tagMatureRunning for Fitness or Sex? Ch. 02

Running for Fitness or Sex? Ch. 02


After the incredible sex with Sue Ellen the night before, I awoke feeling very good and I found the circumstances of our coupling humorous. Certainly I'd never had a fitness run culminate in mind-blowing sex.

The next morning I arrived at work and walked to Starbucks for a coffee. After getting a coffee I sat down to review my schedule for the day, but was interrupted by the arrival of someone pulling out a chair at my table. It was Sue Ellen. I thought, "This lady surely knows my haunts and schedule. How does she know so much?"

Sue Ellen was in a pretty serious mood. She asked, "May we talk?"

I nodded affirmatively and she began by saying "Thank you for last night. I awoke this morning rested and not jumping out of my skin with horniness. That felt good."

I smiled and nodded and added, "I think I understand. That was incredible sex last night."

I could see Sue Ellen screwing up her courage to say something. Then she simply blurted out, "Look, I have a great husband, but we're just not on the same page sexually. I want to be married to him, but I need a fuck buddy to get me over the droughts between sex with him. I really like you and I want to ask if you'll be that guy for me."

It didn't take me long to shake my head side-to-side to signify no. I tried to compose my words carefully and eventually said, "No, that won't work Sue Ellen and it's not that I don't find you attractive or pleasant or a wonderful sex partner. You're married and I have no desire to be target practice for an angry husband. Also, I'm single and unattached and I intend to stay single, but I am looking for a single woman with whom I'll enjoy attending events, going to dinner, going golfing or boating or running or whatever. You can't be that woman."

Sue Ellen said, "You bastard. I knew you'd say that."

Grinning, I said, "But you had to ask."

Smiling, Sue Ellen responded, "Of course, I had to ask. That was special last night."

I nodded and agreed, "That was very special. You're fantastic."

Sue Ellen sighed and asked, "So, you will meet me in the park Friday night like you said you would?"

Again, I nodded affirmation and said, "Oh yeah. I want to be inside you again. But, this time, I want to eat you first if you'll spread your legs for me."

Sue Ellen jerked like someone who had just placed a finger in a live electrical socket and she flushed at the same time. She murmured softly, "Oh my God, yes. Will you do that for me?"

I nodded and said, "With pleasure. I want to part that bush of yours and find your clit and lick and suck it until you scream."

Sue Ellen had some trouble catching her breath for a few seconds and then she groaned, "Oh you are such a bastard. You're making me wet and horny."

I looked at her incredulously and asked, "And, that makes me a bastard?"

Visibly squirming, Sue Ellen responded, "Yes!"

Nodding negation I shot back, "No, that's fair play. How many times have you rubbed a tit against me in the past months? How many times have you given me a hard-on when you rubbed you ass against my cock?"

Sue Ellen grinned and disagreed by saying, "That was different. I was trying to get you interested."

"That's all I'm doing, too." I responded.

Sue Ellen stared at me in mock anger and I winked at her and said, "Ta Ta, have to go to work."

She arose from the table as I did and we walked into our building together and grinned at each other as we parted company to go to our respective offices.

I was busy all morning and just prior to lunch I was gathering the materials for a lunch meeting when my phone rang. It was Sue Ellen asking if I could rent a room for the lunch hour so we could have sex. I explained that my lunch hour was booked and she moaned and groaned and whined that my morning conversation had made her horny. I pointed out that she knew where the bathroom was so she should head there and handle the situation. She opined that, "You are such a bastard."

My retort was, "You are redundantly repetitious" and hung up and headed for my meeting.

The afternoon passed quickly and I departed the office around 6:00 p.m. Once at home I had some dinner, did some work, and later went for a good run and came home to shower and watch the news and head for bed. Tomorrow was Friday and tomorrow evening I was schedule to meet Sue Ellen in the park where our memorable coupling had occurred. I admitted to myself that I was horny for Sue Ellen and looking forward to tomorrow evening.

Friday was busy, but uneventful except for one call from Sue Ellen asking me when I'd arrive at the park. I told her I'd start running at 9:00 p.m. and I should be at the park by 9:30 p.m. or a little later. "Don't be late" was Sue Ellen's advice.

As 9:00 p.m. approached, instead of departing for a run I showered and shaved and dried myself off. I put on a tee shirt and running shorts only leaving off either a jock strap or under shorts. Running socks and shoes completed the outfit except for the slightest dash of after shave. By 9:30 p.m. I was at the bottom of the hill and entering the park. There was some slight moonlight but Sue Ellen was not immediately obvious in the relative darkness. I reasoned that she would be in the deepest shadows and turned and walked through the picnic area to a grove of trees. She was there, on a blanket.

I approached her and my cock hardened in anticipation of what would follow. She stood up and I wrapped my arms around her and we enjoyed a long and passionate kiss. We paused in our kiss to look at each other and I placed my hands under her tee shirt and ran them up and down her back. She felt very good and I had a full-blown hard-on which I poked into her tummy. She returned the gesture and ran her hands up and down my back as we kissed again.

Sue Ellen murmured, "You haven't run. You smell so clean."

I whispered, "Have you been playing with yourself as you waited for me?"

She whispered back, "No."

I suggested, "Then, do it now."

I stepped back and slid off my running shorts and my cock bounced to attention. I began stroking myself while looking into her eyes and I said, "Now, you."

