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Run Eilidh Run


I sat on my computer writing an essay, browsing the internet and talking on MSN. The lights were off and the bright glow off my computer was all that could be seen. It lit only as far as my bed, behind the monitor was the shadows and the loft stairs that led up to the once occupied room. A creak...I stopped typing and looked up tentatively and then went back to my computer. I looked at the naked lady with sharp vampire teeth beckoning me from beyond the screen, her body was covered in fake blood, her hair black as ebony and falling down lusciously onto her pert breasts. A knock at the door and I clicked it off. Dad came in.

"Eilidh, are you going to bed soon? I have to get up early in the morning for work." Dad said wearily.

"Aye, I will in a minute Dad."

My eyes turned back to the computer, I heard the door closing and finished saving my essay and turned off my computer. I stood up and stretched and stripped off naked, looking in the mirror I looked at myself. I was a girl not yet a woman, merely 21 years of age. My hip stuck out as a result of the abnormality I was born with. A curved spine tends to put your body literally out in several places, my hip stuck out and my butt stuck a little out as well. As it happens I liked my bum very much but my hip was annoying when wearing dresses, some accentuated that curve too much for my liking. My breasts were middle sized, one nipple pointed the other way and the breast was a little smaller than the other one simply because of my back. Still I like the feeling of them, they reminded me of those paintings of naked women, their bosoms were...normal, they weren't perfect but still nice. Mine were a nice handful; I played with them for awhile, a smile spreading across my face as I felt my nipples harden. I moved my hands down my stomach down to the softness waiting between my legs.

Eyes peered down the loft stairs watching the girl admire herself in the mirror, the dark figure shifted his movement as the girl slowly fingered herself and then turned towards the bed. He watched her most days, her routine was broken often, she wasn't the sort of girl who really liked routine and she forgot them a lot. He noticed sometimes she just forgot to brush her teeth or put the moisturising cream on her face. Laziness was not an option in his household and she would learn the art of not being lazy and taking care of her appearance. Tonight she did brush her teeth though and put the cream on her face, she wore a breathing mask every night and sometimes her skin broke out. He watched with sadness, he never thought this would happen to her, ever since she was little she was so full of life and took most things like operations in her stride but this was a curse and a burden. Much like his life and no one really knew what she was thinking and how many times she dreamed of ending it all but she never did. He watched her turn on the machine and lie down, fiddling with the mask, tightening it, losing her patience with it. She turned onto her back, he saw ruffles under the bed covers and he knew she was touching herself. She started when she was just 11 and it carried on from there but it was only the right hand, apparently the left didn't have much strength until now. She had found the right was good for quickies and the left was good for intense and intense was the best for her. She never moaned though, only sometimes but mostly she kept quiet and enjoyed her orgasm quietly and then when to sleep. And when she slept he came down the stairs.

My fingers rubbed furiously at my soft nub of flesh, pinching it and slowly rubbing it, putting a little pressure on now and again. I dreamt of erotic pleasures I could only dream of and this made me quicken my breath. Biting my lip, I increase the speed of rubbing and the pressure, my legs twitched and my back arched a little off the bed. This was a good orgasm I could feel it in my bones, it built up and built up and finally it exploded. I continued on as the ripples made my entire body seize up and twitch, the feeling ebbed away and I was left satisfied. I gave my nether regions a pat and turned over and went closed my eyes. Drifting asleep, I had the strangest dream that someone came and took me away, promising me everything, I made a mental note that I should on principle not believe such promises.

The dark figure silently came down the steps without making so much as a creak; he almost floated across the wooden floor to the side of the bed. He stood towering over her, watching her breathe. He knelt down on the floor and stroked her face, her eyes moved. Tonight was the night. He stood up and opened her bedroom door. She didn't hear him move into her parent's room and take their lives, he was so very quiet. He moved into her brother's room swiftly draining his life force. He came back to her room; he moved back into the shadows and whispered her name.


The voice echoed into my brain and I awoke with a start and looked around.


I whimpered at my name being whispered again and I shook her head vigorously.

"No stay away please, stay away whatever you are. Mum! Ma!"

A dark figure moved out of the shadows towards my bed, he moved his hand across the breathing machine and turned it off. He leaned over and took the mask off my face. I didn't do anything to stop him; his face was so pale and white with purple eyes gleaming, one long black strand of hair fell down on to my covers as he leaned over to me. His face was right over mine but there was no breath.

"Sleep child." He whispered and waved his hand. My eyes fell heavy and I felt my body being carried. I was put gently back down on something soft and then nothing.

