tagInterracial LoveRyan Ch. 04

Ryan Ch. 04


Dani burrowed out from under the covers with the realization that she was not in her home. She was momentarily confused until her head cleared and memory returned.

She was at Ryan's house, in Ryan's huge bed.

This wasn't the first time she'd slept over, but what happened last night threw her for a loop. After the second round of earth shattering love making, Ryan called for delivery from Pappas Greek Restaurant and they spent the hours afterward languishing in their new found intimacy.

Both of them were nearly insatiable, but Ryan was considerate of her recent virginal status. Dani could still feel the soreness, a souvenir of his thorough mastery of her feminine parts. Just thinking of Ryan produced an aching sting of desire. As she reached down sliding a finger into her swollen vagina, Ryan stepped out of the bathroom, naked.

When she caught sight of him, her finger stopped in mid- stroke, still deep within her humid core.

Walking over to the bed, Ryan pulled back the spread and sat down.

"Don't stop on my account," he said huskily.

Keeping her eyes on him as he watched, Dani resumed massaging her pussy, with one and then two fingers. Her breath became labored as Ryan green eyes darkened with desire. She shuddered with growing pleasure wanting him to taste her arousal. For long minutes, she observed him from under the cover of hooded eyes, exploring her sex for his pleasure as well as her own.

Ryan sat mesmerized as Dani masturbated, observing closely the slide of her fingers into the slippery well of her heated body. The thick scent of sex assailed his nostrils igniting his lust into overdrive. Quickly, he gave up being a spectator and quickly pulled her moist fingers out of her body, bringing them to his mouth. Achingly, he sucked them one at a time as he eyed her languid expression. Her mouth was slightly opened as she stared at him in a fog of desire.

Through a haze of lust, Ryan heard a deep groan escape Dani's throat as she bit her lower lip. In quick order, he knelt between her thighs, spreading them to accommodate his body. Leaning forward, he brushed his lips against hers while she drowned in the green fire of his deep emerald gaze.

Against her lips he whispered, "I love you, baby. I love the way you look....feel.... smell and taste. Each word was punctuated by a kiss. "I love your heart and all the little things that make you who you are. You are part of my soul and I can't live without you."

Sucking in her breath, Dani almost forgot to breathe. She knew even without the words that he loved her, but hearing them spoken with such conviction wrapped him more firmly around her heart. Without warning, she felt the prick of tears behind her eyes which flooded her face as she wrapped her arms around his neck. With her body, she gently urged Ryan onto his back, ending with her body on top of his.

Her face was buried in his neck as she sobbed, "I love you. I love you so much, Ryan."

Ryan, whose heart was in his throat at the unexpected tears, gave a sigh of relief when he realized that the tears were those of joy. As he held Dani and whispered more words of love, his fingers slowly caressed her back.

She was still crying softly when Ryan rolled her onto her back. Spreading her thighs, he teased the little bud at the apex of her sex with his thumb before bringing her to a shattering climax with his lips and tongue.

When Dani's panting subsided she turned the tables, easing Ryan on to his back again and taking his cock in her hands. Lying between his muscular thighs, she swept the underside of his rod with long strokes of her tongue, from the base to under the rim. When she reached the rim, she wiggled her tongue under it extracting a drawn out moan from him. He wrapped her hair around his hand, but allowed her to set the pace for the time being.

Dani breathed in deeply, becoming heady with the musky scent of her man. Without warning she engulfed the head of his cock, sucking and stroking the large slit with her tongue, tasting the essence of salty sweet pre-cum. As she continued to work the head, her hand slithered up and down the thick shaft. Eventually, her mouth dipped down to his balls, rolling them in the steamy cavern of her wet orifice, sucking and lashing them with her tongue until he was grunting in pleasure.

Sliding her tongue up the shaft and back to his cock head, Dani took it fully into her mouth again, sucking in a bobbing motion, taking in as much as she could, until the head hit the back of her throat. She hastily pulled back before her gag reflex engaged, once more sucking the bulbous crown.

Ryan's cock was too big to take down her throat, but that hardly mattered when she was working him like a pro, her lips firmly massaging his hard length. When his orgasm began, he tightened the hold on her head, arched his back and with a strangled groan shot his load.

