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Runaway Hitch-hiker


"What the fuck!!" Ray exclaimed, "Am I ever going to catch a break?"

The left rear tire on his SUV was again losing air from the slow leak and was noticeably flatter when he pulled into the truck stop diner to grab a bite than it was when he had set out in the morning.

At least I'm at a truck stop with a garage, he thought. They should be able to either fix the leak or sell me a new tire.

The past two months had been nothing but one kick in the ass after another for Ray Blanton.

He had filed divorce papers and separated from his wife of eight years.

She had been cheating on him and he had to face that fact. She had also been very brazen and open about it.

His friends had warned him as far back as when he had first started dating her that Becky was a tramp.

He had gotten into more than one fight defending her honor and now felt like a complete ass for having done so.

Walking in on Becky and her tennis pro in the couples own bedroom was the last straw.

Becky had thought Ray was going to be at the dealers conference in Chicago until the following day and had chosen the marital bed for her sex romp with Tony to add spice and excitement to their tryst.

The excitement of a divorce would have to do.

Ray was the owner of five new car dealerships in the northern Virginia suburbs and at thirty two had done quite well for himself financially.

It was in the woman picking department that he was a bit wanting.

His attorney said that he would end up paying little alimony to Becky due to her provable serial infidelities.

Thank heavens for private detectives and for finally listening to his best friend Toms' advice in so far as having agreed to hire one.

The couple had no children so there were no complications there.

Ray just felt stupid and burned. He was a romantic at heart and had really wanted it to work out with Becky.

Not to be.


He went back to the diner and sat in a corner booth drinking coffee and thinking about the last two months.

The garage mechanic had said that the tire was repairable and that he could have it ready for him in an hour.

Ray stared into the darkening parking lot.

He had thought that the trip out west to see his only brother would have raised his spirits but it had not.

Living in LA had seemingly made Joe more of a self absorbed ass than Ray had remembered. The only consolation his brother was capable of was offering to set Ray up with a high class call girl.

No thanks.

The ten days on the west coast had made him realize he could not run away from his problems.

He had a business to attend to and people who depended on him and that took some of the sting out of returning to an empty home.

For years Becky had never really been there for him anyway.

She had agreed to move out and part of the reason for his month long road trip was to give her time to get herself and her things out of the house and settled elsewhere.

His friend Tom was making sure she only took her own things out of the house although she wasn't really a thief, just an unfaithful bitch.

The waitress came and refilled his cup and Ray tried to get excited about his trip to Yosemite.

He thought that on his way back east he would stop and see some things he might otherwise never get around to seeing.

Make lemonade from lemons he chuckled to himself.

It was then that he first saw her.


Amy McFadden was carefully stepping down from the passenger side door of the big rig.

The diminutive teen had just touched down on the asphalt and was donning her backpack when the trucker inside called out to her.

"Ya'll be careful now."

He was replacing his saliva coated penis back inside his pants and started the engine.

He asked Amy to close the truck door and wished her luck on getting her next ride.

Amy closed the door and ignored his wave good bye as the rig pulled away.

She noticed the dollop of cum on the front of her shirt and wiped it off with her hand.

I wish that prick had warned me he was going to come she thought. She would have caught his load in the paper towel she jad in her hand instead of on the front ofher shirt. At least he hadn't touched her head while she was giving him head.

She had warned him not to touch her head and had told him she might bite his dick reflexively if he tried.

She shuddered at the memory of her step daddy holding and directing her head while teaching her to service his cock with her teenage mouth.

Her step daddy had a very large cock and had only tried to fuck her once.

Amys pussy was very small and had only been able to accommodate about a third of his dick before he had given up in frustration and began teaching her to be his personal cocksucker and special little girl.

Amy was four foot ten and ninety pounds soaking wet. She was nineteen but had the appearance of a girl in her early teens.

When the trucker had picked her up in LA he never asked her age but only where she was heading.

