tagNovels and NovellasRyan's Summer Pt. 01

Ryan's Summer Pt. 01


Chapter 1

As Ryan Crawford drove slowly down the tree-lined street, he turned his head from side to side looking for the first address on his list. Although the sun was shinning brightly, the street was dark due to the rich late spring foliage of the huge old oak trees. The addresses were embossed on brass plates attached to the imposing stone pillars holding the iron gates. The brick walls around the massive estates protected the houses like fortresses and made it evident that the people living there wanted to choose who got in and who didn't. Ryan wasn't familiar with this area of town and from the size of the houses he figured he never would be. This was definitely where "the other half lived"; the so-called idle rich. He knew that the estates must have cost millions of dollars, not including the expense of servants, limousine drivers, and people like him, who took care of their swimming pools.

Just a few weeks ago Ryan wouldn't have dared to even drive down this street. But now he had a summer job cleaning pools and most of his customers lived in this section of town. He had been surprised that he was offered a job with AquaSpa Pools, a large pool servicing company that catered to the rich and famous. The job was part of a program to keep underprivileged kids off the streets during the summer months. The company hired ten or so young men to maintain pools and in some cases to do "odd" jobs around the massive estates. He wasn't sure how they had gotten his name since he hadn't applied for the job. It probably had something to do with his friend Benny who had worked there during the summers for the past several years.

Ryan wasn't complaining. He needed the money desperately because he was trying to save money for books and such in case he got a scholarship for college. But it embarrassed him to have to take "charity". Still he swallowed his pride and took the job. The best thing about the job was that it required that he only work four hours a day, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. That gave him a four-day weekend, which would allow plenty of time to practice for the high school gymnastics team.

While Ryan wasn't exactly a natural athlete, he had worked hard to build up his body. He practiced several hours every day and thought he had a good chance to make the team. He had put on 15 pounds of muscles in the past six months, adding to his six-foot tall and already lean physique. Still, the competition was fierce and he knew that he would have to stay in shape during the summer.

Most people would have thought that Ryan was very popular teen. Unfortunately that was not the case. While his blond hair, blue-eyed good looks made both young and older women turn their heads, he was a very shy boy and rarely returned their attention. And, although Ryan had just turned eighteen, he looked and acted younger. Ryan had been born six weeks premature and that created some developmental problems for him. Nothing that was serious but his mother believed it was the reason for his extreme shyness and his tendency to lack self-confidence.

The old car sputtered and a loud bang exploded from the tailpipe.

Ryan could feel his face flush with embarrassment and could almost feel the neighbors turning up their noses, wondering who the vagrant driving the dilapidated car was.

The 1984 Olds looked pretty good twenty years ago, but it had definitely seen better days. One front fender was dented in, the automatic windows didn't work anymore and both rear quarter panels were rusted through. White smoke billowed from the tail pipe as a result of an engine with two burnt valves. The driver's side window was permanently stuck in a position halfway open. Now, the wreck of a car sat low in the back, due to weak suspension and the fact that the back seat and trunk were loaded down with chlorine, algaecide, ph riser and everything else he needed to take care of swimming pools.

Two weeks ago Ryan wouldn't have known what the chemicals were for. He certainly never had a swimming pool at his house and he wasn't very good in chemistry. However, that didn't seem to matter to AquaSpa. They gave him a two-day crash course on pool maintenance and sent him on his way.

"Ah, here it is, 3316 Oak Tree Lane, Lloyd and Mary Wellsworth," Ryan said to himself when he saw the numbers on the large gate and matched them to his list. He had heard of the Wellsworths. They owned a chain of department stores and were part of "high society".

As Ryan stretched his arm through the opening in the driver's door window and pressed the buzzer on the wall he wondered why they didn't have a live in pool person. Then his thoughts were interrupted when he heard a curt reply through the speaker.


"Uh... I'm Ryan from AquaSpa Pools."

Without another word, a buzzer sounded and the large iron gates slowly opened.

The car sputtered and belched more smoke as Ryan drove up the winding driveway.

"Wow," he gasped out loud as he saw the large house. It sat on top of a hill with large oak trees and several smaller buildings surrounding it. There were marble steps and stone pillars leading to two massive wooden doors. As he started to get out Ryan saw an old man dressed in what looked like a tuxedo come out and hurry down the steps toward him.

