Ryan and Hayley


Meanwhile, Ryan sat at the end of the couch, the baseball game now over. He still had a drink, though, and was finishing it off. As he did, he began to wonder where the other three were. His first two attempts at standing resulted in abject failure, so he went the verbal, rather than ambulatory, route. "Hey!" he shouted, "Where the ffffuck are you twooooooo?!"

Hayley jerked away from Steven, glad when she heard Ryan calling. Steven pulled away in surprise and Hayley called out, "We're-"

Jake hurriedly stuffed a hand-flex ball into her mouth, holding it there and silencing her. Indignant, Hayley tried to pull her arms apart and found them firmly bound in the tape. She struggled, angrily, but Jake put his other hand on the back of her neck, forcing her head still so she couldn't spit out the gag.

"Here," Steven snipped off the end of a stretch band, handing it to Jake as he took over holding Hayley's mouth closed, Jake retrieving the ball. The band slid through the hole in the ball easily, creating a makeshift ball gag that was hurriedly placed back into Hayley's mouth and tied behind her head.

"...Fuck, that's hot," Jake admired their handiwork, and gestured at Hayley's legs silently. Steve nodded. He took hold of her legs and Jake her torso and they flipped her onto her stomach. Jake grabbed a jumprope, using it to tie Hayley to the bench, another tying each of her ankles to a leg of the bench. The boys exchanged a look and then conferred. "He's not gonna recognize her - he's shitfaced and he's only been in town a couple days."


"We'll say she stole Hayley's clothes," Jake's eyes sparked at the sudden inspiration, "And needs to be punished," he added, suddenly, brilliantly.

Steve nodded with a grin and turned, calling, "Hey, Ryan!"

Ryan sighed. He finally heard them and had enough time to recover from the previous falls to steady himself enough to get up. His legs were woozy under him, but as his blood flowed a bit more from walking, he balanced out. A deep breath and a brace against the door frame aided his walk to the weight room, where the noise came from. He had to rub his eyes and shake his head to make sure he wasn't dreaming. There, before him, were Steve, Jake, and a girl. Bound. Gagged. Blindfolded. Trying hard to speak, but only muffles came out.

"Guys...guysguysguys, no guys, what are you doing?! What is this?! Who is this?!"

"One of Hayley's so-called 'friends,'" Jake answered with a sneer.

"Yeah, she pulled a prank and took Hayley's clothes and left her somewhere." Steven shook his head, nearly tut-tutting.

"Wha..what? You did what to my sister?!" he growled harshly at the trapped figured on the weight bench. "Where is she?!"

"Dude, you can't go looking for her yet, you can hardly stand - no driving!" Steve said, wagging his finger. "Why don't you just get your revenge on this sweet little thing," he said patting Hayley's legs.

Ryan's lips parted and his eyes darted awkwardly over her, his throat suddenly dry. "Uh...okay," he finally obliged. He sat down next to the girl and began to skim his fingers up and down her silky skin, playing with her smooth legs. There was something eerily familiar about her, though....

Jake shook his head, "You're hopeless, man," he teased. "This is how you do it..."

Hayley cried out indignantly as Jake stood behind her, his thighs against the back of hers as though he were lining up, and leaned over, his hands pushing the fabric of her shirt up to reveal the smooth skin of her back. He brought them back down again, his nails scratching just enough to send eerie chills up Hayley's spine, and came down to rest his palms comfortably on her ass.

"Then you just-" he raised his hands and brought them down with a slapping sound. Hayley yelped and jerked, noticing, once she returned to her original position, the pressure on her ass from Jake's growing erection. "Now you try," Jake explained, moving away for Ryan to take his turn.

"Gladly," Ryan said with a gleam in his eye, moistening his lips. He walked over to Jake's former spot and repeated his actions, landing three solid blows on the girl's ass. He delighted in it each time, thinking he was repaying some girl who'd done his sister wrong. "Take that, bitch," he said as his hands landed on her. Jake and Steven stood in the corner smiling, laughing, knowing exactly what they were doing. "How did you guys know I'd want to see a girl tied up?" Ryan mused, completing another spanking. "I've always liked that, ever since Hayley let me tie her up when we were kids."

Steve and Jake looked at each other in half disbelief. "Just call it a hunch," Steve volunteered. "Man, you're going to town on her!" he observed, looking at Jake for a second, wide-eyed and more excited. He whispered so Ryan couldn't hear over the sound of the spankings. "He's gonna find out sooner or later, Jake. Should we just tell him? Show him it's her?"

