tagBDSMRuthie's Story

Ruthie's Story


Sometimes I hate my editor Barb. She is very good at what she does, I will admit that. She can take my sterling prose and put just the right gloss on it to make it even more sparkling. She is also my biggest fan and my loudest cheerleader at "Participation" magazine.

I'm sure you have read at least one of my articles. It might have been my cover story about taking part in the world's largest strip poker tournament. Maybe you read or heard about the time my husband Jim and I acted as groomsman and bridesmaid for a nude wedding that featured over a thousand guests. I WASN'T totally nude, the bridal party had matching wedding garters and the groomsmen all wore black bow ties. I got lots of fan mail for that story. There were even more than a few wedding proposals but I am committed to my husband Jim. Hand off ladies! That six foot hunk of muscle with the smoldering looks is MINE ALL MINE! We have been together since college. I seduced him and have never regretted a moment since. I got him his gig at my magazine. He often accompanies me on assignments and he does wonders with a camera. He's also not a bad writer on his own. Nowhere near as good as me, obviously, but he does have a far better than average ability.

I'm NOT conceited but I know that I am very attractive. I've been turning heads since I passed beyond my tomboy phase. I an five foot seven with long auburn hair and an ivory complexion . My legs and arms a long and lean and you can bounce a quarter off my tummy. I have been approached by various adult male magazines but I don't think those suit me. I prefer Jim's camera and my own veto power over his images. Being attractive has its privileges. I can disarm virtually any heterosexual male and get them to confess things they would not ever tell their own wives or best friends. The kind of stuff that other journalists take weeks to crack, I get handed in an afternoon. The fact that I am so good has made me some great friends and some very powerful enemies. The fact that I am unabashed enough to let "Participation" publish a luminous photo of me in my underwear on the cover brings me all kinds of attention both good and bad. What really grinds the gears of my detractors however is the prizes that I have won

Its only politics preventing me from winning the Pulitzer, I've been nominated four times! The old goats that give out the award simply can't wrap their brains around the fact that I am as talented a writer as I am a photogenic female. I'll probably be permitted to win the big one if I age another thirty years and let myself go to the point that Hillary Clinton makes me look like one of the witches from "Macbeth." The movie contracts and the book deals are wonderful consolation prizes however.

Back to Barb. Although I am good at reading most people , Barb's mind flies off to reaches that I can not contemplate. She loves the magazine but she loves big sales and ancillary movie and TV rights even more. She is the kind of editor most magazines covet. She wants her magazine to be number one and will stop at nothing to see that it is in fact number one.

She called Jim and I into her office. She was wearing the fake smile she puts on just before asking one of her writers for something outrageous, challenging, or dangerous or perhaps all three. The moment we entered her office I could tell that she had something big to spring on us.

"Ruthie, Jim!" Have a seat." She said in her cloying manner.. "I love the piece you did for the September issue, our readers have ordered so many extra copies that we had to order another press run and the digital downloads! You two are a big reason why this magazine has such a great bottom line. Which started me thinking."

Whenever I hear Barb say "Which started me thinking" I KNOW that I am in for it.

"The two of you work great as a team but I think i can get two stories out of our next venture, that is if you are game. What do the two of you know about the BDSM community?"

I replied something along the lines that I did not like whips and chains and collars or some such. That did not deter her in the slightest.

Jim, sweet darling Jim defended me I can still recall his words, "Look Barb, we have done a lot of things for this magazine but I'm not about to turn my wife over to some bruiser with a whip and a bad attitude."

Like I said It did not deter her at all. Her fake smile grew broader and she said. "Hear me out. First take a look at this check."

I like to live well. I think most people do. This check was a thing of beauty. The way all of those zeroes made such delightfully perfect circles. Jim and I decided to hear our editor out.

