tagMatureRuth - The First Time

Ruth - The First Time


The Adventures of Dave – in praise of older women

Ruth – The First Time

It was 1984, I was almost 30 years old and starting a senior job for a merchant bank in London. Head of Commercial Advances. Property loans, import export loans, foreign exchange lines and metal dealing advances.

The heady world of city life was something to be enjoyed and we certainly did. Lunchtime was spent in the pub or wine bar. Evenings were spent in the pub or wine bar, and then the train home.

My team numbered 10 people and each of us was good at what we did, working hard and having a very good time at it.

Because of the nature of London City life there was a regular turnover throughout the bank with staff leaving and joining on almost a weekly basis. We always seemed to have another excuse for a party or a drinking session and life was great.

It was December 1984 and the bank staff party was being held in the director's rooms on the sixth floor. A disco was in full swing and my number two John Taylor and I were having a great time. The bank had a typing pool and lots of the women from there were at the party.

I was really drunk and had spotted John with one of the secretaries dancing in a corner of the room. She was draped over him and they were moving slowly together. As they turned around I could see that John had his thumbs hooked through her suspenders and his hands on her arse under her short skirt. He also had a big smile on his face.

I needed to be with someone too. I looked around and found that all the younger women were taken, notably by my boss who had one of the most attractive in a clinch; one I had been having thoughts on earlier.

Looking around I saw that Ruth was standing by the side of the dance floor. Ruth was 56 years old and had worked at the bank for 30 years. She was not unattractive but to look at you would describe her as an older lady. She had the rounded figure, which comes with old age but for this occasion as when she went to work she was immaculately dressed. She had on a tight pair of black leggings and a baggy chiffon blouse with strappy sandals on her feet.

Ruth was married to Morris and had been for many, many years. He was a taxi driver in his sixties but had made several very shrewd property investments over the years and they were comfortably off. Often when he came into London to pick her up after work he would arrive in a blue Rolls Royce, his one luxury. Whilst it was not new it was immaculate and it always turned heads.

I wandered over to Ruth. "Care to dance?" I asked.

"I'd love to" she replied and joined me on the dance floor.

The music was slow and we danced well together. I had been taught to dance all through school and even though it could be regarded as arrogant, I knew (and still do) how to dance properly and lead a lady through things.

We had been dancing for some time and I could feel her body against mine. Her breasts were large and I could feel them against my chest and as we danced closer I was able to slip my knee between her legs and she seemed to be comfortable with the fact that we were so close.

Suddenly there was an announcement and the music stopped. It was my boss.

"OK everyone, grab your raffle tickets, its time for the big draw" he announced

One by one the numbers were called. Ruth and I still stood close on the dance floor, as did most other people.

"On the yellow – forty two" was called out.

"That's me" said Ruth and rushed up to the small stage, returning with a large bottle of gin.

Several other tickets were called. Then "On the blue – seventeen" was called.

"That's me," I said, and off I went, coming back later with a bottle of brandy.

The music started up again and with a large bottle of drink each we were somewhat at a loss as to what to do.

"I know" said Ruth, " we can take these to my desk in the typing pool and collect them next week when we're back at work. If we leave them on the side someone will surely take them."

"OK" I replied and followed her out, down the corridor and one flight of stairs to another corridor and through the door to the typing pool.

This was a large room with about 20 desks and typewriters in it. I had only ever been in there once or twice as most of my work was dictated, collected, typed here and delivered back to my office.

I followed Ruth to her desk and watched as she took a key from her bag, opened a large drawer and deposited the two bottles in it.

"There" she said" they are safe until next week"

As she passed me I put my arm round her and stopped her walking past. I looked at her and moved my face down to kiss her. She kissed back hard.

I moved my hand up under the baggy chiffon top and round her back, pulling her towards me and kissing harder. Our tongues probed each other's mouths. I slipped my hand round to the front and squeezed her large breast through her bra.

She was now holding me tightly and my cock, which was very hard, was pressing against her leg.

My hand returned to her back and I unclasped her bra. I moved round to the front and lifted the front up. Her heavy breasts fell out and I clasped one, probing the stiff nipple with my thumb. I quickly undid the buttons on her blouse and pulled the front open, lifting her pendulous tits up and greedily sucking the nipples. I moved her hand down to the huge bulge in my suit trousers and she rubbed it through the material, feeling the damp patch caused by my pre-cum.

She must have realised that we were liable to be interrupted as she pulled away and gathered her blouse around her.

"No, not here" she said, " someone could come in"

She dressed and said, "Let's go back to the party"

As we walked down the corridor, I realised that my chances were slipping away. I had made a start with this old lady and was not going to give up, especially, as I thought she was just as keen as I was.

We got to the stairs but instead of walking up to the party, I shepherded her down and we arrived on the second floor where my boss's office was.

