tagFetishRuth and Wendy Pt. 05

Ruth and Wendy Pt. 05



Ruth asked one of the waitresses to get a couple of the porters to bring in the king sized mattress and place it in the centre of the circle at the end of the runway. Ruth and Jill brought in a fitted latex sheet and placed it onto the mattress smoothing out any folds so that it was a sea of shiny black latex. This really got the attention of the guests and by the looks on their faces Ruth could see that all the planning for this final part was going to work just fine. Jill had taken a single black latex item to the mattress and placed it in the centre, it was folded up so no one could see what it was other than a pile of latex. Wendy and Ruth had changed into the nighties, both in black this time and emerged onto the runway as Ruth said, " OK Wendy let's do this." and they very slowly ambled down to the circle and stepped onto the mattress next to the latex item.

Shelia, dressed in the latex French maid outfit, came out also to join Jill and the two of them unfolded the latex and lifted it up to revile the shape which was basically a large body bag but with two neck holes at the top about a foot apart. Ruth reached into one neck hole and unzipped it down about 18 inches and then did the same to the other neck hole. Jill and Shelia then held the bag low down near the mattress so that Ruth could step into the opening and Wendy stepped into the other. Jill and Shelia slowly raised up the bag until it was just at the girls' shoulders.

The guests could now see movement within the bag as the girls removed their nighties and passed them out to Jill to the delight of all onlookers as they wondered just what sights they we in for.

One of the waitresses appeared with a large jug of cream, about a gallon of it, and passed it to Shelia who the made an exaggerated show of displaying it to the guests before pouring it all into the neck openings. When all the cream was emptied into the bag Ruth and Wendy zipped up the closures from the inside as they turned to face each other and crouch down a little so that they could reach to the bottom and scoop up some cream and cover each other all over. The guests went wild cheering and clapping and the ones at the far end of the runway moved closer to the circle and sat on the floor so as not to block the view of the seated guests. Wendy and Ruth were very slowly massaging the cream all over each other paying special attention to breasts, crutches and bottoms and getting very hot in the process. The guests could not actually see what was going on but had no doubt at all just exactly what was happening inside the bag and from the smiling faces of Ruth and Wendy they were both really enjoying it.

Ruth and Wendy now laid down inside the latex bag and Ruth was giving Wendy's clitoris a slow massaging with one hand whilst the other was working her breast and nipple. Wendy was just smoothing her hands over Ruth's bottom and trying to get her mind around the fact that here she was in front of 30 or so people getting off with another women. Obviously they could not actually see anything but knew what was happening inside this latex love bag and it was a little difficult to get right into the mood with Ruth, although she was nearing an orgasm and as Ruth intensified her fingers within her vagina she became very close indeed. Ruth could sense Wendy's apprehension and whispered into her ear.

"Close your eyes and imagine it is just you and I in our own private world, close your ears to the guests and let you mind sink into this wonderful latex cocoon holding us together." she then lightly kissed her on the cheek. Wendy closed her eyes and let her thoughts drift to the first evening they had together in Hay a few days ago. Those thoughts and Ruth's fingers brought the orgasm that Wendy longed for, she had been in and out of latex dresses for a couple of hours now and not really had time to fully enjoy them, but now close to Ruth she was in a blissful world of latex delights. She hugged Ruth as the guests applauded the obvious climax that Wendy had enjoyed, and then moved her fingers to Ruth's love mound to see what delights she could give to her. It took a little while of caressing Ruth's clitoris and breast with a little soft blowing of warm air into her ear to bring her to satisfaction as well.

Again the guests showed their appreciation with cheers and clapping and when things calmed down Ruth unzipped her neck hole to allow Jill to pass in the two nighties. It was a bit of a struggle to get back into the nighties within the latex bag much to the amusement of the onlookers who were really enjoying the contortions of Wendy and Ruth. Finally the nighties were back on and the girls unzipped the neck holes and emerged from the bag still covered from toes to neck in cream. Ruth started to lick some of the cream from Wendy's breasts and that broke up the guests into roaring laughter, with Rolf probably the loudest. A standing ovation was given to the girls as they wandered back down the runway very close to the men a couple of whom also tasted the cream from their nighties.

