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Chris had been laid off as a pharmaceutical salesman recently. Despite the pain of being let go, Chris didn't mind the generous five months of severance pay that he was receiving and decided that he'd take a couple of months off before starting to search for another job. Sleeping in and enjoying the paper over coffee was nice for the first two weeks, but he started getting antsy as the first month closed. Plus, he sensed no small amount of resentment from his wife, who left for her job in the city at 6:30 am every morning. So, he decided that he'd get up with his wife and start running again.

The first couple of days were torture, as he reacquainted himself with the rigors of running hills again. The soreness was awful initially, but after a week, it began to subside. Chris started to enjoy putting on his headphones and losing himself while running though his neighborhood of condominiums. He also liked the results he quickly started to get from running. He was never out of shape, but having been a college athlete, he was not in the shape that he was in seven years ago, when he was catching passes for his alma mater. At the end of his first month off from work, Chris was pleased at his progress and his wife enjoyed the fruits that were his tight, muscular 5'10", 185 pound body.

His wife wasn't the only one it seemed. Chris had never known that so many young couples lived in his neighborhood. He enjoyed getting the smiles and occasional waves from wives left at home while their husbands toiled at work. Many of them would retrieve their newspapers in their robes that clung to their figures and it gave Chris more than enough fantasy fodder.

Nobody got his attention more than Janet, though. Janet was he and his wife Nichole's neighbor. Her and her husband Pete lived four townhouses down from them in the same unit of collected condominiums. They got along with Janet and Pete and had shared dinners with them every once in a while. Janet and Pete were in their early thirties, just a couple of years older than he and Nichole. Pete was an airline pilot and his salary provided them a comfortable living. Janet liked the fact that they could survive while she worked only part-time selling jewelry at a local boutique.

One morning, as Chris celebrated his 40th day off of work, he returned from his hour-long, early morning run. As we walked his cool-down toward his townhome, he noticed Janet sitting on her small porch in a lawn chair. She was sipping a cup of coffee and reading a book as Chris passed by her.

"Good run," she asked smiling.

"Ah, just another day. Trying to stay in shape, you know?" He couldn't help but stare at her tanned and toned crossed legs revealing themselves from under the part in her robe. Janet's brown hair was a bit disheveled, but it made her look that much sexier to Chris. The silk robe caressed her curves nicely, highlighting what had to be a nice set of athletic b-cup breasts. It was obvious that this woman took care of herself.

"Yeah, I'd like to start running again, but I haven't done it since high school. I'm a Pilates and weights girl now," she continued putting her paper down next to her chair.

"Well, you're doing just fine Janet," he said, not wanting to be too forward with an overt compliment. Nevertheless, she blushed. "Hey, why don't you start running with me? I hate running by myself. I have a short three-mile route through the woods there that would give you a good start."

"I don't know Chris. You'd have to slow down a whole lot for me," she said, exploring the idea.

"Look, I'm no track star. Just give it a try. I start running around 6:45 every morning," he invited.

She reluctantly said, "Well, okay. I'll give it a try, but you better go easy on me tomorrow." The statement was innocent enough, but it caused a vision of Chris fucking Janet in a way that could be described any way but easy.

He snapped out of it and comforted her by saying, "You set the pace Janet. I gotta go get a shower. I'll see you tomorrow morning." The rest of the day had Chris thinking about Janet's beautiful legs peaking out from under her robe.

The next morning, Chris kissed Nichole goodbye and as her car pulled down the street, turned anxiously toward Pete and Janet's place. As he got to the door, he hesitated, wondering what Pete would think about him taking his wife for a run. Casting aside his doubts, he lightly knocked on the door. She opened it and he was met with the pleasant view of Janet in her workout attire. She motioned for him to come in as she put half a bagel in her mouth and walked back toward the kitchen.

"Sorry I'm running a little late this morning. Pete is flying a far east route this week, so he's not around to wake me up like normal." This made Chris a little more comfortable, knowing that he wouldn't have to give the awkward explanation to Pete about him and his wife's decision to try running together.

"That's quite alright; take your time," he replied, taking his own time to stare at her 5'4" figure. Her back was turned to him now as she poured some orange juice in a glass and cleaned the counter. Chris was delighted at her very short and tight gray sweat shorts. Janet's ass looked perfect in them. Also perfect was her midriff, exposed because Janet was wearing a female's runner top; it looked like a large sports bra. Chris enjoyed watching her muscles striate as she moved her arms to clean up.

Janet turned around and caught his gaze as it locked onto her breasts. Immediately, but too late, Chris looked up into her eyes. "Uh, you ready yet?"

Janet smirked knowingly and replied, "I have to stretch first." She quickly brushed by him and walked into the living room. There, Janet sat on a workout mat and began stretching. Chris sat across from her and pretended to do his own stretches, but was really sneaking peeks at the small amount of material covering the gap between Janet's legs each time she spread her legs to stretch. Janet's flexibility was impressive and she wasn't bashful about stretching in front of him.

"Let's go." They walked out the door and started up the hill toward the woods that started the running trail. By the time they made it to the start of the trail, droplets of sweat were already forming on Janet's exposed skin. She was breathing heavily. "I've got to slow down Chris," she said between breaths.

"Like I said, it's your pace," he responded. To signal this, he slowed down and got behind her. He enjoyed watching her ass jiggle with each step. Also, he noticed the line of sweat that was building on the crack of her ass, showing through her gray sweat shorts. As they slowed down and Janet got through her initial exasperation, she did something that almost made Chris exasperate.

He guessed in an attempt to cool off more, Janet rolled her sweat shorts down at the waistline once, first causing them to creep more into her crotch and exposing the bottom of her ass cheeks to Chris, and second exposed the top of her white thong underwear. Chris wondered if she was doing it to get a rise out of him. It was.

