tagNovels and NovellasRyan's Summer Pt. 02

Ryan's Summer Pt. 02


Chapter 5

The sun was bright and it was already searing hot as Ryan drove his car onto the parking lot at AquaSpa Pools. The air conditioning in his car had long ago ceased to work and he could feel sweat pouring down the back of his tank top. The parking lot was filled with cars so Ryan drove around back to the loading dock. As he parked and got out, he saw Benny Talbot working on the dock moving pool supplies into the storage area.

Benny was one of the few friends that Ryan had. He was older, having graduated three years earlier and was heading into his senior year at Hillsborough State College.

Ryan liked Benny. He was just a bit cocky and a real ladies man... the exact opposite of Ryan. Benny was a good-looking guy with almost movie star looks. He had been quarterback of the football team and dated all of the best looking girls in school. When Ryan was in the 9th grade, Benny had been assigned as his mentor. Benny's family was poor like Ryan's and the two of them shared that; it was almost like them against the world. They had developed a lasting friendship. Ryan almost looked at Benny as the older brother he never had.

"Hi Benny," Ryan said as he walked up the steps of the loading dock.

"Hey squirt," Benny said and flashed his lady-killer smile. "What're you doing here today? I thought you got your supplies last week?"

"I did. Actually I wanted to talk to you."

Benny saw a look of concern on Ryan's face. "Ah... lady trouble huh?"

"No... well yes... I guess you'd call it that."

"Well, you came to the right guy for advice," Benny laughed, his white teeth shining. He was pretty sure he knew what was bothering the kid. "Get me a Coke and we can chat."

Ryan went into the building and got two Cokes from the vending machine. Benny was sitting in the shade on the loading dock when he came out. "Here," Ryan said, handing him the Coke and sitting down."

"Thanks. Going to be a hot summer... good for the pool business though," Benny said, making small talk. When Ryan didn't respond Benny asked, "What's bugging you squirt?"

"It's nothing bad. I'm... I'm not really sure where to start."

"Start at the beginning my man," Benny laughed, slapping Ryan's back. "Benny's counseling service is open for business."

"Well, it's kind of has to do with the job. You see... I have... there are these two houses... the women... the women they... oh shit."

"Wait squirt, let me help you; there are two women that are coming on to you."

"How'd you know that?" Ryan asked in amazement.

Benny laughed and shook his head at Ryan. "You're such a nerd," he laughed and reached over to tousled Ryan's hair. "Get with the program kid. I thought you knew what was going on here?"

"What'd you mean."

"Are you really that na‹ve?" Benny said as he stared at his clueless friend. And then he answered his own question. "Yeah, I guess you are. All right, let me tell you the story of the 'birds and the bees'.

"Come on Benny, I'm serious. I have two houses where these gorgeous women have... have... well, you know, they have done things to me."

"What do you mean 'done things'? You telling me you haven't fucked them yet?" Benny asked incredulously. Then he laughed uproariously.

"No I haven't fucked them!" he returned quickly. "I don't want to lose my job."

Benny's laughter grew louder and tears came to his eyes.

Ryan had no idea what was so funny. He started to get a little angry.

Benny could barely speak but said, "You'll lose... you'll lose the job if you don't fuck them."


Benny wiped his eyes and took a quick drink of his soda. "Listen kid... this organization here," he said using his thumb to indicate AcquaSpa Pools, "caters to the rich and famous. They provide... how should I say this... they provide more than pool services. In fact, I think they make more money on the 'other' services."

Suddenly it dawned on Ryan. His eyes opened in shock and he said in a loud voice, "You mean we're like pro... prostitutes?"

"Hold on there bud... let's not get on our high horse. All of us are prostitutes in one form or another. We all work for someone and get paid. Some of us use our body and some of us use our mind. It's all the same anyway. Some people sell their bodies as their chosen work. In fact, in my opinion, they are the really honest ones." Benny paused and took a sip of his Coke and then said, "However, we're not really selling our bodies. We clean pools for our pay and that's hard work, as I'm sure you have discovered. The rest is fringe benefit."

"I can't believe it," Ryan said truly stunned.

