tagInterracial LoveRural Relations Ch. 01: The Awakening

Rural Relations Ch. 01: The Awakening



My two sisters and I grew up in a very strict, moral environment. My father was an ordained Episcopal Priest in the only church in town, and my mother was a nurse at the regional hospital. Since I was the oldest of the three I was expected to be the example of morality, purity and good judgment. I took my role very seriously.

We lived in a tiny little community in the Berkshires where everyone literally knew everybody else. It was easy to pick us out of a crowd, we were of Scandinavian and German descent, with tell-tale long, straight blonde hair and bright, sky-blue eyes. Yup, as white as white can be. The kids in school nicknamed us the "snow white" sisters. Everyone knew who we were.

There were only a few black families living in town, and of course, everyone knew who they were too. In such a small setting, every one is part of the group and there really was no difference between black and white people, except for skin color; or so I thought.

I was an "early bloomer" and matured faster than most of the girls my age. I had full breasts by the time I was thirteen and my butt rounded out nicely... thank you. All of the older high school boys became interested in me, but I held my ground and set the example for my sisters. As a high school freshman, I dated a few seniors, but did not let them have their way with me. I was a good girl, and proud of it. A lot of the boys teased me about it, but I wouldn't give in. The closest I ever got to a boy was a quick peck on the cheek. I was good and pure, just the way my parents taught me to be.

By the time I was a junior, I was fully grown at 4' - 11" tall and 110 pounds, 24 inch waist and perky B-cup breasts. There was nothing big about me, at all. Most of my kin-folks were small, so I didn't expect much. I hoped for a growth spurt, but it never happened. I didn't let my petite size hinder me though, I was a handful then and I'm still a handful now. I've figured out that I can use my size to my advantage. As they say, "good things come in small packages!" My husband tells me that I haven't changed a bit since high school.

It was those later years of high school when I first realized that black guys were attracted to me. In particular, there was this new kid in school. His name was Winston. Winston's family moved here from Jamaica, making them only the third black family in town. Everyone liked Winston, he was a happy-go-lucky kid, full of kindness and determination and sweet as pie. You couldn't help but like him.

Winston was a freshmen when I was a senior, and I was pretty sure he had a crush on me. He would do all sorts of goofy things, like bring me flowers from his momma's garden, or offer to share his lunch with me. He could charm the pants off of anyone. He was pretty cute...for a little twirp!

The contrast between us was stark, Winston and I couldn't have been more opposite. He was very tall, solid and muscular for a freshman, and he was black as night. I had never seen anyone as dark as him before, except maybe in a National Geographic magazine. I was intrigued by his features, they were sexy in a primal sort of way. I'm not sure he'd ever seen a girl like me either, maybe that explains his attraction to me.

At the time, it was "cool" for white girls to date black boys, but I never gave his advances a second thought. In my house, good girls did not do such things...still, he was kind of cute!

Winston was constantly flirting with me. He made me nervous and he knew it. The more I resisted his advances, the harder he tried. I knew he was playing with me in a "bad boy gets good girl" sort of way. Although I never gave in, I was flattered by his persistence.

I went off to state college destined to become a school teacher, fully intending to move back home and teach English at the old high school. College was no different, in that the black guys I met there all seemed interested in me. I even considered dating a few of them, but never could work up the courage. What would my parents think? I have to admit though that I did notice a slight attraction to black men.

I eventually fell in love with a guy from my home town named Ben, whom I dated off and on through high school and college.

Ben is an handsome guy, a gentleman and a real sweetheart. He is big and strong and he protects me, but mostly, he makes sure that all of my needs are taken care of. Sometime I think he would do anything for me.

Ben and I married shortly after college.

It wasn't long after we settled into our new, secluded house that we were having our usual Friday night cocktail when Ben mentioned that he had bumped into Winston at the gas station. I guess that the cocktails must have loosened me up a bit because I went on and on to Ben about the way Winston liked to flirt with me back in high school. I told him all about the flowers and all about the kind things that Winston would say and do. I even told him that I pictured Winston as some sort of African Warrior.

