tagLoving WivesRuth's Journey Ch. 3

Ruth's Journey Ch. 3


Chapter 3: Ruth Goes Shopping

Nancy finally allowed me to return home, naked and thoroughly defiled. I ran as hot a bath as I could stand, and soaked my aching body till the water turned lukewarm. Afterward I slathered myself with my favorite body lotion, lightly scented with lavender. I felt clean and fresh again, which helped greatly to drive the evil memories of my afternoon in hell away for the time being.

I made the decision to run away. These weren't the friends and family that I once knew and loved! I had my own car, and I could always move back down south. Lot's of places I could hide out, where no one from this life could ever find me. And my own real family would be near to help out. I didn't really care what these evil people thought. First thing though, was I needed clothes. And money. There was none in the house that I knew of. I had a credit card, but there wasn't any room on it. It was the card that we used to live on. The points we used towards a new car. Trouble is, towards the end of the month (which was now) it was all used up! Stan's card had lots of room, but a fat lot of good that did me now! Besides, they could trace me if I used a card. I decided the best thing to do would be to clean out our savings account tomorrow, and leave town right away!

I heard Stan's Toyota Camry pull up in the drive, so I pulled on a pair of his old sweats, and trotted downstairs. Timmy and Amy had heard the car also, and ran out to give him hugs as usual. They all came in to the house together. Stan carried Amy on his hip, her arms wrapped around his neck. If I didn't know them better, I would have been touched! I resolved myself to act like nothing was amiss. "Honey, I need to borrow your card. I've got absolutely nothing to wear! There's lot's of frozen in the fridge for dinner."

"Well kids, what do you think? Should we take Mommy shopping?" They shouted with glee, and my heart sank. I had planned on going by myself. Stan hated to shop! "Okay, okay! Let's get going!" He set his briefcase down against the wall, and led the way out to the car. I followed behind reluctantly, a sense of dread dominating my emotions. Amy jumped in next to Stan, so I slid in the back seat, with Timmy sliding in next to me in the back. I sat bolt upright as his hand immediately plunged up under the top of Stan's sweats, and cup my right breast! Stan looked back through the rear window, backing out of our drive into the street. The top was so baggy on me, that he must not have been able too see what his son was up to! As soon as he turned and put the car in drive, Timmy began to idly flick my nipple, back and forth. I stifled a whimper, as I felt them respond, swelling in both girth and length. Amy was babbling away in the front seat, talking about her day in school.

My skin was still slick from the lotion, and Timmy cradled my now erect nipple between his thumb and fingers. It was long enough that his first two fingers covered the shaft, and his third and pinkie brushed the puckered tip. Stan drove along oblivious to everything going on behind him. I closed my eyes, overcome by his hardening little dick next to me. I wasn't surprised when I heard a zipper being pulled down. I sensed him fumbling at his crotch, pulling out the very instrument of my descent into corruption! He then took my hand in his, guiding it over to his manhood! I gasped under my breath as he wrapped my fingers around his shaft. Had Satan even changed my darling boys body, as well as his mind to torture me! My fingers couldn't wrap fully around the thick, vein-covered shaft at his loin! Oh so gently he began to stroke his fingers out over my nipple. He pulled my hand up along his steely organ, in perfect harmony. My fist came in contact with his huge, bulbous crown, just as his fingers were about to loose contact with the tip of my aching nipple, but he stopped, giving the very tip a quick squeeze. Reversing his motion, he also pulled down on my hand, and I felt his will working on me, setting up the rhythm he wished me to maintain!

"Mommy, don't forget that tomorrow is parents day at the school!" Said Amy from the front seat. Thank god that Stan had buckled her into the seat belt, so she couldn't turn around! "How about if we let you pick out what Mommy will wear!" said Stan. She squealed with delight. I didn't dare say anything, as my son had now established a diabolical mutual stimulation. I stroked his huge member in perfect harmony to the gentle milking of my turgid nipple. For the life of me I couldn't remember anything about a parents day, but the question left as a warm rush of milk released against the sweat top, staining the fabric and trickling down my tummy. I felt my pussy contract with the obscene stimulation. Stan turned into the main entrance of the shopping mall, just as Timmy left my right nipple, and slid over to my left.

