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Running Partners


It was a hot and humid summer. It had been in the nineties for almost a week and it looked like it was just getting hotter. Eve heard her the alarm on her running app beep and she knew she could walk for the next minute. She took a deep breath and continued her training session.

Sweat was dripping down her back and her hair was matted. She had a goal in mind and although she was planning on running the half marathon in the fall, her current goal was getting back to her apartment so she could have a cool shower.

The minute went by quickly and she went back up to pace. Her blonde hair swayed in her ponytail and her pink t-shirt stuck tightly to her curvy body.

She used the bench outside the building to do her stretches. As she did this she noticed a larger man practically stumbling down the path. He was not only large but very tall and considering Eve was only five feet really anything could be perceived as tall.

"Hey", she called out.

"Oommmph," was all the man could get out.

He threw himself onto the bench, almost crushing her foot. She pulled away and smiled. He frowned.

"Did you have a good run today?" Eve inquired.

The man smiled. Eve was getting a little nervous. She was always nervous talking to men and she had the confidence to do so because he was not staring at her breasts. Almost every single man who ever saw her would stare at them. He was different and this made her relaxed.

"I walked. I can barely get to the end of the street and back, I'm Darren by the way."

He held out his hand and Eve shook it politely. She continued her stretches as he continued to breath deeply. Finally she got the courage to say something.

"I go running every morning at this time. Want to join me tomorrow?" Eve bit her lip nervously. She had no idea what had come over her but she had clearly just asked this man out on a date.

Darren's eyes lit up. Then he scowled. He stood up and Eve realized he must be at least a foot and a half taller then she. He glared at her and then simply walked into the building.

Eve watched and didn't say a word. Had she said something wrong? She was so distracted that she didn't realize she was going to be late for work. She rushed into the building and took the stairs up to her second floor apartment. Her morning routine was the same and thankfully she was only a few minutes late.

The next morning Eve woke up and got into her running gear. She put on her black shorts with a yellow top. She laced up her shoes and then walked down the hall to the elevator. As she entered the foyer she smiled. There was Darren.

"Hi Eve. I'm sorry about yesterday. I can't run but if you're willing to walk with me I'd like that."

Eve smiled. He was so cute and she could tell he was truly apologizing. She would even assume he was embarrassed by his behaviour.

"Sounds like a plan," Eve giggled and they went out the door and toward the sidewalk.

Their apartment building was on a busy road but thankfully there was a sidewalk on both sides. Eve turned left and began the walk up the hill. She would always stop at the third intersection, cross the street and then make her way back down. Then if she were tired she'd stop when she reached her apartment building, or she'd continue down to the second intersection and walk back.

For the first few minutes nothing was said and then Darren began talking.

"So I freaked because you're not the type to want to hang around with someone like me. And I figured you saw me struggling yesterday trying to get to the end of the street and back."

Eve slowed down her pace. She glanced at her phone and then decided she wasn't even going to track today's walk.

"Actually I didn't notice. Don't make assumptions about me." Her face was scrunched up, holding back both tears and anger. "So how long have you lived in the building?"

Eve looked straight ahead and walked a little faster. Inside her blood was boiling as she struggled with what he had said. Her fists clenched together and her perfectly manicures nails dug into the palms of her hands. Since when was she a 'type'? Since when did she have a guy tell her that she shouldn't be nice to people. What right did he have to say something like that?

Eve heard Darren panting but he kept up with her pace. At the third intersection they crossed and made their way back down the hill. Eve glanced over a few times and each time Darren would turn his head. It was a good ten minutes before the silence was broken.

"Five years. I work as an artist but also teach golf. I wasn't assuming anything. I was declaring to you how low my self-esteem is. You're sexy and gorgeous and I obviously can not behave normally in front of a woman I like."

Eve had no idea how to respond so she didn't. They simply continued their walk until they made the loop back to the front doors. She stretched while he sat on the bench next to her. He was pretty cute even though he was larger. She giggled as she caught him staring at her thighs as she stretched. Without saying a word she held his chin to raise his face up to hers. He was not at all tense or scared.

Time stopped. Everything stopped. His piercing blue eyes went straight through her and she realized that he was being sincere. She, on the other hand, was being a bitch. She had turned into a "type" and that made her angry. Right now as she held his face her mind was racing. Would he be brave enough to make the next move? Would she need to do something?

"I have to go to work," Darren blurted out. As he stood up she pulled away.

"Can we do this tomorrow?" Eve blurted out.

Darren just smiled.


And so the routine began. Every morning before work they'd do their short circuit of walking. Eve started tracking their speed and was impressed that slowly they built up to four miles an hour. They then started walking the loop twice. The conversation got easier. Eve told Darren all the things she had not told anyone, ever. Well almost everything.

It was almost the end of summer and they had just done their walk. As they waited for the elevator Darren suddenly started breathing hard. Eve wondered if he was having a heart attack. Eve looked over, eyes wide.

"Do you want to come over and have dinner with me?"

Eve laughed. He wasn't having a medical emergency. He was nervous. She bit her lip.

"Of course."


Eve stood in front of Darren's apartment door. She had never been this nervous. She had spent an hour picking out her outfit. She had spent another hour doing her hair and make up which was ridiculous considering she had very little make up to put on. She had finally decided on a tight jean skirt with a pink low cut top. She had curled her hair around her face and put on a bit of eye shadow and lip-gloss.

Her hands were sweaty as she knocked on the door. She waited a few moments, which felt like an eternity. When Darren finally opened the door Eve calmed down.

