Ruth Page's teenage years were a disaster, she felt as if god tried to see if he could make the worse case for a teen girl when he made her. Not fat but chubby with little spare tires up and down her body that no clothes seem to hide. While the rest of her was large her breasts never even grew into a size B. Her myopia was so bad she even wore glasses in the bath and somehow her mother always managed to find the ugliest frames available. Add her mousy brown curly hair that was always out of her control plus a worse than normal case of acne and you can see why she was never asked to the proms.

One thing about Ruthie was she had above average intelligence and a rational of accepting her lot in life. With no friends and nothing to do socially, she spent her time on schoolwork. She excelled enough to get a scholarship to a good university, and graduated with honors with a degree in chemistry. She was recruited by a big drug company, and started working right after school.

She was in the company cafeteria, eating by herself as usual one day when she overheard the table next to her. One girl was telling the other that she thought she had been date raped. She met a man at a bar and she remembered feeling woozy and him offering to take her home. She awoke in the morning in her clothes but no panties and dried semen on her thighs and pubic hair. She went on to say she had no recollection of having sex or in fact anything after leaving the bar.

Of course, Ruth had heard of Rohypnol or ruffies as they are called but as she sat there, she wondered if they only worked on women. What if a woman, such as herself were to give some Rohypnol to a man would said woman then be able to take liberties with him. Of course, not, if a man is passed out he would be useless to a woman but the idea still intrigued her and in the next few weeks, she toyed with the prospect.

Then one day in the lab she found the formula she was looking for and actually said 'Eureka' loud enough for one of her lab partners to look up. Ruth Page had found the perfect combination of hypnotic and psychotropic drugs to achieve the effect she desired. Now for some testing that she didn't dare do in the lab, no she needed a Neanderthal so if she fried his brain the world would not be at a loss. It seems that Ruth has a deep-seated resentment against all the men who had no desire to take her to the prom, or on a date or even to sleep with her. She felt it not only was time to get even it was a time for her to get her turn as the prom queen. Her Ruthies as she now called her dangerous cocktail were not like ruffies, it was not a knock out drug oh no this mixture was a mine control drug.

She went to a sports bar where she bet drinks with various men over darts. Every time she lost which by the way was every time, she would go buy drinks and as she brought them back to the board she would lace them with Ruthies. Soon all the men were under her spell and would accept every suggestion she gave to them as if they were hypnotized. Ruth loved the attention and she really enjoyed when two men under her power got into a fistfight over who would get to leave with her. She eventually chose the winner who took her home to his loft.

Although she never talked about it Ruth, had experienced sex before but this man made love to her and this was a new feeling.. He dimmed the lights, put on music, and then he opened a bottle of wine. This lover did not act drunk or drugged but he did act on her suggestion that he loved her madly. They kissed on his couch as he told her she was unlike anyone he'd ever met. She allowed him to undress her and he did slowly relishing each part of her body as he exposed it. He carried her naked to his bed where he started by kissing her toes, then her ankles and up her legs ever so slowly working his way up to her treasures. When he put his face in the middle of her most private part, it released feelings she never knew were in her. Ruth experienced her first orgasm not delivered by herself, it felt so different, and she wanted more. She became aggressive and why not, she was in control she might as well enjoy it.

She instructed her new lover to get undressed and then to lie on the bed. She mounted him and it felt so powerful to be in control after he was inside her she rode him to her pleasure. When he said he was about to cum she commanded to hold on until she gave permission. She leaned over him and held his arms against the bed and to her it felt as if he was helpless. She hissed in his ear,

"When I cum I command you to cum at the same time, wait, wait now cum you bastard."

As she contracted in orgasm, she felt his issue splash against her cervix. After she lay on top of him as he told her how good she made him feel but she was not done with him yet and she told him to get hard as she wanted another ride and she felt him growing inside her. She rode him to two more climaxes before allowing her lover release and when he came, he screamed her name.

They slept together arm and arm with his head on her tiny breasts. She woke to an empty bed in the morning but when she smelled bacon cooking, she knew where he was. He looked so cute to her as he came in with her breakfast on a tray. He was naked except for a tiny apron wrapped around his waist; he told her he didn't want bacon grease splattering his privates. She asked where his was, he said between your legs, and as she enjoyed bacon, eggs, and fresh coffee, he lapped at her vulva as though it was coated in honey. After breakfast he begged her for more sex, she allowed him another time with her, and then as a test, she had him clean up all his ejaculate from her folds and even this he did with pleasure.

After showering together, where he washed her from head to toe she dressed to leave. Although he begged to see her again, she only agreed to take his phone number. Ruth threw his number in the trash as she left his loft for she had no plans to see him again. In the cab on the way home, she asked the cabbie if he knew of any bars where lawyers hung out.

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