"Oh, shit!"

"Fuck...yeah, yeah, baby..... Oh fuck, yeahhhhhh!" he cried out as shot after shot of his hot jizz flooded Dani's mouth.

Dani quickly pulled back so that the head of his cock was just inside her mouth, swallowing as fast as she could. As she ran her tongue around the mushroom top, she savored the flavor of his warm essence and continued to alternately suck and run her tongue around the circumference of the fat gland. She indulged her desire until Ryan expended the last spurts of semen and his body slowly lost it rigidity. It took a while longer for him to release her hair from his tight grip.

In the aftermath, he gently massaged her scalp as his breathing slowly returned to normal. Eventually, he pulled Dani up into his arms and kissed her forehead as she settled her head on his shoulder. Sated, they slipped gently into slumber once again.


As the days passed, the intensity of their love making increased. The places and the variations of their activities was only limited to their imagination. While not voyeurs, his home on ten acres added another dimension to their love making. The seclusion of the property provided the opportunity to fulfill their desire for each other in the beautiful gardens, pool and surrounding wooded area. They even took advantage of the gazebo where they spent hours basking in their passion for each other.

It wasn't long before Dani decided that she was officially addicted to love making. The things Ryan did to her body were still shocking, but she was eager for every thing that he taught her. He'd even spanked her as he once threatened. It was so hot that she was coming even before he thrust his cock into her pussy.

Her man definitely had some serious skills.


Soon enough the night of the dinner with Ryan's family arrived. Dani was more nervous than ever. This was an important night and she was well aware of how far a good first impression would go. Which brought her to her current dilemma, what to wear.

She was standing in her walk- in closet, regretting that she didn't buy something specifically for the dinner when she went shopping with the girls. She told herself at the time that she had more than enough things in her closet to chose from; some with the price tag still on them.

Dani showered over an hour ago, having done so early to give herself plenty of time to choose an outfit and dress before Ryan arrived. Also, if she had waited until he got there, he would have wanted to take a shower together and if she knew anything, it was that they would have been all over each other jeopardizing arriving to the dinner on time. This night was too important for her to risk that.

But plans often go awry, so here she was scanning her closet and looking for the world like she'd never seen most of the things in there. She didn't want to over dress, but she certainly didn't want to feel out of place by under dressing either.

She knew that it would have been wiser to choose an outfit earlier in the week, but she'd purposely avoided thinking about meeting Ryan's parents. Their opinion of her was more important than anyone's, save Ryan's. Now she was faced with the consequences of being a procrastinator, growing anxiety.

Grumbling, Dani stepped out of the closet and sat down on the bed. She was exhausted and her head was beginning to ache. Hoping to gain some clarity, she fell back on the bed with an exaggerated sigh and stared at the ceiling.

"This is just a dinner, why am I tripping?" she asked herself.

Her alter ego, ever ready with an answer replied, "Duh, because it's not just a dinner." This was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with; being accepted by his family was important to their relationship. She'd just have to stop being a ninny and find something to wear.

"They are just regular people," she thought without much conviction.

Dani was about to get back to the task when Ryan walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. The silky dark blond hair on his broad chest glistened with moisture as she eyed his masculine beauty. She thought that if Michelangelo could have seen Ryan first, he would have forgotten about sculpting David.

"Why aren't you getting dressed? Don't you feel well, baby," he asked, the frown on his face mimicking the concern in his voice.

Sitting up, Dani took Ryan's hand and pulled him down beside her. Resting her head on his shoulder, she sighed, "I'm ok Ryan, just nervous about meeting your family. I think I've become brain dead trying to decide what to wear.

Rubbing her back, Ryan asked with a grin, "Is that all it is?'

"Is that all it is?!" Dani squawked bringing her head up from his shoulder, her voice filled with fringed indignation.

"Men; that's just so typical," she groused.

Ryan chuckled at Dani's outburst knowing she was only kidding.

"Ok, love of mine, let me get in there," he said taking charge. "I'll see what I can find. It shouldn't be that hard; you have great taste and always look sexy, even in your sweat suit."

Glancing at him Dani grunted and retorted,

"Huh! Sexy is not the first impression I want to make on your parents. I don't want them to think that I'm some femme fatale trying to sink my hooks into their baby boy. Maybe something conservative," she suggested.

