tagBDSMRural Getaway Ch. 03

Rural Getaway Ch. 03


I felt refreshed after a nice warm shower and also chuffed at myself for giving queen M such an awesome orgasm in the bath. I dried myself off from head to toe and tied the towel around my waist. It was a sorry excuse for a towel, barely covering my ass cheeks and hanging penis.

Walking into the bedroom, I was greeted by the Queen. She looked stunning as always standing next to the fireplace with her one hand on those perfectly shaped hourglass hips and the other leaning against the wall.

Her make-up was touched up and she now had a darker shade of red on her lips, however the best part of this sight was the fact that she was only wearing a pair of black, high heeled, thigh high, leather boots. It made her look very sexy and authoritive. All she needed now was a whip and she would be the embodiment of a dungeon dominatrix.

She swayed her hips as she walked up to where I was standing frozen, just staring at her. I complimented my Queen on her sexyness and she smiled and kissed me on the cheek. The closeness of her naked body made my soft dick twitch.

M whispered in my ear, "Because you were such a good boy in the bath I will give you a reward. You can have some strawberries and one glass of champagne."

I was starving and really needed something to eat. She untied my towel and grabbed my now semi-hard dick with her hand.

She looked me in the eyes and said in her no nonsense tone, "Follow me".

She used my cock as a handle, leading me into the living room. She wasn't being very gentle about it either.

She sat me down in one of the bulky wooden chairs in front of the living room fireplace. The chair was made of heavy wood, but luckily had a nice soft pillow, good news for my naked ass. That's when I saw the ropes tied around each arm rest.

"Shit! She was going to tie me to the chair!" I exclaimed worryingly to myself.

She giggled at my reaction and started to tie my left hand to the armrest. Then after that my right hand. Again, not being very gentle. They were really tight; I could not even wiggle my arms.

With a mischievous smile she said: "Don't go anywhere, I'll be right back."

I stared at her sexy butt as she walked to the kitchen. Those boots were working really well with her naked body. Her ass was amazing. It was perfectly round and her tiny waist accentuated it even further. I wanted to kiss, bite and nibble it so badly.

She came back with a new champagne bottle and a bowl of strawberries. Her cleanly shaven pussy looked very inviting as she walked up to my chair. I wondered if she was still horny after the huge orgasm she just had, I guess I will find out soon enough.

I couldn't move my hands, so M had to open the bottle herself, I was surprised at the ease with which she did it. Clearly, she was stronger than her tiny frame would make you believe.

She poured a full glass for me, with a few bubbles spilling over onto her hand. She brought her hand up to my lips and asked me to have some champagne. I gladly licked every drop off her hand, enjoying the sweet taste.

"Mmmmmmm, what will be the best way to feed these strawberries to you?" M said, as if thinking to herself.

She placed the glass next to my elbow on the big armrest of the chair, "Don't bump it over or you will be punished."

I made 100% sure my elbow stayed as far away from the glass as possible. She took the bowl and balanced it on my left shoulder, with the one edge resting against the back of the chair. Again I was instructed not to move or else.

M climbed onto my chair with both of her sexy boots on the side of thighs, standing upright. This of course gave me a beautiful view of M's shaven pussy.

She quickly touched her pussy lips asked, "Do you like what you see?"

I replied, "Yes, very much...Queen!" Hoping she didn't pick up on the too long pause before Queen.

She hunched down and supporting her weight with her hands on the armrests, she first lifted her left leg and placed it so that her left thigh was resting on the armrest next to my right arm. She then did the same thing with her right leg (being careful not to touch the glass).

She was now sitting spread eagle on top of me, without actually touching me, except with her thighs on my arms. M's firm, 28B, surgically enhanced boobs were right in front of my face and her pussy was probably 5 cm above my cock.

She took a strawberry from the bowl on my shoulder and dipped it in the glass of champagne. She held the strawberry above her mouth, letting the champagne drip into her mouth. Very sexy!

She then licked the strawberry all around and kissed it with her beautiful dark red lips. This whole display reminded me of her excellent blowjob technique. The display was arousing me, I could feel my penis getting harder.

If I get even more aroused in this position, my cock will get rock hard and be very close to her pussy lips. If M continues with this routine, then we're definitely heading in that direction.

