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Runner's High


A friend had just left for class and I'm sitting in the Student Union nursing a cup of tea, resisting pulling some stuff out of my backpack and starting studying when I notice Chad Brown looking at me and then heading toward me. Chad and I barely know each other, although we've shared at least one class. He's quite the hunk. Tall, thin. Looks to me like a swimmer with a long, lean but muscular body. Great shoulders. Good enough looking, dark hair. Sort of long nose to match his long body. I've heard the old rumor about the size relationships between noses and cocks but have never been able to either verify it or prove it false.He's never shown any interest in me but I'd sure be willing to consider him if he did.

"Hi, Nancy," he says, sitting at the table across from me. So he's decided to notice me. "I understand you're planning on running the marathon next week. So am I."

Well, that's a surprise. "Yes, I am. I didn't know you had any interest in marathons."

"I've never run one before but how tough can it be when thousands sign up?"

"Are you a runner? I mean, have you run other distances? Are you runnning now, getting in shape for the marathon?"

"I ran a 10K in high school and no, I'm not doing any running right now."

"You're probably going to find the marathon very difficult. You realize it's a little more than four 10K's all in a row?"

"But you're running in it?"

"Well, yeah."

"And you plan to finish?"


"Well then, how tough can it be if a girl can do it?"

Fuck. He's that much of a chauvinist. How do I handle this. "My plan is to better my time. I've run a couple marathon's before. I've been running every day for months to get ready for this. Most people who just show up with no preparation fail to finish. It's very, very grueling. The last miles really separate the haves and have nots."

"So you think I won't finish?"

"I didn't say that. I don't know you well enough. Don't know what shape you're in. But most people doing what you apparently are planning on doing don't finish. Don't even come close."

"So you don't think I'll finish?"

"As I said before, I never really said that but if you push me, yeah, I guess I don't think you'll finish."

"I bet you I will."

"No. It really is not important to me whether you finish or win the whole thing. Why should I bet? Besides, I have nothing to bet, I'm barely making it as it is, I can't bet money on anything, even a sure winner."

"Well, I'll bet I do. And you have something great to put up, something better than money. If I finish, I get to have sex with you."

"What? You insufferable . . " What is this shit head doing to me? I hate him. "I don't think you understand women at all. At least decent women. I realize there are whores who sell sex for money and there are sluts who have sex just for the heck of it but most women consider sex something private and great involving a strong emotional connection with the guy involved. You don't make sex the object of a bet like you might a couple dollars or some beer."

He grins. "You're really pissed off aren't you?"

"Of course I am. You come up out of nowhere and tell me you plan on fucking me without considering what I want in any way."

"Well, you're a pretty girl with a great body, it's true that I'd love to fuck you. You say emotion has to be involved. Well, I'm sure that before I'm done you'll be emotional."

"But the emotion is supposed to be love, not hate, you insufferable bastard. As far as I'm concerned, go ahead and try to run a marathon, maybe we'll all luck out and you'll have a heart attack or drop dead somehow." His mouth drops open. "I'm sorry," I add, "I don't wish you dead at all, that was just from anger, more than I should have said. But the insufferable bastard part stays."

He grins. "You really get worked up pretty quick. I bet sex with you will be very, very good."

I grab my pack and shove my stuff in it and stand and start away, turning to blurt out, "You wish!"

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I ran the marathon. I did manage to better my time. I'm not a threat to win but I'm doing o.k. Chad did start the race but he never finished. I asked around and my understanding is that he started fast and tuckered even faster, making it through about six miles of the 26+ before sitting down on the curb. He got up after a while and got in maybe another mile before giving up.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I run every morning at 6:00 am. I'd love to road run but I don't want to be off somewhere alone so I run on the school track. There is always someone else around, often several. Then one morning, Chad shows up and tries to talk to me as I run and he tries to keep up. Fortunately I manage to outrun him and leave him behind easily. The next morning he's there and the next and the next. He becomes a regular just like me.

One day, he waits until we finish and as we're both walking to cool down, he says, "I never finished the marathon. You were right."

"Yeah, I heard."