"What did you think of that Wendy?" inquired Ruth,

"Well Ruth if someone had told me a week ago that I would be making love to another women in front of a crowd of people I would have thought them crazy, but apart from that it was the most wonderful experience I've ever had and I do think I love you and you latex. Where do we go from here now Ruth? I don't want to be away from you."

Ruth responded "We will talk later on I have a plan in mind which I think you will like."

As the girls were cleaning up from their slippery mess one of the waitresses came to Ruth and said, "Mr Muller has requested if he may have a word with you at you convenience maybe later on this evening if you have time,"

"Please tell Mr Muller I would be honoured to meet with him say in about a hour in the cocktail bar."

Ruth and Wendy cleaned up in the shower down the hallway and dressed back into their normal clothes and then helped to finish of the repacking of all the garments into the cases and boxes.

"I think you should join me to meet Rolf as I have an idea what he may want to discuss and bearing in what I have in mind for us it will be in your interest Wendy, so would you like to join me?" asked Ruth.

"Sure, I could do with a stiff drink as well," replied Wendy.

The two girls made their way down to the cocktail bar and spotted Rolf and Helen in a corner booth sipping on their drinks, as they approached them Rolf stood up and said, "Thankyou for meeting us and I am pleased you brought along Wendy as we are quite fond of her especially dressed in black shiny latex. Now before we go any further let me order you some drinks, what would like Wendy?"

"Thank you, a scotch and dry would do just nicely." replied Wendy.

"And Ruth what would you like?"

"I'll have the same please Rolf, so Helen, how did you enjoy the show this evening?" responded Ruth as she sat down next to Rolf with Wendy taking the seat next to Helen.

The four of them discussed the parade with many compliments coming from Rolf and Helen.

"I will be purchasing quite a few items Ruth and if possible, if you will allow Helen to try on some items before you go and if they fit we would be pleased to buy them straight away so as we don't have to wait until you remake them for us, what do you think?"

"No problem all Rolf." replied Wendy, "We will be in Glenelg for two more days yet before driving back to Sydney so whatever time suits you will be fine with us."

"OK that is settled, but that is not the main reason for asking you down here, and as this request is a bit delicate we will not be offended at all if you are not comfortable with it, I have discussed it already with Helen and she is very keen".

Rolf continued, "Helen and I were both amazed with the final part of the show with yourself and Wendy, it was so seductive and almost exotic we wished we could be a part of it. How would you respond to my suggestion that the four of us get together for another session with your latex bag? Helen and I just couldn't believe the sight of you and Wendy inside the bag making out with each other. Please do not answer now as I'm sure you will want to think about it."

Ruth looked stunned at the request and saw an equally puzzling expression on Wendy's face and said to Rolf, "Yes we will need a little time to digest your request, may I phone you in the morning Rolf?"

"Please do Ruth," replied Helen, "We both hope you will look favourably at the idea."

Ruth and Wendy finished their drinks and departed wishing the couple good night and promising to call in the morning. The girls went to Ruth's room, sat down on the bed and looked at each other; with each one hoping the other would speak first.

"Well the evening went off really well Wendy and I appreciate your input and professionalism but I cannot ask you to consider Rolf's suggestion."

" Hold on Ruth, let's discuss this, I really loved being in the latex bag with you it was so very intimate and erotic, doing what were in a crowd of onlookers but yet they couldn't actually see anything but they knew what we were up to."

" What are you saying Wendy? That you would like to go ahead with Rolf's idea?" said Ruth.

"Well, yes. I don't suppose you have two latex bags do you?"

"OK, where are you going with this Wendy? Am I reading you right that you want us both to have sessions in the bags with Rolf and Helen?"