"Please drive around to the servant's entrance," the old guy said, pointing a driveway at the end of the house, as he bent over and peered through the passenger side window. There was obvious disdain on his face and in his heavily accented British voice.

Ryan could see him look at his car and then almost turn his nose into the air. Excuse me! Ryan thought as he hit the gas and made the car backfire loudly. He drove around the side of the mansion where there were several parked maintenance trucks. "It must be hired help day," Ryan said to himself. He parked, got out and opened the back door to pull out a large container of chlorine and a bucket of algaecide. He saw the butler waiting for him a safe distance from the car, almost as if it had some contagious disease.

"Where's the pool?"

"This way," the butler said and turned and walked down a hedge-lined sidewalk.

"This is some swanky place," Ryan said to the man strutting stiffly down the walk in front of him.

The butler didn't answer. When he reached the corner of the house he stopped and turned to Ryan. Then he silently raised his arm like a statue and pointed toward a set of steps that led up to the back of the house.

"Is the pool equipment up there?" Ryan asked.

"You will find everything you need behind the main caba¤a. Help is not allowed in the main house without an escort. Please ring the buzzer on the wall if you need anything." With that the old guy turned and headed for the servants entrance.

"Everything you need is behind the main cabana," Ryan whispered in a vain attempt to mock the butler's British accent. Ryan climbed the stairs, carrying the two heavy buckets of chemicals. At the top he stopped, put the buckets down and looked around. In front of him was the largest swimming pool he had ever seen. It had a two-tiered diving board, a large hot tub and roped off lanes for swimming laps. Surrounding it were several small covered cabanas and one large one. There were various cushioned lounge chairs, tables with umbrellas, and even palm trees. It occurred to Ryan that since palm trees were not indigenous to this area, they had to import them. He wondered how they kept them alive during the winter but then figured they probably just replaced them every year.

This is going to take me forever just to vacuum Ryan thought as he stood with his hands on his hips and scanned the massive pool. He looked at the surrounding gardens and could see several workers cutting the hedges that stretched out behind the massive house. As he turned back to the house he glanced up at an upstairs balcony and was startled to see a woman standing there. He couldn't get a good look at her but she appeared to be rather young. Probably the stuck-up daughter of 'Lord Wellsworth', he thought. A second later she was gone. "Oh well, times wasting," he said and went to find the vacuum hose.

An hour later Ryan was drenched in sweat and he was only half finished vacuuming the pool. He wiped his brow with his forearm and looked around to see if there was anywhere to get a drink of water. His tank top was sticking to his chest and back. He thought about just jumping into the pool to cool off but knew that it would probably cost him his job. Still it seemed very tempting.

"I thought you might want something to drink," came a voice from behind him.

Ryan was startled and turned around quickly. He saw a beautiful woman walking toward him with a glass in her hand. She appeared to be in her mid-thirties and was stunning. He could see her strong, tanned legs slipping in and out of her robe as she strode toward him. Her silky blond hair hung past her shoulders and she had beautiful blue eyes that seemed to match the blue in the sky above her. It was she that he had seen on the balcony.

Ryan stood with his mouth open.

"Well," she said as her face broke into a warm smile.

"Oh, I'm.... I'm sorry," Ryan said, flustered. "Thanks." He took the cold glass of iced tea from her outstretched hand.

"I'm Mary Wellsworth," the pretty woman said and held out her hand again.

Ryan spilled some of the tea as he rushed to switch it to his other hand in order to shake hers.

When he didn't say anything, the woman said, "And you are?"

Ryan recovered from his shock and said, "I'm sorry... I'm Ryan Crawford from AquaSpa Pools."

"Very nice to meet you Ryan Crawford," the woman said. She stared at him with a slight smile on her lips and then glanced down at their joined hands.

"I'm sorry," Ryan said for the third time as he realized that he was still holding her hand. He pulled away quickly and felt his face flush with embarrassment. "I thought the Wellsworth's were old codg..." Ryan started to say and then stopped.

The woman laughed. "Well Mr. Wellsworth is quite a bit older than I am. I'm the second Mrs. Wellsworth. The original Mrs. Wellsworth died about twelve years ago."

