tagInterracial LoveRyan Ch. 03

Ryan Ch. 03


Dani slept all through the night. In fact, she overslept. As a consequence, she was jolted awake by the shrill ring of the cordless phone on the night stand. Struggling to come up from under the covers and her peaceful slumber, she wondered who in hell could be calling her at this ungodly hour.

Glancing at the clock next to the phone, she realized the hour wasn't ungodly, it was almost noon.

Irritated with the persistent ringing, Dani grabbed for offensive phone and knocked it off the night stand. Cursing, she quickly recovered it before it stopped ringing.

"Hello?" she groused.

"Hey, baby Sister. Why didn't you answer your cellphone?" Crystal asked.

Moaning, Dani pushed her hair out of her face and sat up, bracing against the upholstered headboard.

"Crystal, you woke me up, from a sound sleep I might add."

Crystal laughed.

"Oh, it's like that. You're already worn out by Mr. Fix It? Hell, I have to meet this guy to see who could get my baby sister heated up so fast."

Fully awake now, Dani said, "Uh, no, Crystal. I'm not introducing you to Ryan until I know if he wants to have a real relationship with me. You can eat men alive and even though Ryan is a big boy, I don't want you cross-examining him with your sarcastic wit."

"Who me?" Crystal asked with a chuckle. "I'm as innocent as the day I was born."

"Yeah, right!" Dani retorted.

The sisters exchanged light hearted banter as Dani told Crystal about her date with Ryan. Crystal, again, cautioned Dani to be careful. Dani assured her that she would be and again admonished her sister for being such a mother hen.

Thinking of her mother, Dani wondered how long it would be before Crystal spilled the beans to her about Ryan. It wouldn't do to ask her not to say anything to their mother because that would put her sister in a bad position and Dani didn't want her to lie. Their mother put the fear in them about lying at an early age

After reassuring Crystal that she knew what she was doing, she goodbye and hung up. As for knowing what she was doing, she hoped that was true. Giving herself a mental shake, she got out of bed and headed to the bathroom to take a quick shower. There were things to get done and now that she was fully awake, she might as well get to them.

Dani spent the rest of the day cleaning her condo and doing laundry. It was boring and tedious, but someone had to do it. She could afford a house keeper once a week, but she just didn't like the idea of other people touching her things. Besides, just the thought of someone coming to clean her place would have her tidying up before the housekeeper arrived.

She was finishing up folding her laundry when her cellphone rang. Checking the caller ID, she saw that it was Ryan.

"Hi, Ryan."

"Hey, baby, I'm calling about our date. The concert starts at one o'clock. It would be best to get there well before that time. There's going to be a lot of traffic and although parking is free, we'd have to park somewhere in the boonies if we didn't get there early."

"Yeah, I know," Dani said. "It was a big hassle the last time I went because Crystal was late, as usual. What time do you think we should leave?"

"I think about eleven," Ryan replied. "There will be some pre-show things going on and we could relax, get something to eat and talk before things get into high gear." "Ok, that sounds like a good idea," Dani agreed.

"Listen, babe, I don't want to wait until Saturday to see you again. We've only been on one date and I'm already getting withdrawal symptoms," he laugh, not entirely joking. "Are you doing anything Tuesday night?"

"Nope, I'm free," Dani said. "Would you like to come over?"

"Hell yeah, I'd love to come over. I could get some Chinese take out for dinner. That is, if you like Chinese."

"I love Chinese. Bring some egg rolls and orange chicken and I'll feel like I've died and gone to heaven," she chuckled.

"Ok, babe," Ryan said with a smile in his voice. "I've got to get to the bar now, but I'll see you around six Tuesday night."

"All right, I'll see you then."

Dani did a happy dance in the middle of the room before she went to take a shower. She had dreaded the day knowing all the work she had to do, but as far as she was concerned, the day had turned out golden.

* Dani thought Tuesday would never arrive. Ryan was now an almost constant fixture in her thoughts. More than one time she'd snapped herself out of a Ryan induced trance. Now that she had the work day behind her, she looked forward to getting ready for her date.