She fed the strawberry slowly to me. At first teasing me with it and then giving me bit by bit. She also held the glass up to my mouth and gave me a sip.

Next she did a very gymnastic move by leaning back a little and picking the bottle up from the ground. Her body looked amazing like this, arched back with her skin glistening in the fire light, not to mention her soft pussy lips slightly touching my body.

It was just for a moment, but I could feel the wetness. It drove me wild with desire. I just wanted to touch her all over. I strained against my bonds, but no luck. Being tied up with M on top of me wasn't easy.

She poured some champagne over her right breast and then the left. She clearly didn't care about the mess she was making. I didn't care either, it was the hottest moment of my life (up to that point at least). The champagne was dripping down her body onto my legs and the chair and floor.

She leaned her body forward again and pressed her boobs against my face asking me, "Would you like some champagne, slave?"

I started by licking under her left breast and then towards the side, I flicked my tongue around her areola, making my way towards her slightly erect nipple. I slowly and softly suckled on her left nipple, till the sweet taste of champagne was replaced by her body's intoxicating scent.

She angled the right breast at my face and I cleaned her breast in the same way as the left one. While still sucking on her right nipple, she poured more champagne over my face and her nipple.

I eagerly sipped as fast as I could, enjoying the taste of M's breasts mixed with that of the champagne. I was surprised that the bowl of strawberries was still balanced on my shoulder, after all the licking and sucking. Clearly I was a bit of a gymnast as well, or maybe a circus clown...

M dipped another strawberry in the champagne and fed it to me, this time not teasing me too much. I loved the taste of strawberries and champagne, definitely my favorite taste in the whole world.

After feeding me the fourth strawberry, she asked, "Are you enjoying your reward so far?"

I replied with angst, fearing it might stop, "Very much. Have I died and gone to heaven?"

M smiled and took her middle and index fingers and dipped it in the glass of champagne. She asked me to open my mouth, to which I complied straight away.

She entered my mouth with her dripping fingers and commanded me, "Suck my fingers the same way I suck your dick."

It felt a bit awkward, but I didn't want to be punished again, so I tried to mimic M's blowjob style. She kept a straight face, but she must have thought it funny.

She wasn't impressed with my attempt and said, "That's not how I suck you off, I take your dick much deeper than that. Here let me help you."

With that she stuffed her fingers the full length into my mouth, making me gag. Now she was laughing out loud and enjoying every moment of my discomfort. She took her fingers from my mouth and placed them on her pussy.

I could see her hand moving in circular motions over her beautiful pussy lips, "You like watching me masturbate, don't you?"

I didn't answer. I was to fixated on her pussy. She slipped her 2 wet fingers inside of her and softly moaned. This was too much for me, I felt trapped, not being able to use my hands. My cock was now rock hard, standing straight up, pointing at her pussy hole.

Queen M noticed my hard dick, "That's a good boy. You know just what your Queen wants."

M slowly removed her fingers from her pussy and shuffed them back into my mouth saying loudly, "SUCK ME!"

The smell of her pussy was intoxicating to me. It was like a drug. She moved her fingers in and out of my mouth the same way she was doing with her pussy seconds earlier.

M dropped her hips a little bit, and without touching my cock with her hands, she touched the tip of my cock with her pussy lips. I got excited and was sure that she was going to fuck me in this position.

I was so unbelievably horny, it was insane.

I was out of my mind.

But she didn't lower her body. She just balanced her pussy on the tip of my cock. Just wiggling her pussy a little, it was like her pussy was playing with my cock. For me it was torture.

I thought I might blow my load right there and then, onto the outside of her perfectly smooth pussy.

After some excruciating moments of teasing and torture, she lifted her hips again, denying me the pleasure of her pussy. She also removed her fingers from my mouth allowing me to breathe properly again.

I told her how badly I wanted her, and all she said was:, "You're in no position to make demands."

Next she took a strawberry and again dipped it in champagne, but this time she didn't feed me straightaway. She placed it between her boobs and slowly moved it down her body, until she reached her softest spot. I followed her every move. She very slowly rubbed the strawberry against her soft pink lips. Up and down, up and down.

