tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRunning With The Wind

Running With The Wind


Running With The Wind or Watching the Watcher

It was a beautiful Puget Sound August afternoon. Shy of a few wispy white clouds the sky was beautiful shade of blue. If you have never visited the Northwest you have never seen sky this color of blue before. If you viewed a painting with this shade used in the sky you would undoubtedly comment on the unrealistic color but trust me it is real.

Sailing is a peaceful sport and a passion to me. So peaceful, so quiet, just the wind in the sails and the water rushing past the hull or it can just as easily turn violent and treacherous, but not today.

As I motored out of the marina the sun sparkling off the rippling water felt so warm on my skin. It was a perfect day, the winds were a steady 12 to 15 knots and the water was smooth as glass. The only ripples were the ones made as my hull slid through the water. It truly was the definition of a day made to order for single-handed sailing, calm waters and steady winds.

Every now and then sailing the amongst San Juan Islands in the Sound you will find a pod of Dahl porpoise's following along in your wake. Watching their dark dorsal fins break the surface almost has an erotic excitement about it. Their smooth sleek skin glistening in the sunlight as the slip in and out of the water, slow smooth sensual movements.

Safely out of the traffic lanes and into the Sound I shut the engine down and prepared to deploy the spinnaker, a beautiful red, white and blue balloon of a sail. It is a real attention getter as it is carries a 46' luff (length top to bottom) and a 24' foot (length across bottom). As the light sail material fills with air it has a tendency to open with a loud pop and will startle you if it is unexpected. Sailing along about 100 yards off the shoreline I always enjoy watching as people gather to take in the view and snap a few pictures. Some scurry along the shoreline in an attempt to keep pace with me as long as possible.

Knowing that I am being watched sometimes brings out a little bit of the exhibitionist in me. On this day I sail several miles to a favorite spot of mine. It is a secluded cove off Lopez Island, far away from the public access areas. This is where I like drop to anchor shed my clothing and just kick back and relax. I come here at every possible opportunity and other than the occasional passerby it stays pretty quiet here. It is a good place to take a personal inventory and put things back into there proper perspective.

On occasion when I'm relaxing out here I can't help but wonder if someone is watching me. Who are they, where are they, are they getting turned on, do they wish they were on board with me, are they fantasizing of a sexual rendezvous. When I start getting these thoughts I get a little more than turned on. My cock seems to be firming up nicely as I turn to my fantasies of being watched.

Being of medium height and in fairly good physical condition, nicely tanned (no tan lines) with well-chiseled features. I have always tried to take care of myself, figuring my body may be the one thing in my life I have control over so I try to take care of it. I am told I am attractive, but that is all in the eye of the beholder. I just look at the same face in the mirror day after day.

With the thought of being watched, I sometimes give my potential voyeur something to see. On this particular afternoon I sailed into the cove as I had so many times. Releasing the after guy, dropping the spinnaker pole, dousing the spinnaker and dropping anchor. Doing this single handedly is quite a handful so to speak. Meanwhile as I'm gathering the spinnaker and stowing it in its bag, out of the corner of my eye I noticed some movement on the shores edge. Looking up to give it a quick glance but a gentle gust of wind grabbed the sail quickly bringing my attention back to the task at hand. Thinking to myself, "I need to get a spinnaker chute if I am going to continue to do this single handed or find a 1st Mate. Hmmm...maybe a 1st Mate would be the better choice." Moving about the deck getting things organized and stowed, I once again notice a flash from shores edge. Looking up, I don't see anything at all. Thinking maybe it's a reflection of the sun on my sunglasses I keep working. Almost done with my deck tidying chores I begin unbuttoning my favorite blue Hawaiian shirt. As it slipped off my shoulders "Damn...There it is again," I said out loud. This time I see it! It is a definite reflection from something on shore and now I start to think devious little thoughts.

"Who is it? What are they up to? Are they hiding?" I question to myself.

