tagRomanceSA E02v2: A Romantic Night

SA E02v2: A Romantic Night


Foreword: This is the Second Part in the Sean and Alicia Story set. I am reissuing it after making some corrections and reissuing the first part also. Please read the reissued first episode it will be useful if you hope to understand the rest of the series.

Again feedback is always appreciated. I will reply to all feedback if you give me your email, or at least try. A thanks goes out to Mindfiend for his help in correcting chapter one and making me dig deeper into my bag of tricks, his comments motivated me to extend an explanation in chapter one and thus create the character of Eve.


Hi guys it's Me, Sean, Again. I know you're thinking: AGAIN? Well for those of you who did not know this is my second adventure with Alicia; she read the first and urged me to write another one. You may notice that this story will be a little different, that's because Alicia helped me write it. She insisted, so I agreed to let her help me write it. I hope you enjoy it.

This happened the week we moved in together, she is very curious, she found my first story a month after this little episode, more on that later, you'll see why I promise.

We had just finished moving her into my house, I felt she should have a room of her own, just so she did not feel she had to please me, she turned that one down before I even had picked a room for her, so I decided to buy a king bed and move us into the master bedroom. I had been living in the small guest room with my single bed since I bought the place; I never really felt a need for a large bed. We both moved in to this new room together. She had the right side and I had the left, the closet was at the foot of the bed, the entrance door was to the left of it and the doors leading to the master bathroom were on each side of the bed. The walls are white and the room is 20 by 20 feet with a 12 foot high ceiling.

We were both very tired after a week of moving, we had not made love since we started to move, we were both pretty riled up too. Alicia suggested we stay in and have fun; I convinced her that it would be more fun to go out for a celebratory meal for two and maybe a movie. Then we would spend the rest of the night together, she reluctantly agreed.

I showered first while she was picking out our outfits for the night. It hit me while I washed that we had not yet showered together. This filled my thoughts and made me quite aroused. I thought to myself, I got to get her in here with me after dinner.

I was still hard when I ventured out of the shower, I draped a towel over myself and headed back thru the door to our new bedroom, Alicia saw I was hard and said: "What have you been thinking about?"

I replied: "Why you my dear, and gave her a kiss." Then asked her: "So what am I wearing tonight?"

She pointed to a pair of black dress pants, a white loose necked shirt and a black overcoat. "Those are dancing clothes Alicia."

She replied: "I know!" then let me see what she was going to wear. A Black short cut evening gown, with a single strap over the open back and a deep cut V in the front; she looked at me devilishly and said: "I have special plans for us tonight."

I swallowed deeply: "When will I know what is to happen?"

She just walked towards the bathroom and said: "Get dressed. Then wait for me downstairs in the hall. You'll have fun, I promise."

She walked in to the bathroom and closed the door. I slowly got dressed. I picked out a pair of black silk boxer, and a pair of dress shoes, made for dancing. By the time I was done I could hear the shower running. I then made my way downstairs.

I sat in the grand hall waiting for 20 minutes. The whole time wandering just where we were going and how Alicia would look in that dress. She had been dressed mostly in business wear since we got back, and in denim shorts and a white t-shirt during the move. So I did not know what she looked like in formal wear. The dress looked damn good unoccupied.

She called down: "Here I come, are you ready?"

I got up and walked to the base of the stairs and replied: "Yes, of course I am ready, have been for several minutes now."

She retorted: "Calm down dear."

She loved to toy with me. I was amazed just how good she looked in the dress as she came down. She must have noticed the look in my face as she was coming down, because she giggled as she reached the halfway mark of her descent.

I said with amazement: "You look ravishing Alicia." I reached for her and brought her to me, we kissed deeply. "You're starting to make me regret going out. How about we stay in?" Was all I could mutter.

She sneered: "No you don't Sean! I have big plans for us tonight!"

"Alright where are we going?" I replied in a mocking tone.

"I have made reservations at Luigi's, Shall we go;" as she said this she grabbed my hand. I nodded and we started off to the car. I opened her door and helped her get in. It was a warm night, so she only had a small black jacket draped over her shoulders, God did she look good. I closed her door and got in to the driver's seat. It only took 15 minutes to get to Luigi's.

