tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRunaway Bay Ch. 02

Runaway Bay Ch. 02


During the course of our evening meal, neither of us brought up the invitation for me to be model in the swimwear fashion show. We had been drinking a pleasant champagne all evening and we were both in horny moods. Barry kept teasing me about my nipples poking through the pale apricot colored silk mini dress that I was wearing. It had a central slash from the neck down to the waist at the back and so it couldn't be worn with a bra.

I had teased the guys at the table opposite a few times when I crossed my legs. I knew that they had seen my little white lace thong by the expression on their faces. I pretended that I had no idea that they were looking. I know that it was naughty of me, but I consider it a bit like gentle foreplay before Barry takes over back at the room.

We were on the top of the bed trying to cool off under the ceiling fan. I was still wearing my thong and Barry was about six inches from the front blowing gently through the material. He was lying on the bed between my open thighs. There was a table lamp giving a pleasant light to the room. He began telling me how nice my pussy looked through the material and I began to think about what I had shown earlier.

My eyes were closed, when I felt the material being pulled away from my pussy. Then the gentle touch of his tongue. He teased me for ages, going up one side then the other. He got nearer and nearer to my sensitive clit, then just before he made contact, he broke away for a second to tell me how good I taste.

Barry may not be muscular but he has a very versatile tongue. He continued to tease me and give me pleasure until I could feel the start of my orgasm. He sensed this and concentrated on my clit. Nearer and nearer. My eyes were closed and I was concentrating on all the fun that I had had so far at the resort.

Closer and closer, then suddenly it hit me, my best orgasm for months.

Of course, I wanted more, "Keep doing it, just like that." I ordered.

I was soon on the way again when Barry stopped and said,

"I want you to do the fashion show."

"Yes, yes, just keep doing what you were doing."

His tongue went back to work and I felt a finger slip between my lips and make contact with my g spot. That was it, over the top again. I was sure that we must have been keeping the people in the adjoining rooms awake.

I dragged Barry on top and within a very short time, he had achieved his own orgasm.

The fashion show wasn't mentioned again, until the following morning when the resort photographer came by.

"Well, have you decided yet?"

I hadn't really woke up when Barry told him,

"Yes we discussed it briefly last night; she would love to do it."

If he calls the trick he used on me a discussion, he needs to check a dictionary.

Having said that, I was beginning to think that it might be fun. However, I was definitely going to blame him if anything happened that he didn't like.

The photographer said that we were to be in the Hotel Lobby at 3pm on the Friday afternoon. Just two days to get a better tan and I couldn't have anything to eat that was in any way fattening, my stomach had to be totally flat. I was happy that I had spent a lot of time in the gym before the vacation and was looking my best.

I was informed that I wouldn't have to take anything with me as a make up artist had been employed.

Friday came, and I was really pleased with the way I looked. I had increased my tan and had been to the hairdresser just to lighten and put a bit of body in my long blonde hair. I hadn't put any weight on because I had been swimming and using the resort's running machine.

It was shortly after 4pm that our hotel car entered the gates and began to travel along at the drive of the resort owner's mansion. It was huge, being similar in style to the resort exterior, it would easily have passed as a small hotel. A member of staff was there to greet us.

I could see that there was a lot of preparation going on for the evenings show. I felt slightly cooler, because either we were quite high on the mountain or maybe unusually for me, I was a little nervous. I was beginning to wish that I had worn more than just a tight white running top and hipster denim shorts with my white tennis shoes. I had taken some high white classy shoes to wear with the swimwear and a white silk mini dress to wear if there was an after show party.

We were escorted to an office where we met a very nice middle aged Jamaican lady. She had a contract on her desk and started to talk about copyright of any photo taken and some other things. The payment that we would receive was a two week vacation at any of the owner's resorts. Barry read thru it and I signed it without looking at a single word.

We made our way to the large swimming pool area. From the pool, I could see the wooded mountainside and the distant Sea. I definitely wanted to have a swim in that pool at some time.

