tagErotic CouplingsRuth's Weekend

Ruth's Weekend


Ruth and I decided to go on a nice long ride today. It was beautiful out, mid eighties and there was a breeze in the air that smelled like rain was on the way. Ruth was an adventurous type and always liked to try something new and I was definitely willing to try those things with her.

We were in my car with the sunroof open, on the highway. Ruth was sitting in the passenger seat with a nice sun dress on. She had her black shades on and her strawberry blond hair was blowing in the wind. She was leaning back, with her head towards her window, her arm up by her head, looking so relaxed.

I saw Ruth reach down and she was putting the seat back so she could recline. She arched her hips, gently raising her hips to lift her dress up. Then she looked at me, reached up, touched her glasses pulling them to her nose and winked at me.

I laughed and then I had to smile because as I looked down, I saw she wasn't wearing any panties. She had the sexiest legs I'd ever seen. They were firm, definitely not too skinny and not excessively long but I thought they were perfect. She was also very athletic and did yoga a lot so those legs could bend anywhere.

She then put her right leg back, leaned her head back and started rubbing her pussy.

"What are you doing sexy?" I asked.

She didn't say anything but turned her head towards me and moaned. And what a sweet sound that was. At this rate, she was going to get us into an accident.

She was slowly rubbing her pussy with her hands, one hand holding her lips open and the other rubbing her clit and stroking the inside of her pussy.

She moaned louder, grinding her hips against her hands and I could hear how wet her pussy was.

Ruth was never one to keep quiet during sex. It wasn't an irritating loudness but her moans and occasional screams were so damn intoxicating and erotic it made me want to please her all day, every day, as much as possible. She definitely never had a problem with keeping my cock hard.

We were in the right lane and I was just about to move into the left lane to pass this truck and boy was he going to get the view of his life.

I could tell Ruth noticed the truck by the way she put her left leg up so her foot was behind my head rest. Shit, he really was going to get an incredibly fucking view. She looked up as the cab was coming into view and opened her pussy for the driver.

She put her finger inside of her pussy, slowing working it in and out. The driver had glanced over at us and of course did a double take. He was staring at Ruth with his tongue practically hanging out.

This made her fuck her pussy faster. Then she took her fingers out and rubbed her pussy vigorously with her fingers while looking up at the driver. Ruth took two of those fingers and slowly put them in her mouth and licked her juices off so seductively.

She moved her fingers back to her pussy, moved her hips up, keeping them in mid air and slowly rocking them back and forth while stroking her pussy at the same time. By then her moans had filled the car and I know the driver could hear her, he had his window open.

I was afraid we were going to get into an accident but the driver seemed to be in pretty good control. I made sure to stay right by his window so he could get a good view of it all, as much as he could anyway while driving.

Ruth yelled that she was going to cum, screamed it while looking at him and arched her hips up straight and she started cumming and she squirted on my dash. What a mess that would be to clean up but I would be doing it with a smile.

By then of course my cock as so fucking hard and my boxers were wet as hell from pre cum. I stole a glance over and that fucking driver was actually jacking off, I could see his arm going up and down. I smiled to myself, thinking he won't ever forget this run.

Ruth had just finished cumming and she was slowly stroking her pussy. She had that damn thing spread wide open for him to see all he could.

She gave him a sexy smile, leaned over and unzipped my pants. Shit, she was going to give me a blow job right here. I need to fucking concentrate on this road, ahh hell. If this wasn't a three lane highway, we would have had cars beeping at us from miles back to move.

I know a couple of them saw Ruth and we got a couple of thumbs up.

Just as Ruth put her mouth on my cock, she had moved her dress up above her sexy ass so the driver had an amazing view of that beautiful pussy. She even spread her legs as much as she could.

Her sweet mouth was now on my cock and it was all I could do to keep my eyes open. The driver was still there, watching as her head went down on my cock. She sucked hard and stroked me up and down my rock hard cock. All of my pre cum was making my cock nice and slick. She didn't bother to keep quiet either, no need to.

She sucked and sucked, bringing her head all the way down to my balls, taking all of my cock in her mouth. I looked over and the driver mouthed how fucking lucky I was and I nodded back that I knew I was.

As she was sucking on my cock, she reached back and touched her pussy. She stroked it with her fingers, spreading it open, playing with her clit, making herself cum again. The driver saw her cum squirt out and all he could do was stare.

Ruth then put the head of my cock in her mouth and gently sucked on it, she knew that drove me crazy. She licked it and sucked it while stroking me with her hands. All that she was doing to me in that seat, I knew it wouldn't take me long to cum. I grabbed her head and gently pushed it all the way down and came down her throat. I held her head there and the feel of her throat contracting as she was swallowing my cum was fucking insane!

I kept cumming and her throat kept squeezing. I had to keep my eyes open but I was yelling so fucking loud, she made me cum so fucking hard!

When I finally stopped, she picked her head up and softly sucked on the head of my cock. Ruth licked her lips and sat back down in her seat. I looked over at the driver, waved and took off.