Heading below deck I can't find the binoculars, but I do find my video camera. Yes that's right my video camera with the 200x zoom, capable of zooming in on a fly at 30 yards. Picking up the camera and looking through the starboard portlight I begin scanning back and forth up and down the shoreline.

Spotting a dinghy tied up behind some rocks I continue searching, but see nothing. "Hold on... What's that?" I say, talking to myself... noticing a rocky ledge just above the dinghy... Under closer scrutiny I see a blanket... a bucket with a bottle in it...picnic basket...something that looks like a little TV or radio.

"Ok now. If it is games you want, it is games you shall receive... So let the games begin," I said audibly.

Laying my camera down I head topside maintaining an appearance of being unaware of my voyeur I stay in plane view walking along the starboard side back to the cockpit. Stretching out my arms over my head rotating around a bit as though I am working out the stiffness from my voyage. Slowly I unbutton my shirt while keeping a sly eye on the shore. Slipping it off and hanging it on the transom I sit back kicking off my shoes while I search my gear for the suntan oil.

The sun feeling so nice and warm, 82 degrees and hardly a breeze in the cove, all this and a voyeur in the trees somewhere. Can life get any better than this today?

Picking up my suntan oil, squeezing out a healthy hand full I begin by rubbing it on my legs. Noticing how the oily sheen enhanced by the sunlight highlights the muscular definition. Taking extra care I apply the oil in a fluid circular motion to my upper thighs. Pulling the sides of my bathing suit up playing peek-a-boo with the shoreline in hopes of teasing my voyeur out into the open. Then applying it evenly to my arms and shoulders, bending over and moving around slowly in my attempts to draw whomever it is out. As I do my chest I rub it in well, giving my man nipples a little extra to screen them from burn of course, and sliding down to my abdominal muscles, rubbing as I go. Slipping my hand inside my waistband pulling it down just far enough to expose a glimpse of pubic hair. At that very moment I noticed some movement again. With the excitement building, flooding my body, knowing for a fact that I am being watched makes my pulse quicken. Pretending to be unaware I lay back on the deck squirting puddle of oil on my stomach, rubbing it liberally into my abs and chest... slipping my hand in and out of my suit. Teasingly I allow my hand to linger inside my suit massaging the oil into my swelling member.

"Gotcha...," saying aloud as I see her rise up for a better view. About 30 yards straight out, perched just above deck level and just right of the rock ledge in some short bushes above the dinghy.

Sliding my waistband down reaching in and letting my cock feel the warmth of the sun. Setting down the oil I stand-up turning my back towards her, slipping my thumbs into the waistband sliding my suit off and toss it onto the deck giving her a very nice view of my backside.

Doing my best to shield her view of my semi erect cock, I walk back to the cockpit and disappear below deck. Quickly I pick up the video camera and zoom in on my voyeur. I know she can't see me as I aim the camera through the open portlight and low and behold there she is, looking towards me through her binoculars. The reflection of the sun off the lenses must have been the flash I had seen.

More than likely she had been sunbathing on the rocks as I approached and probably put a scare into her as I quietly slipped in and dropped anchor. From her perch up on the ledge she was able to spy my every move.

Admiring her beauty through the lens in that bikini was leaving so very to my vivid imagination and creating quite a stirring in my balls. My god she was sexy. Zooming in I see that she is wearing a tiny bikini with little string ties at the hips and her long brown hair done up in a single braid. Did I say she was wearing tiny bikini, it was an almost non-existent bikini. The little triangles of her top did little to hide her full round breasts and did nothing to conceal her nipples that pressed so prominently against the fabric. That scanty little bikini made her so much sexier than if she had been nude. The dinghy and the pile of clothing on her blanket led me to believe that she must live in one of the island houses nearby.

At this point my mischievous mind kicks into overdrive; not allowing her to loose interest I go back on deck through the forward hatch and hang my hammock up between the roller furling and mast. Moving around the bow attempting to tease her by allowing short peeks at my growing cock. Formulating my plan to watch my watcher I go back below, but this time I mount my camera on a tripod and zoom into her position on the blanket. Plugging it in to the flat screen monitor I moved the monitor near the forward hatch and take the tiny remote control back on deck with me. After adjusting the hammock for the best view of the screen I turn toward my voyeur giving her a good view of my front side and slip up onto the hammock.

