Hello, My name is Ava. I'm a pretty normal woman. Average height red/brown hair a slimish figure with nice round c-cups. I'd like to tell you all a little story that still pinkens my cheeks to tell.

My husband was to take me out for dinner, we had reservations and everything. I was running exceedingly late getting ready and my husband was growing slightly impatient. As I came out of the bathroom wearing just a towel he looked me over with a devilish grin. I had my outfit laid out on the bed and as I began drying my hair he made a few adjustments to my chosen attire. By the time my hair was dry enough for me to dress The only thing on the bed was a silk blouse and panties.

"Are you crazy?" I asked him.

"Better get dressed or you won't have time to put make-up on, we've got to be out the door in five minutes." My husband responded. I played along expecting to get my skirt right before we left, we joke around like this a lot. I pulled the thong panties on and adjusted them between my buttocks and then buttoned the blouse up hastily and turned to put my make-up on. In the mirror I could see my nipples gently pointing through the this fabric. Outside it was drizzling softly. Going without a bra would turn me on, and this WAS supposed to be a 'romantic' evening. My make-up was down right at the five minute mark and I turned to my husband.

"Skirt." I said. He shook his head and motioned towards the bedroom door.

"I put it in the car." He said.

"Alright." I smiled and allowed him to lead me out of the house and over to the car where he unlocked the driver's side door, got in then reached over and let me in. Standing barefoot on the wet driveway in just a blouse and panties was exhilarating. There was a slight breeze blowing cool mist against my bare legs. I looked around at the darkened houses of the neighborhood. Anyone could look out and if they were paying enough attention see that I had no bottoms on. As the engind started and my door was opened I climbed in slipping my low heels on as soon as the door shut.

"Where's my skirt?" I asked as my husband backed onto the street and began driving.

"It's in the trunk, I'll get it when we get there." He smiled. "Just enjoy, I want you to be on fire when we get home tonight."

I must admit I was feeling very aroused and continued to enjoy the exposure I was allowing myself. It was a fifteen minute ride to the restaurant and when we pulled in I excitedly looked around the parking lot. There were several people around none of whom had any clue that there was a half naked woman only a few feet away.

"I have something to tell you." My husband said. "I really didn't bring your skirt." My head snapped in his direction as my cheeks turned scarlet, was he about to tell me to go into a restaurant half naked? "Now that I'm thinking about it, I can't believe I did it, it seemed like such a good idea at the time. It made me horny just thinking about it, but now we're here and I can't believe I really did it."

"Well what do we do?" I asked "Should we skip dinner, I AM very horny."

"Are you hungry?" He asked, I nodded. "Maybe a drive-thru and a quiet place to park?" I looked out at the parking lot and then down at the bottom of the blouse, I gently tugged the blouse down as far as it would go, and it reached my upper thigh about two to three inches below my crotch.

"You aren't?" My husband asked.

"Open your door before I chicken out." I said. A moment later his door sprang open and he came around to get mine. I swung my legs out of the car and stood up smoothing the blouse down as I walked. The wind whipped mist against my bottom and I looked down to see my nipples beginning to show as dark spots as the rain lightened the silk. My stomache lurched and I swallowed hard, a few more steps and I would be through the door and within the building where there would be no turning back. The doors opened and clinging dreamily to my husband's arm I walked in.

"Reservation for Two, under @!$#$." My husband said, and I censored it. I felt eyes behind me and turned to see a waiter checking me out.

"Right this way." The concierge said coldly and led us briskly through the restaurant to a table away from the main dining area. "Enjoy." He said and laid two leather bound menus down.

As I sat the back of the blouse came up and I was glad to be in a solid backed chair as I could feel the leather on my bare bottom. I was totally safe seated and I ate my meal almost forgetting my state of attire. We enjoyed a drink, and some dessert then it was time to leave. We settled our check and left a healthy tip, as we approached the door we could see that outside the rain had progressed to a torrential downpour. I took my shoes off and prepared to run for the car. My husband looked over at me with a smile as he looked me up and down.

"You look great." He said, and threw open the doors. I stepped out running and as the rain hit my back I stopped and looked back into the restaurant. Two waiters were looking out the door, behind them I could see the concierge shaking his head. My blouse was already drenched through and I fumbled into my pocketbook for a ten dollar bill. Once I found it and much to my husband's surprise as he had already reached the car I walked back in and handed the concierge the ten.

"We almost forgot to tip you, the meal was wonderful, thank-you." I said. My blouse clung to my breast and stomache, everything was fully visible including the thich dark swath of my pubic hair through my soaked, also white panties. I turned and walked slowly to the car, letting the rain drench me, it felt wonderful as it got into every pore. At the car I unbuttoned and removed my soaking wet blouse and then my panties climbing naked and free into the passenger seat.

"I guess this means we're not stopping to rent a movie." My husband said as he pulled out of the parking lot.

"You'll be lucky if I make it home without attacking you, I've NEVER been this horny in my life." I said.

-This is REALLY just a sample, I didn't have a whole lot of time, but wanted to get something posted before the weekend, more and better to follow. Promise.

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