There were fifty or more chairs placed, two deep, and either side of a narrow, two feet high, catwalk that ran the full length of the pool. There were loudspeakers all around quietly playing Ella Fitzgerald instead of the usual Bob Marley. There appeared to be about fifteen staff, all smartly dressed in white jackets and black neatly pressed trousers.

"Hello Crystal." A voice boomed from a doorway. "I had hoped that you would be wearing your little competition dress."

Then I saw him. A really tall, slim guy. He appeared to be about fifty years old but he could have been older. He may have been mixed race because his skin was not as dark and his collar length hair was not as curly as the other locals I had seen up to then. He was dressed in a multi colored dressing gown and I saw that his skin shone beneath.

"You are early. I must apologise , I was having a swim before the guests arrived."

He gave Barry's hand a vigorous shake then gave me a hug and kiss on both cheeks.

"Please call me Lucky, my real name is Armstrong but I'm not too keen on it. Everyone calls me Lucky."

He asked Barry his name and took hold of my hand. He began leading me towards the house.

"Barry, be a good man and get Crystal and yourself a drink I will introduce her to Lance our choreographer and Phil the video and photo guy for this evening then I will have to get ready."

Lucky led me into a small changing room where I was presented to two men. Lance was extremely thin, extremely black and without doubt extremely gay. He introduced himself and told me he was from San Fransisco.

I smiled and introduced myself to them both.

Phil, a very expensively dressed, cool looking white guy kissed me on both cheeks and held me for a moment, looking into my eyes as he gave me his name and told me he normally lived and worked in New York.

Phil was obviously very comfortable in the company of females. There was nothing effeminate about him. He was just short of six foot with broad shoulders and dark blonde hair fashioned a bit like John Bon Jovi .

"Let me look at you." Ordered Lance, as he touched me on my right shoulder.

"Yes very nice, slim with nice little erect nipples and a wonderful camel toe. We will be able to use that with our little tight swim shorts."

"I couldn't agree more." Said the thoughtful Phil.

It felt strange, being talked about as if I couldn't hear.

Next, Lance grabbed the top of my denim shorts, the button was undone already because I wear them that way for effect. He dragged the shorts down over my hips pulling the thong beneath with it. He took me totally by surprise.

"Oh that's going to need a trim. Some of that swimwear isn't big enough to cover all that hair."

"Excuse me." I protested. "Would you ask if you want to see my pubes. And in any event I am by no means hairy down there."

"Carla will soon have you sorted out. Brazilian is the order of the day."

"Can I pull my shorts back up now?"

"What about your lips, Can we see them?" Asked Phil.

"Why?" A silly question I know, but I wondered what he would have to say.

"We can have problems with the look of the swimwear if the model isn't smooth down there because the material is so thin."

"Well I'm smooth down there."

Phil began to frown and obviously wasn't happy.

"OK then." I offered, and pulled the shorts down to mid high and said,

"There I told you." Putting my feet as far apart as the shorts would allow and pushing my hips forward.

Phil leaned forward for a closer look, "Yes, very nearly perfect."

"Nearly perfect? What's wrong with it?" I asked.

He placed a finger on each of my lips and said,

"It certainly feels nice and smooth but we'll get Carla to double check.

I couldn't believe that someone I had only just met had seen and was feeling my pussy lips. It was as if it wasn't part of me. Only Barry and Victoria, my beautician, usually have access to my pussy area.

Who was this Carla? I wondered, I didn't have to wait long. I had just replaced my shorts when she walked into the room.

Is everyone on this island six feet tall? I thought to myself. Another tall person introduced herself by giving me a kiss on each cheek. She had the brightest eyes and smoothest black skin that I had ever seen. Her hair was so short it was just about visible.

"I'll be sorting you out and doing your make up. I will make you look even better."

Phil had a quiet word in her ear before she took me by the hand and led me out to the pool area again.

I introduced her to Barry who was deep in conversation with a similar aged local guy behind the bar. Barry smiled and continued talking with the man.

Carla led me off to a room adjacent to a gym. It looked like a changing room but with a physio bed near the middle.

"Take your things off, and lie on the bed."

I did as instructed, and watched Carla walk around the bed, examining me from all angles.