Stretching out arching my back, teasing her. I press the zoom button, bringing her up full screen. By not facing directly towards her I think she has become a little bolder. Sitting in one of those short stadium chairs, her legs spread slightly, her eyes glued to the binoculars. I pick up the bottle of oil once again and pour it on my chest... rubbing it all around, moving my hands down my inner thighs spreading my legs to get to all those little places. Cupping my balls I squirt some oil in my hand and start slowly stroking my cock. Stroking my growing cock I zoom in on my watcher who is now holding the binoculars in her left hand while her right has slipped under her bikini top. My cock feeling like a thick steel bar in my hands as I continue stroking, slowly up and down...rolling my hand over the head teasing it...I couldn't take my eyes off her well toned body. Stroking in long smooth strokes as I watched her fingers tracing the shape of her breasts under the little triangle patches. Slowly her fingers reached the center of her breast circling her nipple and with what appears to be a little pinch her back arched, her mouth opened and her tongue wet her lips.

At the top of the stroke, the head of my cock, a deep red glistening with pre-cum, shaft slick with oil, was shining in the warmth of the sun.

Noticing my watcher must be heating up on her sunny ledge as she stood up laying down the binoculars, reaching up to the thin ties of the bikini top and with a single motion pulled the string allowing it to slide off. Exposing her firm full breasts... I can easily from here make out her very large rose-colored nipples that appearing to harden as the sun and warm breeze caresses them. Her nipples were thick and erect, appearing to be as thick as the end of one of my fingers. She continued to roll them between her thumb and fingers making them larger and my cock harder.

Zooming in tight, my eyes follow an imaginary line from her trim waist, up her sides blending into that magnificent curve of flesh capped with dark rosy nipples. The tan line of her bikini top cut just across the tops of her nipples adding depth and contrast, helping illustrate how full and firm they were.

I was so awe struck as I watched this beautiful woman wearing only a bikini bottoms, with her top dangling from an upturned hand. All the while stoking my cock, my balls burning with desire. It was all I could do to keep from spewing my load the instant she dropped her top.

Sitting back down on her blanket she carefully folded the tiny top placing it to her side picking up her bottle of tanning lotion, squirting a small amount into the palm of her hand. Then rubbing her hands together began to apply it in tiny circles ever enlarging on her stomach and proceeding to slide her hands up until she cradled a breast in each. Her tits glistened in the sun as she applied the oil, paying special attention to her nipples by rubbing a generous amount of oil on each and giving each a pinch. Then leaning back she squirted a healthy amount onto her breasts, allowing it to trickle down in slow running rivers forming a pool on her stomach.

My balls ached for release as I watched her fingers do their magic on that soft smooth skin of hers. Driving me closer and closer to the edge she ran her fingers over her skimpy bikini bottoms tracing the lines as she went, her fingers slipping in and out. Now I could make out her mound as her legs spread and her fingers followed the lines of her bottoms down between her legs... Her hands slipping into her bottoms...legs spreading more...hands in and out round and round watching her hands move my breathing becoming more ragged as my stoking quickened.

Squeezing that lotion into her hands and continuing to rub it on her arms, legs was driving me crazy..."O yes those long slender legs," I mumbled out loud...I started to fantasize what it would be like to have them wrapped around my waist. Or, to bury my face between them...thinking how I would use my tongue, licking and teasing the insides of her thighs, tracing that tendon that leads to paradise.

My cock pulsing...swelling...throbbing under the fantasy I am creating. I can see the sun glisten off the generous amount of pre-cum that is oozing from my cock as I imagine taking those nipples into my mouth, one at a time, licking, sucking and biting on them. Imagining the texture as I roll them against my teeth with my tongue.