"No way," Jake shook his head, evilly, "We wait till he's inside of her." Speaking of which... Jake raised his voice "Let's get those clothes off, man," he suggested, turning to Steve, "Where're the scissors?"

Now Hayley could endure the embarrassment of her brother and his friends spanking her, even if she knew there was some sexual motivation in it, but this would be blatantly sexual. They were going to cut her clothes off and - Hayley gulped, nervously, in realization. They wanted Ryan to fuck his sister.

"Wait," Ryan said. "We've gotta plan this out. Piece by piece. We can't just go willy nilly cutting her clothes off. Let's have an order to this. Steve, you take off her shoes first. Jake, I'll stand her up so everything will fall right off her, nice and easy."

Steve bent down and took off Hayley's shoes as he was ordered, helping hold her still as Jake untied her from the bench. Hayley was lifted up and propped against her brother, Steven keeping her legs still as Ryan looped one arm around her bound arms and the other around her waist, lifting her enough that she wouldn't struggle. Jake stood beside Ryan, awaiting further instruction, practically squealing with delight.

"Okay, give me those," Ryan ordered, holding a hand out for the scissors. His motor skills still slightly impaired, he went for the loose top, knowing it would be easier to get off. He sliced it off of the girl's body easily. Next he dug the scissors into the girl's bra and cut the straps. Moving to the center, he cut between the cups, too, making sure it all fell off nicely. He handed the scissors back to Jake, admiring the girl's chest, openly. "You do her shorts."

Steve fastened Hayley's feet to the stand of a machine, her legs held apart, as Jake grinned, "I would be honored." Jake reached between her legs, "Let's just warm her- oh, no way..."

Hayley felt her face burning as she realized with horror that somehow, through all of that, she'd somehow become wet. Jake's grin widened as he rubbed her crotch anyway, undoing her fly and using the scissors - pressing against her slit - to cut the crotch apart, the shorts falling off easily before he put a notch in the crotch of her panties. "Y'know...." Jake stood, looking to Ryan, "I think you deserve the honor of her panties. Looks like you can just rip them." He suggested. As he passed the scissors off, he stopped by Hayley's hanging head, hissing into her ear, "At least he's ignorant... you're just a slut."

"Watch this," Ryan, still standing behind the girl, reached around her waist. "Woah... she's wet, guys. Nice. You like this? Huh, girlie? Little slut getting tied up and abused and she likes it. Damn!" He guided his hands down to her crotch and pulled the panties he found up a bit. He pinched the edges together and began to grind the fabric between her slit, rubbing it hard, like a makeshift crotch rope.

Hayley whimpered, horrified at her body's reaction as she writhed, pushing up against her brother in an attempt to get away from his teasing trick.

"Fuck... she does..." Steve was also amazed, his jaw dropping. Quietly, he admitted, "This really is hot..."

Jake, meanwhile, crouched down, hooking his finger through her panties.

Hayley jumped in surprise at fingers brushing along her most sensitive area, but was even more shocked a moment later as Jake spat onto her pussy.

"There - that should lube her up a bit more for us.... does anyone mind if I take first?" He asked, conversationally.

"By all means," Ryan said, propping the girl up. He held her by her breasts and rubbed them roughly - more groping than fondling.

Jake, meanwhile, was lubing himself up with spit, then finally cut Hayley's panties off. With Ryan holding her up, and Steven to the side, freeing his own cock, Jake entered into Hayley violently. "Ungh!" he released as he pushed up into her, his erection fitting snugly into her tight wet hole.

Ryan felt her body tense up and used one hand to push her hair over her shoulder. He began to rub her tits more softly now, massaging them, even, taking her nipples between his fingers and twisting gently, turning, all the while kissing the back of her neck. It was perfect, he thought. Too perfect. Something had to be wrong. 'No,' he told himself. 'You're just drunk. Enjoy it.' He pressed himself against her so she could feel his erection growing as the one inside of her explored every reach of her insides possible.

"So fucking tight!" Jake exclaimed, throwing his head back.

Hayley gasped and bit back a moan as Jake plunged into her, her face flushing with both humiliation and pleasure. She'd never had sex standing up, and was surprised to find it.... fulfilling. Well - filling her fully. She whimpered as Ryan softened his approach, goosebumps creeping down her spine as he worked her neck. All of the attention... she found it oddly erotic, having three guys looking to her as a sexual being, something she never really thought of herself as.

Jake felt her hole close around his cock and he threw his head back, moaning in pure pleasure. Steven was starting to stroke himself in the background, readying himself for his eventual entrance into Hayley.