"I will take care of your body first, then I'll do your face."

She spread her brushes and make up on a stand next to the bed.

She went around my shoulders then my body with a touch up brush. Presumably covering some of my freckles and the odd mole. As she got to my feet she moved each foot to the side of the bed and examined my legs. She didn't find any blemishes there but spent quite a while examining my pussy.

"Your nipples are dark enough, they should show thru the swimwear quite well. Sometimes with white girls I have to darken them with makeup."

At least there is something about me that doesn't need adjustment. I thought.

"I need to give you a Brazilian."

Fortunately I knew what a 'Brazilian' was and hoped that she wasn't considering waxing as it always leaves my skin raw for a couple of days.

She ran some warm water in a small sink and found a can of shaving foam in her bag. She warmed her hands before rubbing the foam between them.

Without a word her right hand was rubbing the foam all over my pussy. I had been expecting her just to use a little along the sides of my pubes. However, I must confess that it did feel nice. I closed my eyes and began to enjoy the sensation. She must have lathered me for about two minutes before she said,

"That feels ready now."

Her face was inches from my pussy as she took great care in getting the thin dark line perfectly central and straight.

"Right, underneath now. Lift your legs to your chest and open them as much as you can so that I have good access to you. I don't want to catch you with the razor."

"Are you sure that it needs doing? I had it done just before we came away."

"Oh yes, you need doing."

She lifted my legs until I took over and adopted the position.

I felt extremely exposed. I could feel that my pussy lips had parted and could feel her breath between them as she shaved me.

I was looking down at the top of Carla's head when I heard a shuffling noise coming from the direction of the open doorway.

As Carla's head went lower I saw Roy and Carlton at the doorway, dressed as waiters. I knew that their view of my gaping pussy was only obstructed by Carla's head. I didn't want Carla to jump if I screamed because she may have cut me. I remembered that they had been kind enough to make me the winner of two competitions and it would have been selfish of me to deny them a little look. I decided to pretend I hadn't seen them.

As Carla moved to the side to collect a towel they were rewarded with an unobstructed view of my pussy.

As Carla turned back towards me she spotted them. I wasn't sure what she was saying to them, but it was obvious she wasn't happy. The door was slammed in their faces, denying them further pleasure.

Carla was muttering under her breath as she gently wiped away the traces of foam that remained.

She then took some lotion out of her bag and began applying it around the area she had shaved. It felt and smelled wonderful. My eyes closed again at the pleasure she was giving. She was even better than Barry was with her hands. This seamed to continue for about five minutes, then a different sensation. It felt like a tongue between my pussy lips. I had never had sex with a woman. However, I began to think of all that I had read about a woman's touch. And they were right. Her tongue hit just the right places at just the right speed with just the right pressure. I know that I should have stopped her but I couldn't. Well not before my orgasm anyway.

After I recovered she began to apply my face makeup. Carla carried on as though it never happened. If I hadn't felt so wet, I might have believed it hadn't.

At last, I was presentable. I made my way back to Barry at the bar. As soon as he saw me, he said,

"Wow, you look good enough to eat!"

Little did he know, I thought.

At a nearby table were three very attractive Jamaicans, they were jabbering away in their local Patwa.

Barry introduced me to them,

"These are the other models that you will be working with today. "

There were two guys and a girl. The two guys both stood and introduced themselves,

"Hi, I'm Michael, but you can call me Mickie."

He put his hands on my bare shoulders and gave me a kiss on each cheek.

He was so cute, I thought to myself, "Pleased to meet you, I'm Crystal."

Then, "Hello, I'm Paul."

He also gave me a pair of kisses. He was good looking, but in a different sort of way.

The girl remained in her seat. She nodded acknowledgement,

"Hi, I'm Mary."


"Yes, I know. I've heard all about you."

It was clear that she didn't care for me but I didn't know why at that time. She was very tall with an African princess style about her. Her hair was down to the middle of her back with green, black and yellow beads braded into her hair. Her makeup was perfect. She must have been taken care of by Carla earlier.