"You got it in one Ruth, But I get to choose my partner if your agreeable"

"Choose away Wendy, but you really surprised me, however I am sure you know what you're doing."

"Phone Rolf now Ruth and tell him we both agree and ask him if it is OK for me to get in the latex bag with him whilst you are in the second bag with Helen all on the same bed at the same time but in his private room, but no onlookers this time"

Rolf couldn't believe his ears when Wendy put the proposal to him. He asked her to hold on the line whilst he had a quick word to Helen who then had a grin like a Cheshire cat over her face and said,

"Can we do it tonight Rolf, I don't want to wait till tomorrow and it is still not too late."

"You're on Wendy, but is it possible for you both to come up the our suite this evening with the latex bags?"

"No worries Rolf, but I will have to get you to see if the kitchen has any cream left, we will need two lots of course and we will also bring the mattress cover with us so we don't make a mess on the bed."

The girls arrived in Rolf's suite loaded with the bags and mattress cover and Rolf took them straight to the bedroom and helped them fit the cover. "This is going to be fantastic Wendy, and we will not forget this when we are ordering our latex clothes later on." said Helen.

"I believe it will be you and I sharing the same latex bag Ruth" Helen said to Ruth. "Well I let Wendy choose and I think she fancies Rolf for a bit of fun under cover so to speak, and anyway if it had been my choice I would have picked you Helen, I think you are lovely and can't wait to wriggle with you encased in shiny black latex."

The four of them got undressed and Rolf produced two jugs of cream and said, "I have thought of a way we can do this without the need for any one else. If Helen and Ruth get in their bag first I can pour the cream in, and then Wendy and I will enter our bag and if Ruth you leave an arm out you can cream us then we can all zip our selves up from the inside and start to have some fun."

So with the plan worked out Wendy and Rolf climbed into their bag and wriggled it up their bodies until it was up to their necks, and at the same time Ruth and Helen were doing the same. With all four of them on the bed Rolf reached to the bedside table for the jug of cream and poured it into Helen and Ruth's neck opening.

"Christ," exclaimed Helen," that cream must have come straight out of the fridge, it's bloody freezing,"

"Don't worry I'll soon warm you up." responded Ruth.

"Don't you two get carried away just yet, you have to give us our cream."

So Helen reached down for the second jug and emptied into their bag with more screams from the cold cream on Wendy's skin. Rolf zipped up the neck openings on Wendy's and his own side, looked into Wendy's eyes, leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek as his hands slowly massaged her breasts bringing her nipples erect to match his erect cock. Wendy reached down to scoop up a handful of cream and spread it over Rolf's chest so Rolf also scooped some up and applied it to Wendy's breasts. The two of them giggled as they massaged each other and lowered themselves down onto the mattress and lay together gathering more of the cream until they were both totally covered and very slippery. Wendy reached down gently took hold of Ralf's cock and eased it into her vagina as Rolf rolled her over onto her back and eased her legs apart. Rolf was very gentle as he slowly pumped himself into her as she dug her fingers into his back and bottom. She moved her pelvis in tune with Rolf's thrusting and it wasn't too long before the both of them reached their climax.

Meanwhile Ruth and Helen were having a great time with each other with lots and lots of the cream getting in to both of their holes and with fingers working overtime they also reached orgasm pretty much the same time.

It was a very strange sight to see the two body bags on the same mattress with the four heads sticking out rolling around with plenty of groans and sighs. All four of them would to have loved to give oral sex but it was not possible in their situation and that made it really weird, but never the less a very good time was had by all. The four of them snuggled up to each other's partners within the latex bags and rolled together so that they could feel between the two layers of latex much to the enjoyment to them all. Sleep soon overtook the four latex lovers in their lovely sleep sacks, and left them dreaming of the evenings experiences.

Rolf and Helen ordered a great deal of Ruth's garments and discussed with Wendy a new career move that she might be interested in but all that story will have to wait until later.

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