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Running Late


Running late, I press the pedal almost to the floor. Clearly going faster than the speed limit, I cross my fingers hoping that there's no cops ahead. Wishing my car wasn't so loud and so brightly colored, I speed along the country road. After two minutes of hoping and praying, I am caught. "Shit!"

I pull over to the side, and hike my skirt up and my shirt down, hoping the office will let me off with a warning. I wait to hear the words, "License and registration please" and promptly hand over everything. You stand there outside my window. Not even batting an eye at my exposed panties and cleavage, "Miss, do you realize how fast you were going? This isn't your first offense either. Please get out of the car. I'm afraid you might be a danger to those around you."

I could see what you were doing there. There was no one around. Not for miles. This was a rarely traveled back road. I could feel my panties moisten, my nipples started to perk up. I opened the car door and almost tripped out I was so excited. You walked me to the front of my car.

"Put your hands on the hood and spread your legs. I need to pat you down" Obediently I bent over and spread my legs as I wiggled my ass, I could feel your hands starting at my shoulders. Working their way down. Cupping my breasts, mashing them together. Moving down my stomach, following the swells of my curves.

Your hands hit my hips, and slid under my skirt. Your fingers grazed my clit and a moan escaped from my lips. You moved your hands to my ass and down my legs.

"I can't tell if you're carrying anything, you're going to have to remove your clothes and resume the position so I can check again."

I agreed. I didn't want to get fined or arrested for not listening to a cop.

Stripping off my tank top. Unhooking my bra, my breasts bounce free. I slid my skirt off and stepped out of my heels. I put my hands back on the hood and waiting for my next orders. You started feeling me again. This time your fingers lingered on my nipples, tweaking them. Making me moan out.

When your fingers hit my hips, you moved on hand to the front, you dipped a finger into my pus. I let out a whimper. And you shoved your sopping wet finger in my mouth to shut me up. You pull your finger out of my mouth and push me down harder. My breasts pressed against the hood of my car. It's still hot, burning hot. I can feel the heat on my breasts and cheek.

I can't figure out why you have me in such a position, I've been nothing but cooperative, I realize you wanted my ass higher up. You begin smacking it. Left side, then right. Alternating sides, two giant red marks being to form on my ass. You snicker, knowing that for the next few days, I'll think of you any time something brushes against my ass. Crouching down you notice the river flowing from my pussy.

"You sick little slut. This is turning you on, isn't it?" Too afraid to answer, I stand there. You walk away, but I am too nervous to turn around to see where you went. After a few seconds you return and I feel something long, hard and cold pushing against my pussy . "You look like a girl who needs more than one hole filled at a time. I'm gonna fill your cunt with this night stick, and your ass with my cock."

My knees go weak. How the hell do you know what I want? The teasing stops, and you thrust the night stick in to my pussy. Pulling it in and out, you get a good rhythm going. "This is only 6 inches in, I want this thing to wreck your pussy. I want all 14 inches inside of you. I want you fucked and filled good."

My knees begin to shake. By this point, I'm so turned on I can't help myself, "FUCK ME! PLEASE FILL MY PUSSY! I NEED YOUR COCK!" With no ceremony, you shove the stick up my pussy. I let out a blood curdling scream as I shake and cum. Panting, I can barely hold myself up.

"You're only half way filled, you've gotta fit my cock in your ass now." You reach between my legs and smear some of my juices over my puckered ass hole. Teasing my ass with the tip of your head, I begin moaning, "Don't. Tease. Me. Just. Shove. It. IN! WRECK MY ASS!"

You don't need to be told twice. Grabbing my hips, you thrust in hard and fast. My ass slaps against you. You hold yourself there for a moment, shocked that not only are you in me, but your night stick is too. You begin thrusting in and out. I'm screaming and yelling at this point.

The pleasure is so over whelming, filled in both holes. Stretched out beyond imagination. I know I'm going to be crippled for the next week, the though turns me on even more. Convulsing in orgasm again, my asshole tightens around your dick. Thrashing around, I cum for a second time, I collapse on the hood of my car. Exhausted but still filled.

I can't move, I can't think. I'm at the mercy of your cock and night stick. You continue thrusting your cock in and out. I'm nothing more than a hole to shove your cock in to now. Your little fuck doll. Without realizing it you pull out the night stick. I scream from disappointment, I'm so empty. I'm whimpering, I want you to fill me again. But you're not going to let that happen.

