tagNovels and NovellasRuth-Ann High School Ch. 02

Ruth-Ann High School Ch. 02


“Ruth-Ann? Ruth-Ann?!” Ms. Jones, the main secretary, was standing over her. “Wake up, young lady. Mr. Hanson is ready to see you now. I hope that you pay more attention when you are in his office than you were out here.”

“Yes Ms. Jones.” Ruth-Ann stood up and walked the few feet to the open door of the office. She did not know if she should be scared or excited. She had only been in the school building for about 15 minutes, so she knew that she could not have done anything wrong yet. She also knew that she was not in any trouble left over from the spring, before school let out. So she was safe in that regard. So why did Principal Hanson want to see her so early in the morning? It was that uncertainty that was allowing her to get all excited.

As she entered the office, she saw Principal Hanson sitting behind his desk, bent over and reading some paper in front of him. If it was at all possible, he had gotten cuter in the last 15 minutes since she saw him in the hallway.

“Sit down, Ruth-Ann, on the couch right there.”

Well, that was a good sign. If she was in trouble, she knew that she would have had to sit in one of the straight back chairs in front of the principal’s desk. Asking her to sit on the couch meant in her mind that she might now die this morning. She took the few steps over to the couch, and sat down in the middle. As she sat, she noticed that the couch had a lot of padding, and was very squishy. She almost sank into the leather seating, and when she leaned back, she sank in even more.

Principal Hanson stood up, came around the desk, and then looked out into the main office for a second before he turned back around, shutting the door all the way behind him. Ruth-Ann heard the door latch shut, and it was almost like a switch being thrown inside of her. She felt her nipples begin to harden, and suddenly it was very warm in the office.

Stephanie watched Mr. Hanson close the door, and really felt left out. Why had Principal Hanson looked at her like that for half a second before he turned and shut the door? He had the look of a cat that just swallowed the proverbial canary. Just what was he talking to that young lady about in his office?

Principal Hanson went back around to his side of the large desk, and sat back down in his chair. He took a second to really look at Ruth-Ann. She was of average height, but had definitely filled out over the summer. Her breasts were straining against her shirt, which was causing the space between the buttons to bulge out just a little. It was also obvious that the bra she was wearing was about a cup size too small, because he could see the top of her breasts pushing out over the top of the bra cups. Her arms and legs both looked a little bigger, like she had put on 10 pounds over the summer in all the right places. And those calf muscles – good god. Scott knew women and men in his gym that would kill for calves like that. It was no wonder that she was able to elevate all the way over the net when she played volleyball and spike the ball consistently for points. He wondered briefly what she would look like in a pair of strappy heels. Probably fuckin’ fantastic.

The other reason that Scott had asked Ruth-Ann Miller to sit on the couch instead of the chairs in the front of his desk was plainly obvious. Anyone who sat on the couch would naturally sink down and in to the leather, which is what Ruth-Ann was doing currently. Because of the position she had to sit in, it elevated her legs slightly, just enough that she could not cross them. So, Scott now had a wonderful crotch shot up Ruth-Ann’s dress, and the crotch of her white panties was just staring at him. Which is definitely the way that he wanted it for the time being.

“Ruth-Ann, so you know why I called you into my office this morning?”

“No, Principal Hanson, I don’t. I have not had a teacher tell me that I had done anything wrong this morning, so I don’t think I am in trouble. Did I do something wrong?”

Staring at the breast flesh that was trying to escape out of the top of Ruth-Ann’s too small bra, Scott answered, “Well, a teacher did not tell you anything, nor did anyone report anything to me. But we still have a problem. Ms. Miller, can you tell me exactly what the dress code here in at St. Mary’s?”

She thought that it was a strange question to start with, but knew that she was better of answering the question than pausing to figure out why Mr. Hanson would ask it. “From the top: white button down blouse, either short of long sleeved; plaid skirt in school colors, white socks, black shoes, and………” She really didn’t know why she paused, but Principal Hanson pounced on her hesitation.

“And what, Ms. Miller?”

“And… And the appropriate undergarments.”