"That's why I'm running, to get into some sort of shape and try again sometime."

"So you're planning on being serious about this and keep it up?" He indicates that he is.

I'm running to keep in shape, not to win anything, so I'm not going fast. Well, maybe a fast jog. So, after perhaps three weeks, he's going at roughly the same speed as me. I run for an hour, that's perhaps seven miles at the speed I'm going. So he does an hour also. Most days he does say something to me, even if it's just hello. But he doesn't bug me, he just keeps showing up and getting better and better.

Finally, after one morning's run, I say to him, "Road running would probably be better than going round and round this track. I've avoided it because I'm afraid of being out in the middle of nowhere alone. Would you like to run with me on a road sometime?"

That started us. For months now we've runevery morning. We take different routes, some through the city, some over country trails, some along roads. We start stretching it, going further and faster but we don't take much more time. We both have classes to make each morning. On our return, I head to my dorm and he goes to his fraternity house. The first thing I do back in the dorm is shower, I guess he does the same because we both look presentable when we're in class later.

He asks me out. Says there's a good movie and would I go with him and then perhaps for some dessert or something. We've run together long enough and talked often enough that I feel like I know him fairly well and he seems much nicer than that first time. Besides, I've noticed that long, lean body of his and he looks good.

Nothing odd about the date. It was a good movie, then we had ice cream. No problem talking, very comfortable with each other. Back at my dorm he comes close and I look up at him and he kisses me, keeps kissing, gets his arms around me and holds me close. I kiss back, We actually trade tongues a little. I can feel his erection against me, it turns me on a little. I had a steady boy froend in high school and once we got around to it we had sex a lot. I've missed that here in college. A lot. Instead, I've studied hard and long, run a lot, and kept busy with other things. And masturbated. But that kiss definitely turned me on.

"Would you like to go for a walk in the country with me tomorrow or Sunday?" he asks, still holding me and pressing his erect cock into my abdomen.

A walk in the country? Why not, whatever that might mean. "Sure," is all I say.

"My family used to vsit a ranch not far from here when I was a kid. There's a nice stream that forms sort of a pond at one point. It's pretty and it isn't that hard to get to. My cousin still owns the ranch, although some of it has been sold and it's just a weekend or vacation home for him now. He told me I could go whenever I want, the stream's still there. He and his family won't be there this weekend though. I'll buy some sandwiches and a bottle of wine so we can have sort of a picnic. Dress for a short hike, it's a couple miles off any road."

I masturbate hard as soon as I get up to my room. I'm going to have that cock of his tomorrow, one way or another. I try to sleep and can't. I bring myself to another orgasm, not as huge as I hoped, but it seems to calm me enough to sleep. The next morning I dress in shorts and sneakers and a button up blouse that I left unbuttoned more than I should. I toyed with the idea of going commando but ended up wearing my standard panties and bra. When he saw me, he said "You look really sexy in that outfit."

He's in shorts, too, and although I'd seen his body often while we ran, the sight of him turns me on again. "Thanks, so do you," which is pretty lame but all I could come up with at the moment. Then we drive. And we drive. It ends up almost two hours, heading East through L.A. and out into the boondocks. Southern California is basically desert so I'm used to seeing desolate areas. It also has very high mountains, which have their own beauty. But where we are is different and not what I'm used to here. It's rolling hills and grassland, meadows, with a scattering of trees. We climb some to get here so it's probably at some slight altitude at least but the day is gorgeous. It's spring but the weather is summer, mid eighties perhaps and very dry, the humidity must be below 30 %. The longer we drive, the hornier I get. I'm about to reach over and unzip him and pull out that cock just to see what it's like. I bet that would surprise him. We're on a side road and turn on to an even more narrow road and then he pulls off into a dirt road that leads into grassland and in just about the length of the car there's a fence and closed gate. He gets out and unfastens the gate and swings it open, comes back and drives through and then gets out to close the gate behind us. The track in front of us shows that it's been used as a road but not a lot because it's almost all grass.

"That gate is never locked but I think I'm better off closing it behind us just in case some dumb tourist sees it open and decides to drive in. This way we're guaranteed privacy."