"Listen squirt, why do you think I've come back summer after summer... for the measly pay we get... or maybe the hard work... not on your life. I have three regular ladies that truly appreciate my company. Look over there," he said pointing to a shiny red Corvette. "That belongs to one of my lady friends. She lets me borrow it any time I like. I'm kind of hoping it becomes my graduation present," Benny said, gazing at the 400hp convertible. "Another lady sends me plane tickets to meet her down in Florida on my spring break. The way I figure it, if I was charging her for that... well, then I guess you could say I was a prostitute."

"But what about the money that AquaSpa is charging for our service... uh... both services? I'll bet it is a lot more than they pay us."

"What do I care what some rich lady has to spend or for that matter, what the company makes. More power to them... long live capitalism," Benny said and held up his Coke as if to toast some unseen person. Then he took a drink and continued, "Listen, these women have more money than dirt." Benny gazed out at the parking lot and paused. Then he said, "But, you know what? I've never asked any of my ladies for anything... not one dime. If they choose to treat me nice, then why would I argue with that."

Ryan sat with his mouth open. He didn't know what to say. What he was hearing made perfect sense but he knew there had to be something wrong with it.

"I've got to get back to work now kid." Benny crushed his coke can and tossed it into the trash. He said, "Just remember, if you're not interested in the job because it insults your morals or some other such nonsense, you can always quit and there will be fifty guys lined up to take your place by tomorrow." Benny began to move supplies again. He turned to Ryan and said, "Go for it squirt." His teeth flashed with his handsome smile.

Ryan drove off the parking lot and toward his first appointment with more confusion then before he talked with Benny. Fortunately, Mrs. Billing's pool was second on his list today and that would give him time to think. And, there was a lot to think about. On one hand he was angry and felt somewhat betrayed. But he wasn't sure by whom: the women, AquaSpa Pools or Benny. On the other, he knew that he would be a fool to leave the job. Probably every guy in his high school would give his arm to have the job. The thing that bothered him the most was that he had been so na‹ve. What Benny had said made perfect sense. Yet, he felt like everyone was using him. However he also knew that no one was forcing him to do anything. He could just turn around, take the supplies back and go home. Deep inside he knew he couldn't do that; his 18-year-old libido and the thoughts of things to come were driving him.

He finished his first house quickly and headed for the Billings. As he drove up the driveway of the Billings estate, he thought of Mary Wellsworth. At least she had been somewhat honest with him. Mrs. Billings on the other hand had fed him all that crap about psychosomatic disorders. He wondered if she were even a doctor. He felt himself getting angry again.

The door opened almost as soon as Ryan rang the bell.

"Hi Ryan," Ms. Baker said as she let Ryan in.

"Hi Ms. Baker," Ryan answered as pleasantly as he could.

"I was just going to fix lunch... would you like some?"

"Yes, that would be nice," he answered and followed her into the house. His eyes drifted down to her narrow waist and shapely behind. She is put together pretty good for an old lady, he thought. "Mind if I help you?"

"Sure, I would love the company." Ms. Baker led Ryan through the house and into a large, modern kitchen. "Ham sandwiches okay?" she asked as she bent over to get the makings out of the refrigerator.

Ryan didn't miss the fact that she was bending over further than she needed to. She had on another fairly short summer dress that was modestly long but cut rather low in the front. He could see the dress stretch over her buttocks as it pulled up to reveal the back of her thighs. Then she stood up and handed him some ham, a jar of mayonnaise and a tomato. He took them to the counter and waited for her to bring over the bread. When she did, Ryan stood close to her as she began to cut the tomato. He was much taller than the older woman was so he had a good view down the top of her dress. He was pretty sure that she knew where he was looking but she made no indication that she minded. When Ryan reached across the front of her to get a slice of bread he "accidentally" brushed against her breasts. His arm lingered longer than necessary. When he pulled back, he saw that her nipples had become hard. He felt his heart pounding in his chest and his penis began to stiffen.

"So, how long have you worked for the doctor?" Ryan asked as he turned to the side and leaned against the counter. While he tried to act calm, he was very nervous inside. His anger at being deceived was driving him. He had decided to see how far he could get today... with both women. He knew he was taking a big risk and could even lose his job.

As he stood next to the pretty woman, he almost willed his penis to lengthened down his leg. It was now clearly visible under his swim trunks. He saw the older woman's eyes look down and then quickly back up at him.

"Uh... almost uh... fifteen years now," she said, obviously flustered. She didn't look at Ryan as she continued to make the sandwiches.