"Don't get too excited this particular check is a dummy but I have the letter verifying that a real one will be issued to the two of you once you turn in your stories. Your deadline is three months from the end of this month. That gives you a couple of weeks to do your homework. Each of you will tell the same story from your respective genders. The studio is so excited by this story idea that they bought the films rights from the magazine even before the story has even begun to be written. This check is your share of the movie rights. I'll be honest with you. This story could support this magazine for the next three years without even having to sell a single line of advertising. That is, of course, if the two of you are willing."

Jim was losing patience with Barb at this point and asked her to lay all of her cards on the table. He is such a good bullshit detector.

Her next words were some of the hardest to take that I have ever heard.

"I have been contacted by members of the local BDSM community. They like our magazine and they like you two. They feel that our magazine will give an honest portrayal of their community. Like all groups who are considered outside the mainstream, there is a great deal of misapprehension of what their community is all about and how they operate. What they propose is a two part story, one part told from the male perspective and the other from the female perspective of a two month voluntary entry into a submissive relationship. In simple terms Jim. Ruthie you will be collared slaves of a male and a female dominant. You will have to do EVERYTHING they ask of you for two months. You spend the next month after that writing your stories and the check is yours."

"The representatives of the BDSM community feel that they have found suitable matches for the both of you. They also want to assure you that neither of you will be permanently marked or scarred. Both of you will have a safe word that must be obeyed immediately. It WILL involve a great deal of sex, especially for you Ruthie but the two of you are promised patience and gentility. However, obedience IS expected and you MAY be compelled to obey if you are recalcitrant."

With that Barb had played her hand. She smiled like a manikin, almost daring us to respond. I looked at my husband, he looked at me. We decided that we needed some privacy and Barb left us alone in her office. I pride myself on taking ANY story especially ones that make me uncomfortable. Taking stories like that stretch and grow a person. I have grown a great deal since I married Jim. I barely recognize the girl I was in college when I compare her to the woman I am now. I won't go into all the details of the conversation between Jim and myself. Suffice to say it is a rare husband who is willing to let his wife enslave herself to a total stranger for two months. I also considered Jim. I HATED HATED HATED the idea of some other woman ordering him around. And then I imagined Jim pleasuring her. Jim is MY man and I an very protective and very jealous. Turning him over to some other woman terrified me. But I also knew that our marriage could survive even this. We forgave each other for the sins and infidelities that would be required of this story. Almost an hour later we called Barb back into her office and agreed to do the story. She smiled so hard I was afraid she would split both of her lips.

The next couple of weeks Jim and I did a TON of research. Books, websites, videos. I understood what my role would be, to serve and to comply. Those I felt sure i could do. Whether or not I could enjoy doing those things at the behest of a total stranger was another question entirely. I like sex a great deal but, despite many temptations Jim and I have remained faithful to each other. Partly out of deference and partly because I liked the way the word rolled off my tongue, I started calling Jim "Master" He reciprocated by calling me "Goddess." I really liked being called Goddess. When out two month adventure through the land of BDSM is over, I think I will insist that Jim refer to me as Goddess henceforth. Once we took turns pretending to collar each other and practicing our roles. I think Jim makes a better sub than I do. It seemed to come naturally to him but I was not about to tell him that.

Finally the time came for us to report to the BDSM convention at a down town hotel. Jim and I shuttered the apartment and dressed casually yet fashionably. The night before our personal D Day we made love several times. I told Jim with complete sincerity that I would miss his cock more than anything else. I hoped it was the truth.

Our destination was room 701 and our contact was Juliet Dane. She was tall and dark and made her taut leather outfit look so damn sexy. I could tell that Jim was enjoying drinking her in. We spent the next forty five minutes being grilled by Juliet. We had to confirm or identities. There were waivers to fill out and contracts to sign. I recordered her exact words , "I'm sorry for the third degree. Lots of people have so many delusions about who we are and what we do. When you boil it down we are just a parallel sexuality to the vanilla world. No better and certainly no worse than theirs. We found people that we think are perfect matches for both of you. They are just across the hall. This room is actually that of your Goddess, Jim. Ruthie will be led across the hall to her Master's room. You will be processed and collared tonight. We know that the two of you have been doing your homework. We have also been researching the two of you. A great deal of concessions will be made at first since the two of you are complete neophytes but we DO expect two bright people like yourselves to learn quickly. If you would like to exchanges kisses and say your goodbyes now is the time to do it. Once your Doms enter this room neither of you will be allowed to display affection towards your spouse."