That's fine with me, I hadn't thought of it but I wouldn't want a stranger to walk in on us naked and fucking. He goes on perhaps half a mile and turns the car around in a spot that looks as if it's been used for that before. "From here, we walk but it isn't far." he tells me. He tosses a small back pack on and off we go. It's slightly up hill and as we reach the top of the rise I see some trees ahead of us, native California oaks, I think. "Those trees show where the stream is, " he says. "and we're just up that way a little to where the stream backs up to form a small pond."

We get there and it's beautiful. A couple large trees give scattered shade and the little pond looks as if I could cross it with a dozen swimming strokes. I wonder if it's deep enough for swimming. "This is really beautiful Chad," I tell him and pull him to me a little. I look up at him and we kiss. I get my tongue into him and he responds. I hold him close and he holds me close and I can feel that erection pressing into my abdomen again. I break the kiss, still holding him, "Is that pond deep enough for swimming?"

"My brother and I used to swim here a lot, skinny dipping. Some of our cousins joined us at times."

I tried to look sexy. I hope he thought so. "Skinny dipping? Well, that gives us a good excuse to get naked, doesn't it?"

In reply, he lets go of me, swings the backpack off and sets it on the ground, then starts unbuttoning his shirt. I quickly follow. Soon, I'm completely naked and he's ready to push down his briefs so I kneel in front of him and help pull them down. I know it's a corny description but it's true in this case that his erection leaps at me as his briefs pass it and almost slaps me in the face. I grab it as his briefs go to the ground and he steps out of them. A terrific cock. Long like him. Noticeably longer that the only other cock I'd ever been familiar with. Same thickness so I could almost get my fingers to meet as I wrapped a h and around it.

I kiss the tip. I turn my head to lick up along a side, then the other side. I use my other hand to hold and fondle the wrinkled sack holding his balls. I feel hypnotized by that lovely big cock. I get my lips around the head and lick and suck a little. I slide my lips down. I'll never get all of this in my mouth, I think to myself. I'm sure I'm grinning. Or grinning in my mind. In fact my jaws are stretched open to fit my lips around this. But I'm very, very happy. I think I hum a little or maybe it's a moan of pleasure. I lick and suck and taste him and back off a little only to slide down and take him in again, then again. I moved my hand from his balls down to my vagina to start fingering myself. This is pure sex, just what I've been dreaming of. I've only sucked one of these before so I'm probably not perfect but I love what I'm doing so I hope that shows. I start running my fingers right behind and then ahead of my lips, masturbating him with both my lips and my fingers, while I lick and suck and moan in sensual satisfaction.

I know it will happen. I want it to happen. I want to taste him. But it's a surprise when a load strongly hits the back of my throat. I move my lips back some, keeping the head in my mouth but leaving room for what's about to fill me. He shoves his hips forward with each spurt, four or five times, four or five loads. I swallow. I take all of his cock that I can fit into my mouth and grip it tight and slide my lips back, trying to get every last drop that I can. It's like that old coffee commercial, good to the last drop. And then I go back on my heels, kneeling there, holding his cock and just looking at it, smiling. Then I look up at him.

He bends down, gets his hands under my armpits and lifts me and holds me against him and kisses me. My toes are just above the ground, he's holding me up with his arms and his body. Then he gets one arm around my back and another around my butt and lays me flat on my back on the ground as he lays atop me. He kisses me some more. We exchange tongues, then he's kissing my neck, my shoulders, my breasts. His hands are at my breasts. He kisses and licks and sucks a nipple, then the other. He kisses down over my stomach. I spread my legs in anticipation, in hope. He's soon there and I move my knees back to me and his fingers pull my pussy lips apart and his tongue goes in. I'm sure he's better at this than I was sucking him. At least it seems to me that he's a pro because nothing could feel any better than everything he's doing. I think I come close to passing out, I have no idea of how much time is involved, and I'm cumming. I can hear myself moaning, making sort of guttural sounds, and he gets a face full of my fluids.