"Wow. Hi," Darren stumbled over his words as he greeted Eve. He stepped aside so she could walk in. He closed the door and kept staring.


"What?" Eve asked. She bit her lip, her face blushing once again.

"I guess I'm underdressed in jeans and a singlet."

"I like it. Shows off your muscles," Eve replied.

The tension was thick in the room as they stood on either side of the kitchen island. Eve could smell lasagne baking in the oven and she saw a salad bowl on the neatly set table. Looking into Darren's deep blue eyes she wanted only two things.

"Why am I the type to not like you?" Eve finally asked. It was an answer she wanted to hear.

Darren turned away. He did that a lot when he didn't want to answer a question. She waited as he served two plates and carried it to the table. Eve graciously sat down across from him and waited.

"I'm overweight and ugly. No one as beautiful as you should pay attention to me. But you have. For the whole summer. I know it's just walking around the block but it means a lot to me. And now you're here. It's like a date."

"It is a date Darren," Eve interrupted him and leaned over the table and kissed him. She really had no idea why she did that but she knew it would calm him down. She pulled back and sat down, beginning to eat as if nothing had happened.

"Um. So anyways that's my issue. Guys like me aren't supposed to get girls like you."

"Well you have me."


Eve lay back on the king size bed. The cool sheets felt good against her hot skin. They had barely finished dinner before going to the couch to make out. She didn't remember a time when she had kissed someone that much. His body was burning hot and she loved the thin layer of sweat that was covering both of them.

They had stumbled to the bedroom and she had stripped for him. Once naked she lay back and was waiting. Waiting for him. Darren struggled to undress. He hid his stress well but was willing to remove his shirt and jeans.

"Boxers too," she whispered. He complied. She watched as he climbed on the bed and lay sideways facing me. He was breathing hard and Eve placed her hand on his chest.

"That's not going to help sweetie."

"Yes it is." She rolled on top of him and kissed him again. It was a hard kiss and when he wrapped his large arms around me, crushing her against his huge body, she cried out in complete lust.

Eve sat up and flipped her blonde hair out of her face. His cock was throbbing under her and suddenly all the foreplay, the licking, the sucking. Everything she wanted wasn't important. He was important.

"I don't normally do this," she said quietly. "I mean not on a first date. I just wanted to tell you that. Actually since my last boyfriend dumped me for my best friend I haven't dated at all. I'm scared. I'm scared that every other guy in the world will be a creep like him. I'm scared you'll lose a lot of weight and suddenly decide I'm not good enough. That's what my last boyfriend did to me. Part of me was so happy when you didn't ask me out. I even thought of each run as being a date. I know. I'm fucked up. When you did ask me out I was excited."

Eve finished the sentence and took a deep breath. She had rambled on and he was still laying back looking at me.

"Eve sweetie. This is date number thirty-seven. We went running thirty-seven times before I got up enough courage to ask you on a date. Yes I was attracted to you physically but the more we spoke, the more I realized I liked you for your personality. I know that's cliché but it's true."

"I used to be overweight. I had surgery. I lose a lot of weight. I don't see myself how you see me." Eve closed my eyes, afraid of his reaction to her confession.

"You are sweet, and sexy, and intelligent. I also want to do a lot of naughty things to you right now."

Eve opened my mouth to speak but just whimpered as his large hand cupped her wet, and very smooth pussy. He pushed his third finger up, spreading her moist lips. He then slowly moved his hand back and forth. As he sped up he pushed another finger up until finally two fingers slid deep inside her love hole.

All Eve could do was hold his arms and whimper. She couldn't focus on anything but the electricity building between them. She started grinding her hips but he held them firmly. He was large but strong.

"Am I doing O.K?" he tentatively asked. The movement of her head told him that he was doing just fine.

"I can't take it." Eve lost control and pushed away from him until she was kneeling between his legs. She was on the edge of orgasm but wanted to return the favour. She knelt over him and pushed his thick cock into my mouth. His cock was on the shorter side, about six inches but his girth made up for it. His pubic hair tickled her chin and she pushed down until his cock was engulfed in her wet, hot mouth. He gripped her hair tightly and began to fuck her mouth hard and fast. Eve gasped, taken aback by his aggressiveness but was so turned on that she let him continue.

"Stop," he hissed. He yanked her off his cock and pulled me up. Saliva dripped from her mouth to his cock and suddenly he was inside her again. She sat up as her body adjusted to his size. He was breathing just as hard as before and sweat was dripping from his body. It was an erotic smell and Eve began to bounce on his cock. Leaning forward gave her the angle to rub my g-spot and she thrusted hard and fast until she reached the peak.

"Did you just cum?" he asked innocently. Her body was shaking. He must have felt the quivering inside me. Eve just nodded.

They flipped over and he continued to thrust in and out of her wet pussy. Nothing was said as the two new lovers enjoyed each other intimately. His rough hands rubbed up and down her tanned, firm, smooth legs and Eve realized in that moment that this felt right.

"Fuck!' he shouted suddenly. He gripped her hips so tight it hurt and she felt the familiar gush of fluid into her already soaking pussy. He fell sideways and Eve turned to face him. His cock slid out of her wet hole and she pouted.

"What's wrong baby?"

"I like you inside me. Makes me feel close to you. Cheesy I know."

He moved closer and pushed his cock back inside her. She rested her head on his chest and he kissed the top of my head.

"Romantic. Just like I knew you were."

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