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S-I-L and I


My name is Dan Davidson, most people at work and other people, like the kids friends, call me Mr. D. At only 5'8" and 200lb I am not in the best of shape but I am no slouch even for a 48 year old guy. I work out on a regular basis, well as much as I can so I am still pretty toned. Up until now I thought I had a great life, wife who adored me, or so I thought as you will see, two great kids a good job that pays me quite well and good friends who I can call on if needed. Who needs more than that?

Other than sex that is, which I do say has been lacking some at home. I just thought it was because my wife Lori, who received a nice promotion at work, was putting in a lot of extra hours. I wasn't complaining we still had our weekend fuck sessions that satisfied but lately left me less that fulfilled. It also so happens I am quite the video file. I have more than enough porn stashed on my computer to keep me occupied during those down times.

It all started as a very innocent night. We were all at my sister in law Toni's house she shares with her husband Rob. I have always admired her body, 5'1" 95 LB soaking wet firm b cup breasts and enough ass to fill a bikini just right.

This night, my wife and I were hanging out with her sister and husband drinking wine playing poker and keeping up with the games that were on the big screen TV.

Since they have a pretty large house, twice the size as mine, and a decked out basement family room where there was plenty of room for a few different activities going on at the same time. The wives were at one end while the guys were at the poker table and everyone's kids gathered here and there.

It started getting kinda late and a few of the wives gathered up their respective clans to hit the road. Me and a couple of the guys still had some pretty good poker hands going on and decided to find our way home later. My wife decided to leave because she said she had a presentation due for work the next day and claimed needing the extra rest. Toni offered to take me home when I was ready, Lori agreed, and left.

After playing a few more hands I decided to take a break. I went upstairs to grab a fresh drink from the main floor fridge, seeing as how we emptied the family rooms fridge, and as I walked into the kitchen I was greeted to my sister in law leaning over the table looking through some coupon paper.

Damn, I thought. That is a nice ass. How I would love to just get up behind that and grab hold, wishful thinking. I made a noise to let her know I was there so as not to startle her too much. But she just turned her head and said "Hey Dan what's up?

"Just came up to get a fresh drink, what are you doing?"

"Nothing really just combing through the specials trying to find ways to spend Rob's money and not feel too guilty later"

"Ha ha." I laughed. "You feel guilty? Yea right!!"

"Oh stop I am not that bad, am I?" "Well I need something to take away the boredom from time to time."

"Oh come on you have it pretty darn good here." I shot back "Rob makes a damn good living and treats you well."

"Yea but he spends so much time making a living he forgets he has a life other than that."

"Unlike my sister, not everyone has the full and consistent attention of their spouse," "if you catch my drift?"

I look her in the eye and I can see she is starting to tear up a little bit.

"Yea I do but you must be thinking of another sibling because there hasn't been much going on my end lately."

"Actually I think she might be cheating?"

"WHAT? No way" she says.

"Yes way." "She has no presentation tomorrow and I doubt she went home. I've even followed her once but lost her in traffic on the highway going in the opposite direction of where she said she was going."

"That doesn't sound like MY sister"

"Oh come on Toni you have got to know something. You two are thick as thieves and tell each other everything."

"Well she has been a bit distant lately not really talking about anything special. Almost like our other sister in law."

That is kind of an inside joke between Toni and Lori, see Heather, who is married to their brother Stewart, has always been cold toward them two and they usually joke it down like it's no big deal. They have it in their heads that she and my brother in law are just jealous of Toni and Rob.

"No matter anyway tomorrow I will know for sure."

"What do you mean?" Toni quizzed.

"Well I don't know if I should tell you but I put a bug on her car to track her."

"Did you really?"

"Yup I did. And tomorrow I will download the results and see where she really went tonight."

"Oh you have one of those GPS trackers you download information on to like a USB key?" she asks

Puzzled I ask "how would you know about those?"

"I put one on Rob's car a while back when I suspected him of cheating and I have a pretty large pile of information on his cumming and goings."

"If you have all of this, information, why not divorce him and leave?"

"Money stupid." Responding too quickly and matter of fact.

"Money is not everything you know happiness should play some part."