“That is correct, almost word for word out of the student handbook. Now, do you know why I asked you that question?” It was getting harder for Scott to concentrate on being the stern principal, what with his cock beginning to grow in his pants. The little bit of panty that was showing from between Ruth-Ann’s legs was very exciting, and very distracting to him.

“No sir, I don’t know why.” And she honestly did not. Wasn’t she dressed according to the code? She did a quick mental inventory of herself, and everything came up all right.

Scott began to lay into her now, enjoying watching her squirm in an uncomfortable state. “I asked you that question because I believe that you are not following the dress code today. Before today, had you put on your uniform at all since you left school in May?”

“No sir. I had it hanging in the closet. I know the maid took it out and washed it yesterday so that I could wear it clean today, but I did not put it on until this morning when I was getting ready for school.”

“Well, Ms. Miller, it is obvious to me that you have grown into your body a little more since the end of the school year three months ago. Didn’t you notice any of your clothes getting tighter at the end of the summer?”

“Yes I did, but I thought it was just because I was not playing volleyball or soccer over the summer, and had put on a couple of pounds.”

Time to turn the fun up a notch. Scott got up from his desk, and walked over to stand in front of Ruth-Ann. He knew that she could see the erection in his pants, but he did not acknowledge its existence at all. Let her think that he was unaware of how turned on his body was. Standing over her, Scott held out his hand.

“Come here, Ms. Miller. I want to show you something.”

Ruth-Ann took his hand, and almost swooned with the intense pleasure of it all. She had seen his prominent hard-on as soon as he came around the desk, and now it was less than a foot in front of her face. She was scared out of her mind, but also had an intense desire to see that meat in the flesh. She let him help her to her feet, and then lead her to the door of the small closet that was in the corner of the office. Mr. Hanson opened the closet door, and there on the back of the door was a full length mirror. Her Principal turned her sideways so that her left arm was the closest thing to the mirror.

“Ruth-Ann, do you see anything wrong with this picture?”

Try as she might, Ruth-Ann could not see what it was that the principal was looking for, so she just shook her head no.

“Right here. Do you think this is appropriate for our school environment?” Mr. Hanson had taken the first two fingers of his hand and stuck them between the buttons of the shirt where it was bulging out, letting his fingers come to rest on her bra right between her breasts.

“If your shirt is so small, and gaping so bad that I can slide two fingers in here, then your shirt is too small. You will have to get a bigger one, today. Now, turn around and face the front in the mirror. Do you think that the bra that you are wearing is the right size for that shirt, and more importantly for your breasts?”

Ruth-Ann thought she was going to pass out from the excitement. Her nipples had gotten totally erect as soon as Mr. Hanson’s fingers had come to rest on her bra. Now he was actually talking about her bra. She knew that the bra was too small for her now, but decided to play dumb, just to see where this was going.

“Well sir, I think it is ok. It is one of the same ones that I wore last school year.”

“You didn’t wear it at all this summer, and feel it getting smaller?”

“No Principal Hanson, I did not. I only wear white bras at school, because I have to. I have not worn this one since school let out.”

“And you don’t think that it is too small?”

“No, sir.”

“Ruth-Ann, you obviously need more education on the proper dress code here at St. Mary’s. Continue to face the mirror, and take your blouse off.”

Did she hear him right? Before it had been fun pretending she had been teasing her hunky principal, but with that statement it suddenly got a lot more serious. “You want me to do what, sir?”

“I said you need more education on the dress code, so take off your shirt. Do you have a problem following directions, Ms. Miller?” Scott did not know if his cock could get any harder. Watching this young thing agonize over her decision to disrobe or not was making him delirious with desire.

Slowly, Ruth-Ann’s hands traveled to the top button of her shirt, and began to undue the buttons one by one. She knew that her Principal’s eyes were focused on here chest, and it scared and excited her at the same time. Her friend Holly had told her that she could get any guy to do anything that she wanted just by showing him a little skin. It appeared that she was about to put that theory to the test.

As she got to the last button, she held the two halves of her shirt together for a second, looking through the mirror at Mr. Hansen’s crotch. She could swear that she could see his penis pulsing in his slacks. Taking a deep breath, Ruth-Ann pulled the two halves of her shirt apart, shrugged it off her shoulders, and then quickly draped it over the chair that was right by the closet door.