Jim and I kissed. His was never sweeter than it was that night. At long last it was time to meet our mystery dates. Juliet rang them up on her cell phone and soon there was a knock on the door. She was Goddess Erica. She looked spectacular, Dark and strong. she had better tits and more curves than I do. I hope it was just my imagination but I can almost swear that I saw Jim's eyes light up when she entered the room.

As for Master Paul. Juliet wasn't kidding when she said they had been researching us. Paul was everything that I liked in man on those rare occasions when I do think of other men. I have a weakness for the large and muscled and Paul was all that and more so. He towered over my six foot husband. He work skintight leather pants that drew the eye to the massive bulge at his crotch. The rest of his outfit emphasized his well defined muscles. I could tell once our eyes met, that he was strong and firm, yet sensitive man. My fears of getting a crude bruiser vanished. His close cropped blond hair topped an extremely handsome face. I realized that this was a man whom I could serve, and most likely enjoy serving a great deal.

"I am Master Paul. You are my woman. Come."

What can Ii say? Sometimes it is fun to spend time with a man who isn't a verbal as Jim. I took his hand, winked at my husband and allowed him to lead me to his hotel room. As the doors closed behind us I thought briefly of Jim. Part of me feared that Goddess Erica would steal her away from me but I pushed such thoughts from my mind. If I was to get this story right i had to focus on serving Master Paul and occupying my new role. I took a long look at Master Paul and, to be honest, my heart skipped a few beats.

He locked his hotel door behind us and showed me around. His next words were not a surprise. They were however harder to follow than I expected.

"Strip! Everything off including jewelry."

Now I have been naked in front of a lot of people but in every case I was in control of the situation. Now I was stripping to submit to a man who was not my husband. I became very nervous and my hands trembles as I unbuttoned my blouse. At last my clothes were in a heap on the floor. Master Paul looked at me intently as though I had forgotten something. Suddenly I remembered my jewelry and removed the hoops from my ears, My watch and charm bracelet from my wrists. I was down to my wedding band and engagement ring. I looked imploringly at master Paul. They had never been off my finger since my wedding day.

Master Paul's face grew firm and he said, "For the next two months you belong to me utterly and completely I will not have you wear another man's baubles."

Sadly I slid my rings off and placed them on the bureau top with the rest of my jewelry. I faced master Paul. He eyed me up and down as though he were assessing a horse or a piece of furniture. It was not at all similar to when a man showed me unwanted attention and ogled me, it was more like a doctor's inspection.

Master Paul checked me out head to toe then gently applied pressure to my shoulders with his index fingers. I new what he wanted. I knelt on the floor and liberated Master Paul's penis from his pants. Master Paul's penis was spectacular, both long and broad. It was cut which was a nice change of pace from Jim's anteater look. Until I got the angle correct, I had a problem making his cock fit in my mouth. That problem solved, I set to work until master Paul came. Usually I spit cum out but my research had told me that swallowing was the only acceptable response. I choked down my Master's cum.

"Excellent slave. I accept your service. Next we are going to bathe you, shave you and collar you. Once you are collared you will beg me to fuck you. Once you are fucked we will tour the convention floor so that the world can see and appraise my new acquisition."

We entered the bathroom where I was instructed to turn on the taps. I knew that I would be shaved and I knew the reasons for it but it was still going to be a difficult thing. I dislike the bald look enormously. Jim had always wanted to play the game of "pussy barber" with me but I just love my auburn carpet.