We walked in and started to kiss again. My hands went to her arse and I pulled her on to me.

Again she stopped. She was looking at my boss's coat, draped over his desk.

"Look" she said, " it's his coat. "he could be back for it at any time."

Once more we left the place we had gone to. I had to think fast. Downstairs was the recoveries office for accounts where the bank was taking legal action to get back monies lent. It was behind the main banking hall and out of the way. I led her there.

We absolutely had the place to ourselves. No one was about and even the doors had no windows.

She perched on the edge of one of the desks and I kissed her, slipping the buttons on her top and unclipping her bra to release her full breasts. This time they got my full attention and I sucked and licked a nipple in turn, occasional nibbling them and feeling them harden once more under my lips and tongue.

Ruth's breasts were large and very heavy and she moaned gently as I paid them a great deal of attention.

I moved my hand down between her legs and felt a damp patch in her leggings. I rubbed her there and she moaned again.

Encouraged, I let my hand wander round to the back, where I found a zipper, which I started to pull. Ruth grabbed my hand and put it back on her breast. I continued lavishing my attentions on those wonderful breasts and she returned the favours by rubbing the bulge in my trousers.

Once again I returned to the damp patch between her legs and then moved round to the back only to have my hand removed.

I kissed her hard and she kissed back. While kissing her I managed (one handed) to undo my own belt, undo my trousers and unzip them and pull them down to my knees, together with my pants. My cock was now sticking up and very hard.

I took Ruth's hand and placed it on my cock. She gasped out loud. I took her other hand and placed it on my cock as well and pulled her hands up and down so that the helmet was fully exposed.

I kissed her and slid my hand down the back of her leggings. This time there was no objection and I unzipped them down the back of her arse. The leggings were very tight and I had to kneel down to peel them off her. I managed to remove one of her shoes and took one leg of the leggings right off, with the other around her ankle, still with one shoe on.

I laid her back on the desk with her legs still on the floor. My cock was sticking right up in the air.

I opened her top right up and ran my hands over her huge breasts, rubbing the nipples as I passed over them with my hands. She shivered slightly.

Ruth was wearing a high cut pair of support panties and I ran my finger down to her cunt, rubbing the lips through the thin material. I hooked my fingers round each side and slowly pulled them off her, again taking one leg out and leaving them on the opposite ankle with the leggings and remaining shoe.

I ran my hands over her stomach and opened her legs by pulling on her knees. I slipped my hands inside her thighs and slid them up to her cunt. She was very hairy and I knelt down and buried my face in her licking and nibbling her lips and clitoris. She smelt of musk and was obviously extremely excited. She had hold of my head and was pushing me harder and harder into her cunt, which by now was soaking wet.

I got up and laid across her, kissing her face and letting her taste her own juices from my tongue. She kissed me back.

I stood up and lifted her by her arse so that she was on the desk and I could lift her legs up to shoulder height.

I took my cock in my hand and rubbed it up and down the full length of her cunt lips, occasionally stopping and slapping her gently with my stiffness.

Lifting her legs up and apart I pushed my cock slowly inside her and she gasped, "yes, yes, yes!" as I filled her up.

I started to thrust in and out of her, slowly building up a rythmn and a speed as I could feel her old cunt tighten around my cock. This was fantastic. With each thrust, her huge tits wobbled and as I built up a beat they were swaying back and forward with each push and pull.

Her legs were now wrapped around my back and I was banging into her with a real frenzy. Her back arched and she screamed and I felt a surge of warmth from her cunt surround my aching stiff cock.

I leaned forward, and picked her up so I was carrying her, perched on the end of my cock. I soon realised that lifting her up, which made my penetration even deeper and caused her to really squeal, was one thing but making love in this position due to her weight was practically impossible.

I walked over to one of the desks and sat on the chair next to it with her now sitting on my cock and facing me. I kissed her and rubbed and nibbled her tits.

She started to move her arse up and down, squeezing her cunt against my cock and pushing and pulling. Now I was beginning to feel ready to cum.

I stood up again and laid her on the desk, never removing my hard cock from her cunt.

My thrusting was becoming faster now, and I was really ramming into her. Suddenly I felt my balls tighten and become light and as I pulled out of her a gushed out my spunk all over her tits and stomach and even on her arse.

She reached down and grabbed my cock, pulling it furiously as the cum spurted out. Some of it went in her hair and her face but she seemed fascinated by it, now with two hands as if she was milking every drop.

When it was over we got dressed in silence and then kissed long and passionately before we returned to the party.

Ruth and I had a great relationship after that. She may have been 26 years older than me but she loved to make love and she taught me a great deal.

We frequented many a hotel, stationery cupboard, boardroom and conference centre over the ensuing three years. The party was the first time but there were many more memorable encounters.

In praise of older women!

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