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Ryan's Naked Adventure


Ryan turned up the heat in townhouse. On bare feet, he went into the kitchen and pressed his hard cock against the cool front of the counter. He needed an orgasm. He considered jerking off before dismissing the simple pleasure. If today went like yesterday, holding back was a good idea. He wished he wasn't hard. How would look for them to find him hard first thing in the morning? He sucked in a deep, calming breath. It did nothing to relieve his aching need.

Kathy and Elise were laughing as they opened the door to their room and came downstairs. Ryan stayed behind the counter. No reason to give them a show the moment they reached the kitchen. "Good morning, pervert," Kathy said as she walked into the kitchen. She wore a skin tight, crop top t-shirt that hugged her tiny breasts. Her nipples looked hard, though it could be from the chill in the room. She wore boy-short underwear that allowed the bottom curve of her asscheeks to hang out. Ryan held back a needful groan. If he hadn't been hard, Kathy's slim, trim body would have given him a reason to get that way.

"Good to see you can follow instructions," Elise said, waiting her turn at the coffeemaker. "Are you trying to hide something from us?" She smiled as she looked between the counter and where Ryan stood. "Problem?" she asked.

"Just a morning hard-on," Ryan said, trying to dismiss his condition.

"Ooo, I want to see!" Kathy insisted. She moved away from the coffeemaker and stood across from Ryan. "Come on, turn around. We're going to see it sooner or later." Ryan turned. His prick throbbed as Kathy stared at it. "I don't know, I think it's harder than just a morning hard-on. My boyfriend used to get morning wood and his was never that hard."

"Yeah, I think that's a full hard-on," Elise agreed, leaning against the counter opposite from Ryan and enjoying the show. She wore a silky, satin sleep outfit and it didn't look to Ryan that she wore anything else. The top bottom was undone and he could see the curves of her large breasts. When she had been turned around, pouring coffee, he had noticed how the silky, satin material hugged her skinny butt. He hadn't noticed the telltale crease from a pair of panties. She smiled at him. Even with sleep in her eyes and her brown hair a tangled mess, she was gorgeous to him.

"Morning ladies," Brenda said from the doorway to the kitchen and the quartet was complete. Brenda wore sleep pants and a t-shirt. Ryan noticed her nipples looked hard, too. She eyed Ryan standing with his hard-on on display and smiled. "I thought I needed coffee, but this is good, too," she said. She shivered, wiggled and hugged her chest with her arms. Was it his imagination or did her nipples look harder after her little dance? Ryan wasn't sure but his prick enjoyed the show. His cock throbbed its appreciation. The involuntary move wasn't lost on the girls. They laughed. "Problem?" Brenda asked, echoing Elise's question.

"Yeah, I'm naked with three beautiful women," he said, hoping a little sweet talk might help.

"And whose fault is that?" Kathy asked.

"Yeah, as I remember it, you asked for this," Elise said, piling on.

"I know," he said. "I'm just saying."

"Do something about it," Kathy suggested with a sly smile on her pretty face.

"Cream in your coffee?" Brenda joked and the three girls broke up laughing at her raunchy suggestion.

"I'm good," Ryan said, though he knew he was anything but good. He was naked, hard and in need. Kathy and Elise were right. He had offered to be this way. It had started last night in the hot tub when it became clear the snow was going to keep them holed up in the townhouse. Ryan had suggested the correct way to use a hot tub was naked. He couldn't remember which one of his co-workers had suggested he get naked first because the three of them grabbed hold of the idea as soon as it was spoken. He had been told "Go ahead" and "Get naked if you want."

Beneath the warm, bubbling waters of the hot tub, Ryan was convinced he lived a charmed life. First, he had been picked to attend the out-of-town seminar. When he had started his drive, he knew he would be sharing a townhouse with three other people. He never expected the arrangements to be him and three women. When he arrived to the empty townhouse, he claimed the master bedroom for himself. Then the three pretty women had arrived. Elise and Kathy knew each other and didn't mind sharing the bedroom with two queen sized beds. That left Brenda with the smallest bedroom. She had wanted to flip for the master bedroom and Ryan had refused. "First come, first served," he had told her.

The hot tub was on the deck, inside of an enclosure. Half drunk, the four of them changed into bathing suits and moved the impromptu party to the hot tub. Sitting in the hot tub with three pretty women convinced Ryan his life was charmed. Brenda dared him to get naked. "You don't think I will?" he asked her. The other two women looked hopeful that he would. He pulled off his swimsuit bottoms and tossed them over the side. If he was lucky, the women would follow his lead.