Later that night, I told Ruth I had a surprise for her. I did not tell her what, just told her to get dressed for dinner and to wear a knee length sun dress with no panties.

I took her to a restaurant where they had nice round tables with table cloths that went all the way to the floor. We had a table on the left and she had her back to anyone coming. We had ordered our dinner and the waiter had just brought us a bottle of wine.

I told Ruth that I was going to go under the table and eat her pussy and make her cum over and over again. She had to be quiet, which I knew would be the biggest challenge ever for her. I also told her that if she wasn't quiet, if there was slightest peep to let anyone know what was going on, I would stop.

"Put the table cloth so it covers your lap, push your chair forward more and then lean forward but not too much. When I am done, I will tap your leg and you tap my shoulder to let me know it is ok to get up, ok Ruth?" I said.

She numbly shook her head and I knew she wouldn't make it very long but I was ready to see just how long she could last. I looked around and no one seemed to be looking, so I bent down like I had dropped something. I reached to grab the table cloth and sensed someone looking at me and saw this beautiful pale, black haired lady looking at me. I winked and went under the table cloth. The thought of someone else knowing what I was doing made it even better.

I put my hands on her inner thighs and slowly caressed them. I spread her legs slowly and I could already see the wetness there. I wanted to tease her for just a minute, only because I had the opportunity of course. I touched her pussy lips with my fingers, stroking them softly. Then I opened her pussy and gently blew on it, nice and slow. I ran my tongue up and down her pussy slowly licking her all over, driving her fucking crazy.

Then I put my mouth on her pussy, sucking for dear life. I was as quiet as can be while I stroked her clit with my thumb. I slowed down though, I wanted to prolong this as long as possible and I wanted to drink as much cum of hers as she would give me.

As I sucked on Ruth's pussy and rubbed her clit, I moved the pace up. I needed to drink her and I needed it bad. By now I'm sure Ruth's eyes were closed and she was biting her lip to keep quiet. I'll give it to her, she was doing a damn good job so far.

I reached around, grabbed her ass to pull her pussy farther into my face and rubbed harder on her clit and the river came. She squeezed my head with her thighs since she wasn't able to scream. Her river kept cumming and I drank every drop.

"Can I pour you some more wine?" The waiter asked.

"That's ok, I'll get it, thank you," Ruth said.

I could hear in her voice the arousal and I sucked harder. A bigger river came and my mouth never left her pussy, I drank every drop. Her juices were all over my face and I fucking loved it. After she slowed down and finally stopped, I relaxed on her pussy but I didn't move away from it. I knew by now her clit was fucking sensitive as hell and on normal circumstances I would have sympathy but not tonight. I was going to drain her dry.

I slowly stroked her clit and she tried to tighten her thighs on my head but I held them open. I took my tongue and licked and licked and licked her pussy, just one lick at a time, nice and slow. Then I took my middle finger and stuck it up her ass and held it there. I moved it around and I knew I had her by the balls, figuratively speaking.

With my hand on her bottom, middle finger inside of her, my mouth went back to her pussy with my other thumb on her clit.

I heard the waiter bring the food and ask if there was anything else we needed. Ruth politely told him no and he left.

I moved my middle finger in her ass, back and forth and buried my face in her wet, juicy pussy. I rubbed as fast as I could on her clit, knowing it was fucking sensitive, which made it better. I decided to give her double the pleasure in her ass so my index finger slipped right in, which caused a gasp from Ruth. I stopped right away and she was quiet again.

I knew this was driving her insane and I was going to get it later which made me suck even harder. While my face was buried in her pussy, I tongue fucked her, moving my tongue all over her pussy, tasting every bit of her.

It didn't take long for the river to come again and a river it was. I opened my mouth to get it all and it seems I couldn't swallow fast enough. I moved my fingers in her ass faster and rubbed harder on her clit.

All of a sudden Ruth said, "Ohhh shit!!!"

I tried not to laugh and I couldn't stop because she would have came all over the place so I sucked harder. She came so fucking hard and it didn't seem like she would stop. When she was done, I licked her pussy, fuck it was so wet. That is the most beautiful fucking sight, a glistening pussy. Even though I was under the table cloth, I could see even the slightest glisten.

I tapped Ruth's leg and it took her a minute to tap my shoulder. I slowly got up and I instantly looked over at the woman. I knew she could see my face, which I purposely didn't wipe off right away and I winked again at her. It almost looked like she was touching herself, which made me smile.

Ruth looked like she was floating, sitting there with her eyes closed. I grabbed a handkerchief from my pocked and wiped my face. I stroked her leg with my foot and she opened her eyes. I smiled at her and I could tell it took all of her energy to smile back. She gave me a semi evil look, tried to anyway, which I gave her credit for.


I have a gym in the basement of my house and I suggested to Ruth that we work out in the morning. She agreed, we needed to work off some energy. I had the music going and we were having a good workout, although we both were watching each other intently.

Ruth didn't have a bra on and her shirt was like a second skin, revealing those incredible nipples. She had on mid length workout pants and by the looks of it had on some thongs.