"Yea well tell it to the pre-nup," she says

"Oh yea I forgot about that."

"He has a clause that states I cannot file for divorce based strictly on infidelity."

"That's nuts," I say. "What is the other clause? Beating you?"

"He tried that but Stew convinced him not to try that again."

"So wait you have been tracking him for how long now?"

"Two years." "And I have all of the GPS down loads printed in a safe place where he has not a clue."

"Well good for you," I say

Just as I finish my sentence Rob comes up the stairs.

"Hey Toni I am going to give the other guys a ride home an I should be back soon."

"Ok hun take your time, you have been drinking a bit."

"Don't worry can't you get rid of me that easy"

"What make you think I want to get rid of you?" "You are still my baby's father and I wouldn't hurt them for the world"

Wiping make believe sweat from his brow Rob says "whew, saved by a rug rat"

Oh shit, I can see by the curl of her pencil thin brow she is getting pissed, she hates it when he calls the kids that.

"Ok then I'll see you later. Don't be too late. The rug rat has a football game and remembers you promised to take him."

"Don't worry I have it covered."

With that he leaves and each of the other guys comes up to wish her a good night.

After about an hour of bull shitting and another bottle of wine, Toni says "so do you have the password for the GPS key website?"

"Yea why"

"Do you want me to show you how it works? We can look it up to see where she is right now?

"Sure why not" "no time like the present I always say"

Toni starts to laugh "Since when do you say that?"

"I just decided to start, why it doesn't fit?"

"Not really you actually haven't started anything all night."

Oh here we go again. When Toni starts to drink she gets flirty. Not that I mind, mind you. But I have always gone home with a hard on after these banters and ended up fucking the shit out of my wife. Knowing that wasn't going to happen tonight I guessed I was going to have to jerk off to my thoughts of her, again.

"Come down to the family room and I will pull up the site for you."

I follow her as she walks away admiring the slight tipsy sway of her ass. As we get to the stairs I have to snap myself back to reality before I fall down the stairs instead.

I start to walk over to where the computer desk is when Toni calls to me, "not that one, mine."

"Since when do you have your own?" I ask, "I thought everyone used the home system?"

"I got it when I started tracking Rob so the web site wouldn't leave cookies on the main system. Rob has the only administrator password to clean them out, guess he doesn't trust me either." She says smiling.

"Does he have a reason not to trust you?"

"No, not at all. I cover my tracks very well."

"You think so?" I laugh.

"Ok here you go, just log in and enter the GPS tag number and it will tell you right where she is. And I bet you $100 she is home? Deal?"

"Sure why not, I have a feeling I will win though" "ok here goes, login name ******, password *******, enter."

The website opens like a Google earth page spinning the earth until it hovers over New York, starts to pull in, hovers over our town and pin point exactly where Toni said it would be, home.

Damn do I feel dumb. "I lose you win" as I reach into my pocket and pull off a $100 dollar bill and hand it to her.

"Why thank you kind sir, a pleasure doing business with you"

Completely unexpected she takes the $100 dollars and stuffs them into her bra strap.

"Nice company they will have at least" I say joking.

"Really do you think so?" she asks

"Damn sure do, always have."

"But hold up a minute how do I know this is really working maybe it fell off her car as she was pulling out today and only the chip is there"

"OK move and I will show you, we'll check Rob's Car"

As I push the laptop over to her she blazingly enters her user name and password. Up pops the world again hovers the town and starts to pull in to the same block that was on the screen a second ago, MY fucking house.

"What the fuck, am I seeing right? What is Rob doing at your house?" Toni says in a deep questioning tone

"Wait let me see that. They just installed traffic cameras on our block and one see's right up the street passed my house."

I enter in the city web site and click on the live camera feed page then I click on the camera looking up my block and sure enough Rob's car is parked about two houses away from mine.

I look over at Toni and say, "well it appears that we were both right. I just didn't expect them to be with each other."

"What do you think we should do?" I say finally.

"I don't know I really need to think about this"

Toni gets up closes the computer and puts it back into the hiding place behind the bookcase where she took it from.

The silence at that point was deafening.

"I think we could both use anther drink about now," I say to break the silence.