"Really. And you were a nurse before that?" Ryan reached under her arm again and grabbed a piece of ham. As he did, his forearm rubbed against one breast again. He though he felt her shiver.

"Uh... yes... at a hospital for... for almost ten years."

"Wow, you don't look old enough to have been a nurse for twenty-five years," Ryan said sincerely.

"Thank you," she said and smiled, "I started working when I was 18... while I went to nursing school. Could I have the knife?"

"Sure," Ryan answered. As he picked up the knife, he let it drop on the floor at his feet. "Oops."

Ms. Baker squatted down and reached for the knife. As she did, her eyes fell on his swollen penis. It was trapped down one leg of his shorts and was throbbing. She stared, her face mere inches from the tent in his shorts.

Ryan's heart was about to jump out of his chest. He couldn't believe how bold he was being as he stood there, his hips almost thrusting toward her face. It seemed like minutes but was only seconds before the older woman caught herself and stood up. Her face was red and she was breathing a little heavier.

A minute later the two of them were siting at the kitchen table eating lunch Ryan asked her more questions about being a nurse and she asked him about school. They had a pleasant conversation except that Ryan's eyes rarely left the exposed cleavage of the older woman. He couldn't get the image out of his head of his sperm running between her breasts. His penis stayed hard the entire time.

When they were done, Ms. Baker got up and began to clear the table. "I think Mrs. Billings should be ready to see you now Ryan. Let me clean up these dishes and I'll take you up to her."

"That's okay, I can find her office if you don't mind."

"Okay, upstairs, third door on the left."

"Thanks," Ryan said with a big smile. He turned sideways to slip past her and as he did, he brushed his crotch against her buttocks. He paused and pressed himself slightly forward. He knew that she couldn't help but feel his hard penis. When he was about to grab her, his fear got the better of him. Instead he turned and exited the kitchen. He thought he heard Ms. Baker sigh.

Ryan bounded up the stairs, taking two steps at a time. When he got to the large oak door of Mrs. Billings office he hesitated. Again, his heart was beating rapidly, but not from the exertion of running up the steps. He tapped on the door and then turned the knob and opened it. Mrs. Billings was sitting at her desk again.

She looked up over her glasses and smiled. "Oh, hi Ryan. I was wondering where you were."

"I was having lunch with Ms. Baker."

"Great. She is a wonderful woman, not to mention an excellent nurse and housekeeper."

"I can see why you like her," Ryan said, his double meaning lost on Sandra.

"Have a seat. I was just looking over your test results and, to say the least everything on a physical level is perfect. Your sperm count is 180 million with a motility of nearly 90%."

"What does that mean?" Ryan asked as he sat on the sofa.

"Well, the average male is about 100 million with a motility of about 80%. It means that you had better watch out if you have unprotected sex. You have enough live sperm to populate the entire planet," Sandra laughed. She got up from behind the desk and walked over to Ryan carrying her clipboard.

She was wearing a wrap around dress that tied around her neck and crisscrossed her breasts, showing a large expanse of her cleavage. Ryan could see her breasts bouncing as she walked, indicating that she didn't have a bra on. She sat on the sofa next to him and crossed her legs, the split in her dress opening to reveal bare flesh above her knee.

"Now Ryan, I would like to delve a little deeper into your problems with shyness and embarrassment about your penis."

Ryan almost smiled. If she wants to play this game, I'll play along, he thought.

"So tell me more about how you have avoided contact with people because of your 'problem'."

With that, Ryan launched into stories about his younger days, some of them true and some fabricated. He tried not to lay it on too thick for fear that she would know that he was exaggerating. He told her how both boys and girls ridiculed him at school. The boys would tell the girls about his 'problem' and they would taunt him. As Ryan told his stories, he tried to find a tear but couldn't. He managed a sad look though.

"Children can be cruel," Sandra said and she leaned over and grasped Ryan's hand and gave it a squeeze. As she did, the top of her dress slipped open, revealing most of her breasts.

Ryan knew that he was meant to see that. He felt his penis begin to move in his shorts. "That kind of ridicule continued through high school. I guess it's why I became such an introvert. It became very difficult for me to socialize, especially with girls. The few times I have gone out with a girl and we would begin to make out, it would come to an end when they put their hand on my... my... you know down there."