I heard scratching and mumbling, someone talking.....I didn't want to shift or make a noise so I slowly turned onto my back and opened my eye a crack. The same man that came to my bedside was sitting in a chair leaned over a desk writing on parchment and mumbling to himself. I tried not to move, I didn't want him to know I was awake. I moved my head towards the door; it was a heavy door with 4 locks on it. I looked over towards the window; it was open a fraction, the white floaty curtains fluttered in the breeze. If I could just get to them without him stopping me so I shifted my leg off the bed. Feeling air I lowered my foot down on to the floor but as soon as my foot hit the ground a voice spoke.

"The drop out of the window is quite high; I personally wouldn't jump out unless I really wanted my legs broken." He spoke without stopping his scribbling.

Getting off the bed I stood up and walked to the end of the bed, looking at his back. Shifting towards the door, I kept my eyes on him; he never stopped writing and never even looked up.

"The door has 4 locks, they are locked right now but I can let you out. Course...you wont get very far but its all in the name of fun isn't it Eilidh."

The locks clicked open and the door creaked open. I looked over my shoulder at my escape. Deciding that escape was impossible, I decided to walk slowly out so that it wouldn't seem like a chase therefore not a game, I would find a weapon or knife and call the police. I padded bare foot out of the room and slowly walked out the door. There were other rooms on this floor and to the right of me there was a flight of stairs, I stood at the top and made my way down the stairs. A voice came from downstairs; it echoed all the way up the stairs and made me stop suddenly.

"Why are you not running little girl...are you trying to cheat me of my game?"

I continued my way downstairs and answered him while I plodded my way down.

"I didn't say I wanted to play the game and I am rather tired as you woke me up in the middle of night so perhaps we'll play tomorrow."

"Hmm but I want to play right now."

I sighed and said, "Try and not be so immature about it dear, some people don't have the energy to do the things you want and I for one am not going to run."

"Is that right? We'll see about that then...we'll see just how fast you'll run."

A noise sprung from behind me, quickly I turned my head to see what it was but there was nothing. Turning back I came face to face with a face upside down, red eyes, and sharp teeth in a monstrous grin.


My screams rang down the stairs, I clambered past him and he never did anything to stop me. I stepped down the stairs at a quick pace. He shouted after me.

"But my dear, where are you going?"

I got to the end of the stairs and ran into a room, it was dark and the floor was cold. I felt for a light switch. Lights illuminated the whole room and I stood there with shock at the sight. A monstrous metal frame with manacles attached for the hands and the feet. And all on tables surrounding were different sizes of whips, paddles, paddles with tiny spikes, knives, chains, nipple clamps, all instruments of torture.

A hand stroked my back, coaxing me, it moved down to my lower back. His face came into the view of mine; he stood beside me rubbing my back.

"Please, I don't want to try any of these out."

He smiled at me and stroked my cheek.

"I'm afraid that in this house I will have nothing but discipline and this is a sure way to find it."

"No I won't."

He wrapped fist round my hair and pulled me towards him.

"Well you don't have any choice in the matter really."

He forced my lips open with his tongue, I of course struggled but one hand was at the back of my head and the other was at my back pressing me towards him. I chose to stop struggling and just leave my mouth unmoving and cold. He bit my lip in anger at that subtle defiance and plunged his tongue into my hot mouth, swirling his tongue round, licking my own to coax it to move. I'd never been kissed and my defences crumbled so I licked his tongue in return, I could feel him smiling in triumph. He pushed me away against the wall and looked at me sternly.

"That's me when I'm nice; if you obey me I promise you I'll be that nice all the time. But if you disobey me you'll get taken to this room, stripped bare and you will suffer for your disobedience."

I nodded in understanding. He then gave me a devilish smile.

"However, for your unappreciation of the gift I gave you...the kiss I mean, you will taste the whip for that, 10 lashes should be a nice start."

"Www...hhat. No, no, you didn't explain the rules, that doesn't count."

I stamped my feet and looked at him with crossed arms.

His head tilted to the side, "I make the rules and change them when I feel like it girl."

"I'm not going to follow your damn rules you parasitic bastard!"

He grabbed me by the arms roughly and started to drag me to the table just beside the metal frame. I dug my heels in but I just slid with him, I started to weep in frustration. I scratched his hands and flailed about madly, screeching at my fate. Finally I was at the table; he bent me over the end of the table, took my arms and fastened them to the holdings, pushing them down as I fought to resist him but he was too strong. Finally I was in place.

"You can't do this, please don't do this, it's not right, I'm disabled. I'll die."

"You'd be surprised what you can live through."

He started to shear away the pyjamas I had put on this ill fated night. I felt sick and dizzy. I felt something hard and cold entering my virgin hole, I opened my legs wider in return but whatever it was it was quickly whipped out. A whoosh and a crack as the first lash hit my body. I screamed in shock as the second lash hit my body. 8 more followed, my screams dying away because I had no voice left. When he was finished he unclipped the holdings but I didn't move. A cold hand started to caress my back and buttocks where the pain had been previously. His hands moved round to my front and lifted me upright. I was leaning back on him, thank god he still had his clothes on but I could feel a firmness below the waist of his trousers. Gulping, I prayed nothing like that would happen this night.