"I think your right," says Toni.

"What do you think we should do" asks Toni again.

I say "you said you have all of the GPS transcripts printed out"

"Yea, so?" she replies.

"My point is if we want to put our transcripts together we can maybe see how long this has been going on? Only if you want to that is?"

"I don't know" she replies, "This is still a bit of a shock to me. I am not sure I want to know right now."

Toni begins to cry.

I approach her and pull her to me and hold her tight as she continues. We stand there for what seems like hours. Really it was only minutes.

Even I these circumstances as I am holding her I feel myself getting aroused. I can feel my shorts getting tight in the crotch and wonder if she can feel it too?

As she cry's I can feel my shirt getting wet from her tears.

Just then she pulls back. She looks up in my eyes and then down between us toward my now prominent bulge.

I can see a slight upcurve to the edges of her lips, almost like a smile.

"I'm sorry" she says "seem I got your shirt all wet"

"Its fine" I say "It'll dry" I say

"Dan, I don't think I can drive at this point. I'll call Rob to let him know you are going to sleep in the guest room for tonight. Maybe you should call Lori too and let her know."

"Good Idea" I respond.

"You know, just for kicks" I blurt out "maybe before we call them we should log back in to the camera site and see if we can watch what they do."

With a very mischievous smile she says "just for kicks. Yea why not."

We go back down to the family room and Toni takes out the laptop from its hiding place. We boot it back up and log into the city camera site. On the camera we see Rob leaving my house and walking back to his car.

At that point Toni picks up the house phone and dials Rob.

"Hi honey, just wanted to let you know that I am not feeling like I should drive any more so Dan is going to spend the night in the guest room."


"Yea well we are both really tired and since you are not home yet I don't feel like waiting up any longer so I am just going to go to bed now."

"Where are you anyway?"

"You're still at Tony's? What are you doing this long?"

"Oh having another few drinks. Well drive careful and don't be too much longer."

"OK good night"

With that she shut her phone and said to me, "your turn, call Lori"

I hit the favorites on my contact list and hit "wife"

Lori answers sounding like I just woke her


"Hey babe it's me"

"I just wanted to let you know I will be sleeping at Rob and Toni's"

"Because Rob isn't back yet from dropping off his friends, you left with the car and Toni isn't in any shape to drive any more."

"Listen I know you gave me the option of going when you left but how was I supposed to know Rob was going to be so late?"

"Ok sorry to wake you, go back to sleep and I will see you after your meeting tomorrow."

"By the way what time are you going? Do you think you have time to pick me up and I can come back for you after you are done?" I heard the hesitation in her voice like she was trying real hard to make an excuse.

"7am? That early? Where is this meeting?" "OH you just need to prep the office; ok I see I will get a ride home later then."

"G'nite, see you tomorrow."

Toni and I focused our attention back on the computer screen to see Rob make a quick turn around right back to my house. I saw Lori open the door and again he disappeared back inside. We watched the lights go off in the downstairs window then on in the upstairs spare room then off again.

All I could think to myself was I was glad they weren't fucking in my bed.

I could see the rage build up in Toni's face,

"Well that didn't take long they probably figure they have a few more hours to fuck around." She says.

Over the next few weeks Toni and I got together when Lori "had to work late" and Rob suddenly found a reason not to come home from work right away. Being a contractor there was always some emergency on some job that he had to go look at.

As I mentioned earlier I am a bit of a video geek so I decided to go onto ebay and buy a few spy kit that included a dozen micro sized fish eye camera's a few standard lens ones and a recorder that I could access thru the internet.

One of these nights about to months later Toni and I were sitting around the family room looking at the video being streamed on her lap top. The kids were at a sleep over. Rob was working late and I was at a metal music club with my buddy's.

At about ten a clock we see Lori moving through the house and suddenly she turns and heads for the front door. I switch the camera to the front door feed and we see Rob standing there. I split the screen so we can see the front door for both inside and out. From inside we see Lori at the front door in only her bra and g-string. When the hell did she shed the robe I wondered? Must have been when we changed the camera to the out side for that few seconds.

