"Oh my god!" My own voice was tight. I knew the truth, and I had to restrain myself from ripping her clothes off right then and there. Instead, I took a deep breath and slid my thumb in and out of her mouth, groaning as she sucked and licked. My jeans were way too tight now.

Her eyes closed, and she arched her pelvis against me, making me gasp and then growl. A soft moan escaped her sweet lips when I finally pulled free.

"I'm going to do this right."

Her eyes fluttered open. "You are doing it right."

"No, I'm not." I stood up, with great difficulty, and then stretched my back to get a kink out.

"Where are you going? Do not tell me you're leaving me high and dry!"

I smirked. "Sweetie, if you're still dry by now, you really should see a specialist."

She gaped at me. "Zach!"

I groaned when she sat up on her elbows, the movement pushing her breasts out. I could imagine her nipples straining through her bra and T-shirt. I licked my lips. It was so hard to swallow. How I missed her mouth on mine.

My voice was very rough when I found it. "I'm not going anywhere. Not without you."

Her eyebrows went up. Before she could speak, I leaned down and gathered her into my arms. She gasped as I pulled her against me, and I sighed when her arms went around my neck. She nuzzled my collarbone, using an arsenal of lips, tongue, and teeth.

I groaned as my cock throbbed within the confines of my jeans. It seemed like slow motion as I moved across the living room. The stairway never seemed so long in my life. Had they added on since the last time I'd been here? Finally at the top, I turned left and somehow made it to her bedroom door.

It was almost pitch black upstairs without any windows in the hallway to let in natural light. It was good I knew where I was going. Her bedroom door was almost closed, so I had to turn around and push it open with my shoulder.

"God, Sabine. You're driving me crazy." I was panting now, and it wasn't from the weight of her in my arms. I was sure I'd have a hickey on my neck come morning, but I really didn't care.

It took me a moment to orient myself once I stepped into her room. I had not been in here since we'd played hide-and-seek at her twelfth birthday party. You know parents and friends of the opposite sex allowed in the private quarters.

She had definitely updated it with more grown-up tastes. Without any light, I couldn't tell the color of the walls, but gone were the shelves of stuffed animals and dolls. They were now replaced with posters of popular musical groups and some of her own paintings. I half wondered if the previous decorations were partly her sister's fault...if my Sabine was really more mature all those years and was just waiting for her big sister to move out.


The sound of her voice pulled me back to the present. "Yes, sweetie. Just trying to find the bed."

She giggled. "You need glasses then. Turn around."

God, how I loved that sound. I closed my eyes for a moment and then opened them and followed her command. How right she was. A queen-sized bed took up half of the room behind us.

I tried to pull the covers back with one hand while still holding her, but I almost dropped her. I don't know how they do that in the movies. Regretfully, I had to set her on her feet. I heard her whimper as I did, and then she was tossing the throw pillows willy-nilly, yanking the covers back herself.

"Zach," she breathed softly as she turned back to me. Her arms went up and I pulled her against me again, my mouth descending to cover hers, our tongues entwining.

I wasn't sure how to go about doing this. I didn't want to rush it, and yet I did. I just didn't want to ruin it for either of us. I deduced I should play it by ear, let Sabine run the show.

We stood kissing, standing up for several minutes. One hand held her head against mine, the other roamed up and down her side. She whimpered, gripping my biceps like a life preserver. I had dated a few girls over the last several years, but no one could ever compare to Sabine. It had nothing to do with experience—and I knew her extent of that—but the fact that this was meant to be. I couldn't explain it any other way. I wondered how long she'd felt this way about long I'd been denying it myself.

"Too many clothes," she murmured, finally breaking our kiss. She tugged at the hem of my sweatshirt, and I helped her pull it off.

I sucked in my breath when she pressed her hands against my bared chest. She moaned loudly, and I heard a purring sound as her fingers splayed out over my skin, her hands sliding over my pecs and abs. Then suddenly, she pulled away and crossed her arms, reaching for the hem of her T-shirt. I brushed her hands away.

"Let me." I gently lifted the edge of the shirt, slowly revealing her belly.

The flashing lightning in the background made it even more alluring. I hadn't realized I was holding my breath again until she gasped as my fingers grazed against her skin. My exhale was shaky. How sensitive we both were with these simple touches. Would I—would she— come completely undone when we were finally flesh to flesh? Would we even last that long?

I glanced up at her, trying to read the expression in her eyes. She was nibbling on her lower lip, and I groaned inside. I took another deep breath and then pulled her shirt up the rest of the way, tossing it aside. I stared transfixed. What a beautiful body she had. All womanly curves. All mine.