"Oh, I'm... I'm sorry." Ryan could have pulled his hair out. He couldn't believe what a fool he was making of himself. He had never been good around girls and especially not a beautiful woman like this. He took a quick drink of the cold iced tea to cover his embarrassment.

There was a knowing smile on the woman's face. "Well, don't let me get in your way." She turned and walked toward a cabana. As she did she looked over her shoulder and said, "I see you have on swimming trunks. If you get too hot, feel free to take a dip."

"Thanks... uh... it's what we wear to clean pools... you know... in case we fall in." God, can I get anymore lame, he thought.

Ryan watched her disappear into the cabana and then he went back to cleaning the pool. Within minutes, the sweat began to pour from him again. He looked up at the bright sun and wiped his brow. What the hell, he thought. With that he dove forward, his body slicing into the cool and refreshing water. With strong strokes he swam under water toward the side of the pool. The water felt great on his overheated body. At the pool wall he reached for the side of the pool, pulled himself up, wiped his eyes and pushed his hair back. A gasp escaped his lips when he saw Mrs. Wellsworth lying on a lounge chair a few feet away. She was lying on her stomach, on an angle to him, with her head turned away, reading a book. She had on a very small bathing suit. The top was untied in the back and he could see the bulge of flesh from one of her breasts as it pressed to the towel on the lounger. As his eyes scanned down her body he could also see that the bottom of her suit did not cover her buttocks. There was one thin strap going around her waist. He knew that it must be one of those string bikinis. He felt himself getting excited as he continued to stare at the sexy woman.

For some reason Mrs. Wellsworth suddenly turned her head and looked at him. She had on a pair of sunglasses and pulled them down her nose and smiled. "Took my advice huh?"

"Yes ma'am," Ryan answered sheepishly when he realized that she had seen him staring.

"Oh don't call me ma'am. It makes me feel so old. You can call me Mary."

"Uh... okay," Ryan said, thinking he would never call her Mary.

"I'm going to have Jigs bring me a sandwich. Would you like something?"

Ryan was starved. He hadn't eaten breakfast and it was after noon. However, the first thing that came out of his mouth was "Is the butler's name really Jigs?"

Mary laughed loudly. "I think so. At least that's the name I've always known him by. He has worked for the family for forty years."

"Jigs," Ryan said with a smile on his face.

"Can you help me for a second," Mary asked, holding the tie of her top across her back.

It took a second for Ryan to realize that she wanted him to tie her top. He pushed himself out of the water with his strong arms. He could feel the muscles in his chest rippling as he lifted his well-toned body from the pool. When he looked up he saw Mary's eyes on his chest. A little chill went through him at her admiring glance. Then he discounted it; what would a beautiful woman see in a kid? he thought.

He walked over and knelt at her side, his eyes fixing on her almost bare buttocks. The cheeks were smooth and tanned with just a small triangle of white skin at the top of her crack where a previous bathing suit had been. Her skin was flawless and he could even see fine white hair on the hills of her buttocks. His eyes followed the string of her bikini down until it disappeared between her cheeks. When his penis began to harden he immediately leaned over the pretty woman, tearing his eyes from her sexy buttocks.

"Ohhhhh," she gasped as the cold water dripping from his hair landed on her back.

"Sorry," Ryan said.

"There's a towel over there," Mary said, pointing to several large and fluffy towels draped over a chair.

Ryan got a towel and began to dry his hair and face. As he brought the towel to his chest, he again saw Mary's eyes on him. This time he could swear that they were on his crotch. He dried his shirt-covered chest as best he could and then wiped his legs.

"You can take your wet shirt off if you want."

Ryan pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it to the ground. He saw Mary's eyes on his chest and he flushed. He was proud of his well-toned body, but he had never been looked at like this before.

"My but you have a great body," Mary said sincerely.

"Uh... thanks," Ryan said with a pride tinged with embarrassment. "I'm trying out for the gymnastics team at school."

"I can tell."

He saw the older woman's eyes travel down his body. Her admiring look felt strange but exciting. He felt his penis twitch in his shorts and he thought he saw her smile.

"Tie me please." She lifted up slightly, baring more of her large breast.

