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Synopsis: While chatting with some fellow campers I realize my cock is showing. Rather than getting upset, they invite me into their RV.

It had been a long day of driving. We had gone nearly three hundred miles that day, mostly because nobody except the driver wanted to stop. Of course the driver is yours truly. At thirty-four feet plus a car tagging behind, the 'rig' (RV'er talk) was about twice as long as my wife or oldest son was willing to handle. Not that I'm complaining. Hauling around a small apartment on wheels is not all that difficult. And with three kids and a wife, all that space was needed to maintain some sanity.

Being the driver had the benefit that once we had arrived at an RV campground and I had parked and leveled the beast, unhooked the car, and hooked up the utilities, I was done for the evening.

As was my usual routine, after completing my part of the vacation chores, I showered and shaved. The day was still a bit warm and muggy which made the shower especially welcome. After getting cleaned up I felt refreshed and renewed. I put on a clean pair of shorts and a t-shirt advertising our last stop, slipped on my sandals and was ready for a stroll while dinner was cooking. Oh, did I forget to mention socks and underwear? Well that's probably because when it's warm I usually omit them from my wardrobe.

As I stepped out the door my eyes made contact with the couple in the spot across from us. They were seated on folding chairs reading; one a book, the other a newspaper. Both looked up as I exited, they smiled and waved: I returned the gesture. I have found that most of the RV travelers are a friendly lot, so I attached little significance to this greeting. I took a short stroll deciding that a longer stroll would be better after sunset. After being imprisoned in the drivers seat all day, I always welcomed the chance to get out and walk about or just sit outside in the night air and enjoy the stars.

Upon returning to our 'house' I stuck my head in the door and checked on the progress of dinner. "Probably an hour" my wife said. With that I turned and decided to check the view from the space across from us. As I walked to the small vacant space next to the 'readers' they looked up again and said hello. I returned the "hello” and raised it "a nice view from here". With that a little idle fellow traveler conversation began. When they asked me to join them, I picked the only seating available, the picnic table that stood in front of them. Rather than sit on the bench, I sat on the table with my feet on the bench. The pair appeared to be in their late thirties. They were both a bit on the plump side with round faces that had a very comfortable look when they smiled, which they seemed to do a lot. In fact they almost looked like brother and sister. His hair was light brown; her hair was a dirty blond that seemed that it might have been bleached. She wore a blouse and shorts. I discretely admired her legs, which were very shapely although a bit on the full side. This fullness seemed to carry over to her breasts, but the loose blouse made it difficult to be sure. He wore a flowery Hawaiian shirt, and khaki pants. It was obvious that he had a rather large paunch hidden under the flowery shirt. Their attractiveness came not from any spectacular physical features, but from their warm smiles as they spoke. They introduced themselves, Sarah and Cliff.

The conversation was the usual mundane stuff about where you've been and what you've seen. As we chatted I got the feeling that the woman was distracted by something behind me or on the table. About five or ten minutes passed when the woman moved her chair so that it was directly in front of me. As she did this she said that the glare was bothering her. After sitting again she told her husband to move over next to her. He protested very briefly then moved his chair obediently, sort of that action- response that bespoke many years of marriage.

After the husband sat down I noticed a brief double take in my direction. Then, as we talked I could see each of them frequently shift their eyes from my eyes to my mid section. I glanced down as casually as I could to see if I had something on my clothes. Then I realized that when I sat down, my shorts had shifted and my balls and the head of my cock were just peeking out. I was a bit flustered and uncertain what to do. My mind flashed on the fact that the couple had moved their chairs in such a way as to get a better view if that's what they wanted. However, nothing in the conversation led me to believe that they were interested in any sexual diversions.

I quickly made the decision that they must realize what they were seeing and decided not to make an issue of it by standing up and adjusting my shorts. However, now as we talked, I began thinking of my cock winking at them and their eyes darting down for quick peeks. This of course had the normal effect of any attention to my cock. I felt it begin to swell. As it began to swell, the woman remarked to her husband that he should get some shorts like mine, which seemed to be a signal for him to pay attention. The conversation continued innocuously but their eyes were clearly spending more time watching my cock thicken and poke further out from the confines of my shorts. The more they looked, the harder I got.