As they completed the third and last mile, Janet surprised him my kicking up her pace, which actually provided him a slight challenge to finish the run. She slapped him a high five while breathing hard and as he turned to start their cool-down walk home, she gave him a playful slap on the butt. "That's for staring at my tits earlier," she giggled.

Sensing the change in conversational tone, Chris replied, "When I'm faced with your beautiful body, how can I not stare?" She blushed and began to smile widely.

When they got back to their grouping of townhouses, Janet asked, "Do you want to come in and grab a drink, maybe help me stretch out?"

"I can use a glass of water," Chris smiled as he followed her into her house.

As she walked toward the kitchen, she rolled down her sweat shorts once more and let out a, "Whew. It was hot out there." As she put a glass under the tap, he noticed her nipples responding to the air conditioning as the tented the running top she had on. Janet took a long drink from the glass, returned it to the tap and refilled it. She handed that same glass to Chris. "I hope you don't mind my germs," she giggled.

As she turned to lean her butt against the sink, Chris noticed the white lacy front waistband of Janet's thong panties showing just above the sweat shorts. "Can you help me stretch out in the living room Chris?" Chris just extended his arm as if pointing to the living room. "I'm pretty flexible, so I usually need some help getting past my sticking points."

First, Janet sat with her legs straight out and leaned forward. "Push down on my shoulders Chris." He did, putting his hands on her sweaty shoulders and pushing down until she grunted, "That's good," and then, "Okay." He released her. She then brought the bottoms of her feet together and pushed her butt back on the floor. When she did, it exposed the top of her ass crack and Chris almost didn't hear her when she grunted, "Enough Chris."

Chris let her up and she rolled onto her back. She extended her right leg straight up and asked Chris to kneel down and push it back towards her head while putting his right hand on her left knee. The view Chris had was incredible. Below him was Janet, her right leg on his left shoulder, his hand on her middle left thigh (he decided to forego the knee), pulling her legs slightly apart exposing the darker, thicker skin to the sides of her pussy lips. "Damn those shorts," he thought to himself.

"Push my leg harder Chris," she commanded as her right knee came down to touch her right breast. Chris was leaning against the length of the back of her leg now, his right hand now on her extreme upper thigh pressing down. Janet's eyes were closed as she concentrated on holding the stretch. Not lost on him was that she was quite wet from the sweat and he dared to put his swollen member against her thigh. She didn't act like she noticed. "Switch Chris."

Chris repeated the motion but opposite. This time, the temptation overwhelmed him. He could smell the scent coming from Janet's spread pussy. Chris' left hand went under the loose leg of Janet's sweat shorts and began to rub her pussy over her lacy thong. Janet responded with a quick, deep gasp and then with an "mmmm..." This was his invitation.

Chris threw Janet's left leg aside and used his right hand to pull the sweaty sweat shorts and thong to the side as he dove into her cunt. "It's about time Chris," she moaned. The smell of her crotch and the sweat involved made him feel dirty and motivated an animalistic urge in him. He flipped her over onto her knees and ripped the shorts down to her knees, exposing her wet, juicy cunt to him. Also, her voluptuous ass cheeks were spread. Chris dove into the entire region, licking wildly. Janet threw her right hand back and pushed his face into her ass. "Eat me Chris," she spoke aloud now. And Chris did, prompting Janet's first orgasm. To hear her grunt between gritted teeth, "oh fuck me you bastard," come from her lips made him pull down his shorts and expose his bulbous cock to her.

"Not yet slut," he said as he grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her mouth to his balls, still sweaty from the run. "You like those sweaty balls in your mouth Janet," he grunted the question at her.

"Mmmhmm," she moaned, sending a shudder through him. She pulled back to take a deep breath and he thrust his cock into her mouth. He was shocked that she took his entire eight inches on her first try. This woman was talented.

He pulled back as he started to feel himself about to cum and took the opportunity to remove her clothes. In the mood though, he roughly pushed her back, grabbed the waistbands of her shorts and thong and ripped them off her feet. It was the first time he noticed she still had her running shoes on. With her flat on her back now, he took both his hands and ripped the running shirt outward, leaving her breasts to escape from the opening the tear left. The view of her with her legs spread, still wearing her running shoes and her black runner's top ripped open allowing her tits to spill out caused him to jump her.

"Put that dick in me Chris!" He pushed it easily into Janet's sloppy wet cunt, the lips spread to take him in. He put his face, still wet from her cunt juices and the sweat from between her legs and put it against hers. Their mouths met and she seemed to revel in tasting herself on his lips, tongue, and even his face. She was an animal in heat.

He bucked at her hard now, thrusting his hips at hers, their bodies making slapping sounds as the sweat exchanged between them. "I'm going to cum in your fucking pussy Janet!" He said it so loud that in quick hindsight, he wondered if their neighbors would hear.

"No Chris, don't do it, I'm not on the pill!" But Chris was in his home stretch and her struggles beneath him only motivated him more. Finally, at the near instant he was about to shoot into her, he pulled out and straddled her torso. Holding her head up toward him, he shot his white spunk all over her tits, even hitting her chin. Some drops landed on the remnants of her ripped shirt.

"Thank you for pulling out, Chris," she seemed to whimper in relief. As thanks, she pulled his ass forward and began to take his cock in her mouth to clean what was left of his ejaculation. "That was the best workout I've had in a long time," she said, adding, "Same time tomorrow?"

"Who said we're finished today," he asked in a smartass tone. She took the cue and started sucking him harder again, bringing him back to life.

"I'm going to really enjoy this time off," he thought to himself.

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