After showering, she put on a pair of dark blue shorts and a plain white cotton top with capped sleeves. On her feet, she wore a pair of light blue sandles. She didn't see any reason to dress up as they weren't planning on going out for the evening and there was nothing wrong with Ryan seeing that she had nice legs.

She took a look at herself in the full length mirror behind her bedroom door. The shorts showed off her rounded bottom without being obvious. They weren't too long or too short; the hem hitting a few inches past the bottom of her butt. She liked her body, but she also liked leaving some things to the imagination. Giving herself a nod of approval, she went to the living room to wait for Ryan. On his way over, Ryan had his own thoughts. He knew that he was falling for Dani, fast. She wasn't just beautiful on the outside, but the inside matched. He remembered how her eyes sparkled and danced with laughter when she talked about her family and their antics. It was only her parents, Crystal and her brother James and they were as close as his own family. Both of her parents was an only child and there wasn't any close extended family. Even so, they nurtured and looked after each other. He liked that. Family was extremely important to him and eventually, he wanted a big family of his own.

Ryan knocked on the door and waited impatiently for Dani to answer. He smiled knowing he was hooked, but he didn't mind in the least.

When Dani opened the door, she was, again, taken by how big he was.

She stepped aside to let him in as she said, "Hi, Ry."

Ryan noted the shorten version of his name and returned the greeting with a smile.

"Hi, baby."

He entered the condo and Dani closed the door behind him.

Setting their dinner on the dining room table, Ryan walked back to Dani, still seemingly stuck against the closed door. He took her hand and slowly pulled her away from it and enclosed her in his arms. Dani felt the warmth of his body and his even heartbeat as she pressed closer, inhaling the spicy scent of his cologne along with his own essence.

Holding her closer, he felt the blood in his veins slowly ignite. He bent down and pressed his lips into the side of her neck as one hand gripped her hip, while the other squeezed the roundness of her butt. Dani shuttered as he pulled her up and into his now hardening cock.

A low growl escaped Ryan's throat when Dani rubbed against his straining arousal. She was trying to get more of him, even though it was impossible through the layers of clothing. Still, when she felt his hand on her hip join the other one on her buttocks to lift her up, she wrapped her legs around his hips thrusting harder against his full erection.

"Fuck, baby," Ryan moaned, kissing her face, her eyelids, then scorching her sweet full lips. The next instant, his tongue was deep in the wet confines of her mouth, sucking her tongue, lightly biting it and then soothing it as he caressed her oral cavity's deepest regions.

Dani was lost in a sea of moans and whorling desire. He pussy swelled dampening her panties, her entire body ached for Ryan's hands, his mouth, his....

She lost all thought as the situation spiralled out of control. Ryan reached down deep to find the brakes knowing that Dani wasn't ready for what he wanted so badly. He withdrew his tongue from her mouth and softly kissed her swollen lips while running his hands slowly up and down her spine. Finally, he brought both of them back to reality.

Dani sighed and rolled her head onto his shoulder, still clasping him with her arms and legs. Ryan chuckle and moved to the sofa, with her in his arms. She still straddled his body when he sat down, not wanting to break the contact.

Her face was turned into his neck, she was too embarrassed to look into his eyes. It made her face flush to think of what he must think of her behavior. She'd never, not ever, reacted that way to any guy. She knew deep down that what really bothered her was that she would not have been able to stop herself if Ryan had continued. She had wanted him inside her so desperately, she still did.

Ryan ran his hand through her hair; grabbing a handful, he gently pulled her head back so that he could see her face. Lowering her eyes, Dani brought her head up from his shoulder. She was trying to hide, but Ryan wasn't having any of that. He wanted them to start their relationship the way they meant to go.

Releasing her hair, he brought his hand down to rub her buttock, then kissed her forehead.

"Look at me, baby," he entreated. Dani's chocolate brown eyes met Ryan's emerald green eyes, shadowed with his own obvious arousal.

Once he had her attention he said, " I know this is going faster than either of us could imagine, but I think that we should talk about what we're feeling and what we want from each other."

Dani nodded and he continued.

"I want a monogamous relationship. To make it clear, it means that we do not date anyone else; you are my woman, I'm your man."