M whispered in my ear while rubbing her clit with the strawberry, "I love the texture of the strawberry against my pussy lips and clit. Do you wish it was your tongue giving me pleasure?"

Again I was speechless.

She leaned back a bit giving me a better view of her shenanigans. She looked at my eyes to make sure I was paying attention to her lovely lady bits.

I was the perfect slave, fixated on my masters' beauty. She slipped the juicy strawberry into her pussy and then pushed it deeper with her middle finger. I've never seen anything so incredibly hot!

But she wasn't done. M took another strawberry and pushed it into her pussy as well, making sure it's deep inside of her. Then she took another one. She now had 3 big strawberries deep inside of her pussy.

She lifted herself up and removed her legs from the armrests. Again, I had that beautiful view of pussy from below. She leaned forward and told me to open my mouth. I knew what was coming and couldn't wait to taste those pussy drenched strawberries.

She lowered her body so that her pussy was right on top of my mouth. I stuck my tongue out, touching the tip between her anal hole and the opening to her pussy. M pushed the first strawberry out, letting it roll onto my tongue.

I was wrong before about my favorite taste in the world, this was by far the best taste, strawberry mixed with M's pussy juices.

It tasted amazing. I devoured the strawberry and stuck my tongue out for the next one. The last one I held between my teeth and M bended down and took a bite from it as she kissed me. I don't think there's anything sexier than that.

I wondered if M also enjoyed the taste of her pussy as much as I do.

Queen M climbed off the chair and picked up the bottle of champagne. There wasn't much left. She downed the rest out of the bottle. By now she must be starting to get a little tipsy. And I know how wild she can get if intoxicated.

She left the room and went to the bedroom. I heard some ruffling noises coming from there. I assumed she was searching for something. After a while, she came back carrying a blindfold. One of those they give you in those little airplane bags. She blindfolded me and the last thing I saw was her firm round boobies in front of my face.

She untied my hands and grabbed my hard cock. I could feel her long nails digging into the flesh of my dick. She pulled me up from the chair using my cock as a handle again; it felt like she was trying to rip my dick off. I nearly screamed, but knew I had to keep my mouth shut to avoid punishment. I wanted to be the perfect slave to my Queen.

I expected she would lead me to the bedroom. But no, she made me stand in front of the fire on the fluffy carpet. I could hear the chair moving. I assume she was rearranging the living room, to suit the plans she had with me.

When the moving stopped she grabbed me by the cock again and made me sit down. Not on the fluffy carpet, but on the cold, hard wooden floor. She pulled me backwards by my arms and I felt my back touching a wooden chair. I believe I was sat with my back against the back of one of the living room chairs. M lifted my arms above my head and tied them together against the wooden chair.

So, here I was, tied up again sitting on the cold floor naked. I could hear her softly saying, "Mmmmmmmm......I wonder what my slave can do for me next?"

It went quiet for a while and then I could hear the sound of her boots coming closer. Without any warning she touched my cock with her hand. I jumped at the sudden touch. She tickled me up and down a bit and then grabbed it hard, whispering in my ear: "I like it when your cock is big and hard, it makes my pussy wet.

That just made my cock even harder. I felt her letting go of me and I could have screamed. I was so close to bursting. When is this torture going to stop?

It went quite again and all I could hear was M's breathing which seemed a little heavier than usual. Then all of the sudden I could strongly smell her sweet pussy.

With the losing of my sight, all my other senses were heightened. I knew her pussy must be close to my face, so I pushed my head forward, hoping to touch it with my mouth, but no luck. She must have pulled it away just in time.

She gave me an unexpected slap on the face and said, "What do you think you're doing, did I tell you to move? Sit still and do as you're told."

I moved my head back and wished that I could rub the sting on my cheek. M was not holding back.

She brought her pussy closer again, and I asked, "Can I please taste your pussy, My Queen?"

She didn't reply with an answer, but rather a statement: "So, you like tasting me ...Mmmmmm...let's see."

She told me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue. I expected her pussy, but instead she sucked on the end of my tongue and then kissed me deeply. It was a very sensual and passionate kiss, our tongues playing with each other, broken up by some light sucking of tongues.