There she stood, looking alternately at herself and at him through the mirror. He could tell that she was scared, but the turgid condition of her nipples betrayed the fact that she was awfully excited. Her bra was a white lace affair, somewhat see-thru, so he could make out the size of her areola. It was obvious she had outgrown it, a good portion of her breast meat was trying to escape out the top of the cups, and he bet that dividing line pressing into the middle of her tit could not be comfortable.

“Do you see Ms. Miller, how the top of the bra cup is digging into your breasts, right here?” Mr. Hanson was behind her now, and he reached around her shoulders to run his fingers along the exposed breast tissue. Ruth-Ann just stood there and felt her panties get wetter as he ran his fingers over the exposed part of her tits. She knew that she had to answer him eventually, even though she thought she was dong good to continue to breath.

“Yes, sir, I do. Like I said, I did not wear any of my white bras this summer, and when I put this one on this morning, this is how it fit.”

“Well, it is obvious with the way that it fits it is too small. Here, let me look at the tag for you. Ok, this is a 36c. You need to go shopping this evening, and buy a few new white bras. I am sure that if this one fits this small, then none of your other white bras will fit any better. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good, now onto the other thing that I needed to talk to you about. Where is the end or your skirt supposed to hit you on the leg?”

Looking at her skirt length, and answering at the same time, Ruth-Ann said automatically “No shorter than the top of the knee in front or back.”

“Do you think that the skirt you have on today meets those criteria?”

Slouching down a little, Ruth-Ann willed her skirt to be longer. But at the same time, she knew this could be an opportunity to push the game further. She decided to go for broke. “Yes Mr. Hanson, I think it does.”

Scott thought he had her right where he wanted her. “Ok then, let’s check. Turn around, and face away from the mirror. Very good. Now, I want you to bend over at the waist, and keep your legs straight. Can you see your panties?” While Ruth-Ann was looking between her legs trying to see her crotch, Scott had moved behind her, and was getting quite an eyeful. He also realized very quickly that the panties she was wearing were not cotton like the dress code required, but were white nylon bikinis. And to top it off, the crotch was absolutely soaked, almost to the point of being see-thru. Scott could smell how excited the girl was, and it made his eyes cross.

When Ruth-Ann bent all the way over and looked in the mirror, she most definitely could see the entire crotch of her panties, which made the skirt way to short. She also noticed Principal Hanson staring intently at her crotch, and not saying anything. She knew she was wet, and wondered if it was turning him on any more. A quick glance at his slacks confirmed that suspicion – there was a tell tale wet spot at the end of his bulge. She knew from reading her romance novels that when a man got VERY excited, his penis would leak juice, just like she did when she was hot.

Deciding to go for broke, Ruth-Ann gave a practiced shake of her shoulders while she was still bent over, and both of her breasts popped out of her too small bra. Standing up, she turned back around and faced her Principal, with her erect nipples staring at him, begging for attention.

“Mr. Hanson, I think you were right. My skirt is too short, and my bra is too small. See? My breasts just fell out of the top when I leaned over.”

Scott was all to aware that that glorious set of 36d’s was staring him in the face, begging for his hands to squeeze them, to fondle then, for his lips to chew on then. For his cock to grease up and slide in between them. He decided to play the last card that he had in his hand. “Ruth-Ann, you know that only cotton panties are allowed here at St. Mary’s. Why are you wearing nylon bikinis?”

Once again, Ruth-Ann decided the safest course was to play dumb. “Sir, I forgot. Am I wearing nylon panties?”

“Yes you are. Pull up the front of your skirt and look in the mirror.”

Ruth-Ann did as she was told, exposing the entire front of her panties in the mirror as she pulled up the front of her skirt to just below her breasts. She could not believe how hot she looked, with her breasts out of her bra, and her skirt pulled up to her waist, exposing her panties to her hunky principal who was standing next to her with a massive erection in his dress pants.