Seeing Dani's eyes widened, Ryan smiled and hugged her to his hard body for a moment. He then drew back and said to the unasked questions,

"Yeah, I'm already invested emotionally and I don't share. I'm not a jealous man, but I am possessive. My hands are the only ones that will be touching this hot little body," he said, leaning in to nip at her bottom lip.

"Only my lips, my hands, my cock," he whispered with a growl.

With the intimacy of the conversation and the proximity of his erection to her still tingling body, Dani damned the clothing that separated them. She wanted every inch of Ryan's manhood to take up residency in the place that she now considered it's home; deep within the confiens of her feminine counterpart. Looking into his beautiful eyes, she saw nothing but honesty there and felt she could be no less honest with him.

"Ryan, this is going way too fast for me, but I can't deny the attraction. I don't want to date anyone else either. Right now, I can't even remember the name of the last guy I went out with or what he looked like," she said, feeling a bit self-conscious.

"I don't know where this is going, but I do know that I'm drawn to you in a way that I've never been drawn to any other man. It's only been three days and I was ready to.. ...well, you know what I was ready to do."

Ryan smiled at the fact that she couldn't actually put it into words.

Dani was a lamb in a world of wolves. It's a good thing he'd come long, he thought. He was intent on protecting her, even from himself. He didn't want to rush things either, but he knew that eventually they would be lovers. He was a grown man who knew what he wanted and that was more than just sex. He could wait, because he was going to make damn sure that Dani understood that it wasn't just physical.

"Yes, I know what you wanted, baby," Ryan soothe. "It's what I want too, but I want a lot more."

"You don't understand, Ryan, I've...uh, I've never gone all the way with a guy. I know you're experienced and I don't want to... uh... disappoint you," she sighed, feeling foolish, like the only twenty four year old virgin in the world.

Surprised, Ryan said, "I knew that you were inexperience, I just didn't know you were that inexperienced. You didn't react to me, when we met, the way more experienced women have. For the record, that isn't a bad thing. As for disappointing me, you could never do that. I'm already practically salivating, wanting to get into your panties as it is."

He grinned and his dimple winked at her.

Dani smiled feeling more relaxed.

"Let's do this," he said. "We'll take it easy, go on dates, get to know more about each other. Although I know we need to slow it down, I don't plan on treating you like one of the untouchables. We're much too attracted to each other for that to even be possible, but we'll go at your pace. If I do something that doesn't feel right or if you're not ready to go there, tell me and I'll stop. It might give me a stroke, but I will stop, ok?"

Dani nodded her approval.

"Yes, I can do that. I just don't want you to think that I'm a tease. I've been called that before. Some guys seem to think even kissing means you're ready for something more," she revealed.

"I'm not that kind of man, baby. No means no," Ryan assured her.

Dani leaned forward and dropped a soft kiss onto Ryan's lips, and said shyly, "Thank you for understanding, Ryan."

"You're welcome, my little tease," he whispered before pulling her in for a long hot kiss, while Dani's brain temporarily short circuited.

When she recovered from the kiss, she grinned and hit him with a pillow. "I heard that!"


The outside concert was a huge success. Ryan ended up suggesting Dani invite Crystal and Isaac along. Crystal jumped at the chance as she was more than eager to meet him.

Crystal was a mixed of her father and mother, while Dani favored their mother. Her dark brown hair was cut short by design, she never liked spending much time fidgeting with long hair. She was two inches taller than her younger sister and about twenty pounds heavier. The additionally height suited her taller frame perfectly.

Isaac was what Crystal called a worked in progress. They'd been dating for a few months, but they still have some hurtles to get over before they could move to the next step in their relationship. Issac at six feet one inch tall, solidly built with medium brown eyes, close cropped black hair and warm dark brown skin was a good looking man. Crystal wasn't sure that he was the perfect man for her, but she knew that he had potential.

They all met up at Dani's apartment.

Crystal's first sight of Ryan was accompanied by a whispered "Damn!" She looked around to see if Isaac heard her, but he was shaking Ryan's hand and hadn't noticed her slip up.

Her next thought was, "He's white!"

It wasn't lost of Crystal that her brain registered how hot he was before his race. Thinking on it, she decided that she might have to change her attitude towards interracial relationships. She could definitely see why her baby sister would want some of that.