A mere touch was all it took for the flood to be released, and I felt the now damp cotton sticking to my breasts! As we pulled into a parking spot, he stopped my stroking with his hand. He slid my hand up and over his crown, and I felt his slimy pre-cum trail against my palm. Somehow he managed to tuck his monster cock back in his loose shorts, and jumped out of his side of the car innocent as can be! I slunk out my side, two large dark oblong stains staining the front of the light gray material of my top. My nipples poked holes through the thick material, still pumping out a trickle of milk! "You are such a cow!" scolded Stan, seeing my condition. "I can't go like this," I cried, rubbing my sons cum off against my hip. "You're absolutely right!" he answered. He stepped up to me, and with one violent jerk, he grasped the ribbed bottom of the sweatshirt and yanked it up over my head! He tossed the soiled sweater over his shoulder in disgust, and walked past me, towards the mall. "Kids, bring Mommy!" he shouted over his shoulder. The children each took hold of one of my hands, and pulled me along after Stan. We looked like one big happy family, except Mommy was flopping along bare breasted, milk dripping from her engorged nipples!

We walked in the North entrance, right next to the department store. It was very busy tonight. Shocked faces passed by in a blur. The kids kept hold of my hands, and I had no opportunity to cover myself. I heard all types of whistles and shouts follow along in my wake as we plunged deeper down the wide concourse. I had to hurry to keep up, and my heavy tits were bobbing along with my awkward gate. Stan came to an abrupt halt in front of a sporting goods store. There was a female manikin in the front glass display, which caught his attention. It displayed a tiny white leotard over a fluorescent pink bodysuit, with white leggings and a sweatband.

We hurried inside. A young girl approached cautiously. "Can I be of assistance Sir?" she asked, sneaking glances over his shoulder at me standing with the kids. "My wife would like to try on the workout suit in the window. What sizes do they come in?" he asked, as he turned to the side, allowing her to get a full look at me. I dropped my gaze to the floor, unable to meet her eyes. "They come in a petite, regular and large sir. You're wife is definitely a regular." He gave me a wink. "That's fine, why don't you bring us a petite." She shrugged her shoulders. "I'll be right back, sir!" She hurried into the back room, and Stan began thumbing through a rack of tennis outfits while we waited. I couldn't help notice that the traffic in the store had increased drastically since we entered, mostly men browsing absently, stealing glances in my direction!

She returned with the suit on a hanger, presenting it to Stan. He lifted off the leotard, leaving the bodysuit on the hanger. "We won't be needing that! Could you show my wife the dressing room please?" The kids pulled me along behind her, and she opened the half door of a small cubicle on the sidewall. There was a set of three full length mirrors set next to the booth, positioned at forty-five degrees, so all angles could be checked when trying on clothes. I stepped in the booth, and shut the door, reveling in the brief moment of privacy it finally afforded. I slipped the sweats down my legs to the floor. As soon as I stepped out of them, Timmy's hand shot underneath, and snatched them away.

"Hey there!" I shouted, craning my head over the door. Every head in the store that hadn't been staring at the door certainly was now! I snapped back in, and stared at the tiny piece of fabric that now was the only cover available to me. I forced my feet down through the legs, and stretched it up till the thin crotch of the fabric cut into my groin. Slipping my arms through the straps, I forced first one, and then the other up over my shoulders. A mere string of fabric dived into the crack of my ass, as well as between my vulva! The legs were cut up high over my hips, leaving my entire ass and lower belly exposed. The armholes of the suit dropped down to leave only a thin band of material at my waist. My dark aureole was visible both at the sides, and the deep cleavage, almost exposing my belly button! I tried repositioning the fabric over them, but the material was stretched too tight. My breasts were bulging out comically, spilling out over the tight seams.