"I think you should stay naked," Elise suggested. She reached over the edge of the tub, snagged his bottoms and tossed them over the railing of the deck.

"Hey!" Ryan protested.

"Oops," Elise said with drunken giggle. He couldn't tell if the big boobed brunette had done it purposely or not.

"Come on, Ryan, give us a show!" Kathy cheered.

"I think you should stay that way," Brenda suggested.

"What's in it for me?" he asked, naked and still hopeful.

"Probably nothing," Brenda said. "But we'll appreciate the eye candy."

"Who knows? If you stay naked and accessible, maybe one of us will want to take you for a ride," Elise suggested. Her large breasts were floating at the top of the waterline and had been teasing him since they slipped into the water.

"Stay naked for how long?" he had asked.

"I think you should stay naked anytime we're in the townhouse," Brenda suggested. "It's good payback for you snagging the master bedroom."

"You'd freak if I were to do that," he said, staring down the Brenda. It frustrated him that he had gotten on her bad side with his choice of bedrooms. He liked her short hair, narrow nose, and thin lips. Brenda had a nonsense look about her that suggested to him she was a dynamo in the bedroom. "All of you would."

"We'd freak or love it," Kathy said. She had tugged at her straight blonde hair and re-curled it into a new bun behind her head. Ryan wasn't sure why that simple gesture had appealed to him so much, but it had.

"Do it," Elise said.

"But you have to do it twenty-four, seven," Brenda insisted.

"I'm not going to work naked," he protested.

"I know," Brenda allowed. "I mean the entire time you're in the townhouse. You sleep naked, don't you?"

"I do now," he said. He usually did, but they didn't need to know that.

"He's not going to do it," Kathy told the other two women as if he wasn't there.

"I will too!" he insisted.

"Prove it. Stand up and let's see you," Elise said.

"No. Thanks to someone, you'll see it soon enough," he told her.

"I said I was sorry," she said, but the smirk on her face suggested otherwise.

"Anyone want to get naked with me?" he asked.

"Not especially," Brenda said and the other two women followed her lead. "I could use another drink. Care to get one for me?"

"Get your own."

"Chicken," she said.

"Fuck you," Ryan said and he showed them his "full Monty" for the first time. The women hooted and cheered for him. He ran into the townhouse, snagged four more beers and delivered them. Before jumping back into the hot tub, he jumped the railing and snagged his swim bottoms from the snow before they were lost until spring. He laughed with the women as he slipped back inside the warm water.

"I wonder if the seminar is going to be closed tomorrow?" Kathy wondered and they each offered their opinion about the amount of snow to expect before the conversation wander into other directions. Ryan sat naked in the hot tub. At times, he couldn't keep his mind off of being naked. Other times, he would forget until he moved and felt the extra freedom. He struggled to keep himself flaccid. As much as he hoped for something more, he didn't think a hard-on would make it happen.

When they climbed out of the hot tub, Ryan dunked his wet swimsuit bottoms in the water to warm them up before he put them back on. He sat on the edge of the hot tub, giving the women a show as he poked his left foot inside the wet fabric. "I thought you were going stay nakie," Kathy said.

"Yeah!" Elise cried out, making a play for snatching his trunks away from him.

"Twenty-four/seven when you're in the townhouse, remember?" Brenda reminded him.

Ryan thought it was a joke, but gave in. If they wanted to see him naked for the rest of the night, who cared? They had already seen his junk. Maybe something more would still happen? He dried off and sat in the living room on his towel as the four of them chatted and drank another beer. The girls stole regular glances between his legs and he didn't try to cover himself.

"I want to see him get hard," Elise giggled after staring for an exceptionally long time between his legs.

"Yeah, that would be hot!" Kathy added.

"What happens if I do?" he asked. He automatically looked at Brenda. She seemed to be the one who had sealed the deal for the other two.

"Who knows? Maybe one of us will help you out with it," she suggested. "Or maybe we'll just enjoy the show."

"If I get hard, someone better do something about it," Ryan insisted.

"Your hands reach," Brenda said and Ryan felt a sinking feeling as he began to wonder if this was a good idea.

"Have you ever seen a guy do that?" Kathy asked the other girls.

"I have," Brenda said. "It's hot." She eyed between Ryan's legs as she said it. He wasn't sure if she was saying it to tease him into getting hard or because it was true. Regardless of her motivation, Elise made matters worse.