She retracted and said, "Okay slave boy, open your mouth again and stick out your tongue."

Needless to say, I did exactly that. I waited with excitement for her soft wet pussy lips. However, what I got was completely different. A warm liquid flowed into my open mouth. I quickly realized it was pee, M was peeing into my mouth!

Just as she started releasing her golden shower into my mouth she told me: "You better not waste a drop, for every drop you spill you will be punished. Now start swallowing!"

Without even thinking about it I swallowed. As the intensity of her peeing increased I began falling behind.

I swallowed as fast as I could, but my mouth was slowly getting fuller of M's liquid.

My mouth overflowed and a drop left the side of my mouth.

M didn't miss anything, she counted out loud, "One, Two, Three drops!".

Luckily at this point her peeing subsided and I could catch up with the swallowing. Afterwards I was actually surprised at the taste, I thought it would be horrible, but it wasn't at all.

This was the kinkiest thing I've ever done in my life and also the most intimate.

M pushed her pussy against my lips and commanded me to clean her pussy. I gladly licked every drop and even stuck my tongue into her as far as I could.

She stopped me and said: "That's enough...so...you've spilled 3 drops of my precious golden juice, now I will have to punish you 3 times."

My mind quickly jumped to all the punishments it could be. This is definitely going to be a long night for me.

I expected the worst, but the next thing I felt was M's lips around my rock hard cock.

She slowly sucked the head of my dick into her mouth and then I could feel it going deeper into her mouth. I could feel her hand on the base of my cock, gripping it tightly. I was indescribably, ridiculously horny.

I knew I wouldn't last long, if she continued at the pace she was going. Within probably 30 seconds I could feel my orgasm building in my balls.

I don't think I ever came so quickly in all my life.

I couldn't hold back and exploded into M's warm mouth. She continued to suck me off as wave after wave of orgasm washed over me. Until every last drop of my orgasm was released into her.

She released my cock from her mouth and gave it one more jerk with her hand before letting go. I could hear her boots as she walked away.

I wondered what she was up to.

My mind was reeling from the orgasm, I could not think straight. All I know is, this was the best punishment I've ever received.

After a minute or so, she returned. My dick was still hard from the mind blowing orgasm.

I could feel her breathing over me, and then I felt her perky tits against my chest. She whispered in a sultry voice, "Now, I'm going to fuck your brains out!"

I felt her grabbing my cock and positioning it upwards. Then I felt it, the thing I was longing for from the moment we left my house earlier in the day...her pussy lips surrounding my hard cock.

M slowly lowered herself onto my large swollen cock, until all 19 centimeters of my manhood was inside of her.

I could feel her breathe in my ear as she let out a big sigh. She slowly lifted her body to test the length of my cock; she then pushed back down again.

Her tight pussy felt amazing. With my heightened senses it was even more amazing being inside of her. Feeling her body on me. Smelling her hair. Feeling her tight pussy muscles contract around my cock.

She increased the speed of her fucking. The quick long strokes had me out of breath and I wasn't doing any of the work, just experiencing Queen M, the SEX GODDESS.

She was bouncing up and down on my cock. I wish I could see those boobs bouncing. M kissed me wildly, whilst fucking my dick. Her fucking was so urgent and passionate. She was slamming her petite body against my big cock at a furious pace.

The realization that she was riding me so hard to make me cum again turned me on even more.

Out of breath she said, "Will you be able to cum for me again, my slave boy?"

I replied out of breath: "Yes, my queen, anything for you."

"I want your slave cum inside my queen pussy!"

I was about to say the safe word, being scared that I'll make her pregnant.

Before I could say anything however she said, as if reading my mind, "Don't worry about getting me pregnant, boy, your Queen is in command and she wants your cum in her pussy."

With that she fucked me even harder. M begged me even more to cum inside her. Her tight pussy was demanding me to empty my balls into her. The second orgasm within fifteen minutes was building up in my balls.

My body tingled from my head to my toes. My body was shaking at the approaching orgasm.

I screamed: "I'M CUMMING!!!".

M stopped the fucking and pushed her vagina down onto my cock. Making sure my cock was as deep as it can get.

I could feel the sperm shooting out of my cock and deep into M's pussy.

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