The door jerked open, and Stan pulled me out to stand in front of the mirrors. I groaned at my own appearance. The briefest strip of fabric bisected my hairy bush! My swollen lips were hanging down plainly exposed, a hint of pink visible where the fabric cut across. Not only were my dark aureoles extending beyond the confines of the top, they also showed plainly through the stretched out material. Stan stood over my shoulder appraising my appearance, along with the salesgirl. "What's you're name dear?" he asked her, his eyes never leaving me. "Tracy, sir!" she answered. I could see her eyes locked on my pubes. "Tracy, I want you to pick out a tennis outfit or two that you might think is appropriate for my wife. Are you getting an idea of our tastes?" he asked. "I can see what you have in mind sir. I don't imagine you will be needing the underpants which come with the outfits?" Stan smiled warmly at her. "We understand each other completely!" She began darting from rack to rack, draping various outfits over her forearm as she went.

Strangers were milling around, by now surrounded us. They barely pretended to be shopping anymore, and were obviously angling for the best view. The kids must have lost interest. I didn't see them anymore. It's funny but only a few short days ago I would have been frantic searching for them! Now I was just relieved that the little monsters had left me in piece for a while. Tracy passed, hanging up several outfits in the booth for me to try on. I spent the next half hour modeling outfits for my husband, and the rest of the men now gathered around. The only things he accepted were the leotard; two crop tops, one yellow and one white (they left the bottom of my tits completely bare!); a tiny tennis skirt and a brief white cover-up that was supposed to be worn over a bathing suit! I now stood at the checkout wearing it. It was a strapless spandex outfit, at least two sizes too small! Even as I stood there motionless, I could feel the top slipping down to my nipples with each breath. The material bloused at my waist, draping loosely over my hips. It was so short though, that you could see my ass and bush peaking out, even as I stood straight up!

We finally left the store, followed by a large group of my admirers in close pursuit. I had to keep pulling up the top hem, to keep my tits from popping out as I bounced along. We stopped at a directory, which Stan studied for a minute or two. The kids showed up, just when he found what he wanted. They reached out, and I automatically took hold of their hands, immediately regretting my decision! They strode after Stan, pulling me along. I groaned as my top now slipped down unhindered. First one, then the other breast popped completely free, swinging unrestrained. I was powerless in their grasp, as I was lead halfway around the mall in this state, bobbing back and forth as they swung their little arms too and fro!

Finally he found what he was looking for, and we turned to enter a brightly lit cubicle off the west wing of the mall. I followed behind with the kids, under the neon scripted sign "The Hair Saloon". The whole frontage facing the mall was floor to ceiling glass windows. The room was a half circle, bisected by the front glass wall. The entire half round wall was mirrored, with a wrap around counter, all white, with drawers and shelves underneath. Six large stylists chairs spaced at even intervals around the curved walls formed individual stations. Several were occupied with stylists and their clients. Jazz played softly in the background, adding to the overall atmosphere. We stopped at a small acrylic counter just inside the door, where a young girl was eyeing me with absolute amazement. She was quite pretty, with a radical haircut and multiple piercing's. "Can I help you sir?" she asked, her eyes locked on my chest.

"My wife needs a trim." He answered casually, not even looking in my direction. "All our stylists have clients right now sir. We could start her out with a shampoo though, if you would like to continue shopping. Someone should be free in about fifteen minutes or so to work with your wife." He turned, and came back to stand by me. "I don't think you understand what I want," he continued. He lifted my skirt, exposing my hairy snatch to the girl! "Do you understand where she needs the trim?" The girl covered her mouth with a hand, shielding a small smile from us. "Yes, I see what you mean! This is my specialty." She walked up in front of me, and I whimpered softly as she squatted down, to examine my crotch! "I can give her a close trim, but her pubic hair is quite coarse. She will be bristly to the touch!" She was running her forefinger along my outer lips, lightly tracing the round contour of my mound. She appeared oblivious to the copious amounts of wetness I felt gathering. "I can shave her, but the results will be very temporary, and she may grow back even thicker!" She used both hands to spread my lips open, examining my clit tucked between. " I would recommend waxing sir! It will be painful, but the results will be the longest lasting, and when the hair grows back it will be much finer and softer texture."

"Perfect!" he answered with a smile. "What do you think Ruth?" he asked. I wanted to protest, but my body wasn't obeying the signals sent to it by my conscious mind. I just stood there with a helpless expression on my face, while the girl looked up at me. Shrugging her shoulders, she got up off her knees. "We have a private room in the back where we can take care of this procedure, if you'll just follow me." Stan pulled me along after her towards a mirrored door set at the back of the oval, the kids still holding my hands securely at my sides.