Crystal notice that throughout the day, Ryan was very attentive toward Dani and didn't seem to notice the furtive glances thrown his way by more than a few of the women. Frankly, some of them didn't even try to hide their interest. Dani also had her share of admires who didn't even receive a glance from her. She couldn't blame her sister, who wanted hamburger when they had steak.

Silently chiding herself, Crystal lamented all her efforts to push Dani into relationships that, she now knew, weren't right for her. It wasn't the guys fault nor was it Dani's. Even if her sister couldn't describe exactly what she wanted in a man, in her heart she had known. She should have had more faith in Dani. It seemed that she hit the jackpot with Ryan. * Over the next couple of months the bond between Dani and Ryan grew even tighter. They went out on double dates and to events with friends, all of whom accepted them as a couple. Eventually, they exchanged keys to each other's home. Ryan was the first to offer his. He wanted her to be as comfortable in his home as she was in her own. She thought it only fair to reciprocate, but knew she would not abuse the privilege nor the trust Ryan placed in her.

Now that the flood gates were opened, Dani became more comfortable exploring her sexuality with Ryan. Although they didn't have intercourse, Ryan did keep her satisfied in the most amazing ways. He touched, kiss and licked every inch of her body, while she pleasured him in ways that made her face flame with heat.

Dani started on birth control pills two weeks after having the relationship talk with Ryan, but she wasn't sure about having intercourse so soon without a condom. The fact was, she didn't want anything between her and Ryan when they had intercourse the first, second or one hundredth time. She knew it wouldn't be risky, he'd shared his written medical history and he always used condoms, even his first time.

Even though the thought intrigued her, Dani wasn't looking to get pregnant as yet. So, during her initial visit she asked her doctor how long she should wait after starting on birth control. She'd been shy about asking, knowing that she was ready for it to happen and she was sure that her eagerness was evident to the doctor.

James McClaren was her gynecologist of long standing, but that didn't keep her from feeling embarrassed about discussing sex with him. He was very understanding and made it as easy for her as possible. He suggested that she wait until the end of the second course of birth control pills before engaging in intercourse without a condom, but expressed the importance of safe sex.

Dani could wait. Barely.


By the end of their third month together, Dani was on good terms with a few of the women in Ryan's circle. Most of them were close to each other and went on regular girlfriend outings, just as the men had their guy time together for sports and poker.

Dani didn't know any of them extremely well, but she and Jessica spent more time together than the others. Jessica was Wheeler's girlfriend, she and Dani hit it off at first sight. They enjoyed having lunch together and they talked on the phone regularly. Jessica was only a year older and was independent, outgoing with a great sense of humor. All of Ryan's friends were characters, especially Wheeler.

Jessica at five feet four inches tall, with short brown hair, brown eyes and 34B breasts was not Wheeler's typical type, which was tall, blonde and busty. Very busty. But, when he took Ryan's advice and looked beyond the double D's he was accustom to, he found a woman who meant more to him than he would have imagined.

Ryan took every care to make sure that Dani was integrated into his life and that included introducing her to his friends. She appreciated his efforts and Jessica's in acquainting her with their circle of women friends. Deep down, she'd been afraid that some of his friends might object to her being black. While she didn't know what they said in private, they seemed open and engaging to her personally. Frankly, she couldn't see Ryan having any other type of friends. There were still more to meet, but she already felt like an integral part of Ryan's life.


Dani was preparing dinner when Ryan called to say he was just leaving the bar and would be at her place in about thirty minutes. He asked if she needed him to pick up anything from the store. She assured him that she had everything well in hand with the only thing missing was his sexy self.

Ryan chuckled, liking the fact that Dani had lost most of her shyness where he was concerned. She'd become flirtatious and sometimes aggressive in their loving making. Even though they still hadn't engaged in intercourse, there was no doubt in either of their minds that they were making love. He knew that it wouldn't be long before Dani would be all his.

A short while later, the meal was finished and the table was set. Dani took the opportunity to take a quick shower, put on a pair of white-wash demin jeans and a red short sleeved knit pullover shirt. She brushed her hair back into a ponytail and put on a thin layer of lip gloss. She was returning to the kitchen when she heard the key in the lock.

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