Master Paul was almost entirely silent as he processed me. He was very gifted with a razor and did a better job on my legs and underarms than I usually do myself. He shaved my entire body from the neck down, saving my bush for last. At Last he began trimming away on my sacred grounds. With a small scissors Master Paul carefully trimmed away my bush. He collected every hair that he could and placed them in a tiny pink silken bag which closed with a drawstring. I was left with what amounted to a crew cut. Master Paul then lathered up the remains of my feminine thatch and shaved it away. There were tears in my eyes as I watched the last of it go. Silently I was instructed to exit the tub and my Master dried me off. He then decided that he wanted to reshape my eyebrows. I sat on the commode while he plucked. I hate to admit it, but the new look was an improvement. Once we finished in the bathroom my Master had me kneel on the floor of the bedroom. I begged him to take me as his slave and begged him to fuck me. Somewhere along the way this had gone from play acting to reality. I realized that I truly WANTED to serve Master Paul and I truly WANTED him to fuck me.

In his wordless, commanding way, Master Paul slid a collar about my neck and sealed the lock. He helped me to my feet and led me over to the bed. I lowered the covers and sheets and slid between them. Master Paul stripped and was right behind me. Naked he was gorgeous. All muscle and power. Not an ounce of fat or a single hair out of place. I admitted to myself that I would most likely enjoy the ministrations of Master Paul a great deal.

Once he was in the bed he was silent and commanding, yet gentle. His cunnilingus abilities were the best I had ever encountered. When he entered me, I felt fuller and more sated than I ever had before. I was on the pill so I was able to relax and let myself ride the waves of the orgasm that hit me like a Mack truck, large, loud, and long. He kissed me deeply as I came down. I realized that so long as Master Paul kept fucking me like that or even just promised to fuck me like that, I would have take delight in submitted to his every order in exchange. Whatever had come over me I liked. I liked it a great deal.

We snuggled for a while in bed before Master Paul compelled me to rise. He attached a leash to my collar and fasted the other end to a leg of the bed. I was made to stand at attention as Master Paul boxed up all of my clothing and jewelry. Once he had finished that task he took my leash and led me to the bathroom. I did my business while he watched. I don't even let Jim watch me pee or poop, but somehow it seemed natural allow Master Paul to watch me. It even seemed to be natural when he wiped me afterwards.

Next he got dressed and led me out the door down the hall and into the elevator. To my horror we were off to the ball room where the vendors and exhibitors were. Nudity doesn't normally phase me but I was never shaved and collared before. Several times I turned beet red from embarrassment. He led me around and displayed me. On the one hand it was humiliating on the other hand the flattering comments I received really made me feel exceptional.

At one point we met one of Master Paul's friends. Master Paul explained that he shares everything with this friend so I was compelled to kneel on a satin pillow and service master Paul's friend amid the hustle and bustle of the vending floor. I could have used my safe word but I wanted an honest story. Would an ordinary slave disobey Master Paul's command? If they would not neither would I. The cock of Master's friend was of average size. I finished him off relatively quickly and forced his semen down my throat. The friend thanked me and told Mater Paul that I had excellent technique.

After several hours in the ballroom we returned to Master's hotel room. He ordered dinner for both of us from room service. I sat in Master Paul's lap while he fed me. We watched a little porn on the hotel's television and then Master Paul got us ready for bed. He did everything I did nothing. He led me to the bed an announced that he was taking my asshole. Jim and I do anal about a dozen times each year. At first the thought of Master Paul's huge cock entering my relatively inexperienced rear entry terrified me. However, Master Paul gently lubed me up and then slowly, yet deliberately and methodically entered me. Once he was inside me the feeling was absolutely amazing. To my considerable surprise I came again, although far less intently than earlier in the evening. Once Master Paul finished he cleaned up both of us.

"Slave, your name is now Amber and since you have been very good and very obedient you may spend the night in my bed."

It was the longest sentence he had spoken in hours. He turned off the lights and reentered the bed. In the dim light of the darkened hotel room, I tugged at my collar, looked at my naked ring finger and considered my assignment. I realized that these two months would transform me. Jim and I would never be the same couple again . With that Master Paul wrapped his massive arms around me. Gently yet firmly he held me close. I decided that i liked this feeling a great deal. My dreams that night were rapturous.

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