I was wondering where this would lead. I really couldn't do anything with them even if I had the chance so I just decided to enjoy the brief exhibitionism/voyeurism encounter. The spell was broken by a call that supper was ready. I excused myself and stood up. As I stood, I expected that my shorts would pull down over my cock and I would only have a lump in my shorts visible. To the contrary, the head of my cock did not retreat gracefully but remained protruding from the hem of my shorts. I stood but a few feet from the couple with the head of my cock poking at them at their eye level. I quickly pulled my shorts over the stiff member and turned a bit red. I said nothing about it and neither did they. I was suddenly very embarrassed, thinking that I had let my imagination run wild and that these folks probably thought I was some sort of sex freak. I mentally cursed myself for not at least squeezing my legs together when I found myself getting uncontrollably hard.

My cock quickly relaxed as I walked back to our RV. I put the incident out of my mind and enjoyed dinner. After dinner, the family cleaned up the dishes, etc. The TV was brought out and everyone settled in for a little viewing. For some reason the passengers always seemed to be more exhausted than the driver after a long day's driving. Probably all of the energy expended by the kids in the frequent battles that siblings seem to enjoy and the refereeing that the free parent has to perform. The driver is fortunately exempt from these things while the motor home is in motion.

About nine-thirty everyone was falling asleep except for myself. I decided to go out for a walk and maybe sit and watch the stars and enjoy the fresh air. I walked over to the empty space across the way and sat down on the table looking at the lights below. I had no sooner sat down than the door of the neighbors RV opened and Cliff stepped out. Noticing me sitting there, he walked over and remarked how nice the evening was and the fact that my motor home was already dark. He had on slippers and a terry robe that reached his knees. I explained that my family tends to fall asleep early when we travel but I tend to be more of a night owl. I concurred that the evening was pleasantly warm and thought that I would go get a coke at the office. I asked if I could bring him one.

Cliff said that they had cokes and why not come in and have one. We went into their motor home and I sat down while Cliff got the cokes from the frig. He called out to Sarah that 'the neighbor' was here to enjoy a coke. I was now thinking that Cliff and Sarah had apparently not been upset by my earlier involuntary exhibitionism. But just to be cautious I made sure that my shorts covered me properly as I sat on the couch. Just as Cliff handed me my Coke, Sarah came walking into the living area. She was wearing a short terry robe that matched Cliff's. Sarah sat opposite me on a swivel chair and asked Cliff to get her a Coke.

While Cliff went to get the Coke, Sarah began talking to me and at the same time bent forward to adjust her slipper. As she did this, her robe opened exposing most of her breasts to my eye. Because the robe was short, her legs were visible almost all the way to her crotch. She had heavy thighs but like her calves, they were very shapely. As she moved I was certain that I could see her pussy hair. I couldn't help staring and didn't realize that Cliff was watching me on his return. Sarah sat up again but now her robe was open at the top forming a suggestive V that accentuated what I perceived to be very large breasts. I was now wondering if she was knowingly teasing me or just unaware of the drape of her robe.

As we talked, Sarah would move every once in a while which caused the opening at the top of her robe to shift giving me increasingly revealing views of her breasts. I was starting to get hard. I tried to be casual but I’m sure that my stare was obvious. I tried crossing my legs to conceal my rising excitement. This worked for a while but then my leg grew tired and I uncrossed my leg only to find that this motion had caused the short pant leg of shorts to ride up. Once again the head of my cock was peeking out. Sarah and Cliff both were looking directly at my cock head. Instead of squeezing my legs together in embarrassment, I decided to relax and spread my knees slightly apart.