"I used to watch my boyfriends do it all the time," Elise offered. The other two girls doubted her. "I'm serious! Back before I would do anything with them, I'd watch them. I didn't care. It was fun."

"Wait, you used to watch guys jerk off instead of doing anything them?" Kathy asked her.

Elise giggled and nodded. "You know how it is. You're parking and kissing and he keeps trying to do stuff to you." The other girls nodded and rolled their eyes. "And you don't want things to go too far." More nods. "So I'd tell him, 'If you need to do something, I'll watch you do it.'"

"And they would do it?" Kathy asked.

"Either that or go home with purple balls."

"Blue balls," Ryan corrected. "Guys get blue balls if they go too long without an orgasm."

"They don't really turn blue, do they?" Elise asked.

"They just ache until you do something about it," he explained. "It sort of hurts. Half in a good way, half in a bad way." That's when the conversation began to get to him. He hadn't noticed the change between his legs, but he did notice the way the women were looking there more often. He glanced down and saw his prick had gotten thicker and longer. If something didn't change, he was going to get hard whether he wanted to or not.

"Well crap, I feel left out," Kathy pouted. She looked at Ryan. "Do it for me, okay?" Everyone laughed except Kathy. "I'm serious. Please?"

"Take off your top and I will," he tried. She looked willing to do it until she glanced at the other women. Brenda shook her head.

"I never took off my top when they would do it for me," Elise said.

"Just do it," Kathy said. "You know we all want to see you do it"

"Get me hard and I will," he said, convinced he could keep himself under control.

"If he does it, I'm so going to do it myself before I go to bed," Kathy announced.

"Ew, not with me in the room!" Elise protested.

"Then you might want to wait before you come upstairs," the skinny girl with straight blonde hair warned her darker haired roommate. Elise still qualified as a blonde, though her medium length hair was darker and filled with both highlights and lowlights.

"Have you ever done it with a roommate in the room?" Brenda asked the other girls. "Like in college or something." They both gave her a look. "What? I have. In college. When my roommate was sleeping."

"How do you know she was sleeping?" Elise asked, giggling.

"Yeah, maybe she was watching, listening and doing it herself," Kathy piled on.

"I just know," Brenda insisted and her face turned a bit red.

"How can you be sure?" Elise insisted.

"Because one time she caught me doing it and called me on it," Brenda said.

"Ooo, I think he likes this story," Elise said, giving a nod at Ryan. Against his best efforts at remaining calm, his prick had other plans. The idea of the women playing with themselves had begun his slow rise to full hard-on status. Hearing Brenda say she was caught doing it by her roommate sealed the deal. He was unable to fend off the effects of having three pretty women in bikinis staring with interest at his manhood.

Ryan was as proud of his manhood as he was his physique. He worked out enough to keep his body lean without looking like a gym rat. He tanned regularly. As for his manhood? He was a full seven inches when measured on top, which meant not including half his ball sac like most other guys. His prick was thick, full and nearly reached his navel when it got hard. Hiding it from their view wasn't practical.

"You're going to do it, right?" Kathy asked.

"Are you going to take off your top?" he asked.

"That wasn't the deal," Brenda charged. Figured it would be her.

"You know, we could trade bedrooms if it matters than much to you," he offered.

"No, this is much better," she said. She gave him a smile that looked genuinely pleased before her eyes went back to his prick. "Do it. Let Kathy see."

"This is so unfair," he said as he gave his hard cock a single stroke. "I'm completely naked and hard. Can't one of you do something to help?"

"Kathy already said she would do something," Elise pointed out.

"Yeah, in her room, after I'm done."

"Maybe not," Kathy said, though he didn't believe her. "Come on, you know you want to do it."

She was right. He did. The idea of being watched by these three woman as he pleasured himself added fuel to the fire that stoked the thrill.

"Chicken," Brenda said, repeating the word she had used in the hot tub. Ryan was still giving the length of his hard prick gentle caresses and he resented her call.

"How so? I'm touching myself, aren't I?"

"You're not serious about it," she said and she was right.

Ryan was willing to do it. He wasn't going to back away from the idea, but he didn't want to look overly anxious, either. He stroked his cock with more focus. "Is this better?"

"Yes," Elise said. She bit her bottom lip and stared intently. "It's hot."

"Maybe Kathy will need to give you some privacy in the bedroom," Ryan teased.