I've had my fun. It's your turn. You hold me down, and thrust in and out. The juices that were making my asshole slick have since run out. I can feel the your cock burning my ass hole. You don't care. "I'm cumming in your ass. I don't care how long it takes or how uncomfortable you are" I slowly realize that this isn't fun. I want out. But you're not letting me go any where.

I suddenly realize that while my mind is pissed off at you, my body is getting turned on again. I can feel my nipples hardening again. My pussy getting slick. My finger itching to rub my clit. My hips begin to match your thrusts. Your cock beings to grow, I can believe that it could get any bigger.

I slide off the hood of the car. The rocking is so hard I can't hold myself up. I drop to my hands and knees, you are riding me like a horse. Like the animal I know I am. On the ground the fucking just gets harder. You push me across the road. My hands and knees are cut up. "Keep going. Don't stop. Forget the blood. I just want your cock."

I push back into you. Your cock seems to grow again. You smack my ass a final time. Ropes of cum fly into my ass. Filling me up, I can feel it bouncing off my insides. You keep thrusting as you cum. You pull your cock from my ass. Cum oozes out of it, dripping. I collapse to the ground.

Grabbing me by the hair you say "Not so fast. You're not done just yet" You pull me up to my knees, and spin me to face you. "Clean it, slut" Looking at it greedily, I accept the challenge. Licking it from base to tip, your cock just keeps going. "Oh no. Look what you did, slut. Can't leave me hanging now can you?" Looking up at you, the lust in my eyes is over whelming. I must have that cock. I need that cock in my mouth

Your cock, filling my mouth. Violating my throat. I open my mouth and stick out my tongue, waiting for you to fill me. You grab the back of my head and guide me to you cock. Pushing me down the tip, along the shaft, your cock hits the back of my mouth. You're gonna take it all slut. Take it all or choke trying"

My throat relaxes a little more and you manage to push onward. I can barely breath. Struggling for air, I try to push away, but you've got me. Pushing a little bit harder, you some how manage to get yourself all the way in. My nose is against your stomach. I can smell you. I can smell your sweat. Your lust. Your power. I don't care that I can't breath. I love the feeling of all of you in me. Letting go, you pull out of my mouth and throat with a loud audible pop.

Gasping for air, I moan, "Please. Put it back. Put it back in me. I want your cock" Not one to disappoint, you push your way back in. Your hands at the back of my head, you begin to use my mouth as another hole. My hands start working on my clit and pussy. I'm sopping wet, my mouth is being used as a fuck hole, I'm in heaven. Your balls slapping against my chin. Your cock growing in size. Stretching my jaw and throat to their limits. Not only will my ass and pussy be wrecked, I won't be able to speak for a few days.

What seems like too short of a time, your cock tightens. Your thrusts become quicker and shorter, your grunts become deeper. I know what's coming, your cumming. Wanting you to fill my stomach, I wrap my arms around your legs and hold you against me. I don't want to miss a drop. I want you to coat my stomach with your seed. I want you to feed me. I look up at you, waiting, wanting, filled with a hunger only you can fill.

With that, for the second time that night, ropes of cum spurt out of your cock. Bouncing off my insides. Filling me. I can't swallow fast enough. Your cum begins to leak out of my mouth. Dribbling down my face. On to my chest and breasts. You pull your cock out. I reach with my fingers to scoop up the extra cum.

"Don't. Leave it there. I want everyone to know that you got fuck. I want my seed visible to everyone who sees you tonight." You throw my clothes at me and a towel to clean up my hands. "No ticket. No warning. Okay?" I nod my head and pull my clothes back on. You pick up your night stick and smell it. Laughing you walk away and get into your car.

I hop back into my car and pick up my phone. I punch in a few numbers and wait for the other line to pick up, "Dad? I'm gonna be a little late, I got held up in traffic but I'll be there as soon as I can." As I say these words, you drive by and remind me "You better not clean it off, I've got your plate, I can find you." I contemplate for a moment cleaning my self up, wanting you to find me but I decided against it. I comb my hair and fix my make up and drive off to meet my parents for dinner. I know if I really need to be fucked again, I can always find you along this road.

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