tagRomanceRuss - The Beginning

Russ - The Beginning


Russ and I have worked together for a few years. We've always been friendly but recently our relationship has gotten much more intimate.

Last fall, during the Presidential race, we discovered we had a lot in common. I'd go sit in his office to talk about the latest events while staring at him and thinking decidedly non-work related thoughts. During these conversations we learned more and more about each other. And the more we learned, the more we liked.

If I had to fall for someone, Russ is a great choice; tall and lean, smart and funny, with blond hair and blue eyes. He's very easy to look at. You can tell that he cares about his appearance but not so much that he seems vain. And with that nice body, he looks great in everything he wears. I'm not usually attracted to blondes but I made an exception in his case.

I knew he was married and that he loved his wife. I'm married too. And that was alright. We were just talking, as friends. I didn't start out looking for anything in particular, but things moved along after I asked about a ride in his car.

I'd heard Russ had a little sports car that he liked to drive fast. Figuring that it would be harmless fun, I told him I wanted to go for a ride in his car. He responded "Would it be ok if we went to lunch together some time?" Ummm...YES! After thinking un-pure thoughts about him for several months, getting away together for some private time sounded great to me!

So we went to lunch and had a good time talking and getting to know each other even better. Before the lunch I'd decided to tell him how attracted I was to him. I finally got the nerve up on the ride back. "Russ, I want you to know that if you weren't married and I wasn't married, I think something could happen between us." I'll always remember him touching my hand right then and saying something about how he was glad I had told him. I actually don't remember exactly what he said but I do remember his hand touching mine and the way my body reacted when he did. He probably meant it as a harmless gesture but it sure sent a thrill through my whole body up when he touched me.

We continued to have lunches together, shared more personal information, and got to know each other even better. He knew I was attracted to him but I didn't think that anything would come of it. It was pretty obvious, though, that we liked each other and would have been all over each other if we'd been single.

I even told him about a fantasy I had. If I ever quit my job, I'd decided that I wanted to show him how I truly felt before I left. "I'd pull you into my office, push you against the wall, and kiss the hell out of you." He seemed to like hearing that. (Hell, who wouldn't want to hear that from someone they were attracted to?!)

One day I told him about a couple I know that have an open marriage. She can fuck anyone she wants and he can do the same. They love each other deeply but like to have some variety. That's also when I told him that my husband and I had played around with other couples and that I really wanted to play with him!

That was a turning point for us. I was ready to move forward and he was interested but he needed to get used to the idea. He was definitely ready to consider it though as long as we had some ground rules. Those rules were 1. This couldn't affect our primary relationships and 2. It needed to be fun. I was on board with both of those.

It took a few more weeks but he came around. And that led to one other thing we realized; we have to be comfortable with pursuing this at our own pace with each being able to stop and even go back as needed. I think that's what has made this work for us.

And so now we've definitely moved forward and have many great memories to cherish. We take time together when we can, which is usually at lunch. Other than some rare outside-of-work encounters, our lunches are when we've been able to spend the most time together. Since our time is limited, no minute is wasted. As soon as we clear the parking lot, I'm touching him. Whether my hand is on his leg (usually) or stroking his arm, that hour away is when I satisfy my need to be close to him.

If he can take his hand off the stick, he puts it on my leg as well. And I still get a jolt every time he does it...whether he's near my pussy or not. I do like opening my legs to make it easier for him though. He's got talented fingers and I really enjoy it when he uses them to play me.

Not only does he have talented fingers, he's got a beautiful voice that he uses to tell me all the things he wants to do. When I hear "I want to put my cock inside you", I start dripping. And "I want to taste you and watch you cum" makes my hips start moving in anticipation.

I also thoroughly enjoy kissing Russ. I remember our first time very clearly. We were driving along and talking about when and where we should do it. He realized we were over-thinking it because he suddenly pulled over in a parking lot, reached for me, and we kissed. And it was...ok but the best part was that we knew it would get better with time and practice. And it has. I love kissing him. We're both really into it. Heck, just thinking about right now makes me want to find him and take off for a bit. I love the feel of his tongue in my mouth and his facial hair scratching me and his hands on me at the same time. Yes, I really, really enjoy it.

Besides our lunches, we've had adventures at a bar, the park, and an adult bookstore, just to name a few. The intimate and erotic encounters he and I have shared so far have convinced me that when we do finally make it to a bed, we'll find plenty of ways to pleasure each other there too.

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