Sue Ellen nodded and removed her shorts (she had no panties) and placed her hand over her bushy mound and began massaging her pussy lips. We looked at each other for a few minutes as we masturbated. My excitement grew. I thought Sue Ellen's did, too, as her circular massage grew less and less tentative. Finally, I said, "Let's do each other."

I stepped forward and placed my hand on Sue Ellen's mound and she grasped my cock. I pressured her clitoris with my massage and she jacked me slowly and rhythmically. I stroked her slit with the middle finger of my right hand and she grasped my balls in her left hand and jacked me with her right. We were both breathing heavily and looking steadily into each others eyes except when one or the other of us winced with the pleasure the other afforded us. I leaned forward to kiss Sue Ellen and she responded and the passion of our kiss almost lit a fire between us.

I murmured "Down" and sunk to my knees to demonstrate what I was suggesting.

She sunk to her knees as well and I removed my hand from her bush to lift her tee shirt off. With her tee shirt off I replaced my hand on her mound and bent forward to lick her left nipple.

Her hand tightened perceptibly around my cock and I ministered to her left and then her right nipple. After a few minutes of gentle licks she said softly, "Harder."

I grasped her areola with my mouth and sucked firmly and was pleased to hear her expel her breath and murmur, "Yes."

As I sucked her nipples I slipped my middle finger into her now very wet pussy and began slowly finger-fucking her. She rubbed my balls ever so gently and pumped my cock even faster.

I released my grasp on her nipple and leaned up to kiss her without relinquishing my delicious position in her pussy. We kissed and she never slackened her pace of pumping of my cock.

After a lingering and very passionate kiss I removed my finger from deep within Sue Ellen's pussy and grasped her by her shoulders. She groaned as I removed my finger, but she maintained her grasp on my cock and never missed a beat as she continued stroking me.

I whispered to her, "You are fantastic" as I exerted pressure on her shoulders and guided her to lie down on the blanket.

Once she was prone and on her back I removed her hand from my cock and swung my legs over her upper torso so that my head was pointing towards her feet. Slowly I lowered my, by now dripping with pre-cum, cock to her mouth. She opened wide and I slid my cock into her mouth. As she began sucking my cock, I lowered my body across her and used my fingers to brush aside her bush and to find her open slit. I teased her slit with my tongue. She responded with a guttural sound and thrust her pussy upwards to meet my tongue. All the while she sucked my cock in a way that made her mouth virtually indistinguishable from her pussy.

In the darkness there was no way I could see her clit emerging from its hood, but I took a chance that it had emerged and was begging for attention. I licked where I thought it would be and was rewarded with a piercing gasp from Sue Ellen. I maintained a constant licking of her clit and she sucked my cock as I had never been sucked. I sensed her orgasm when she jerkily removed my cock from her mouth and squeezed it. Shortly she moaned and her legs clamped around my ears and locked my face and tongue against her clit and now gushing pussy. As she had previously, she went rigid and I was starting to worry about not being able to breathe when she relaxed completely and slumped against the ground.

I let her relax for a few minutes and this afforded me the opportunity to calm down. Her cock sucking was fantastic and she had nearly had me blowing my load in her mouth.

As I lay on top of her, I was torn between licking her to another orgasm burying my cock in her pussy. Debating which of these options to follow, Sue Ellen provided the answer for me by asking me, "Please, fuck me now."

I arose and turned myself around and lay between her spread legs. We kissed and I buried my tongue in her mouth. She sucked my tongue with the same skill she had sucked my cock moments before. I fumbled and groped my cock towards her pussy and she helped by grasping it and inserted it into her opening. Thankfully, my urgency to cum had passed and I was able to provide her the fucking she wished as I thrust in and out. She wrapped her legs around my back and improved my angle of penetration and we fucked slowly as we kissed.

I have no idea how much time elapsed before she began panting. She broke our kiss and looked into my eyes and said, "O God, I am going to cum." I urged her to cum and she did. When she came, she vocalized a long and loud, "Auuuggggggggh" and it was so loud my heart skipped a beat. We were no more than one-hundred and fifty feet from the nearest house. Even though the trees rendered us invisible I feared that the noise could arouse the concern of a neighbor. I clamped my hand over Sue Ellen's mouth and whispered a "Shhhhh!" in her ear.

Sue Ellen groaned, but clamped off the scream. Again she went rigid and gripped me fiercely until the orgasm slackened and she relaxed. She lay flat with her chest heaving and he legs no longer wrapped around me, but now splayed wide in a position of surrender to her orgasm.

I held her tightly and kissed her face and lips for a few minutes until she was cognizant of the time and place.

"Did you cum?" she questioned me. I nodded 'no.' She said, "I'm sorry. I can't handle any more."

I said, "That's fine" and kissed her again.

Sue Ellen asked me to please jack off for her and cum on her so I could have my release so I withdrew from her pussy and knelt between her legs and jacked myself to a full-blown, mind-blowing orgasm and spurted my cum on her tummy and tits.

She scooped up a bit of cum off her tit and placed it in her mouth and said, "Now I've tasted you."

I laid down beside her and held her and said, "Thank you. That was wonderful."

She smiled and kissed me and we lay silently for a long time. Finally she said, "I have to get back. I don't usually walk this long and I don't want Larry (her husband) to wonder what's happened to me."

I nodded 'ok' and she grasped my cock and said, "Please don't cut me off from this. This is so good."

I said, "We'll work it out."

We dressed, hid the blanket until she could retrieve it another time and we walked to her cul de sac kissing most of the way and parted for the evening.

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