"Ryan," Jake said between pumps, "Slap her ass a few more times, make my cock go even deeper into this sweet pussy. Ryan obliged and smacked the girl's ass ferociously. "Aahhhhh!" Jake sighed in relief as his desire was satisfied. "Mmm....mmm...mmmm yeah...mmm," he pumped in and out of her, gaining velocity now. Ryan, meanwhile, was continuing his tender touch on her breasts, gently squeezing the girl's nipples, now kissing her neck all over, like he would to a lover.

Hayley let out a muffled yelp as Ryan spanked her, viciously, feeling the red spread across her ass even though she couldn't see it.

"Fuck," Jake growled between clenched teeth, reminding himself not to cum - not yet. He wanted to see the sweet release on Ryan's face when he came into his baby sister. With another set of hard thrusts, Jake pulled out, panting. "Steve-" he gestured to the other boy, who eagerly stepped up to the plate, "You keep her busy - I've got an idea."

Steven, just waiting to sink his dick into that steaming pussy, teased her entrance, briefly before plunging in with a grunt. Jake, meanwhile, hopped out into the hallway, grabbing the leash and collar of the family's old dog. He looped the handle of the leash through a ring in the ceiling where a kickboxing bag used to hang, and clipped the collar to the leash (with plenty of slack - for now) which he then fastened around Hayley's neck.

Ryan grew a bit uneasy at this and slowed his stroking of the girl's breasts. He noticed, though, how turned on it got his friends and that drove him to keep going. His arosual was growing, too, and he freed it from his pants, swiftly. He rubbed his erection between the girl's ass cheeks, running it up and down the crack.

Steven continued in and out of her, getting incredible enjoyment out of the tight pussy around his cock. He smiled wide. He even laughed a bit while using her hole to pleasure himself. "Damn Hay-...girl you've got one fucking tight pussy." His head snapped up to see if Ryan noticed, but his head was down, concentrating on rubbing his cock between the girl's ass cheeks.

Hayley couldn't help the moan issuing from behind her gag as her brother rubbed his shaft between her ass cheeks. She was ashamed to be turned on - especially because, well, he was her brother - but she couldn't deny the visceral response her body was having.

Jake noticed Ryan's movements, "We'll make sure you're the first to have that bit," he smirked, and finished up the rigging he'd improvised. "C'mere," he beckoned Ryan to lay on the weight bench, and looked to Steve - "We can tie her arms up with these-" he gestured to the jump ropes he'd rigged through weight equipment, creating ties that could control the movement of Hayley's upper body were she to, theoretically, be riding Ryan on the bench. Leaving her ass open for play, if they so chose.

"Oh let's fucking do it. Please let's fucking do it," Ryan groaned. He was taken aback by his vigor but he had given up caring about that from the moment he started snipping this girl's clothes. Ryan laid himself down on the weight bench and stretched, lubing up his cock as Steven exited from Hayley and Jake fixed her into the appropriate way, her hands separated and bound on either side of her.

"Alright, buddy. Here you go! Consider this even more pay back for what we said about Hayley this morning."

Ryan put on a one sided smile and spread the ass cheeks of the girl above him as Jake lowered her onto him.

Hayley felt as Jake pulled a bit on the leash, keeping her upright as she was speared by her brother's cock. She gasped and moaned - he was somehow perfect. Combining the positive aspect of the other two boys, Ryan's cock was a perfect balance of long and thick.

"I think she likes it," Steve observed, playing with her nipples as Hayley slowly began to ride her brother's cock.

Jake noticed. "You are voluntarily fucking your brother, you slut," he reminded her, his voice a heated whisper at her ear.

"Oh man this asshole is fucking tiiiiiight. Mmm mmmm aww fuck yeah!" Ryan yelled as the girl bobbed up and down him. He could sense her movements were becoming a little more purposeful. "She likes it, guys. The fucking slut likes it. She's starting to ride me!" Ryan threw his head back as much as he could and let out a moan that was beyond satisfaction. His whole body shivered with ebullient pleasure as her hole bobbed up and down onto him.

Jake and Steve were now double teaming Hayley's breasts, kissing, licking, biting, fondling, groping, squeezing, smacking, pulling. They were doing everything they could to her. While his mouth was enclosed on her breast, Steven moved his hand down to Hayley's pussy and gingerly rubbed her slit with his thumb. "Oh man, Jake. You've got to feel this!" he said, giddily.

