tagErotic CouplingsRushing the Passer

Rushing the Passer


She watched him.

He sat there in the big overstuffed chair, comfortably sprawled in it, and intently watched the play as it unfolded on the screen. The ball was snapped, and the pass thrown. Intercepted. He cursed at the eleven men on the field, as if they could hear him, unaware he was being watched from the doorway.

Almost silently, she advanced further into the room until she was standing just behind him. Clad in just his khaki shorts, she gazed down upon his bare chest, his succulent nipples, and licked her lips. She thought of how good his warm skin felt beneath her fingers and felt that first rush between her thighs. And without any thought at all, her fingers found their way to her own nipple, and pinched. Hard. She glanced at the game clock on the screen and smiled. It was almost halftime, and time to make a play of her own.

Releasing her large rosy nipple, she brought her hands down to rest on top of his broad shoulders. At the touch of her fingertips upon his skin, he began to turn in the overstuffed chair to face her, but she halted his movement when she let her hands slip down to squeeze his manly nipples as she stood behind him. He made that sound then, a murmur of a groan on a sharp intake of breath, the sound that told her without having to look, that his cock was stirring for her within his khaki shorts.

Without saying a word, she came around the side of the chair and stood before him, and as her blue eyes locked with his, she settled herself in his lap. She could feel his hard cock just beneath her and she squirmed on top of him, running her fingers through the hair on his chest and teasing his luscious nipples with her wet tongue.

The murmurs grew louder and more frequent, and she could feel the rise and fall of his chest as she nipped and sucked at the hardened nubs of flesh. Her desire for him heightened and the pulsing within her grew more urgent. Seeking a bit of relief, she pressed down on his lap, on his hard cock, with her irresistible ass. He gripped her cheeks with his hands, his fingers pushing into the soft globes of flesh, keeping her there. She pushed down a little harder and he closed his eyes, his head tilted back against the chair.

As the seconds on the game clock ticked away, the crowd roared on the screen, but he didn't open his eyes to see. She smiled as she softly asked, "Am I distracting you?"

He didn't speak, but uttered a groan, and she straddled his thighs. She nuzzled his neck and breathed him in, enraptured by his scent. And then as she licked and nibbled at his ear, she whispered in a breathy voice, "Ready to give me a ride, baby?"

Her lips found his then, and she slid her tongue inside his mouth, taking delight in the taste of him. She kissed him urgently, with mounting passion, and slipped her hand beneath her to undo his shorts and release his beautiful cock from the confines of the khaki fabric. It was hot and hard, throbbing in her hand, and she guided him to the warm wet place that ached, right where they both wanted it to be.

Slowly, inch by agonizing inch, she lowered her hot wet pussy onto him until he was inside her to the hilt. For a moment she didn't move at all, savoring the feeling of him filling her. His hands were on her hips, exerting gentle pressure and she looked down into his lovely eyes and smiled. He gave a little thrust, urging her to ride and so she did, slowly at first, then faster and faster. She rode his steel-hard cock, impaling herself on him again and again.

The look on his face told her that he was teetering on the edge, but she was far from finished with him, and so she stopped. She sat there, holding still on his cock, gasping for air. He looked up at her, confused. And she just bent her head and kissed him again, moving her hips in small circles, making his cock dance inside of her.

His breathing was ragged, and he groaned as she kissed him. His hands still firmly grasped her hips, and he pressed on them forcefully, attempting to thrust hard inside of her. He wanted to cum so badly. The need to was insistent, but she wouldn't let him. Yet. Instead she lifted herself up from his cock. It felt bereft as it hit the cool air.

He pulled away from her lips, even more bewildered. And she answered with that wicked little grin, reaching down with her hand to grasp his cock once more. It was hard and slick, slippery with her wetness. She teasingly stroked it, coating with her fingers with her own pussy juice. As she adjusted the angle of her body on his lap, she held onto him with her other hand for leverage, and then she lowered her tight hot ass onto his waiting cock, moaning at the sweet invasion. She brought her wet fingers to his lips, giving him a taste of her.

Her body was on fire, and her legs were shaking as she straddled his thighs. She burned for him and began to ride him in earnest. His thrusts met hers, his cock slamming savagely into her ass. He wrapped an arm around her waist and she threw her head back, blonde hair swaying, as she took his cock hard and fast. Her empty pussy was dripping, crying for him, and he slid a finger inside. Then two.

And then he slid in three. He fucked her pussy with his fingers while his cock fucked her ass. She was so hot for him, you could hear the wetness gush forth with every thrust of his fingers. Her hand came to join his, to let him know she wanted him there, to keep his fingers inside her. She was so close, and so was he. She mashed on her swollen clit with her palm, her fingers still pressed against his hand. And at that moment, the spasms began, her muscles clenched to milk his cock of it's hot boiling cum. She could feel it spurt inside her.

She came hard then, the orgasm so intense, that her back arched to the point that she thought she might fall. He held her though, so she didn't, and as the waves of pleasure ebbed from her body she went limp against his arm. He pulled her forward and she laid her head on his shoulder, taking in gulps of air to catch her breath. Her hand still rested atop his, both of their hands dripping with her. She raised her hand to his lips once more, feeding him with her fingers, and then he did the same for her. She licked her essence from his fingertips, and when it was all gone, she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him like she never had before. Tasting him. Tasting her from his sweet lips.

And as halftime, and their playtime, ended, and the second half began, she turned her head to glance back at the screen behind her. He stopped her though, taking her face in his hands, he brought her mouth back to his own. "I wanted to see who's winning," she muttered against his lips, smiling.

"We are," he replied.

And then he kissed her. She felt his spent cock nudge against her bottom as he devoured her mouth, the rush between her thighs beginning once again. And as he lowered her onto the floor she weakly sighed against him, "But the game..."

She didn't get to finish. He was teasing her with his tongue, licking and sucking her rosy nipples, almost making her cum. And as he licked and kissed his way down her trembling body, her sodden pussy rubbing up against his chest, she held his head in her hands. His tongue dipped into her navel and it tickled. When she squirmed against his mouth, he stopped for just a moment and said, "Hold still, baby. I want to eat my halftime snack!"

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