"Anywhere but here." Was her reply.

He said he was taking his load to Fresno and that it was against company policy to have riders in the cab. He then said he might be able to stretch the rules for her as he ogled her cute body and evaluated her desperate expression.

The message was clear.

She negotiated one blowjob at the start of the ride and one more at the end.

Thank goodness he didn't smell and that he was a quick ejaculator.

He stroked and fondled her blue jean covered butt while she was bobbing up and down on him but that did nothing at all for her.

She was all but switched off to any sexual arousal and only let his hands roam over her as a means of accelerating his orgasm.

Amy took the twenty dollars the trucker had given her as a parting gift and placed it in her backpack.

She headed across the lot toward the truck stop diner. She was hungry and also wanted to erase the taste of his cum from her mouth.

She began to sob softly while walking and thinking about the mess she was in and what she was going to do next.


Ray was watching her approach while the truck pulled away.

He saw that she was fighting back some tears when she seated herself a couple of booths away facing him.

The waitress came to her and she pulled a crinkled twenty out of her backpack. The young girl then ordered something and began to stare out the window.

She looked like she was about thirteen and the way she had gotten out of the truck just before it pulled away made Ray think that she might be in trouble or running from something.

After about twenty minutes the waitress brought her a hamburger and then stopped by Rays booth to refill his coffee. Ray asked that he be given the young girls check as well as his own.

A short time later the garage texted Ray that his vehicle was ready.

He paid his and the girls bill at the counter and walked out of the diner to pick it up.

He was driving out past the diner on his way out of the truck stop when he saw the girl waving him down.

He pulled over and opened the passenger side window.


Amy was surprised when the waitress had told her that a man who had just left the diner paid her bill.

"What man?" Amy asked.

She had been so absorbed in her own misery that she honestly hadn't noticed anyone else in the diner.

The waitress, who had watched Ray walk across to the garage, spotted his vehicle coming past the diner and said to Amy,"That man."

Amy rushed out front and started waving down the SUV.

She thought to herself that this was the first nice thing that had happened to her in some time and she wanted to at least say thanks.

She walked up to the stopped vehicle and looked across at Ray.

"Thank you for paying for my food. You didn't have to do that."

"I know," Ray said. "You looked like you were having a hard day and I just wanted to do a nice thing for someone. Are you in some kind of trouble?"

"Not really," Amy hedged. "I could use a ride though."

"Where are you headed?"

"Where are you going?" Amy responded.

"To Yosemite for now, I've never seen it."

"Can I catch a ride? I've never seen it either and it's in the direction I'm headed."

"Sure, hop in." Ray said.

Amy climbed in and sat in the passenger seat as Ray pulled out onto the highway.


Amy was not sure where she was going. Probably back east to Pittsburgh. She would have to call a few friends and see if she could crash with them.

The driver looked like a nice enough guy.

If she had to blow him to pay for giving her a ride it certainly wouldn't be as distasteful as with the trucker.

Why had she ever listened to Bridget, she thought to herself.

Following her friend out to LA had been a horrible decision.

Bridget had gone out to California six months previousely, just after the girls had graduated high school.

Bridget and her boyfriend Galen had blown most of their savings on bus fare in the hopes that they would find something better to do with their lives in LA than they would remaining back in Pennsylvania.

The first month out west had her BFF texting bad news about living in a shelter and panhandling and then the texts stopped.

Amy supposed that they had been unable to pay the phone bill or had lost the phone.

Then two months ago Bridget called to say she had gotten a modeling job.

The communication grew more regular and Bridget started to encourage her friend to come out and join her.

She said that she had shown Amys picture to the man at the modeling agency and he had said he could definitely find a lot of work for Amy.

Amy was not dumb and some red flags which might have gone up were otherwise obscured by a crisis wherein her creepy step-dad was pressing her to let him try and fuck her again.