She would occasionally walk by and rub herself against me. I was really trying to concentrate on getting a good work out but I see she had other plans. I thought that maybe if I ignored her she might leave it alone.

I had lain down on the bench ready to lift the bar and Ruth came over, walking seductively with a look in her eye. She leaned over and put her breast in my mouth. I obligingly took her nipple in my mouth and it left a nice wet spot on her shirt. After I got her nipple nice and hard, she stood up and walked away, shaking her ass of course as she walked.

Before she went to her next spot, she stopped with her ass facing me, her hands went to her hips and she took her pants off. Ruth made sure to lean over, giving me a magnificent view of that ass and pussy. She kept her pants there and sat on the machine where she works her hips, moving her hips and legs in and out, slowly of course.

Fuck, she's getting me back from last night, as I laughed to myself. I lifted my weights and I knew I wouldn't be working out much longer. I put the bar down after I'd done my set and stayed there on the bench, catching my breathe. That's when Ruth made her next move.

She walked over to me staring straight into my eyes. She straddled the bench, moved my body down a bit and she sat on my face. She still had her thongs on and as she rubbed her pussy on my face and she didn't let me touch her. She was in control this time.

Grinding her pussy on me with that thin fabric in the way was such a fucking tease. Her smell was intoxicating though, I'd play her little game and I'd enjoy every bit of it. I also knew she wouldn't be able to hold out too long without giving it up, she wanted me just as bad as I wanted her.

Ruth reached down and moved her thong aside and she told me to eat her pussy and make her cum. And she still wouldn't let me touch her, fuck! I eagerly sucked and licked her pussy, sticking my tongue inside and then I grabbed her clit with my mouth. I sucked on it hard while my tongue was licking just below it.

"I'll rub my clit, move your mouth down and drink my cum baby, drink it! Fuck, fuck, I'm cumming!!! Oh FUCK YEAH!!!" Ruth yelled.

My mouth was now over her pussy drinking in all she could give me and she had grinded her pussy so hard on my face I thought I wouldn't be able to breathe. Her other hand was below my head bringing me even closer as she unloaded more cum down my throat. As she slowed down, she was slowly rubbing her pussy on me so I could lick all of her juices off.

Ruth moved off of my face, down towards my feet and took my pants off. "You're going to fuck me now baby and you're going to fuck me good."

Fuck, she was on a roll and she was fucking SO hot! Ruth positioned her pussy over my once again rock hard cock and was just rubbing her pussy on the head.

"Watch me baby as I cum on your cock," Ruth said.

She had the head of my cock wrapped in her pussy lips, stroking it back and forth. Her left hand went to her clit and she started rubbing it slowly. Her eyes never left mine and my eyes never left her pussy on my cock. My juices were mingling with hers and she was already so fucking wet.

She started moving my cock a little faster and rubbing her clit faster as well. As she rubbed, her wetness filled the air. Fuck, that was so hot!!!!!

"Are you ready for me to cum all over your cock baby? My juices are going to run all down your beautiful shaft and then after I cum I'm going to slam my pussy on your cock," Ruth said.

She rubbed faster and she was even wetter. "I'm going to cum baby, I'm going to fucking cum all down your cock! I'm fucking cumming, I'm cumming, OHHHHHH FUCKKKK!!!!!!!!" Ruth yelled as her cum flowed all down my cock and my balls. True to her word, she slammed her pussy on my cock.

"Fuck me baby, fuck me now!" Ruth yelled. She slammed her pussy on my cock a few times and then I pulled her off, got up and turned her over.

I slammed inside of her pussy so hard and fucked her just as she wanted. She was leaning on the bench and I leaned her over as much as I could, arching her sexy ass up to me so I could get as deep inside of her as possible.

"That's it baby, FUCK ME, GET DEEP INSIDE OF ME!!! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!! I'm going to cum on your cock again baby, you want me to cum on you again?" Ruth asked.

"Hell fucking yes I want you to cum on me!" I said.

True to her word her juices covered my cock once again and that was it for me. I fucked her hard as I could and unloaded my cum deep inside of her pussy.

"I'm cumming in your sweet pussy Ruth, I'm fucking cumming! Fuck, you feel so fucking good baby!" I said as my cum was going deep inside of her.

After I finished cumming, I slowed down but I kept my cock inside of her, I didn't want to take it out. She felt so good, so warm, wet and velvety soft.

I felt her pussy squeeze my cock as I sat there and that made me smile. As I moved out of her, Ruth's pussy was leaking all over the floor, she had so much inside of her.

Waste not I say, so I bent down and gently sucked and drank what she had left and I tasted some of my cum that was seeping down.

After I cleaned her up as best as I could, Ruth stood up. "Thanks for the great weekend baby, I won't ever forget it," Ruth said as she kissed me.

"My pleasure baby, my pleasure. It's all about you, you know that," as my mouth covered hers again.

We went to the showers, cleaned up and took a nice afternoon nap.

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