bySven the Elder©

©Sven the Elder April 2003

I watched her run, hair in a long pony tail, swishing in time with her long strides. Her long, lithe legs extending in an easy stride, whereas five minutes before they'd been wrapped round my back. This affair - this zipless fuck - had been going on for almost two years now and I still didn't know her name, still never saw her at any other time, still didn't know where she lived...


Springtime on the riverbank. What a wonderful time of year.

Time to be up early at the weekend.

Time to be out and about as the dawn was breaking.

Time to myself, no noise other than the tide running on the river and the wildlife.

The snort of a fox I'd met two days before - he and I walking in opposite directions on the same narrow path - the snort of his irritation at my arrogance to be on the same piece of ground as him at this time of the morning. His arrogance at my presence, his eyes meeting mine, then, hardly even looking at me a second time he slipped past me - still walking and disappeared the way I had come. An encounter of maybe ten seconds. This morning it had been an otter - tomorrow?

But that morning almost two years before had brought something else. There was a natural lookout I loved to sit in on the edge of a bench seat. It overlooked the tidal reach of the river - a perfect vantage point. It needed a detour and a small climb to get there. A hidden secret spot I thought of as mine. At least I thought I was invisible, thought it was secret but another thought so as well.

I was engrossed in watching the cormorant fishing below me in the slightly damp mist - watching him twist the just-caught flatfish to the point where he could swallow breakfast. When the hands touched my shoulders I nearly had a heart attack with shock. The runner recoiled and said softly "Sorry - I thought you had heard me."

She stood in the growing light of the early dawn hands by her side, head at a slight angle as she continued "I've seen you in my secret spot before and not come up here - this time I thought I'd come and meet you. Are you all right?"

I nodded yes - though I was still shaking a little as I took in the woman stood in front of me still breathing heavily from her recent exercise. She reached out and touched my bearded cheek softly with the back of her hand, then, as if she had taken a decision moved forward and sat astride my knees facing me. I glanced down as she did so, taking in the 'camel toe' in her speedoes as without thought I steadied her with my hands on her waist.

She held my face gently in her hands and tipped it upwards as she leaned in and kissed me. Her movement opened a gap between her garments and I was holding warm, slightly sweaty bare flesh. As she kissed me again she slid her tongue between my lips as I moved my hands down and cupped her delicious ass, pulling her forward against me. She moaned a little into my mouth as emboldened I slid my fingers inside her shorts.

I let go as she half stood, afraid I'd gone too far too quickly. But was reassured as she pulled up the front of her top to let her hard-nippled breasts come free and into my gaze. She held them to my mouth, offering first one, then the other to me, sighing with pleasure as I ran my tongue and lips round them as they hardened even more in the cool morning air.

Once again I ran my hands down the cheeks of her ass and then moved on round the spread of her hips and across before meeting and gently squeezing the 'camel toe' front. She groaned again - now leaning forward - her breasts dangling invitingly in front of me. She steadied herself with her hands on my thighs then moving to caress the hardness that I had become.

She looked me in the eyes as she undid my belt and trouser front, pulling me out as she bent forward to catch me between those ample tits - leaning down to catch my crown in her mouth as it slipped through them and into view.

I shuddered involuntarily as the moist heat of her mouth threatened to make me come right there and then.

For the first time in some minutes she spoke. "Enough!" And she turned away slipping her speedos down her legs as she did so then leant over the wooden table, her open vagina beckoning me as she once again spread her legs apart.

I needed no second bidding, half an awkward step and I was there, cockhead nestling in that hot slit before it slid so gently all the way in. Christ! What heat on that chilly morning. I felt her fingers rubbing herself as I eased back and then pushed hard back in, pulling her back onto me as I clutched her hips.

We bucked together like animals in heat - all pretence of finesse or silence long forgotten as I held and squeezed her breasts.

Her rhythmic cries of 'Yes, Yes, yes," urging me on to my own climax which came urgently and all too soon. I arched into her - rigid, hard, deep as I could as I sprayed my half of new life into her. We stayed together in that beautifully obscene tableaux for half a minute, a minute - whatever, then as I softened I slid backwards out of her and sat back down on the bench, penis steaming gently in the cold light of dawn.

She didn't turn round as she pulled her speedos back up, uncaring of the trail of fluids now emptying down her leg.

She didn't turn round or say anything as she adjusted her top while walking away to go down the trail away from my secret seat.

She didn't glance backward as she reached the level track and started to run away from me into the mist.

Only the glistening juices evaporating from my softening prick betrayed what had just happened.

I thought it would be a mirage, just a one off lucky happening, but two weeks later she appeared again. Again we fucked; this time with her still facing me, sat on top of me as I impaled her, sucking on those wonderful breasts as they jiggled to our movements.

So it has been for almost two years now - the longest gap has been three weeks, the shortest one day when she appeared not just on the early morning of Saturday but also the Sunday as well. Once I got there a little late to find her, daringly, naked laid on the table waiting for me. That time was intense - her legs up my chest and ankles behind my neck as I speared deep into her very centre.

She's never spoken other than to encourage the moment. I've never seen her anywhere else. Like me she wears a wedding ring, so like me she cheats.

I wonder if - like me - she looks forward to her 'little bit on the side', I do.

© Sven the Elder April 2003

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