Her hands covered mine as I instinctively reached toward her breasts but paused halfway. She gently pressed my hands to her bra. "It's okay."

I stepped closer, the front of my thighs hitting hers and pushing her back against the edge of the bed. She gasped, clutching at my arms again to steady herself. I cupped her breasts reverently, my thumbs brushing across her nipples. I groaned inwardly, knowing I had been right. They were hard little pebbles compared to the pliant mounds of her swollen breasts.

"Zach!" My name was a sweet whisper from her lips as her fingers gripped me harder. Her eyes closed, and I repeated the action.

I felt her legs tremble and helped her lie back on the bed. She pulled me down after her. Our bare chests finally pressed together save the satin material of her bra between us. Heat radiated off her body, seeping under my skin and warming me throughout.

I dipped down and captured her mouth again, sweeping my tongue into her mouth. Her fingertips stroked the back of my arms, making me shudder.

"Oh, Sabine," I whispered, pulling back to look into her eyes, my hands framing her head, my fingers buried in her hair. I kissed her softly again.

"I hate to ruin the romantic mood you're trying to set," she said, her voice breathy, "but I'm as horny as hell and I've waited twelve years for this. Don't make me wait any longer."

I stared at her for a moment, wondering where this side of her had been hiding this whole time. Then my chuckle rumbled forth from deep within.

She gaped at me. "Are you laughing at me?"

"It's a coping mechanism," I said evenly, but my grin was licentious.

She giggled, pulling me down to kiss her again. "Make love to me. Please."

"Your wish is my command, sweetie."

A loud clap of thunder cracked at that precise moment, and we both screamed and then laughed.

"Now, where were we?" I tugged the strap of her bra off her left shoulder. As her breast was revealed, she shivered. I could have spent hours just touching it, caressing it with my fingertips, but a deeper need made me lower my mouth and suck her nipple between my lips, gently grazing her with my teeth.

"Oh!" She arched against me, her hands holding my head still.

I flicked my tongue out, soothing the sharp pain I had created. I so wanted to bring her to orgasm this way. I knew I could. But I knew what she really wanted, and I needed it, too.

I made quick work of moving my hands around her arched back to unclasp the hooks. When her bra went slack, I slid the straps down her arms and tossed it aside. As I sat up between her legs, I cupped her breasts again, sans bra, and stroked her nipples with my thumbs.

"You're stalling," she gasped, and I could see her wicked smile as lightning flashed outside the window beside us.

"No, worshipping, Sabine. Big difference." I grinned back at her and bent to brush my lips across each nipple before scooting back and undoing her pants.

She gasped softly as I slid my fingers inside her waistband and tugged her pants over her hips and down her thighs, making sure my fingers grazed over her skin on the way. She arched her hips to me, biting her lip again, which barely stifled her moans and spurred me on. She wiggled beneath me when I crawled up her legs to repeat the process with her panties, slower this time.

As I pulled them away from her sex, I groaned, smelling her sweet arousal. I couldn't help myself. I dipped down and thrust my tongue between her swollen lips, tasting the essence of her, feeling the hard nub of her clitoris. I was instantly addicted as the tangy-sweet taste of her lingered on my tongue.

She shrieked and then whimpered.

I glanced up at her. Watching her face as she watched me, I gently stroked a finger from her clitoris, down to her anus and back up again. She was so ready. My cock throbbed painfully just thinking about it. I stroke her one more time and then pulled my hand free despite her whimpers and arching hips. "We will come back to this soon, sweetie."

Tossing her panties aside, and abandoning another place I wanted to spend hours worshipping, I flicked the button on my own jeans and lowered the zipper very slowly. She choked back a cry, and I felt her hands on mine as she tried to do it herself, to hurry me along.

"I know, sweetie. I know."

I shuffled out of my pants and boxers at the same time, kicking them off the bed. I didn't hold back the deep groan of relief as I released my cock. I couldn't remember ever being this hard before.

She pulled on my arms as I laid down over her, her breasts pressing against my chest. I tried not to put all of my weight on her, holding myself up on my forearms again. I kissed her, softly, our tongues playing for a moment. I felt my cock brushing against her thigh, her body shuddering in response. Mine was ready to self-destruct if I didn't do this soon.

When she lifted her knees up to frame my hips, her thighs parting to accommodate me, I kissed her harder. I rose up, aligning my cock, and pressed forward.

I had had sex twice before. But nothing was like entering Sabine. She was warm and tight and very, very wet. She was mumbling incoherently, clutching at my arms, trying to pull me into her. I went willingly.