Her mom must have known about Bill coming into Amys room many times a week almost from the time she had married him.

Amy had tried to tell her but had been told that it wasn't what she thought.

Amy must be misunderstanding something.

According to her mom Bill loved them both and they needed his help to keep a roof over their heads.

Amy thought she should have told someone else that the creep her mom had married was making her daughter his little sex toy.

Bill had married her mother shortly after her Dad had died in a car accident and Amy had really wished that her mom was a stronger woman. She wished that they had not had to deal with the abusive creep all this time.

His trying to force her to let him put that huge cock into her tiny pussy was more than she could stand.


Bridget said the man from the agency would pay for her air fare out west for an interview. That's how interested he was.

When Amy pressed her friend as to what type of modeling this was, Bridget became vague and Amy supposed that it might involve some nude modeling. She was desperate enough to get away from Bill that she had taken the gamble.


Ray had not tried to speak much with the young lady in the passenger seat after she had gotten in and they had started off. He sensed she was in no mood for small talk.

He told her his name and when he asked her what hers was she said "Amy."

She said thanks again for paying for her hamburger and for the ride.

After that she responded to his few questions with one word answers or just nods.

He sensed she was troubled but also instinctualy knew not to push. He listened to the radio on the drive to Yosemite and occasionally remarked on something interesting they were passing without expecting a response.

Amy stared out the side window deep in thought.

When they were within a few miles of the park Ray asked her again where she was headed.

"Probably Pittsburgh eventually." She told him.

They were coming into a small town near the park called Mariposa and it was nearing ten pm.

"It's getting late and I'm going to check into one of these motels. They look safe enough and I can get you a room as well."

"I can't afford." Amy began

"Its on me. The room rates are less than half of what I usually pay so it's really no big deal."

In truth Ray was concerned about the girl and was considering calling the police.

He had no children but imagined himself as a father of a runaway teen daughter who was left to fend for herself.

He had noticed the stain on the front of her shirt when she had gotten into his vehicle and that it had smelled like cum.

He put that together with her sobbing after leaving the truckers cab and had her turning tricks as a teen on the run as the most likely scenario running through his imagination.

She had not been too forthcoming with any more information.


Amy agreed to accepting a room next to his in the mom and pop motel they found on the edge of town.

She slept well as emotional exhaustion had taken its toll. The knock on the door of her room at ten in the morning startled and woke her.

"Amy?" She heard from outside. "Are you awake yet? Are you still interested in seeing the park?"

"Sure, just give me a minute." She answered from inside.

What time is it she wondered as she wriggled her pert little butt into the blue jeans.

Amy was about to put her shirt back on and noticed the cum stain from the truckers load decorating a good portion of the front.

He, what was his name again (Ray, maybe?), hadn't said anything about it but maybe he hadn't noticed.

She smelled the spot and realized he had to have noticed but was perhaps too polite to mention anything.

She pulled another shirt from her backpack and after putting it on and putting the cum stained one in the bathroom sink to soak answered the door to the room.

He was standing there with a container of coffee in his hand and a smile on his face.

"Good morning Amy. I wasn't sure if you took coffee but we have time to get a full breakfast before we go to the park if you still want to go."

"Sure, I still want to go ... Ray. (That was his name, she managed to remember at the last second)

Just let me get my things together."

"Just leave them here. I have paid for another night and it will probably be a full day out. You can get them when we come back and then if you have to get going they'll be right here."

Amy was not sure what was going to be next but just decided to go out and enjoy the day.


Ray learned a lot about his young companion as they explored the views, trails, and waterfalls in Yosemite Valley.

Neither had ever experienced such splendor and Amy found herself warming to this gentle and adventurous man.

She told him that she had made a mistake in visiting a friend in LA, a visit that had ended badly, without getting into the details of that visit.

She told him that she was nineteen and he hadn't believed her until she showed him her ID.

"I know I look a lot younger and it's getting old having to constantly correct people."

