tagMind ControlS.L.U.T Ch. 01

S.L.U.T Ch. 01


I am a Geek, Nerd, Egg Head, Brainiac, Big Brain – all of the above. Don't get me wrong I am not super ugly or dress terribly – but during those key formative years that most of us go through, I was buried in books feeding my hungry brain; as a result I did not spend time with girls and so never really gained confidence when it came to them. For the most part they remain a mystery to me, even to this day.

The other day I was working in my office and Callie came and asked for my help – a co-worker had pranked her – changed her windows settings to make her desktop and programs look strange – being the resident IT guy, she had come to me for help. Callie is smoking hot – huge tits that sit high on her chest, about 5'7' blonde – a walking wet dream.

I went with her back to her office and had her show me the problem. I leaned over her shoulder and quickly took control of her mouse and adjusted her Windows settings – problem solved. Doing so however gave me an unobstructed view down her top – an amazing view - her tits are perfect. Callie thanked me and I headed back to my office, trying to hide the erection I had sprung in my pants. During the short walk I got an idea; a really good idea. It was simple – based on another prank I had once seen – a co-worker had placed an interrupt device on another co-workers computer. It is a simple device – attach it between the monitor and computer – and at the press of a remote button the signal to the monitor is cut off. It was good for a few laughs as he could not find out what the problem was for a few days, until he looked under his desk. Based off that idea realized I could use something very similar – but instead of cutting off the signal – I could add to it, interlacing images and words to subliminally program somebody. Hmm I wonder who to try it on?

I spent the next couple of weeks doing research, and writing code. I was consumed with the idea. My few friends were wondering what had happened to me. I told them I was taking a course – upgrading and it was taking a lot of my time. In the end I was able to produce a device I thought would work. I called it Subliminal Libido Upgrade Tool – or SLUT. It was a Bluetooth device that I would attach to her computer and access remotely from my laptop. I programed it to slip images into the refresh rate of her monitor – she would not even be aware of them – and to be sure of that I made sure to crank up the refresh rate of her screen to the highest setting.

SLUT went into place early Monday – before she came into work. It was going to be "programming" her eight hours a day five days a week. SLUT rotated images 1-2-3,1-2-3,1-2-3 etc. I started small – a picture of my smile, my name KAL, SEX, FRIEND, and HUG etc. – nothing too blatant. The first couple of day's things seemed the same, but by weeks end I noticed a few things in her behaviour. She went out of her way to say 'Hi' to me, stood much closer than normal when we ran into each other at the coffee machine. Friday arrived and she came in my office and gave me a hug and wished me a good weekend. The feel of those tits on my chest hung with me all weekend.

Week two – I added some more images – BLOWJOB, COMMANDO, CLEAVAGE, BRALESS. By Wednesday Callie was coming into my office and sharing the office gossip and eating her lunch with me. It was very cool. Friday she came to my office and instead of sitting on the extra chair as she had before she sat facing me on my desk chatting away. She was very close I could smell her perfume and her tits were very nearly eye level. She was wearing this very sexy V-Neck top which really seemed to show off her cleavage. She totally busted me staring at her tits – instead of getting upset she kept smiling and even leaned over a bit to tease me with a better view. She hugged me goodbye, and held the hug longer than you would just a friend – really pushing herself into me.

Week three – SLUT seemed to be having a strong effect on Callie – I had decided over the weekend to change things up a bit. I tweaked the programing to pair images. Each image would be paired with a picture of me or my name, BLOWJOB and KAL or SEX and my picture. I also added to the rotation, OFFICE SEX, VOYEUR, TITFUCK, NUDE, CUM, ORAL SEX and several more; also made a point of removing FRIEND, I did not want that one to become a dominate theme. The effect on her was stronger, I am not certain if it was the cumulative effect of the previous two weeks or the changes I made, but she seemed to be around me all of the time now. She would make excuses to come to my office and lunch with me in my office became the regular thing. She also seemed to like to dress to get my attention. She certainly knew of my love of her tits and she would flaunt them at me. Her favorite tactic – she would wear a classic office jacket and skirt business suit with a light top underneath. When she would join me for lunch she always removed her jacket – most days that top was nearly transparent – I could clearly make out her bra underneath. She would lean this way and that, making sure that I was watching while she did so. This was a daily event for the next couple of weeks – she was really getting to me and she seemed to be having fun too. Friday of the second week of the new programming, I was wondering if the "programming" had reached a plateau and would need further work when Callie came in for our usual lunch. This time when she took off her jacket I noticed a big change – first the top was so tight I found it amazing that he could even breathe, secondly it was so shear it may as well not even have been there. The bra she was wearing was a sexy demi bra – just presenting her tits for me to see – not covering a thing, her large fat erect nipples were in plain view. I was agog. Smiling she came over to me, leaned in and kissed me on the mouth, her hand in my crotch squeezing my cock.

Somehow without me seeing, a couple of the buttons of her top had come undone, how I missed that is amazing in itself considering how her tits drew my eyes. Her tits were now practically falling out of her top. I was very glad I had a private office. Callie hiked her skirt up past her hips, revealing her bald pussy, naked and moist looking, she straddled my lap grinding her pussy down on my cock. My hand slid up her sides cupping her tits, playing with her nipples, she was groaning like an animal, grinding faster on my cock. Callie leaned back and looking me in the eye undid the remaining few buttons of her top, leaving it hanging from her shoulders. I lifted her tits to my mouth and sucked and nibbled on her fat nipples, she was grinding like a mad woman. Suddenly, she shuddered and had an orgasm right there in my lap.

Callie slumped forward, resting her head on my shoulder, still slowly rotating her hips. I continued to caress and massage her tits, paying particular attention to her fat nipples. A moment or two of recovery later Callie leaned back, arching her chest, flaunting her massive tits in my face. She smirked at the hungry look on my face and slowly began to slide from my lap. Positioning herself between my legs, Callie ran her hands up my thighs and began to undo my belt and then my pants. She quickly tugged both my slacks and underwear down to my ankles. Again she slowly ran her hands up my thighs, one hand grasping my rock hard cock the other cupping my balls. Callie leaned in, resting her tits on my thighs. I could feel her breath on my cock. Her pink tongue flicked out and teased the tip of my cock, tasting the pre-cum leaking from the tip. Callie moaned, and slowly slid her hot mouth down the length of my cock. Heaven! Cupping and playing gently with my balls as she ran her mouth up and down, tongue fully engaged as well, Callie began the blowjob of a lifetime. I reached down and started to massage those tits of my dreams. My tugging on her nipples seemed to excite her more, she began to speed up, her mouth rapidly moving down to the root and back, flicking her tongue around, moaning.

I could not take this! I began to tense; she could feel me getting close as my cock swelled. I began to cum, shooting my load deep into her mouth. She growled, and moved her mouth to the tip, keeping me still in her mouth, just enough so that the head did not slip free. She held me there, enjoying the feel of the throbbing cock in her mouth, draining away my entire load. I was in nirvana; she had almost literally blown my mind. I stayed there for a couple of minutes, savoring the feel of the post orgasm bliss and the soft gentle attentions of her mouth as she continued suckle on my cock.

Callie helped me get presentable, remaining nearly naked as she did so. There is something about being dressed while with a naked women that is such a turn on. Finally, sadly, she also got dressed and kissed me bye and headed out of my office.

End of Chapter 1.

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Nice Start

Now if he is in a Big enough Company. There should be all kinds of Chances for him to get a Nice Harem together. with different women of Different Hair and Skin Colors. And to put into their Subliminalmore...

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