"Damn Toni, she never gets undressed that fast for me I joked"

"Yea well don't look now but Rob is going to get a pleasant surprise"

"Huh?" I responded.

Looking back at the screen I see Lori push Rob up against the door slamming it shut. Then what I see next nearly set me off in a rage. I see MY WIFE drop to her knee's nearly rip open Rob's pants pull them down to his ankles and stuff his whole cock in her mouth. She started going at his cock in full force. We could see her head bobbing back and forth stuffing his member deep in her throat. From the look on Rob's face he was in his glory. After a few minutes of sucking his cock I see Rob grab Lori by the back of her head and force her all the way down his cock. From this angle it looked like her nose was buried in his pubic hair.

Rob then starts to face fuck her and Lori just stays on her knees holding onto his ass cheeks. We see the look on Rob's face change and Toni says

"Look he is about to cum I know that look."

"Let's see where she makes him shoot" I say "I bet her face, where do you think?"

Toni looks at me and says, "Rob never pulls out."

"Lori isn't going to do that se hates the taste of cum she has told me a million times."

"Another hundred bet?" Toni says

"Deal! I will win this one" I respond defiant in my sureness

We look back to the screen to see Rob holding onto Lori's head making only short jerks and from the look I can see he is cumming right in her mouth.

I can't believe what I am seeing, for years MY FUCKING SLUT OF A WIFE refused, angrily at times, refused to take my cum in her mouth. Disgusting she used to say anytime I asked before she made me pull away.

Toni could see the rage in my eyes, "forget about this one" she said.

"No I pay my debts, a bet is a bet" I say and peel a hundred from my wallet.

"I can't believe what I just saw. Lori always beat me down any time I asked her for her to let me cum in her mouth and with Rob she looks like she actually enjoyed it."

"I tried to tell you he only cums that way. Watch what he does next" she says

We turn our attention back to the screen to see Rob lying on his back on the floor and Lori is kneeling over him her mouth inches from his. This wasn't the best angle but I could see Lori like she was spitting in Rob's mouth.

"What is she doing?" I asked

"She is feeding his cum back to him" Toni says

"What? Really? He gets into that?" asked with a very surprised tone.

"Yea, he loves to taste of his own cum." Toni says

"You know I think I have had about all I can take tonight. I have the recorder on in the garage so we can watch what happens later another night if we want." I say to Toni

"That's fine" she says "we need another drink anyway"

Toni turn toward the bar in the corner of the room and I look back at her. She was dressed in a pair of tight shorts that road up her crack just enough to show her near perfect definition.

I will say again "Damn what a gorgeous ass she has" How, Why would Rob cheat on that? With my wife no less?

Now don't get me wrong Lori is not a dog but she really never lost all of the weight from after the kids. Not that I cared she was my wife and I loved her for who she is not because she looked like a super model.

Now it's hard to even look at her as anything but a slut.

Lost in my thoughts I don't notice that Toni is looking right at me staring at her.

"Hello? Are you awake?" I finally hear her say.

"Oh sorry I got lost for a second" I respond

"Really, and what may I ask so engrossed you that you didn't hear me ask what do you want to drink?" Toni says.

Trying to think of a snappy come back "why you of course" I know, dull and not so snappy.

"And what is so engrossing about me?"

"How about just, everything" "Have you looked in a mirror lately? You're gorgeous."

"Stop I am not. Take my husbands word for it."

"Fuck him, he doesn't know what he is missing" I tell her

"And you do" she asks

"I have my thoughts and dreams" I say

I can see she was egging me on, she probably doesn't think I will play along but this time I am too fucking horny and jerking off while my wife is swallowing a load of cum from my brother in law isn't going to cut it.

"Do you want to hear how I am thinking how sexy you would look if you came back out from behind that bar and just happened to lose those cute little pussy hugging shorts?"

"I think about you walking up behind me handing me a drink but this time when I turn in your direction I am looking directly at those cute little nipples I have lusted after for so many years."

"You've lusted after me?" she says with a shaky tone

"Please, how could I not? Every time I see you especially out by the pool in your bathing suit? The top, perfectly, but barely, holding in your breasts. The bottoms, squeezing your cheeks together dreaming that my cock could just spread them back apart."

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