“Ruth-Ann, there is a reason that we ask all of the young ladies here at St. Mary’s to wear cotton panties. We know that teenage girls are going to have sexual thoughts and urges that will cause them to become aroused from time to time, and cause their crotch to get wet with excitement. If you are wearing cotton panties, then that wetness can be absorbed, and kept away from your body. If you wear nylon panties all the time, then that moisture is kept close to the skin, and could lead to infection. So, we are really just looking out for your sexual health. “

Mr. Hanson had moved behind her, and had moved both of his hands around her waist as he spoke. Now, one hand went further, and plunged itself between her legs, where she was absolutely soaked. His fingers began to slide along the wet crotch of her panties, feeling her pussy lips.

“Here is a good example. You are obviously excited right now, and these nylon panties are keeping all of the moisture in. So it is very easy for my fingers to slide along the crotch of your panties. Do you feel my fingers on the crotch of your panties?”

“Oh god yes, Mr. Hanson. I can definitely feel your fingers on the crotch of my panties. I feel them sliding up and down my crotch. Oh god, please don’t stop that, not yet.”

Scott was now having to use one had to hold the girl up, while he used the other one to start pushing harder on her pussy through her panties. Never in his wildest dreams did he think when he woke up this morning that half an hour into the new school year, he would be standing in front of the mirror in his office, fingering one of the hottest seniors in his school.

Ruth-Ann was having a hard time remembering which direction was up. Her head seemed to be spinning constantly from the stimulation that she was receiving from Mr. Hanson’s fingers on her crotch, and the overall amazing naughtiness of the situation. She was still thinking clearly enough to realize that if she was ever going to get to third base with her Principal, she better show some initiative.

“Mr. Hanson, I appreciate that you are just looking out for my sexual health. Do you think that my crotch would be as wet without my nylon bikinis on, or do you think all of the wetness is in the panties right now?”

Scott had been so focused on feeling the girl tremble as he rubbed her that he had to think about the question for a second. A smile spread across his brain as he realized what she was hinting at, and more importantly the subtle admission that she was willing to play.

“I don’t know Ms. Miller. Why don’t you pull your panties down, and I will check for you?”

“Yes sir, just to check.” Ruth-Ann let go of her skirt, and grabbed the sides of her panties, slowly pulling then down her legs. When she got them past her knees, she bent from the waist, making sure to keep her legs straight. Sure enough, when she bent all the way over, she stuck her ass back a little until it ran into Mr. Hanson’s penis. She felt that huge piece of meat fit perfectly in between her ass cheeks, and the thought of that cock attached to that man made her dizzy for a second. She then straightened up, and proceeded to kick the panties off her foot, and into a corner of the office. She straightened back up, and pulled her skirt back up to just below her now useless bra. “Will you check for me now, Mr. Hanson?”

Scott wrapped his arms back around the waist of this precocious vixen, and buried his right hand back in her crotch, while his left was holding her up as she leaned into his chest. She was so wet and hot, his fingers slip inside her pussy lips the second he touched her. What a sight – this barely 18 goddess leaning into him, getting off on his fingers in her pussy. He could feel her begin to stiffen up as he really went to work on her, sliding hid fingers deep into her, and then bringing that wetness up to her clit, and lightly rubbing that little nub of pleasure. He could tell she was very sensitive, because the first time he touched her clit, her breath caught in her throat, and he could feel her stomach clench even tighter under his hand.

Faster now, working those fingers in and out of her hole, all pretense of an examination gone at this point, just the overwhelming need to watch, hear, and feel this gorgeous creature come. There was nothing more satisfying in Scott’s life than being next to a woman that was having an orgasm. Just the sights, the sounds, the feel, and the smell, all were intoxicating to Scott. There was no better aphrodisiac on the planet for him. Although at this point, he really did not thing that he needed to be turned on any more. If Ruth-Ann came hard enough, that might be enough to push him over the edge, and come in his own pants. Which would be OK, since he had a change of clothes in the private bathroom in his office, but explaining why he had to change would be challenging.

He heard Ruth-Ann’s breathing go up another octave, and realized be better go ahead and get this girl off before she lost her mind. Redoubling his efforts, he began to strum on her clit like a flamenco guitar player, as fast as his fingers would allow. He felt the girl stiffen immediately, and then hold her breath, like her body could not decide what to do because all systems were on overload.

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