When we got there Mark our valet helped Alicia get out. Mark then took my keys then proceeded to park the car. I joined Alicia and we walked in, arm in arm. Giuseppe greeted us and showed us to my usual table, a quiet table for two in the back. He left us and told me that Vincienso would be around in five minutes to take our orders.

I looked at Alicia, she had started to look at the menu; I interrupted her and asked: "We're here, what next?"

She grinned: "Well I will take the liberty of ordering something special for us, is that alright?" I nodded my approval. "After we share dinner we will go for a little exercise, then a little relaxation, then who knows."

She had that devilish smile on her face by then. I was a little worried again. I thought to myself: 'Share Dinner!'

I had learned that when Alicia had a plan she would not easily change it, and her plans were always interesting. A little painful at time but fun most of the time. I learned to fear and trust her when she had that smile. I was still very curious and knew I would soon see exactly was she had planned.

Vincienso was soon at our table: "Good evening Mr. David, good evening Alicia," (it should be noted that I asked Vincienso to call me Sean, he said that he could not, I had saved his job a year ago when I bought the restaurant and paid off all the debts they had. Luigi Still runs the place for me, he is always happy to see me; all his employees know me and remember the name and face of all my friends. ) "what can I get for you tonight?"

Alicia replied: "I will place the order tonight. We will have an order of bruchetas and a plate of fried Calamari as an entrée. Can we have two wine glasses and a bottle of Chateau LaTour? And as the main course a Large plate of Linguini carbonara."

He bowed and said: "Coming right up Mademoiselle." With this he left. Two minute later we had our wine, and an order or garlic bread.

Alicia was now looking happy sipping her wine. She looked at me and said: "What's on your mind Sean?"

I replied: "I am thinking you might want to share your wine with me."

She started to pour me a glass, I stopped her: "No dear I had something else in mind."

She looked at me and understood instantly, we slid closer together on the wide bench, she brought the glass to my lips and proceeded to give me a little wine, I swallowed a sip and kept the second in my mouth, she gently put down the glass, I proceeded to bend my head down and we kissed, I returned some of the wine to her as we explored each other's mouths, we released a few seconds later. Our eyes were glued to the others'.

She was flushed. I gently stroked my hand on her face; we kissed again, a deeper and more prolonged kiss followed. We broke our embrace just in time to see Vincienso come out of the kitchen with our entrées. We thanked him.

He said: "it will be 10 minute before the main course is ready. Do you need anything else?"

I replied: "No, thank you." He left promptly.

I grabbed a brucheta and bit down on one end, then proceeded to share it with Alicia. We slowly chewed towards each other alternating one holding the other biting a piece off, when our mouths met we kissed lightly and swallowed, we ate all the bruchetas the same way; we were giggling softly by the end of the plate. I then fed a piece of calamari to Alicia, she licked my fingers, then ate it, she reciprocated the act. We finished off the Calamari that way. I was truly having a great time, so was Alicia.

Soon after we finished Vincienso returned with a large plate of Carbonara. We started to eat, it was excellent, we were almost done when Alicia proposed we do like in the movie and each slurp a end of the same noodle till our faces met, I know real corny, but I did it anyway. It finished with a deep passionate kiss, our tongues mingled, I enjoy kissing Alicia, and our embrace lasted several minutes.

I was now too excited for my own good, we finished our meal then informed Vincienso we were not having desert. Alicia put on her jacket while I gave Vincienso a hefty tip, he thanked me, I proceeded to the front door where I gave Giuseppe a big tip and thanked him for supper, he replied: "You're always welcome here Mr. David." Since I owned the restaurant I never paid for my meals or wine, but I always left a large tip for my friends.

Mark greeted us and went to go get the car; I took this opportunity to ask Alicia where we were heading next. Her reply was: "Well I believe a little dancing would be nice, I had Vince," he was the DJ for my Party Calls business," setup a private area at the House, I told him to wait till we left before doing it, so our next stop is the mansion." I always considered my home a normal one, but Alicia liked calling it a mansion.