I was halfway in when I realized I had not put on a condom. Hell, I didn't even have any with me. I'd left my wallet at home, only bringing my house keys.

"Please don't stop," Sabine whimpered beneath me, her arms clutching at the back of my arms, her breathing shallow.

"I don't have a condom," I groaned through gritted teeth.

"I'm on the pill. Medical reasons." Sabine wiggled under me, arching her hips, as if trying to remind me what we were doing. When I didn't move, she groaned. "Don't you ever listen to me?"

Our post-date night conversations ran through my head. She said she'd never had sex before, and I had used protection both times I had had it. So I relaxed a little. But now I was worried about hurting her as I deflowered her.

"Kiss me, Zach. Please." Her desperate words pulled me out of my haze, and I acquiesced.

I held her head between my hands, my fingers stroking the sides of her face as I kissed her deeply. My tongue thrusted in and out of her mouth, mimicking what I was supposed to be doing below. She gasped, her hands sliding around to the back of my neck. I pulled back for only a moment to say, "I'm sorry," and then kissed her hard.

I swallowed her scream as I reared my hips back and then plunged forward, sinking all the way inside her. I felt her tears on my cheeks as I paused, buried deep, feeling her inner muscles clenching around my cock. It jerked in response, and she cried out.

I let up, kissing her softly now as I slowly withdrew. Her breaths were sharp, her hands now clutching at my back. I pushed forward and entered her again, a little easier this time. She felt so damn good. Her whimpers turned to soft cries as I moved out and in again in one long stroke.

"Oh, my god," she whispered, tearing her mouth from mine.

"Are you okay?" I couldn't think straight. All I could do was feel. And I never wanted this feeling to end. "Did I hurt you?"

"Only a little." She gasped as I slid inside again, a little faster and deeper. "Oh, I like that. Mmm."

I did that a couple of more times until I felt her relax around me. Her body now comfortable with my invasion, I changed my rhythm to quick, short strokes, and I felt her shudder under me. Her knees hugged my hips, and I happened to glance to my left just as lightning flashed again.

I gasped, seeing a quick image of the two of us joined together, reflecting back from the huge mirror on her dresser. It was the most erotic thing I'd ever seen, as if I were standing outside myself, watching us.

Her mouth latched onto my neck, her teeth and tongue torturing me. I reached down and cupped her breast, my thumb and forefinger searching out her nipple to pinch and roll it between them. She moaned against my neck.

I lost track of time, the sounds of our lovemaking and the storm mingling together to make one glorious symphony. I didn't want it end. But I could feel the tingling at the base of my cock told me that I was going to come soon. How I'd made it this long, I'll never know.

"Sabine, sweetie, I want you to let go. Come with me," I whispered in her ear.

She whimpered, her arms tightening around me, her body going stiff.

I kissed her softly. "Don't tense up. Relax. Yes, that's a good girl."

Her lower muscles convulsed around my cock, squeezing it as I plunged in and out of her. I gasped, trying to hold out until she reached her peak. Her cries became sharper, in time with my thrusts.

"Zach!" My name was a strangled groan as her body shook violently beneath me.

"Sabine!" I buried myself deep inside her one last time and froze, coming long and hard.

I collapsed on top of her, my face buried between her neck and her pillow, her hair matted to my damp forehead as I tried to catch my breath. I couldn't think straight if my life depended on it. I didn't care.

I was coming back to my senses when I felt the light brush of her fingers up and down the sides of my lower back. Her body still trembled beneath me from the aftershocks, her breath ragged and warm against my shoulder. I rolled off her, wrapping my arms around her and pulling her against me.

She moaned as I pulled my hips back, withdrawing from her. I trailed kisses all along her jaw from her ear to her chin, my hands rubbing her back as she settled down. My brain was fuzzy. Every inch of skin touching her was alive as if an electric current was running through me.

"Zach?" Her voice was soft, muffled by my shoulder.

"Yes, Sabine?" I snuggled her closer still.

"Thank you." She sighed, and I felt her smile. "That was the best Christmas present ever."

I chuckled and kissed the top of her head. "Well, there's plenty more to come."

She giggled, wiggling against me, and then was silent. Eventually I realized she had drifted off. Still cocooned in our post-coital embrace, I pulled the spread up over us.

I had only one thought in my head as I held her and watched the storm rumble on outside: I would do anything for this woman.

Sabine. My dear, sweet, Sabine. I had always been her protector. Now I was her lover. And I was never letting her go.

~ H

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