Jake lowered his hand down to Hayley and was not so ginger. He shoved his fingers into her forcibly. "You weren't kidding," he said, "Ry, this girl's pussy is soaked. Can't wait til you get to fuck it." Jake smiled at his friend then, again, hissed a whisper in his friend's sister's ear: "What a whore you are. Your brother is fucking your ass and you're wet? You deserve all of this, you little slut!" He shoved three full fingers into her tight snatch, trying to stretch her out, quickly adding a fourth. "Ready for it, baby?" he said louder, tauntingly. He pulled his fingers out, then clenched his hand into a fist, slathered on some lubricant, and started to drive it into Hayley's pussy.

Hayley felt the intense pressure on her cunt and whimpered, unable to accept the fist nor push it away, her ass clenching painfully (for her) on Ryan's cock. With another slap to her tits, though, she decided she didn't have much of a choice. She tried to relax all of the muscles in her lower half, and with a bit more effort soon Jake was up to his wrist in her cunt.

"Fuck man!" Jake was nearly drooling, "I can feel you fucking her..." 'Hurry up and cum,' he thought, needing to stick his cock down the bitch's throat, but not wanting to ungag her until it was too late.

Ryan started to speak, started to say something, but it got caught off. He was too close to orgasm to make sentences. "C-cumming in a second..." he managed to sneak out of his lips.

"Good," Jake said, sinisterly, "Fill that fucking little asshole up."

After a few more pumps, Ryan's cock could take no more. His tip recoiled, followed by his shaft. Then, they vibrated wildly and he exploded, flling up the girl's asshole with hot cum. He could feel it dripping down onto his shaft as he pulled out.

Hayley moaned, feeling as Jake's subsequent removal of his hand caused even more cum to gush out of her ass. She shook, suddenly feeling empty after going from two penetrations to none.

Jake moved away and quickly tossed Ryan a towel. "Clean off - you get her cunt next, I want that mouth on my cock." He pulled Hayley's arms behind her, securing them with one of the jump ropes so her arms were pulled upward, forcing her head downward. As soon as she was riding her brother's cock again, he'd let her speak briefly - while she wasn't sucking him off, that was.

Ryan went to the bathroom and splashed himself over with water, exhausted but ready to go again. He'd never felt so invigorated by sex before. He'd tied up girls and fucked them before, but not like this. This was incredible. This was intense. This was living. He walked back in and found the girl in the vulnerable position, Steven and Jake still working her tits over. "Let me at that pussy!" he roared, extending hands for high fives from his friends and reassuming his position on the weight bench.

Hayley was lowered back onto his cock, fitting snugly in her pussy, newly swollen by the attention she'd been receiving. She moaned as he filled her more thoroughly and pleasantly than any fist.

Jake took that as a sign, and started ungagging her, bringing her face to the side to press it into his crotch.

As soon as her mouth was free, Hayley let out a low moan of "Ryan-" but was cut off by Jake's dick invading her mouth, the taste of her juices still evident on it.

Jake bobbed Hayley's head up and down, up and down. His cock felt snug in her mouth. Likewise, Ryan's cock felt snug in her pussy. It was tight, but soaked. Wet. Comfortable that way. Almost like a perfect fit. "This is even better than her asshole," he moaned, noticing that Steven was now butting in on the game, moving Jake out of the way and inserting his cock into the girl's mouth. He didn't last much longer, though, and soon leaked his cum onto her tongue. Before she could do anything about it, Jake replaced Steve' cock with his own. But Ryan's short term memory triggered. The girl had spoken. It was low, but somewhat familiar. It didn't quite sound like any of Hayley's friends but it had to be. Who else could it be? But he was still drunk and delirious with pleasure and couldn't quite place the voice. 'Leave it alone,' he told himself, 'Just enjoy this tight pussy. Goddamn is it tight.'

Jake began to speed up his pace, thrusting into her mouth until she couldn't keep up and had to go slack around his shaft as he face-fucked her. "Yeah... ughn... eat my jizz, bitch," he growled, pushing her head down onto him, choking her on his cock until she couldn't breathe, and finally letting her up only to spurt his cum onto her face, splashing over her cheeks, blindfold, and mouth.

"Ugh-" Hayley pushed the cum from her mouth, feeling it slide down her neck, leaving an oozing trail of semen. But before she could protest, she felt another jolt from Ryan's cock, and, in a low voice, muttered breathlessly, "Oh my god - Ryan-" before she was cut off as Jake scooped his cum from her neck to hook the mess into her mouth, making her taste it.

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