It had two finished basement levels; one had two large rooms setup for dancing each able to hold a thousand people. There was also a small room capable of holding fifty on that floor. He set up down there and waited for us.

I greeted him while Alicia put our jackets away: "Hi Vince, what do you have for us tonight?"

Vince smiled and said: "Hi Sean, well Alicia picked out the music herself and told me to keep you in the dark. So you will have to wait to know."

He smiled and said: "I will stay for a little while but after I am leaving at her orders." He paused, "Man I wish I could stay, she has quite a few hot numbers picked out."

I motioned him to come closer and said: "I'll tell you what Vince if you promise to not to tell anyone I will let you watch on the closed circuit Monitors," I owed Vince a favour for last year when he talked his girlfriend into doing a striptease for me, he agreed, I gave him directions to the Monitor room.

Alicia joined us as I finished: "What are you two planning?"

I knew she'd let Vince watch if I asked, but I wanted to be alone in the room with her so I said: "Nothing dear! Just trying to get an idea of what to expect, but Vince refused to say."

She walked up to Vince, ran her hand along his face, said: "Good boy;" then placed a kiss on his left cheek.

Vince turned red instantaneously. "Alicia you're so nice." was all he could say. It was Alicia's turn to turn a little more red.

Vince continued: "Please can I stay for the whole show." He begged.

Alicia looked my way and saw my face: "I am sorry but I want to be alone with Sean tonight, However if you really want to watch you can ask Sean for permission."

I looked at her and said: "Alicia dear he already asked, I said no. I want you to myself, but I offered to let him watch from the Monitor room, is that OK dear."

She looked puzzled and said: "Where?"

I replied: "It's true I haven't brought you there yet."

"Alicia there are five hidden cameras in this room, I use them to monitor my parties, I have cameras in all my dance rooms, and the monitor room is where they are linked to view screens. So what do you say?"

She replied: "OK, but you have to show that room tomorrow, OK?"

I smiled: "Yes dear, Vince you can head up there now, your system is already linked to the VR unit there."

Vince left. Alicia had to ask: "What is a VR unit?"

I smiled and said softly: "I will show you someday soon dear you'll have fun with it. Is that alright?"

She grinned and said: "OK."

I kissed her and we held each other tightly for a few seconds, I broke the embrace and said: "Hold on one second Alicia I have to see if Vince is ready." With that I reached in my pocket and pulled an ear bud with a folded mike boom and put in to my left ear and turned it on, then adjusted the mic. Then reached in my other pocket and pulled a pair of shades that I promptly put on.

Alicia looked at me questioningly. I replied with: "The ear bud and mic are linked to my mainframe, it accepts voice commands. The glasses have an overlay display in each lens." I spoke into the mike: "Command link to cameras in the dance monitor room," the display gave me a 3d look at the room; I noticed Vince was not there yet, I handed the glasses to Alicia so she could look too.

She was in awe, I said: "The earpiece and mic are now linked to the PA in the room," I heard the door release.

Alicia giggled, and said: "Can Vince see this?"

"No his monitor can't use the cameras in that room. I can hear him but he can't hear me right now. Now can I have the glasses so I can help him setup," she reluctantly handed them back to me. "PA at current location on," the mic activated, "Vince the goggles are on the wall behind the door,"

Vince jumped a little then said: "Where are you Sean?"

I replied sarcastically: "I am still where you left me, I have activated the PA and Camera in the room, link to the VR and you will be able to see us better."

He put on the goggles and turned them on, I Spoke: "Command link to VR, set VR environment to current location standard perspective. Now activate VR and bring VR unit to current location."

Vince and I were now facing, he was behind Alicia in the VR room: "Ok Vince go to the controls and you will be able to use them," he started to walk and I stopped him, "wait use the command interrupt and it will drop you to the monitor room, sit down the say command full link and you will be able to walk in the VR without moving in the real world."

Vince had a puzzled look: "Are you sure Sean that sounds weird?"

"Don't worry it's been tested and it's safe, you will never believe how real it feels."

He did it and was back in ten seconds, I said: "How does it feel Vince?"

He replied: "Real natural," he then went to the sound board.

I said: "Enjoy, I will be in the real world with Alicia, you can disconnect by saying end session after saying command, end session and I lost the signal."