Ryan shook his head at her serious expression.

"Honey, there isn't a chance that you're going to look conservative unless you wore a burlap sack and I'm not convinced that would work. Your nervousness is making this harder than it needs to be."

After reluctantly untangling himself from her arms, Ryan got up and said, "Sit right there and I'll find something that's revealing and hot that accentuates your tight ass."

He got up and headed to the closet, chuckling when she threw a shoe at him. It hadn't missed by much.

After ten minutes of rooting around in the closet, Ryan came out with a red sleeveless knit dress. It had a slightly scooped neckline and the waist was accented by a wide band of the same material, but in black. Dani purchased the dress a couple of months ago and promptly forgot about it. She tried it on in the store, so she knew it was form fitting, but not tight. The hem ended a couple of inches above her knees.

He also had a pair of 3 inch black peep-toe pumps and a black clutch.

Dani stared at him with her mouth opened in shocked.

Quickly closing her mouth she stood up; standing on tip toes she gave him a big fat kiss. He wrapped his arms around her and picked her up as he deepened the kiss.

The dress was perfect.

"Thank you, Ryan. I'm sorry about the shoe."

"You're welcome, babe. Don't worry about the shoe, I love a spirited woman," he responded with a smile before kissing her again.

Feeling his desire rise, Ryan swatted Dani on her perfect ass and said, "No more of that or we'll be here all night. You wouldn't want to explain to the folks that we missed dinner because we were getting our freak on, would you?" he cracked as he released her.


Ryan's parents lived in a sprawling Mediterranean Style home that sat on fifteen acres of beautiful real estate that included a small lake, tennis court, outdoor kitchen, Olympic size pool and a huge outside living and dining area, all surrounded by a lush landscape. Although the home was large, its earth tone colors and tropical gardens evoked a sense of warmth and intimacy.

Following the winding driveway to the rear of the house, Ryan parked his metallic gray Jag alongside a candy apple red Infinity. Smiling and nodding towards the car, he said casually, "That's Caleb's baby."

Ryan helped Dani from the car and they walked from the car park through the beautiful outside living space. As they approached the house Ryan notice Haley, Matt and Micah sitting outside talking. Haley, the first to see Ryan, called his name and tried to get up, but being eight months pregnant, it wasn't that easy any more. Matt helped her up as Ryan and Dani drew near.

Haley was tall, statuesque even, although during her early teens she was what could be called gangly. But, with age, she'd lost that tom boyish figure and morphed into a curvy woman with full breasts and rounded hips. Her hair was deep chestnut with a glossy sheen, her eyes a soft doe brown. She wore a dark blue sheath dress which flattered her frame and on her feet were sensible dark blue flats.

When they were within a few feet of the trio, Haley stepped forward and threw her arms around Ryan's neck and hugged him, getting in as close as she could with her rounded belly. Looking over his shoulder at Dani, who was slightly behind Ryan, Haley smiled and winked at her.

"One down," Dani thought, relieved.

Releasing Ryan, Haley caught Dani's hand and pulled her in for a big hug as Ryan was greeted by his brothers and Matt with slaps on the back and sly grins.

"I'm so pleased to meet you," Haley whispered as Dani hugged her back.

Ryan introduced Dani to his brother and brother-in-law who teased her about her questionable taste in men. He laughed good naturedly as they ribbed him by listing, what they told Dani, were just a few of his many faults. Joining in the fun, Dani came to Ryan's defense saying that he must be a reformed man because she'd seen none of the alleged faults.

Micah scoffed at that retorting, "Damn Ryan, you've totally pulled the wool over her eyes."

They all laughed uproariously, including Dani.

After they regained their composure, Ryan took Dani's hand and suggested they go in so that he could introduce her to the rest of the family. Dani followed him with the others in tow.

The back entrance of the house led into a huge Butler's pantry and that into a kitchen that was a professional cook's dream. The kitchen, living and dining rooms were open concept making what truly could be called a great room. Most of the family congregated in the living room, while Ryan's mother, Micah's girlfriend Amanda and their grandmother, who came up from Ft. Myers, were in the kitchen.