We stopped short though, as she pulled it the door open. "What's wrong with this chair?" he motioned with his head, indicating the center one in the row, which was currently empty. My heart felt like it had jammed in my throat! I felt blood rush to my face, and I saw my face and chest flush bright red in my reflected image on the mirrored wall. "It's fine with me, as long as your wife doesn't care!" I could see her stifling a grin as she waited for an answer. She pushed the door shut, and moved over to the seat. Pumping on a lever at the base with her right foot, the chair hissed down to its lowest level. She swiveled it to face me, and motioned for me to sit down. The kids released my hands, and I took the advantage to yank my top back up over by breasts, as I turned and flopped down in the stiff molded leather seat.

"I'll be right back miss! You just sit back and relax." Easy for her to say! I was facing back out towards the front glass wall, and I saw with that quite a crowd of men had collected outside, staring at me through the plate glass windows. I crossed my legs, and yanked the brief skirt over my groin as best I could. The kids trotted off, apparently getting bored with this game. The girl returned from the back room, pushing a shiny chrome cart with all her supplies.

"Now we work with three different types of waxes" she started to explain, pointing to three different jars. "This is a cold wax, and it is what I would recommend for this area. Your own body heat activates it, so it is quite comfortable. "What about the others?" asked Stan. "Well, we also have what could be termed a medium wax, and gives excellent results also. It is heated in a pot, so it would be quite uncomfortable on this region. The other is a hot wax, and I would be afraid of blistering her. The results are less consistent also, I'm afraid."

"Ruth enjoys a little pain, especially down there!" he chuckled. "But we want her to be as silky smooth as possible. I think she wants the medium wax, don't you dear?" I looked down in my lap, still unable to protest. "Are you sure? It's going to sting some!" I wanted nothing more then to shout the bitch away while kicking my "darling husband" in the nuts, but of course I couldn't. Shrugging her shoulders, she plugged in a small stainless bowl on the cart, and proceeded to scoop out the contents of the jar of medium wax into it. She hummed to herself as she arranged her supplies.

"First thing, we have to give you a little trim. Let's scoot you up on the chair and get started." She walked around behind me, and I felt her pulling on a lever on the back. There was a sharp "Click!" and it fell down almost perpendicular to the floor! She pulled me back by the shoulders to rest on it, placing a small pillow under my head. Moving around to my left, she took hold of my left ankle, pulling it up towards my crotch! She grabbed my left wrist with her other hand, guiding it down alongside my thigh, and wrapped the fingers around my own ankle to hold it back. She circled around to the other side of the chair (around behind of course, so not to get in anyone's way!). Repeating the routine, she stood back and surveyed the results.

She moved around behind my head, and leaned out over my prostrate form, grasping both my forearms in her firm grip. She pulled back, until my legs were splayed wide open! She began pumping her foot against a lever at the base of the chair, and I felt myself being raised up in the air, an inch at a time. Finally satisfied, she returned to her cart, and picked up a pair of electric clippers. With a snap, they buzzed to life, and she leaned her hip in against the base of my right inner thigh! She cupped my right loin with her left palm, and spread my vulva, so that the lips puckered open. I groaned as she stroked the vibrating tool across my tender outer lips. I knew she could see my clit swelling outward, as she looked back at me with a knowing smile. My spread groin was still on prominent display, as I could see the men pressed up against the windows, over the swell of my belly and the between the arch formed by my splayed legs. The tool finally clicked off, and my formerly lush, thick mound of black pubic hair was now down to even stubble.

Stan moved up beside her, and the two of them consulted about how to proceed. He tickled my puckered sphincter with his index finger, slowly dragging it up between my pouted lips, while the girl stood nodding agreement. I felt my vagina dilate open as his finger traced up to my throbbing clit, where it paused momentarily. I cringed as I felt a trickle of my juices spilling over, to trickle down the cleft of my ass. They agreed that only a thin strip of hair should be left above my loins, and that the balance should be completely hairless! Finally satisfied he turned, but not before giving my clit a tease. I knew he was enjoying the whimper that escaped my lips.

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