"Maybe," Elise said. Her cheeks turned a bit pink and she released a nervous giggle.

"I wasn't kidding," Kathy said, her eyes fastened on what Ryan was doing.

"Me either," Elise replied, her voice soft, quiet and sincere.

Matt got more serious about what he was doing. He added his left hand, tugging on his balls in the way that felt best. It was his body and he knew how to please it. He worked himself over, alternating different strokes. One set of strokes made him feel better and the other set of strokes were ones he hoped looked sexier to them. As he got closer to his orgasm, he pulled on his hard in earnest. He was close, so very close. Did the girls realize that? Could they tell he was nearing his orgasm? Did it matter? He saw hard nipples and hungry, intent stares. That was enough for him. He came, spraying his orgasm across his chest and stomach.

"Rub it in," Kathy purred. Without a better plan, he did. "Fuck," she mumbled. She looked at Elise. "You better give me ten minutes alone before you come upstairs."

"Come upstairs?" Brenda asked and laughed. Kathy flipped her off and moved to the stairs while Brenda, Ryan and Elise laughed. "Feel better?" Brenda asked Ryan.

"Yeah. You?"

"I'm good."

"Feel the need to do anything?"

"Yes, the need not to be vocal about what's going to happen in the privacy of my small bedroom."

"Hey, I was just thinking, he's supposed to stay naked, isn't he?" Elise asked.

"That's what he said he'd do," Brenda said. She stood up, stretched and Ryan enjoyed the view of her tight, taunt body. "Can I trust the two of you alone?"

"Not two of us, just one," Ryan said. "I need a shower." He followed Brenda upstairs. "Have fun," he told her as she walked towards her room.

"Ignore any buzzing sounds you might hear," she said over her shoulder and walked into her room.

When Ryan woke in the morning, his prick was hard. He managed taking care of his morning business before realizing he had a choice to make. Should he stay naked or not? Throwing caution to the wind, he did. Standing against the counter with three scantily dressed women looking at him and his hard-on, he was glad he had. They were still laughing about at the "cream in your coffee" joke when Kathy asked, "Wait, if he's hard, isn't he supposed to jerk-off?"

"I think it's more fun to see him hard," Elise said. "At least for now."

"Oh, I know!" Kathy squealed. "He's only allowed to play with himself if we let him."

"Don't I get a say in this?" Ryan asked.

"No," the three women answered in unison before bursting out laughing again.

"Maybe I won't stay hard," he suggested.

"Bet you will," Brenda said. "And if you don't, I bet we'll give you a reason to get that way again." The other two girls weren't looking. They missed when she pulled up her t-shirt and flashed him. They didn't miss the way his prick jumped and they giggled. "Told you," Brenda smirked. She carried her coffee cup to the window and looked at the deep layer of snow that blanketed the outdoors. More snow was falling. "I bet we've got at least eight inches."

"Yeah, every bit of eight inches," Elise said. She was looking at Ryan's hard-on as she said it. He didn't correct her measurement.

Kathy pulled out her laptop and read the weather advisory to them. It included treacherous driving conditions, blowing and drifting snows and a stern warning to stay off the roads. "Looks like we're going to miss day one of the seminar."

"Now who's the idiot for buying food yesterday?" Elise asked the group. After they had met in the townhouse, they made a beer and booze run in the snow. Elise had the foresight to recommend they stock up in case they were snowed in. Ryan had traded one liter bottles of liquor for bigger bottles. Kathy added extra bags of junk food to the cart and doubled up on the beer. Brenda had added eggs, milk, orange juice, instant oatmeal and cereal. Elise had added real food.

Brenda tried the big screen TV in the living room and every channel gave the same message, searching for satellite signal. "Did anyone happen to notice where the satellite dish was positioned?" she asked. No one had.

"Bet we can run Netflix off my laptop," Elise suggested. She fetched her laptop, set it up and ran the cable from the satellite box through it. Moments later, the Netflix logo showed up on the screen. To Ryan's horror, she moved straight to the romantic comedy row and the girls started voting about which chick flick to watch first. Minutes later, the three women plus Ryan were sitting around the TV with breakfast, coffee and the opening lines of chick flick three out of four of them had seen before. Ryan was the odd one out.

"Buzz kill," he complained as he sat in the easy chair. He knew his hard-on wouldn't persist through an entire chick flick. He was right, it didn't and he seemed to be the only one who noticed. Midway through the movie, he went after his tablet.

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