Ryan's eyes were wide as he saw the heavy orb stretch until all but the nipple was uncovered. He bent and reached out with trembling fingers to tie the straps on her back. His hands unavoidably touched the soft skin of her back. Inexplicable he saw goose bumps appear on her back and arms. He thought it must have been from the drops of water still falling from his hair.

With the back of her suit tied, Mary stood up, leaving Ryan kneeling at her feet.

Ryan tried not to stare but it was impossible. The top of her suit only covered half of her breasts and he could clearly see her hard nipples under the thin yellow material. His eyes naturally went down her body and across her firm stomach. He was surprised to see a tiny gold ring in her navel. The bottom of her suit was but a triangle that just barely covered her private parts and there was an indentation where the material slipped into the grove of her lips.

"We'll eat under the main cabana," Mary said to the almost star struck young man. With that she picked up her robe, wrapped it around her. Then she reached down and grasped his hand, helping him to his feet. "I'll be back in a minute," she said as she led him over to a table.

Ryan could still feel the warmth and softness of her hand as he sat in a comfortable cushioned chair. He glanced around the beautiful setting again and thought that having a summer job wasn't going to be so bad. He sat back, sinking into the chair and laying his head back. He closed his eyes as a soft summer breeze blew across his body, bringing a sigh from his lips.

Chapter 2

Ryan had almost dozed off when Mary returned to the table, carrying another glass of iced tea for him and some type of mixed drink for her. She sat down across from him.

"Lunch will be out in a minute." She took a quick sip of her drink and said, "So Ryan, are you heading for college this fall?"

"Uh... no ma'am."

"Mary, please."

"Mary... I just turned eighteen but I have another year to go in high school. My mom tells me that I was a preemie baby and had some developmental problems. She waited a year before she registered me for school."

"No lasting problems I hope," she said sincerely.

"No. I'm fine... maybe just a little too shy," Ryan said and felt his face turn red.

"Shy is cute," the pretty woman said with a twinkle in her eyes. "Are you going to college after high school then?"

"I'd like to but I have to get a scholarship. My mom is divorced and I have two younger sisters. It's been hard for her to make ends meet, working two jobs and all. She does the best she can but there's no way she can afford college for me. I'm trying out for gymnastics team hoping to get a scholarship, but I've joined the cheerleading squad too because there seems to be more money for scholarships there." Ryan looked sheepish, not exactly proud of being a cheerleader.

"Being a cheerleader sounds like a lot of fun... all those young girls," Mary laughed. "You're a very handsome young man and I'll bet you have girls all over the place. Are you dating anyone?"

"No. All of the girls on the team are already spoken for. Besides... with being shy... and all..."

Mary smiled at Ryan's red face. "I think girls like a shy boy... as long as you're not too shy... if you know what I mean." She actually winked at him.

Ryan got the point and his face flushed again. He looked away.

Just then a Spanish woman with a maid's uniform walked up to the table and sat a plate of sandwiches in the middle.

"Thank you Maria," Mary said. "I didn't know what you wanted so I had her fix a little of everything. Help yourself."

Ryan looked at the stack of sandwiches and felt his stomach grumble. He grabbed several and placed them on a plate and began to eat. He was starved and within minutes he had eaten three sandwiches. When he slowed down he saw Mary smiling at him again; half of her sandwich was still on her plate.

"I'm sorry," Ryan said when he realized what a pig he had made of himself.

"Don't be sorry. I'm glad you enjoyed it. You're still a growing boy. Myself, well, I have to watch everything I eat because after a certain age everything goes to the hips."

"You look great," Ryan blurted and felt his face flush again.

"Thank you sweetheart. You may be shy, but you know the way to a woman's heart." Mary scrunched up her face and looked down at the cleavage under her robe. "I think my boobs are way too big and my butt to broad." With that the pretty woman opened her robe as if to prove the point.

Ryan's eyes opened wide as he stared at the sexy mounds of exposed cleavage barely hidden by her bathing suit top. Then he watched in shock as she actually lifted her breasts as if to present them to him. He could see her nipples almost popping out from the top.

Suddenly a buzzing in Ryan's head was the only sound he could hear. His eyes lifted and he looked at Mary's pretty blue eyes. She was staring at him. He swallowed hard but he was unable to form words.

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