Ben surprised me a little when he asked if Winston's flirting excited me. Of course, I vehemently denied that it did, but I'm not sure that I sounded real convincing because he started to ask me about some of our college friends. He went on and on, quizzing me on just about every black guy that I ever knew. I admitted to him that I did think some of them were handsome, but I didn't admit that it excited me. The conversation ended with Ben suggesting that we have Winston over for a cocktail some night. I wasn't sure what he was driving at, but I agreed that it might be fun.

The very next Friday night Ben poured us our usual cocktails, we smoked a little grass, changed into our P.J.'s, and sat down on the couch to watch a movie.

I could tell right away that it was a porno. I admit that I like watching a good quality porno once in a while, especially when I'm stoned. Smoking is an aphrodisiac for me, so I made sure I was wearing my loosest, most accessible P.J.'s...you know...just in case.

Before I knew it we were watching a group of scantily dressed women walking a beautiful young blonde girl out to a make-shift bed in the middle of an open stage. She was dressed as a fair young maiden, barefoot, in a very short, silky white gown. Her neck, arms and legs were bare and her skin was soft, milky and smooth. A crown of pastel colored flowers adorned her head, keeping her long, straight blond hair from falling into her innocent, waif-like face. Her eyes were baby blue, and a bit glazed, as if she was given something to make her relax. In my own "relaxed" state, it was easy for me to imagine that I was her up there on stage, lying there in that revealing white gown, eagerly anticipating what was going to happen next.

The room was crowded with masked couples seated at small tables around the stage, sipping cocktails, waiting to see the show. It was obvious that they were hiding their identities, and it was just as obvious that the nubile young blonde was the main attraction.

The audience sat quietly, eyes glued to the stage as the group of women attending the young blonde began to gently caress her smooth, white skin. Hands and fingers slid softly over her bare neck, arms and legs, leaving trails of goose bumps in their wake. The fingers that were caressing her neck slowly slid the white gown off of her shoulders, passing the gown to the fingers on her arms. As the fingers on her arms slid her gown downward, the fingers from her neck moved along with it, exploring the newly exposed skin on her chest. I could see that the silky material of the gown gliding across her nipples was making them hard.. I watched with anticipation, and when they finally popped out from behind the gown, they were big, stiff and cherry red. The attendants fingers quickly moved in and gently tugged and rolled them. A warm tingle ran through my body.

The camera panned to her legs, and another set of attendants fingers were moving slowly up her thighs towards her hips. When the gown would no longer slid upward anymore, the attendant then moved to the side, allowing the camera to reposition at the foot of the bed. The hem of the gown barely covered her privates. The camera focused in on one of the attendants slowly unbuttoning her gown from the top on down, then pushing the gown to the side, exposing more and more of her tight, young body. For a few moments, my thoughts turned from the young maiden to how I imagined it would feel to be on that bed, knowing that I was about to be exposed to a room full of strangers. My stomach knotted with a nervous excitement thinking about having all those strangers looking at me.

My breathing got heavier with every button that was released, until finally, the attendant reached the last button. I held my breath in anticipation. "Do it!" I thought to myself, "Just do it!" It felt like minutes had gone by before the attendant popped the last button. The silky gown fell off to the sides, exposing the maiden's creamy white thighs, her silky blonde pubic hairs and her pencil-thin slit for everyone to see. I felt like I was looking in a mirror, and everyone was looking at me. I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next.

Before I could give it much though, the camera flashed to a big green door at the side of the stage. Two raven haired slaves clad in gossamer gowns were standing on ether side of the door. With much fanfare, and some background drum beats to heighten the excitement of his arrival, the door opened and a very large and dark African Warrior emerged onto the stage. A bone necklace around his neck, white and red body paint and a grass skirt gave him a very authentic, savage-like look.

The raven haired slaves flanked the warrior and slowly and deliberately walked him towards center stage. The slaves gowns hung loosely draped on their naked bodies beneath, the material shear enough to reveal their nakedness beneath. As they moved across the stage it became immediately evident that the warrior was not wearing any clothing beneath his grass skirt. I watched him closely, hoping to get a good look, but his cock never emerged from the grass skirt. By the way he moved, it appeared that he was very well endowed.