I smiled: "Alicia, Vince is ready are you?"

She asked: "How do I talk to him?"

I said: "He can hear you right now, but he does not have a way of talking back."

She smiled and said: "Ok then maestro hit the music." Vince put on her first song. It was a nice slow song from the 80's, the name fails me, we started to dance arm in arm. We danced to five songs and talked a little, she now had her head against my chest and we were now quite relaxed and comfortable.

After the song Alicia looked up at me and said: "I had Vince put a pause here till I told him where to go next, this was when I was going to send him away, but since he's not going anywhere now, I am a little unprepared. I wasn't expecting to be this content right now."

I chimed in: "So what do we do next?"

Alicia played with my shirt buttons while looking down at the floor as she said: "You remember when we first met?"

I replied: "Yes, why Alicia?"

"I have been thinking back to then and wondered if I would be able to go all the way with my striptease. You stopped me last time, so I was wondering if we could try again, I have never been able to go all the way with a strip and am still a little scared, but I want to try again, please."

I reached down and looked her deep in the eyes and said in a soft and loving voice: "I am willing to let you do it, but only if you agree to join me in a shower after, I also have a little something I want to try."

She laughed and said: "I would like that very much dear."

"Ok Alicia, give me two seconds," I still had the ear bud and mic I spoke into it again: "Command HVAC link raise dance room temperature to 32 degrees Celsius now, shut down interlink," I then removed the headset and put away my last piece of gear. "Alicia it will only take 10 minutes for it to get like a sauna in here so I will also remove some of my clothes," with that I stripped to my black boxers; they hid my erection very well since I was only at half mast. I looked deep in her eyes and said: "Call the music and let's build up your self confidence."

She giggled and said: "Ok teacher, I am ready, Maestro a little bird please," with that Annie Lennox's song a little bird came on. She started to dance seductively; I sat near her on a foldable chair I took from the stage. She started to grind against my leg; I had received a few lap dances in my life so I did not touch her at all. She continue for 15 seconds, I was now at full attention, and the room was now getting much warmer, she was starting to sweat a little now.

I looked up and said mockingly: "Aren't you a little hot in that gown dear?"

She glared at me and said: "You've done this before huh?"

I had a mischievous grin as I said: "What make you think that Alicia?"

She glared at me: "You knew that I would be begging to remove my clothes as the temperature rose." She was still dancing and starting to remove the dress from her shoulders will holding firmly on her breast with her other arm.

I replied: "I own 20 night clubs and 5 are strip joints, I was the one who helped make girls more comfortable, I used a sauna to train them, it worked like a dream."

She glared at me and said: "It's working quite well; I am struggling to not drop this dress right now."

I looked at her and said: "Why don't you drop it slowly then?"

She smiled coyly and lowered it, her glorious breasts slowly appearing, both covered in sweat, her pink nipples hard and her light brown areolas swollen. Her stomach undulated as she danced out of her gown. The gown hit the floor and she kicked it away. She then rubbed her breasts into my face, covering me in her sweat.

She looked at me and said: "You still don't have any sweat on you, why?"

I replied: "I spent 5 hours a day in a sauna for 5 months straight. I don't start sweating until the 34 degree mark now." She giggled and continued to dance for me. I noticed her red panties were now getting quite wet with a mixture of her sweat and her own juices.

We were now on song three and the temperature was almost 30 degrees, she was little less drenched in sweat now that she was almost naked, but she was determined to continue. She reached for her waist band and lowered it slowly and removed her panties, I gasped as I saw that she had shaved herself bare since I had last seen her naked. She noticed, danced around to make certain

I got a good look, then she said: "Like what you see dear?"

I replied slowly: "I have always loved how you looked down there, but I also always wondered how it would feel to have sex with a shaved woman."

She looked at me and said: "You mean you actually have never done it with another woman?"

I replied: "I already told you that you were my first. I would never lie to you."

She turned beet red and made me get up and pressed her naked body against mine and kissed me passionately. We hugged and kissed for a few minutes, then parted, I looked deeply into her eyes and said: "That was fun and I'm certain Vince is enjoying himself too."

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