Cliff was standing behind Sarah rubbing her neck as we talked. Cliff's hands subtly pulled Sarah's robe away from her neck slowly revealing her breasts. As his hands worked on her shoulders, her nipples came into view. My cock became rigid and was now about half way out of my shorts. I felt Sarah's foot against my calf. Her foot then rubbed my leg and worked its way up my thigh until her toe touched my cock. This resulted in her legs being spread apart giving me, at last an unimpeded view of her pussy. The sight of the huge tangle of blond pubic hair now transfixed me; she was obviously a natural blond.

Up to now, the talk had remained very innocent and not sexually suggestive at all. That quickly changed. Cliff and Sarah began talking in the most erotic terms. Cliff was fondling Sarah's tits, clearly with the intent of arousing me. Her tits were very large although not very firm. Cliff would occasionally let them hang and gently slap them from side to side. Her areolas were pink and small with pointy nipples. Cliff squeezed them and pinched them, pointing the little pink nipples at me. Sarah reached back and undid Cliff's robe, which revealed his hard cock. Cliff had a little short stubby cock, which looked even shorter because of the size of his belly. Sarah massaged his little stub with her hand as her foot rubbed the head of my cock against my leg.

Then Sarah suggested that we move to the bedroom.

Their motor home had a king-size bed and one wall was the closet with mirrored sliding doors. Thus as we lay on the bed we could watch ourselves in the mirror. Cliff and Sarah shed their robes and then Sarah had me stand as she pulled my shorts down. She began stroking my cock as Cliff whispered words of encouragement into her ear. I was standing as the two of them sat on the bed, Cliff behind Sarah. Cliff watched intently as Sarah's tongue worked up and down my stiff shaft. She squeezed the base of my cock and the veins of my prick stood out. She tickled her tongue over the slit in the end of my cock and the pre-cum disappeared into her mouth as soon as it rose from within me.

Then Cliff reached around from behind Sarah and grasped each of her breasts. This was obviously a game that they had played before because Sarah immediately sat up straighter and her mouth relinquished my cock. With her hand, she guided my throbbing cock between her full breasts. Cliff proceeded to work Sarah's tits up and down my cock while Sarah played with my balls. It was as if Cliff were jacking me off with out ever actually touching my cock. Sarah bent her head forward so that her tongue could lick the head of my cock as it popped up regularly.

Sarah then put her arms around me and pulled me as she and Cliff rocked back onto the bed. Now that we were all on the bed, Sarah turned her attention to her husbands cock. As she sucked on Cliff's prick, she raised one leg and placed a hand on my head. That blond tangle of hair between her legs beckoned me. She pulled my head between her legs. I buried my face in the tangle of hair and soon my tongue was working on her wet slit. Her pubic hair was very soft and light. Her pussy was pink and she had deep folds of skin, which I spread with my fingers to give my mouth better access. I brought my tongue out of her cunt and explored the edges of her pussy. Her clit was almost non- existent, but my tongue finally found it. As soon as my tongue began to lick the little bump, Sarah immediately began to thrash violently. She came almost immediately. I slipped my fingers into her pussy and they were flooded with her cum.

I heard Cliff moaning and realized that Sarah's climax had also caused her to suck his cock to climax. She was just violent with the excitement of cumming. Cliff pulled back saying he was done.

Sarah however seemed insatiable. She began panting for me to fuck her. She pulled me up on top of her and rammed her pussy against my cock. Although she was on the bottom, she managed to pump herself against my prick with almost no stroking on my part. Sarah reached around and grabbed my ass and screwed me violently. I could feel her cumming, the warm fluid bathing my cock. Each orgasm accompanied by deep French kisses and moans of delight. Soon I felt the cum welling up in me and I began to stroke harder into her. With that, Sarah relaxed her pumping into me and allowed me to fuck her. But when I was ready to cum and told her, she began her own rapid pumping and suddenly my cum shot into her.

Sarah kissed me and caressed my hair. I rubbed her tits for a while and then said it was time for me to leave.

The next morning when I went out to begin unhooking our RV, I looked across the way and Sarah and Cliff were gone.

It was almost as if the previous evening had been a dream or an episode of the 'Twilight Zone'

The End

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