The raven haired slaves delivered the warrior to the foot of the make-shift bed. He stood there with one on each arm, motionless, towering over the tiny blond girl on the bed, waiting. That was the queue for two of the attendants to move down on each side of the blonde maiden, placing a hand on each knee and each ankle while the third attendant moved to the head of the bed and took the blonde maidens head in her hands.

When all were in place, the third attendant lifted the blonde maidens head so that she could see the big dark warrior standing over her. The contrast between the two couldn't be more obvious.

While the blonde maiden was making eye contact with the warrior, the other two attendants slowly spread her legs apart, and held her wide open for the warrior to examine. He hungrily licked his chops as his eyes scanned the young, white beauty's big pink nipples and tiny, little pussy. The camera zoomed in to show us that her thin, wispy blond pubic hair did little to hide her sweet pussy lips. I couldn't help but notice the similarity between the young maiden's tiny little pussy and mine. The camera zoomed back out for us to see the raven haired slaves making deliberate hand gestures, offering the young blonde maidens body to the dark warrior.

The more I assimilated with the maiden, the more uncomfortable I began to feel. The young maiden, who looked every bit wholesome and pure was being offered to a black man, strictly for pleasure! The savage was poised to take away her innocence in the naughtiest of ways! She couldn't let that happen to her! She needed to do something about it. How could the attendants allow that happen? Why weren't they helping her? Why wasn't she struggling to get away? She should be fighting, not giving in! I was starting to feel distressed.

I wanted her to try to free herself, but she did not move. Instead, she just bit her lip and watched him. What was she doing? How could she let this happen to her? I thought about leaving the room so I didn't have to watch, but for some reason, I didn't move either. I was frozen, with my eyes glued to the screen, my heart beating like a tribal war drum.

The African Warrior stood motionless, towering over the fair maiden, while his two beautiful raven haired slaves moved around behind him. Very carefully deliberately, they removed his grass skirt. I had never seen a black cock before, but had heard all the rumors. I could feel the blood pumping through my veins in a nervous anticipation.

As grass skirt dropped to the floor, the raven haired slaves stepped back, and the camera zoomed in on his soft, dangling penis. "Oh my god!" I gasped audibly. It was huge! I've seen plenty of porno's in my time, but I had never seen anything like this. It looked more like a thoroughbred stallion's cock than a man's cock. I felt embarrassed by looking at it. I wanted to turn away, but I couldn't, something inside me compelled me to keep looking at it. It was long, very thick and very, very dark, and I just sat there mesmerized, staring at the it.

It got so quiet in the room, you could hear a pin drop.. Ben and I watched in dead silence as the warrior approached the wholesome little blonde. The attendants that were holding the young maiden down released their hold on her, and stepped back to give the warrior plenty of room. The young maiden held her legs wide open. The attendants and the slaves all stood closely by watching as the warrior approached the maiden. I could see the jealousy in their eyes.

He examined the nubile young woman thoroughly. She was young and firm and beautiful, she had the body of a full grown woman, yet looked young and innocent enough to be a virgin.

He approved of their generous gift and gave the attendants and slaves a nod of approval.

He touched the young blonde gently, cupping her petite breasts and caressed them carefully. Much to his delight her big pink nipples slowly stiffened.

She gasped quietly.

My heart beat hastened.

I was poised to close my eyes and turn away, expecting the savage to brutally ravage the fair, young maiden, but I cautiously continued to watch, not quite ready yet to turn away.

He placed his lips on her neck and tasted her bare skin. I imagined that she tasted sweet. Like a virgin should taste.

His lips moved towards her chest. I could feel my own nipples begin to pucker. When his savage lips clamped onto her cherry red nipples, a shock wave ran from my breasts to my loins.

I felt so dirty watching it.

Slowly, the Warrior kissed and nibbled his way down her trembling body. Her head shook back in forth as if she was trying to muster the strength to refuse him. She was weak, and weakened more as each delicate nibble brought his mouth closer to her loins.

The movie camera panned to the crowd. The audience was silent; eyes fixed on the warrior, holding their collective breaths in anticipation of his next move. I held my breath along with them.