Then he slides up over me, I keep my legs where they are and reach down with one arm to help aim him into me and fortunately that's exactly what he wants. I can feel him pushing between my lips, my insides getting forced open as his cock moves up into me. This is all much, much more that I had even dreamed of as I masturbated. "Do I need to pull out before I cum?" he asks.

"Just fuck me," I tell him. "Fuck me. Fuck me." and I'm moaning and grunting and loving every moment. He's all the way in and starts pulling out. I push my hips up to keep him in me and then he's pushing back in. Over and over and over. Slow and beautiful. "Yes," I say. And then again. "More." He continues to pump in and out of me, it's driving me nuts. And then I can feel it. I'm cumming again. He can feel it, too. My insides grab him, I'm sure, because he pushes in and holds it. As I start to relax, he starts pumping again. More and more. "Harder." I tell him. I want him to just pound me. "Faster." He's banging into me. It's absolutely glorious. I'm yelling, I can hear myself. I don't know if my orgasm ever ended or if this is a new one but here it is again. I sort of scream as my insides grab him. I wrap my legs up around him to hold me to him. He bends his back enough to get his face down to my level and kisses me on the lips. He pulls completely out.

"Turn over. On your knees." I do what he says and I can feel that cock starting in to me again, pushing it's way through my insides, opening me. He must hit bottom somewhere, his cock is so long. It feels as if he's into my stomach. And it feels perfect. As he starts pulling out and pushing in again, I push back with my hips. Soon, he's holding my butt and pounding into me even harder and faster than he did before. I'm pushing back and getting forced forward with every stroke. I can hear myself again even though I'm not consciously trying to yell. This is the greatest experience yet, even better than the first time I fucked my boyfriend back in high school. And then I can feel him shooting off in me. He pushes in and holds it as he unloads. That triggers me into still another orgasm and I know my insides are squeezing him, trying to get all of his sperm into me in some animalistic reflex.

He pulls out and lays to the side, on his back. I roll over and get about half on him, my one leg on him and my wet pussy, dripping his sperm, on his hip. I kiss him and he kisses back. "That was the best experience of my life," I tell him. I don't know why I feel I need to explain but I do, "I went steady in high school and we finally got around to sex and then did it often. So you're my second. And there's no comparison, you are the best by far. I sure hope we do this often." I kiss him again. He has an arm around me and another on my ass. He feels my ass.

"I've watched you running for months, dreaming of getting into you like we just did. I think I must have spent half our miles out running with a hard on, just looking at your body."

"I was feeling the same about you. I've wondered about your cock. Almost the first time I saw you I wondered if the stories about a long slim body meaning a long cock were true or not. I guess they are because you have a much longer cock than my boyfriend in high school did. I shouldn't do that, does it bother you for me to mention my only other guy I've had sex with?"

"No, mention anything you want, just make sure I manage to get at that lovely pussy of yours some more."

"I hoped you would do what you did. My room mate and other girls have said some guys don't do oral and I love doing oral and getting oral. I love the feel and taste of your cock in my mouth."

"And your pussy is delicious."

"I've been on the pill for over a year and I was beginning to wonder if I was stupid to keep taking it here at college because I had no need to. I was too busy studying and working to get with a guy. I'm glad it's finally happened and I'm glad it's with you. I was ready for you since I first saw you. And this is a perfect spot for this. I kiss him again. I realize I 'm draining a lot of his cum and mine on him. "I'm draining all over you. Maybe we should try that skinny dipping."

He grins. "It's probably very cold," he says.

I climb off him and stand and look at the pond. I walk to it and step one foot in. It is cold. Too cold. I've been in this situation before. I mean, it's over eighty degrees, the water's come miles from where it was melted snow, it can't be that bad. I purposely almost run a couple steps and then dive forward, a flat dive and hit the water and sink under. Wow! It's cold. I come up and get my feet under me. I can touch bottom but I purposely stay covered up to my neck. I look toward where Chad is. "C'mon in. chicken," I yell. He grins and does what I did, running in a bit and then diving forward. He comes up next to me. "Shit, this is cold!" I get an arm around him and kiss him, pulling my body against him. "If I stay here my cock is going to shrink so small it'll take an hour to thaw and be usable again."

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