At that moment the choreographer, Lance and photographer, Phil joined us. Lance had a clipboard holding a few notes with him. He went on to explain how we would need to work fast as there were about ten changes of swimwear for all of us. The good thing was that it wouldn't take long to take anything off or put on. We would have to walk along the catwalk slowly and make sure all the buyers had a good view of all the garments. We were to pause at the beginning of the runway at the middle and at the end before returning with plenty of swagger.

"I want you girls to make sure that you jiggle then cute titties of yours and wiggle your ass. Boys, I want you to be proud of what you've got between your legs and I want a big smile for any female buyer you see looking?"

Lance added, "Some of the swimwear is girl and boy matching sets. Make sure that you wear them as they are on the rack. Mary and Paul, you are working together. Mickie and Crystal, you are the other pair. Right then, has anybody got any questions?"

"Where do we get changed?" I asked.

"In the room Carla used."

"What about the boys?"

"What about the boys? We haven't time for false modesty here my love, you all have to share. You will have a little rack of items each with your name on. Mary, don't you be wearing Crystal's things. They will be falling round your ankles if you do."

Lance made me feel fat at that moment. But then I looked at Mary and decided that she was too thin rather than me being too heavy."

Barry came with me when I went to have a look at the things they had chosen for me. I assumed that the items ran from big to small. I pulled at the material of the smallest bikini and hoped that it would stretch far enough to fit me. It did stretch but I was amazed at how see thru it was. I could have read a book thru the material.

"You will look great in that stuff. It's just a bit smaller than you are used to." Reassured Barry.

I looked at the larger items and examined a pair of what you may call Lycra hot pants. I suppose that you could swim in them but they were probably best suited for posing with its matching baby pink bandeau top. I looked at the front and understood what Lance meant about my camel toe being a feature.

"Are you OK with me getting changed in the same room as the others?" I asked Barry.

"Don't worry about it, they will be too busy to be looking at you and you will be too busy to be looking at them."

No, I will not. I thought to myself. I wanted to see more of Mickie; he had such a cheeky face and a body to die for. His shiny black skin seamed to accentuate his rock hard six-pack. Even thru his slacks, he looked well blessed in the cock department. He was gorgeous, and I was going to tease him.

The four of us had a non-alcoholic drink and a snack before the six o'clock start. The start of the show was to coincide with the Jamaican sunset. Strong lights had been placed all round the catwalk. I hoped that they wouldn't blind me and I ended up falling off the catwalk on to one of the buyer's laps.

I was getting on with Mickie really well. Paul was a little more distant and Mary just wasn't trying at all.

I noticed how Mickie's eyes sparkled. He told me that he was twenty-one, but his boyish charm and youthful looks made me think that he was younger. I told him about Barry and how he likes to show me off and how I enjoy teasing. I may have exaggerated slightly what Barry allows me to get up to with other men, which seemed to bring a smile to his face. He hinted at a few nights of passion that he had enjoyed with tourists, particularly European tourists.

He told me that the three of them had done the fashion show the previous year with another girl who was Mary's friend. She had been pushed out when I was brought in. That was why Mary was being so cold.

We were called by Lance to get ready for the show. I gave Barry a kiss; he patted my ass and said,

"Shake it Baby, Go and enjoy yourself."

I had already decided that I would. The thought of teasing Mickie was at the front of my mind. My nipples were already erect and I hoped that the material that was going to be covering my pussy didn't give my arousal away to all the people watching.

I felt strangely nervous as I entered the make shift changing room. It was only about twelve feet square, so we were all quite close together. I went to my little rack of swimwear. Mickie moved his rack so that he was closer to me. Mary and Paul were at the other side of the room.

Mary was first to strip off. She had an amazing body, so tight, so black and from the neck down totally hairless, presumably Carla's work.

Out of character for me but I felt in slow motion as I slid my shorts down my thighs. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Paul turn towards his rack. I couldn't believe the size of his cock. It was still soft but it was still bigger than Barry's when he was at full strength.

As I took my top off I decided that I had to have a look at Mickie's. I pretended to be looking towards my rack but had to look. Very nice, I thought. Not as big and angry looking as Paul's. In fact I thought it beautiful.

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