Helen turned as Ryan and Dani crossed the threshold into the kitchen. Immediately, her face was engulfed in a smile that encompassed not only her son, but the woman she knew was making him very happy.

Her emerald green eyes sparkled as she exclaimed, "Ryan!" and pulled him into her arms for a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Turning toward Dani, she hugged her and said, "Welcome to our home, Dani. It's about time Ryan brought you around. I've heard so many good things about you, but I was beginning to think you were a figment of his imagination." Smiling, Dani said, "Thanks for inviting me. I just know that it couldn't have all been good. Just this morning Ryan was complaining about...."

She never got to finish as Ryan playful cupped his hand over her mouth from behind and said in a stage whisper, "Mom, doesn't need to know about that, babe."

Everyone laughed and Dani blushed profusely because she knew that Ryan gave them the impression that she was going to reveal some intimate detail. She was only going to mention that he complained about the scorched scrambled eggs. But that was entirely his fault, he'd been all over her, not that she was going to tell them that part.

Everyone eyed her with that knowing look and Dani knew Ryan wasn't going to correct their impression. She was fast learning what it was like being among the Sinclairs. They were a loving family who was comfortable with kidding each other even when it involved sexual innuendo.

"Don't worry about it, dear," Helen said in a soothing voice, "we all know what Ryan's like."

Dani didn't know what to make of that statement, but it did noting to cool the warmth in her cheeks.

Before they moved on into the living room, Dani was introduced to Ryan's grandmother and Amanda who graciously welcomed her with a hug and said they were pleased to meet her.

The living room was a big space with a huge sectional sofa at its center. Other seating included a couple of over stuffed upholstered chairs and a large ottoman. Over a section of the Brazilian cherry hardwood floor, was a sumptuous Persian rug which, Dani found out later, was purchased by Daniel years ago on a business trip to the Middle East. The room also had several occasional tables and lamps.

On the central wall was a large gas fireplace with a granite slab facade and hearth. Although winters were relatively mild in Florida, there were several times during each season when a warm fire was appreciated.

There was no television in this room. The space was furnished for comfort and social interaction of the conversational type. With the generous size of the room, the family could easily host a considerable crowd, which they did on several occasions throughout the year.

Dani was introduced to Ryan's grandfather, who smiled and kissed the back of her hand. There was a warmth and sincerity in his eyes when he told Ryan what a lucky man he was.

Then she was introduced to his father, Daniel, who pressed her small hand into the warmth of both of his and welcomed her to his home with a kiss on her cheek. Lastly, she was introduced to Caleb and his girlfriend Amber, a petite Asian woman with large dark eyes.

Helen informed them that it would be a few minutes before dinner was ready and encouraged everyone to sit and talk. Of course, they all wanted to know about Dani, especially about her relationship with Ryan. But not wanting to embarrass her, they kept the personal questions to a minimum and the conversation casual.

Ryan was sitting at the corner end of the sectional, having a heated sports discussion with Caleb seated in an arm chair, while Dani sat next to him discussing the Ybor City Art Exhibition, which was taking place the following month, with Amanda who sat next to her on the sofa.

Dani, who was more relaxed now that she realized that she wasn't going to be put on the spot, was unaware that her hand on Ryan's thigh would occasionally caress him. That little show of intimacy wasn't lost on Helen who nudged her husband to get his attention, and then nodded toward Ryan and Dani.

Seeing the display, Daniel smiled, too.


The dinner was a wonderful affair set out in buffet style so that everyone could serve themselves.

After dinner, they sat around and continued their conversations, laughingly recalling childhood escapades and pranks. Dani was beyond enjoying herself. She felt like she'd known everyone for years instead of only a few hours.

Later, Caleb talked to his Dad, Micah and Ryan about plans to revamp the outdoor living space at his home. Apparently the renovation bug was going around. Ryan was an avid participant in the conversation having enjoyed designing his own outdoor area. However, when he heard Dani's laugh, his eyes were drawn to where she now stood across the room with his mother, sister and Amber.

Her back was to him, which afforded him the opportunity to admire her ample assets. Her rounded ass was being hugged and caressed by that damn sexy red dress. Her legs were firm and long for her height. He started to flush as he remembered how strong those legs where when wrapped around his hips.

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