"I'm glad you're nineteen. I was beginning to think about contacting the police in case you were thirteen or fourteen and running away."

Amy smiled and said. "I was running away in a sense, but now I'm not sure where I'm running."

They were walking together on one of the steeper trails when Amy stumbled and Ray caught her by the hand to keep her from falling.

They continued to hold hands while walking for quite a while after that even after the trail had leveled off.

Amy liked the feeling she got from touching Ray and for Ray it was mutual. She was so much younger than he was but despite her cherub like appearance he felt she was much wiser than her years.

They had lunch togther in a restaurant in the valley and talked about a lot of things.

Ray learned that Amy hated her step dad and though she didn't get into the exact reasons he guessed that there was something pretty horrible behind it because of the way she shuddered involuntarily when talking about him.

Her mom was okay she said but she couldn't go back and live with her as long as her step dad was there. She had some friends in Pittsburgh who might be able to put her up for a while but none had responded to her texts as of yet.

Ray asked if she was planning to hitch all the way back east.

She said that she supposed that she would and then Ray mentioned that he was on his way back to Virginia but would be taking his time.

If she wanted she could travel back east with him and he could detour slightly to Pittsburgh and drop her off.

Amy all but jumped out of her seat in joy, reaching instead across the table to take Ray by the hand and say thank you.

"You are like an answered prayer. I have no money to chip in for gas or anything but I can probably borrow from some friends to pay you back when we get there."

At this Ray responded in the best way possible.

"It won't use any more gas to have a passenger and as far as any other extra expenses you can repay me after you get settled back home. I'm not short of money right now and I might just ask you to pay it forward to someone who needs help in your future. Or you can pay me back over time, whatever you are more comfortable with."

If he had said, "We can work something out.", Amy might have gagged in revulsion as to what that might entail.

If he had treated her like some lost soul desperate for his charity it might have hurt her nearly as bad.

Instead he had offered her help with dignity and respect, treating her like an adult he could trust to do the right thing.

After several more hours exploring the park they started back together as dusk crept in. They ate a late supper at a restaurant near the motel and then walked back together to their rooms.

In front of her room Amy turned to Ray and said "Thanks for today."

"You're welcome Amy, and good night."

He leaned into her and taking hold of her gently by the shoulders kissed her lightly on the cheek.

Waiting until she was inside with the door locked he went into his own room and sat on the bed and thought and thought.



The next morning they were on their way further east. Ray wanted to see Yellowstone next and Amy, having never been west of Ohio prior to her misfortunate visit to LA, was up for the adventure.

They drove north from Yosemite and then across northern Nevada. They talked about a lot of things when either was not settled into some thoughtful silence.

Ray learned that Amy had no siblings and had been very bright in school.

The talked about what foods they liked, what movies they had seen, and places they had visited.

In Amys case that was not many.

She noticed that he had no wedding ring but did have a less tanned area of his ring finger where one would have been.

She wondered about that but did not want to jinx things by asking personal questions in areas he was not opening up about.

They skirted northern Utah, avoiding Salt Lake City, and headed north into Idaho as it was getting dark.

In Pocatello Ray pulled into a motor court with a vacancy sign.

Amy turned to him when he was getting ready to check in and said, "We can share a room instead of getting two so long as it has two beds."

"No, it's OK. I don't mind getting a second room. The rates are pretty cheap here."

"But if we share a room, that's that much less I'll have to pay you back later. I'm still gonna do that you know."

Amy was actually still a bit shaken from her LA experience and had not slept well the night before. She had nightmares and felt she would feel safer with Ray in the room.

She was afraid to say this however and put her offer of sharing a room in economic terms.

Ray agreed and came back to the vehicle with one room key.

Ray let Amy choose her bed and she picked the one nearer the bathroom which put him closer to the door. He kicked off his shoes and asked her if she wanted to be the first to use the bathroom.

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