My hand moving in long fluid strokes up and down my cock as I pan the camera following her fingertips as they run little circles on her tummy. Lower and lower... my pulse quickening as I watch her hand now moving lower yet, "Oh my god," I moan out loud as she begins touching her self through the fabric of her bikini. Her leg spreading further as I zoom to maximum, her hand and crotch filling up the screen...my balls want to explode. As she rubs across her mound I can see the outline of her labia, her crotch is wet, fabric is saturated.

My balls boiling, aching for release and I have to wonder, "Does she know that I am watching her watching me? Does she have a clue what she is doing to me?"

Zooming out a little, taking in her whole torso...her hips are undulating as her hand slips inside the bikini...her nipples so taut they look ready to explode as she pinches them over and over with her oily fingers. Tits rising and falling with every breath she takes. Laying down the binoculars she slips out of her bottoms sliding them down slowly almost as if she were putting on a show for me. Seductively spreading her legs...maybe an invitation to me. I stroke a little faster... rolling the palm of my hand over the engorge cocks head at the top of each stroke. Squeezing at the root to suppress my orgasm.

Zooming in watching as she spreads the folds of skin...her fingers beginning a circular motion on her clit...back arching, head thrown back as a finger disappears into her juicy pussy... in and out faster and with more urgency. Legs spread wide... touching her anus... teasing it. My hands stroking faster...my grip tightening...while her other hand is going to town on her tits, pinching, fondling and caressing them, pulling on those gorgeous nipples. Her hips gyrating, grinding her pussy into her fingers...I can't take it anymore as I watch two fingers disappear deeply into her sweet pussy and my cock explodes in an enormous eruption.

"AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs; my back arches hips buck, and cum spurts out in long white ribbons landing in globs on my stomach and chest.

At the same exact moment I hear, "Ooooohhhhhhh...Ohhhhhhhhhh GOD," moans and ecstatic passion coming from the ledge I look at my TV as she is lost in the waves of her own orgasm. Hips moving wildly against her fingers head forward and back while her body goes rigid then limp. I continue stroking my cock as I am rocked by another eruption and I continue to squeeze out every last drop. I don't know when my cock was so full or the orgasm so powerful.

Finally she collapsed in her chair, slowly raising her head and looking in my direction, she has the nicest contented look on her face and smiled at me blowing me a kiss.

Weak from my own orgasm and covered in cum I picked up my bathing suit and wiped myself clean.

Reaching into a storage locker where I keep some toys I pulled out my radio control speedboat. Using my suit as my special stationary I write, "A gift for you my lovely voyeur" across it and sign it. She is still watching me as I attach them to the boat, drop it to the water and race it over to her dinghy. Appearing a bit shaky she stands and begins to make her way down to the waters edge.

I marvel at her tits the way they sway gently with her every step. Leaning at the waters edge she appears as a nymph would. Picking up my suit reading my note, looking at me...pressing my suit to her luscious pussy and rubbing my cum all over her tits. Taking my boat from the water she walks back to her chair picking up her saturated bikini bottoms and writes a note to me.

Attaching them to my boat, she drops it back into the water. Giving me a wave. I motor it back as I watch her ascend to her ledge. As I pick up her bikini bottoms, so tiny and delicate...I can smell her fragrant scent...holding them up to my nose I take it all in deeply again and again.

Turning them inside out and read her note...


Screaming at the top of my lungs "PERMISSION GRANTED."

"Let me collect my things," she yells back.

Anxiously I'm watching and waiting as she scurries back and forth gathering and organizing her things, placing them into her dinghy. Picking up what appears to be a little TV, and I must say I was a bit puzzled as she started to wind up a little wire. Following along the wire and moving across the ledge, disappearing behind the bushes just for an instant, then reappearing holding up her video camera and flashing me a giant smile.

Picking up the bottle of wine from the bucket she yelled, "Now that we have had our appetizers...how about the full course meal!? Join me Captain?"

My cock began to stir at the thought and I dove into the water to swim to her...

To be continued...

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