"Don't worry nothing will happen tonight to your virginity but your mouth will not have the same treatment."

He whispered this in my ear and let my thoughts drift to what he meant. He swiftly turned me around and leaned in for a kiss but I slapped him away. He let go of my arms, I backed away from him out of the room and turned towards the stairs and made my way up them. Finally I got to the room but there he was lounging on the bed, the covers drawn over his legs showing only the top part of his body. It was a lean body but there was strength there and I had already felt it. A part of me wanted to be held in his arms but another didn't want to give in that easily. His eyes flickered with recognition and he smiled.

"Hmmm, a fighter then and such a weak one at that. You'll be broken easily and I will enjoy every moment of it. Come here girl."

I shook my head and as I made that gesture I felt myself being pulled across the floor to him though he was still in the bed. Now I was standing before him at the side of the bed. He whipped the covers off to let me see his manhood. I stood there gawping, it was large and thick and far too big for me...I was frightened of it. It was already wet with pre-cum. He stroked himself slowly while looking at my reaction, my heart started jumping and my pants were wet. He slid out of bed and stood up, his cock painfully erect and aimed at my chest.

"Sit down!" He commanded in a hoarse voice. I nodded an obeyed, he smiled and my heart jumped again at his mouth for it was a genuine smile.

"I want you to open your mouth and let it go wild on this...." He stroked his cock, I licked my lips.

"...there is no need for fancy tricks, I doubt if you could swallow most of it, just try your best my dear."

He stroked my cheek and guided his glistening head into my welcoming mouth. The first taste was salty from his pre-cum, the skin was taut but smooth. I grazed my teeth accidentally against the vulnerable organ and backed out apologising. He smiled and guided the cock back into my mouth. I couldn't swallow it whole but I managed to fit a good part of it. As I slowly sucked him, his breath got sharper and sharper. As I continued, I felt his hand push my head forward and I panicked as the hardness thumped my throat. Trying to move out of it was impossible as his towering strength held my fast. He pushed my head rhythmically and each thrust he increased the speed.

"Relax your throat."

I tried to relax, gagging and spluttering all the way until eventually I got used to having his cock slipping past the place where it would usually make me wretch. He gained speed, ramming it down my throat and before I could think of panicking, he came in spurts. Not little spurts though, large viscous shooters and I felt it trickle down my throat into my stomach. He pulled out and let a little spurt on to my chin.

"Mmm, a good first try, do you like the taste?"

I licked my chin, it was a mixture of salt and metal, it was tangy. I nodded slowly and looked at him warily.

Oh god, how was I to get out of this mess? I wanted to go back to my house where it was safe, where I could pursue my own life, my own life. While I was thinking this he was looking at me curiously, I got the strangest notion he could read my mind. It then occurred to me that he always seemed to be one step ahead of me. My dreams perhaps were the only things he couldn't see.

"You're a sharp girl I'll give you that but you cannot escape me, your thoughts cannot escape me and your dreams, most are involuntary."

I've had dreams before where I've realised it's a dream and controlled what I generally do in them, what subject I talk about etc. Ooops he would've heard that.

"Hmmm perhaps Eilidh but what do you want to hide from me? There's no way out."

"Can I please go home? I don't feel well."

"There is nothing for you there; I regret to inform you that your family...are dead."

My eyes widened...What? How? When? Who?

"Eilidh, I have picked you as mine and so to bear this curse with me, you must cut your connections with the living world, I simply helped you along. Think, your brother had the same as you, he would've preferred death and your mother and father would've searched for you forever in despair and your sister she would've complicated things...she'd definitely find out, such a smart girl she was. She unfortunately fought me the most."

He looked briefly saddened but then looked up at me brightly.

"I understand this might take long to get used to but you are truly free, it will hurt for awhile but I will be here for you."

Through his words I understood he wasn't joking, I cannot explain what I felt, it was a boiling hatred, sadness, grief, despair, emptiness, disgust; it was the feeling of numbness. I dropped to the floor and moved onto my back. Looking up at the ceiling, tears dribbled down my cheeks, I screamed in despair. A long wailing echoing scream filled with anger and pain and vengeance. And he just sat there and picked up a book and started to read. I could not find the strength to hit him, it would not satisfy me. I screamed and cried and shook until I was silent and had no voice. At some point he lifted me up onto the bed and tucked me in whispering that I would get over it like he had. His hand closed over my eyes, he muttered words and I fell into a slumber.

I walked through the corridor away from the dark figure behind me, this was a dream, I knew it. My dreams were my own, he couldn't find me here. Help me mother, oh god what will I do? What will the day bring tomorrow? I cannot tell...have to wait and see...

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