today, Mare,' Colin murmured.

Her shoulders stiffened, this time not out of sexual tension. 'What's going on today?'

'It's a surprise. Let's get you ready,' he said, rising and tugging her up with him.

'Ready?' she repeated.

'Yeah, your pussy's getting a little prickly. Time to shave.'

'Shave...' she repeated, her brain not quite functioning.

They took her upstairs and into the bathroom, and Colin stripped her methodically before she quite knew what was going on.

Moments later, the bath was running and she was being deposited into it.

'Shave everything so you're nice and smooth,' Colin ordered, then departed with Davey following along behind him.

Mariana was left staring after them.

It was only a moment before she decided it would be easier to just obey. No point risking the wrath of the beast, after all.

She sighed.

It was really pretty sad how quickly it was becoming routine for her to bend to Colin's will.

She stared at the tile wall, wondering how she felt about all this. Black and white had faded leaving only emotional shades of grey. On the one hand, there was something almost reassuring about Davey doing what he was; what she and Colin were doing had weighed on her so much more before Davey had come along, acting as if it were nothing more than kinky fun. On the other hand, one of the things she'd always loved best about sex was the high that came from enslaving guys, the power she held over them when their cocks were hard for her. But now, Colin and Davey simply told her what to do, and forced her if she refused. And yet she couldn't even claim to wholely dislike that, as there was something...freeing in having no choice.

The bathroom got steamy as hot water filled the tub, and she finally shut off the faucet and started shaving. She was sitting on the edge of the tub, fingers stretching one labia so she could shave it when Davey came back in.

'Mmm...nice, Mare.'

She flushed, despite having been seen by Davey in more intimate positions than this. Somehow his newfound leverage over her made her uncomfortable. 'Can you please get out, Davey? I'm just about finished.'

He ignored her and sat on the edge of the tub, the rough fabric of his trousers brushing against her wet knee. 'Keep shaving. Don't want to make your brother angry,' he said with a grin.

She glared contemptuously at him, but returned to the careful shaving of her pussy lips.

'I don't know why I'm surprised you got involved in this. You always were a sick little fuck,' she muttered.

'Yeah, but that's what you like about me,' he replied, unperturbed. 'That's why we always had so much fun together.'

She looked up at him. 'You really just have no limits, do you?'

'Hmmm?' he murmured, eyes still fixed on her cream lathered pussy.

'There's nothing that's too much for you. The dirtier it is, the more wrong it is, the more it turns you on,' she said accusingly.

'Now that's just not true,' he objected. 'There are plenty of things that won't put lead in my pencil; I just don't happen to have any moral objection to them.'

'Don't you feel this is wrong?' she hissed.

He pretended to think for a moment before answering, 'Nope. In fact, I get a cockstand just about every time I think of you two together. Makes me wish my own sister didn't have such a big mouth, or I could be having the same fun.'

'Your sister's twelve!'

'Well, I thought we'd established I'm sick?'

'You really are a disgusting little pervert,' she said scornfully.

'I'm strangely okay with that.'

She huffed out a breath, frustrated at his nonchalance. She bent her head to her task and finished shaving.

She'd just finished when Davey reached out and ran his finger along her freshly shaved labia. She shivered and snapped her legs shut around his hand.

He grinned at her attempt to stop him, and wiggled his fingers against her bath-heated pussy.

'You have such a nice, sensitive little puss,' he murmured. 'Want me to eat you, Mare?'

Heat flooded her. She looked away, embarrassed.

A part of her felt stupid; this was Davey. Davey, who she'd already fucked five ways from Sunday. Davey, whose face she'd climbed on top of after riding his cock, him licking her out till she came. There'd never been any question of domination before; they'd been on equal ground - equally powerful, equally eager to try newer, raunchier things. Even when he was talking filthy to her while fucking her from behind, he was just Davey.

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