"They placed their hand on your penis or cock Ryan. Please don't be afraid to talk honestly with me."

"Okay. When they placed their hand on my cock, they always got scared. First they would want to see it but then sometimes they would jerk me off. Lots of time they just wanted to be taken home." That part was a lie. Ryan bowed his head as if the words were difficult to find. However, most of what he was saying was the truth and he found it difficult to talk about it to someone... especially a woman. "One time... one time a girl said she wanted to... to suck me... but then when she saw it... well, it wouldn't go into her mouth. I know girls do that kind of thing but I don't think one could ever do it to me."

"Nonsense Ryan. Remember, I've seen your penis and I am certain it would go into a wo... uh girl's mouth."

"I don't know," Ryan said, looking down at his now swollen penis covered by his swim shorts. He looked up and saw that Doctor Billings was looking too. "I'm sorry... it's just that talking about this stuff gets me horny... uh excited. It's getting uncomfortable... do you mind if I adjust it?" Ryan's heart was thumping in his chest and he held his breath.

Doctor Billings eyes began to show her excitement. "Uh... certainly Ryan. We... uh, we don't want you to be uncomfortable."

With that Ryan reached down and grasped his penis. However, instead of pulling his penis upward he acted like he accidentally pulled his shorts up his leg, revealing the swollen head. He saw the doctor's eyes grow wide. Her mouth opened and her tongue came out and she unconsciously licked her lips.

Ryan held his shorts above his penis and stood up, his heart almost leaping out of his chest. Now his penis was facing the floor, trapped along the leg of his swim trunks. The swollen head was dripping a clear juice down his thigh. He pulled the leg of his shorts higher, allowing his penis to spring outward. Suddenly it was pointing directly at the doctor's face. "Look at how big the head is," Ryan said as he squeezed the base, causing the head to swell even larger. "I don't think a woman could get it into her mouth." With that Ryan boldly moved forward until his penis was almost touching Doctor Billings mouth. Ryan took a deep breath and said, "Do you think you could get it into your mouth?"

The doctor looked up at Ryan and then back at his penis. He could see that she was excited and breathing heavily. It seemed like an hour but was only seconds before he saw her slowly open her mouth. Ryan felt like he was going to climax when he felt his penis touch the pretty woman's lipstick covered mouth. With a trembling hand he boldly reached out and grabbed the back of her head. His hips moved forward, the swollen head stretching the doctor's lips wide. He felt the doctor pushing forward, trying to get the large head inside. She pulled back and wet her lips and then licked around the head. Then she moved forward again, grabbing the back of Ryan's thighs. She pulled him forward as she pressed her mouth onto the swollen crown. With an almost audible pop, it slipped inside. Ryan moaned loudly. He had never felt anything as exciting in his young life. His balls began to churn as he felt the doctor's tongue begin to lick the head. He was afraid to pull back for fear that it would somehow break the spell that consumed them both. Instead, he rocked his hips gently and let the head move within confines of her warm mouth.

The doctor was obviously very excited now. Little moans were escaping her lips as she sucked and licked the large head. A steady stream of juice filled her mouth and slipped down her throat. When she heard Ryan moaning and felt his fingers tighten in her hair, she knew that he was close.

Ryan wanted to warn the doctor. He had no idea whether she would let him come in her mouth or not. Most of the boys said the girls wouldn't do that, or if they did, they would spit it out right away. "Can I... can I cum in... in your..." he gasped. Suddenly he had to warn her. "Doctor Billings I'm... going to... cummmmm."

The doctor's answered with a groan and she sucked harder. She reached up and wrapped her hand around his penis, pumping it slowly as her lips tightened around the head in preparation.

When Ryan felt the warm hand of the doctor on his shaft, he knew he was lost. There was nothing he could do to hold back the tide of cum that was welling up in his balls. "Oh Goddddd!!!" he gasped as he pushed his hips forward. The head of his penis swelled to twice the normal size, filling the doctor's mouth and stretching her lips to the maximum before it began to unleash his pent up cum. It blasted from the head like a volcano, spewing his thick cream directly down the doctor's throat.

Doctor Billings wasn't exactly surprised by Ryan's quick climax but she wasn't entirely prepared for the volume of cum that filled her mouth and throat either. She swallowed as quickly as she could before another blast filled her mouth. Her body trembled as the thick white cream slid down her throat and into her stomach.

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