Not to disappoint the crowd, the Warrior placed his rugged hands on the insides of the fair maiden's knees and spread them apart even farther than she could hold them, exposing her most intimate parts. He gazed at her silky blonde mound. It did little to hide her small, pink, delicate little flower.

I was fully expecting to see brutal assault of the young maiden, against her will, and against all things decent, but instead, I was quite surprised to witness just how erotic this pairing of a tender young maiden and a savage black warrior actually was! All of a sudden, strong feelings of arousal were competing with my feelings of anxiety. The tingle within me grow as the maiden's arousal heightened. Subconsciously, one of my hands slid down to my stomach and started gently stroking the area just above my pajama bottoms with the tips of my fingers. I could feel the heat building between my legs. It felt good.

He moved his face towards her mound and began to sniff. The sweet aroma prompted his tongue to dart out at her tight slit, just barely touching her nubile flesh. Just as quickly as it emerged, his tongue disappeared back into his mouth, leaving behind it a thin trail of warm saliva. I quietly eased my fingers under the waist band of my pajamas and started stroking the soft skin below my stomach, slowly inching closer and closer to my pussy, trying not to let on to Ben that I was getting aroused by all of this.

Her lips swelled slightly with each flick of his wet, pink tongue. He skillfully worked back and forth between her swelling pussy lips and her stiffening clitoris until her flower was in full bloom. Her inner lips opened wide, exposing her tight little hole. Her tiny little opening, framed by her swollen labia, glistened from her excitement. I couldn't help but notice that licking her tiny little slit was making his big fat cock good and hard too, way bigger than before. As I watched his cock grow, my fingers dropped into my silky pubic hair and started weaving their way around my pubic mound, inching even closer to my hot pussy.

He rapidly poked his tongue into her hole five or six times, and then held just still, just outside her eager, little hole. She bucked wildly on it, thrashing it with her clit and swollen pussy lips . When he pulled his tongue away from her pussy, juices dribbled out of her hot cunt and trickled down her inner thigh.

Watching all of this was making me so hot that I couldn't control my urges. Boldly, I unbuttoned my pajama bottoms enough to freely get my hand in, put both of my feet up on the coffee table, spread my legs, slid my middle finger down to my clit, and started to gently rub it, leaving no doubt that in my own mind, or for that matter, to anyone who was watching me, that I was getting turned on by all of this.

The warrior then pulled the maiden down the bed towards him until her ass was positioned right at the edge in front of him. Ready or not, he was making his move. Legs spread, her succulent pussy lips stuck together from all of the wetness. The warrior took his middle finger and ran it up through her greasy slit. Her swollen lips parted, framing the entry of her tiny little cunt. I slid my finger up and down my own slit to see what it might feel like. My lips parted and I felt a dribble of hot, gooey juicy trickled out of my pussy. It was awesome!

The warrior stood in front of the maiden, with the head of his big rod just inches away from her tiny little blonde bush. The camera zoomed in again to give a us good, long look at his fully erect cock. I just stared in disbelief. It was magnificent! His cock was a beautiful dark bronze color. The head alone was at least two inches long and tapered from one inch thick at the tip to more than two inches thick at the ridge, exceptionally smooth, amazingly rigid and slightly lighter in color than the shaft. The perfect tool for enlarging tiny holes! The ridge was thicker than the shaft and ended bluntly, so that it would feel bigger going out than it was going in!

While I was examining his magnificent cock, I was gently pulling and kneading my juicy cunt lips. The longer I looked at his cock, the more swollen they became!

Behind the ridge was the most amazing shaft. There was a good ten inches of rock hard, two inch thick dark brown cock! It was slightly bent to one side, and covered with bumps, ridges and thick, hard veins, and it was throbbing! I never imagined a cock like that could be real! But it was. It was big, hard, strong and powerful! Just the way a cock should be...and I wanted it!

I couldn't get over the size difference between her sweet little, pink pussy and his enormous black cock! His cock head was enormous and her pussy was so tiny and delicate. The more I looked, the more I realized that it was like I was looking at my own pussy in the mirror!

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